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  1. J

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    I’m scheduled for delivery! This Friday‘s the big day! It could have been tomorrow or Thursday, but both my wife and I are busy at work. They offered the option to deliver without us being there, but we want to welcome our new baby home in person! Hall-of-fame-level restraint to wait extra 2...
  2. J

    Lease application

    Thanks! What are other options for leases if not going the Tesla route?
  3. J

    June 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Long time member. Back on TMC waiting for our MYP, details in the sig!
  4. J

    FS: NEW Model X 22” Black Turbine Wheels - Full Kit (Pirelli tires + TPMS)

    Price lowered to $3750. But need to buy by this weekend. Otherwise I will probably just install them in my X.
  5. J

    FS: NEW Model X 22” Black Turbine Wheels - Full Kit (Pirelli tires + TPMS)

    $4500 OBO Installed. From Referral Program. Available NOW in Scottsdale (AZ) SC. If purchased within next few days, just make appointment to have them directly installed. After that, shipping/installation will need to be covered by buyer.
  6. J

    For Sale: 22 Inch Referral Forged Turbines

    I have a BLACK set ready for sale in the Scottsdale AZ service center. I got the call on Monday that they are in and waiting. If you are in AZ and want them, let me know and we can arrange a sale and install there. If you are interested and not in AZ, I can see if the SC will ship them to...
  7. J

    Accent Headlight

    I didnt actually get around to getting the new light clear bra’d. In theory, Tesla should pay, and I recall my tinder saying they would. But I didnt ask. Not sure if I will bother, when I finally get another replacement...Let me know if you do and what Tesla says.
  8. J

    Accent Headlight

    Hi, About 2 months after I got my 3, I noticed the driver-side headlight accent light (the thin bar light on the side of the headlight) was out. I’m sure I would have noticed it if it was delivered that way, so I assume it just went out at some point. So, I took it to the SvC, and they looked...
  9. J

    Not sure will still order a Model 3

    To each his/her own, I guess. I would take the M3 over any of the cars listed in the original post (and yes, I’m including the Model S), esp. when factoring price and TCO into the equation. For reasons I’ve posted (or concurred with) in other previous threads.
  10. J


    150-25 still equals 125. Need the cabin overheat protection feature back her in AZ. Option or not please!
  11. J

    PSA: Don’t log out of the Tesla App, or Phone-As-Key wont work for 3

    No, if you close the app, even fully, it won’t actually log you out. And you will still be able to establish a Bluetooth connection to the 3. Only if you explicitly log out. Which is what I did. And because the servers were down, then I couldn’t log back in. So, I couldn’t connect to the 3 via...
  12. J

    PSA: Don’t log out of the Tesla App, or Phone-As-Key wont work for 3

    Looks like the system is back up. I was just able to log in.
  13. J

    PSA: Don’t log out of the Tesla App, or Phone-As-Key wont work for 3

    That’s not correct when it comes to the phone-as-key functionality. Edit: saw your later post
  14. J

    PSA: Don’t log out of the Tesla App, or Phone-As-Key wont work for 3

    There’s a Tesla-app-wide issue right now. Can’t access the app controls, status, etc... App / API outage? (2018-04-21) App Connection down? If you have a 3, leave the app on the 3, and DON’T logout of the Tesla app until the current app issue is fixed. Else, you will definitely not be able to...
  15. J

    Phone as Key Issues

    So, if you have a 3, leave the app on the 3, and DON’T logout of the Tesla app until the current app issue is fixed. Else, you will definitely not be able to use the phone to open and start the car. Will have to use the card.
  16. J

    Phone as Key Issues

    Works great for me normally. Unfortunately, there seems to be a Tesla app-wide issue right now. I wasn’t able to access either the 3 or X via the app since last night. Amazingly, the phone-as-key was still working for the 3 even with that issue. BUT, when I still couldn’t access either car to...
  17. J

    Red not the best color for Model 3?

