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  1. commasign

    Referral Reward: Forged Performance Wheels

    Sounds like it’s been delayed.
  2. commasign

    For those SR+ owners looking for AM radio on FM HD

    Buttons for 1 and 2 appear when you’re tuned into a station with sub-channels. Edit: Nevermind, that’s for the old S/X media player. On Model 3 you just press the skip forward to move to the next sub-channel.
  3. commasign

    AP with convenience features

    What @Tam said is correct. If you’re browsing the Tesla.com used car listings, “Autopilot with Convenience Features” means the car has Autopilot Hardware 1 and does not have the hardware necessary for Full Self Driving.
  4. commasign

    Software 2019.32.2.1 (nothing new for AP1/MCU1)

    Same notes as 2019.32.1 at least for AP1/MCU1
  5. commasign

    Mobile rim repair Sacramento area —any recs

    Highly recommend Kelly Wheel Repair. The owner Hayden Kelly has repaired more wheels for me than I'd like to admit. He also does full repaint if you'd like to try a new color. Flat rate $150/wheel. 916-773-0600. www.kellywheelrepair.com
  6. commasign

    21 inch wheels

    I have the largest wheels for each Tesla. No issues with blowouts or bent rims so far. But I’m in California where the weather is mild and roads are generally in good condition.
  7. commasign

    21 inch wheels

    Not an English teacher. Just an S, 3, and X owner. Model 3: 18”, 19”, 20” Model S: 19”, 21” Model X: 19” (winter only), 20”, and 22”
  8. commasign

    21 inch wheels

    Model 3 Performance comes with 20" wheels.
  9. commasign

    Hypothetical: how fast could a "complete" EV transition happen?

    One of the big problems is lack of batteries. Unless traditional automakers start building battery gigafactories, there won't be enough cells for a rapid transition.
  10. commasign

    Pre Dec 2014 S Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit

    Turn your phone landscape. Location and signatures will appear.
  11. commasign

    still confused

    You're getting a fully loaded car (hardware-wise). Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, Premium Seats, Premium Sound, HEPA Filter/Bioweapon Defense Mode, Self-Presenting Front Doors. Everything except Performance/Ludicrous. Software-wise, you get Autosteer and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control only...
  12. commasign

    Firmware version 10

    No. The last number in the build number also has nothing to do with major version number. Version 10 will probably be something like 2019.36 or 2019.38.
  13. commasign

    Firmware version 10

    We use the terms interchangeably here. Software Version 10 = Firmware Version 10. The numbers in your build version just tell you what week the software is from. 2019.28.x.x means it's from the 28th week of the year. The dot numbers after it just represent minor revisions. It has nothing to...
  14. commasign

    What product do you use for the deepest wettest looking gloss?

    +1 for Beadmaker. Started using this on the recommendation of a car enthusiast family member. Easy to spray on, easy to wipe off (no residue, streak marks, etc.,). Smells good too. Disclosure: I also have full body Xpel + Opticoat, but it's bug splatter season and I have to wash the car...
  15. commasign

    AP1 P85/P90D Firmware Thread

    I got 32.1 and it just adds the software update icon, wheel selection, and keyfob update. Wheel selection menu is pretty cool.
  16. commasign

    Any hacks to avoid 40 min charge limit?

    Maybe try staying past 40 minutes and see what happens?
  17. commasign

    Future 2047 barn find

    Is this one of those early models that came with a steering wheel?
  18. commasign

    HELP! Model S Won’t Charge at Supercharger

    Folks, we're just arguing semantics. The onboard charging unit has more than just the AC-DC converter. So yes, a failure of the other components of the unit could prevent supercharging. But it is also true that the AC-DC converter in the onboard charging unit isn't used during supercharging...
  19. commasign

    HELP! Model S Won’t Charge at Supercharger

    To be clear, the onboard charger has nothing to do with supercharging. As someone pointed out above, superchargers bypass the car’s onboard charger.
  20. commasign

    Would AP1 have reacted in time?

    My guess is no. AP1 does move over when something is encroaching on the lane (e.g. motorcycle) but not fast enough for the scenario you describe. Even for motorcycles it doesn’t seem to move over until after the motorcycle has already passed.
  21. commasign

    2015 Model S 90D battery degradation - ~ 20% (no new software related)

    You probably have the 90kWh Version 1 pack which is known to have excessive battery degradation and supercharger throttling. Unfortunately, Tesla will likely tell you that it's still "within spec". The battery warranty on S and X does not cover battery degradation.
  22. commasign

    No Battery Performance Option

    My P85DL also says "No Battery Performance".
  23. commasign

    Software upgrade for faster performance possible?

    Is it possible? Probably yes. Will Tesla offer it? Unknown, but probably no.
  24. commasign

    Multiple 2019.28...updates, all seem the same.

    My guess is bug fixes plus shadow mode FSD updates.
  25. commasign

    Model Y price outdated

    Same here. Probably just a bug in the website code.
  26. commasign

    Supercharger - Carlsbad, CA (7710 El Camino Real, LIVE 27 Sep 2018, 26 urban stalls)

    Also the sink in the bathroom is broken. Pretty much no water coming out of the faucet.
  27. commasign

    Service Center "fix" for yellow screen edges

    See this thread: MCU Yellow Border - Fixed!
  28. commasign

    Unlimited Free Supercharging?

    Login to your online Tesla account and click on your car. Does it say you have unlimited free supercharging? If not, sounds like a mistake. Tesla is removing free supercharging from their certified pre-owned cars but it shouldn’t affect private sales.
  29. commasign

    Disappointed with Jeda

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me again, shame on... ah, it’s ok. I just think of Jeda like a typical Indiegogo/Kickstarter project. Just pay for it and one day it’ll show up. I think I waited several months for the Jeda v1 pad, so I have no expectation the Jeda hub will arrive anytime soon.
  30. commasign

    6 or 7 seats

    Here’s a blog post about it. In summary, unless you must fit 7 passengers and/or need the fold flat 2nd row, go with the 6 seat version. https://www.teslaadviceblog.com/blog/model-x-5-6-or-7-seats
  31. commasign

    Model 3 Performance vs P85D Acceleration

    I may be hallucinating or it could be placebo, but I feel like the throttle mapping on my P3D is more aggressive than my P85DL, meaning that I’m launching quicker and more easily in the P3D in everyday driving. On the P85DL I have to stomp harder on the pedal to achieve the same effect. Again...
  32. commasign

    Changes & Updates to the Model S over the Past 4 Years

    I wrote two blog posts on this subject: https://www.teslaadviceblog.com/blog/buying-guide-model-s-versions-1-2-3-and-4 https://www.teslaadviceblog.com/blog/buying-guide-model-s-what-s-changed-between-2012-and-2019
  33. commasign

    Dual Motor Performance - Single On-Board Charger?

    IIRC, November 2018 is when they eliminated the 72amp charger. Agree, it’s a nice feature to have.
  34. commasign

    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    Mobile service here today so I picked his brain a bit. He said the new motor mount part has slightly thicker rubber but is otherwise the same as the previous version. The revision D half shafts are key and intended to be permanent fix for the shudder. I got the new revision D half shafts a...
  35. commasign

    AP1 P85/P90D Firmware Thread

    Some of the recent P85DL/P90DL firmware issues have been related to Ludicrous+ (Max Battery) Mode and Launch Mode. But otherwise, valid point.
  36. commasign

    AP1 P85/P90D Firmware Thread

    I’m on 2019.24.4. No issues with battery drain or garbled text so far. Also no additional range loss.
  37. commasign

    Painting exterior trim

    I did this on my Model S. $900 for the painting (including disassembly, sanding, priming, painting), and another $600 for Xpel Ultimate. https://www.teslaadviceblog.com/blog/model-s-tips-a-low-cost-makeover-for-pre-refresh-cars
  38. commasign

    Reminder: Tesla does not require foreign oil for power

    Just generalizing. 45,000 total employees worldwide as of 2018. Looks like there's 10,000 at Fremont. Tesla Factory | Tesla
  39. commasign

    Reminder: Tesla does not require foreign oil for power

    50,000 American humans and a few hundred American robots. ;)
  40. commasign

    Poll: Have you bought TSLA shares?

    Only $50k in shares as the top tier? :cool:
  41. commasign

    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    Only got the new half shafts. They never offered me the motor mount. But so far so good after about 1000 miles.
  42. commasign

    Fair market value for a 2014 P85 w/ AP1??

    Nice unicorn. If it’s in good condition, agree you can start in the low to mid $40k and see if anyone bites.
  43. commasign

    Inconsistent Storm Watch Behavior

    Yeah, feels like some part time worker managing the system. We had a wildfire preemptive power shutdown thing going on a few weeks ago in Northern California. Storm watch didn’t turn on until after the threat had passed. And it stayed on for several days more.
  44. commasign

    Raven "Rated" Watts Per Mile and Real World Experience

    Meanwhile Audi eTron gets 204 miles on a 95kWh battery. :eek:
  45. commasign

    New 20'' Two-Tone Slipstream Wheel Option

    Awesome! The power of visual illusions. The two tone definitely fills the wheel well better than the stock slipstream even though it's literally the same wheel.
  46. commasign

    2015 Model S P85D - Blue, Rear Facing Seats, Warranty, Loaded

    Beautiful car. GLWS!
  47. commasign

    Sportier ride for the MX

    The 22” wheels give it a more planted, less bouncy feel. Plus they look nicer.
  48. commasign

    Seeking recommendations for a narrow booster seat

    Try this one: https://www.teslaadviceblog.com/blog/model-s-x-and-3-tips-a-cheap-child-booster-that-fits
  49. commasign

    2016 p100 free supercharging for life?

    Correct, but have seen multiple threads now where Tesla has denied transferable FUSC to new owners. Hopefully it’s just a glitch or misunderstanding rather than a policy change.
  50. commasign

    2016 p100 free supercharging for life?

    P100D was introduced August 23, 2016. So P100D cars built between then and October 2016 have a AP1. P100D cars build after October 2016 have AP2. It was the non-P 100D that was introduced a few months later on January 20th, 2017 after the transferable FUSC ended. New Tesla Model S Now the...