    Congrats on the pair of Teslas! Yes, we are in automotive nirvana with the X and 3, balancing sportiness, everyday drivability, utility, and of course efficiency! Oh and we are ecstatic with our color choices! You have great taste too :)
  18. J

    Model 3 Software Updates

    Got 2018.14.13 last night. “Chill” acceleration option in the release notes. Not sure if that’s new (didnt notice it before) or what else has changed. I’m non-EAP, so cant tell you if any EAP changes were made. Still no WiFi.
  19. J

    QI Charging DIY

    Agreed, it has been working very well for me. My wife (who is the usual passenger) prefers to plug in so she can use her phone while charging. So I have a lighter-usb plug in the center console for her to use (with a retractable Lightning cable, so it stores cleanly away when not being used). So...
  20. J

    Red not the best color for Model 3?

    White is 2nd best (to red) IMO.
  21. J

    Red not the best color for Model 3?

    Fresh after a bath. Change your mind again? In AZ it’s sunny 93% of the days. So get red and move to AZ :p
  22. J

    Red not the best color for Model 3?

    Having seen all the colors, Red and White 3s are best IMHO. We were set on Red and arent’ disappointed in any way. We saw white ones when we picked ours up and they looked sharp. But with a White X already, we weren’t going to go with White. Actually, I think Red looks good with the Aero covers...
  23. J

    Auto Cabin Overheat Protection

    Not yet. But they better do it before May. We’ll need it in AZ.
  24. J

    Phone as Key Issues

    Umm, you’d be right, if I spent all my waking hours running. I don’t. Running is typically less than 10% of my time awake. So, with a fob, I’d be carrying an extra item with me pretty much the entire day. My wife and I swap cars on certain days depending on our routine (with the kids and work)...
  25. J

    Tying a Driver Profile to Phone/Card Key

    Anyone figure this out? Is the feature working in 4.18?
  26. J

    Repeating Latching Sound

    I took mine in a few weeks back. They hadn’t seen it before and they ended up replacing all the louvres. Unfortunately that didn’t resolve it. They asked me to record the sound and send again and I did, even though it was essentially the same sound! I think they were stalling. So I’m still on...
  27. J

    Phone as Key Issues

    I don’t, but then I do 98%of my running in my neighborhood (no need to drive). The other 2%, yes I would have my phone. I always have my GPS/LTE/BTLE capable watch with me. This is why I’m hoping the phone as key capability is extended to other BTLE smart devices, like a watch.
  28. J

    Model 3 Front row fast charging hub

    Pretty great work by the OP. If I decide to do a dash cam, I’d consider doing this too.
  29. J

    My M3 vs my MS...the revolution is underway

    Pretty much agree with everything you posted. The 3 is a revelation to me. Paired with our X, I feel like we are in car Nirvana now, covering essentially every use case our family of 4 (or 5 when the M-I-L is in town) has. I thoroughly enjoyed our S60 also before we traded in for the X. It was...
  30. J

    Do you keep a CHARGING LOG?

    1. Well for 2 cars it’ll be $100/yr. 2. I have all the components already to extract and host this data myself. 3. plus giving access to all my data to a 3rd party, not something I prefer to do 4. I like to think I Save money on things I can do myself so I can spend on things I want to spend on...
  31. J

    Do you keep a CHARGING LOG?

    I tried TesflaFi. Only had the 2 week trial. I liked it but not sure if it’s worthy the cost. Esp since I have 2 Tesla’s and is want to log both. So it would cost some money in monthly fees. But I have a QNAP NAS, a Raspberry Pi, and an always-on Mac Mini. Does anyone have recommendations on...
  32. J

    Phone as Key Issues

    No a Flic will not work.
  33. J

    3 Car Seats in Model 3?

    I was looking for an option that would allow for a 3rd passenger to ride in the back with 2 children in booster seats, while my mother-in-law is visiting from overseas for a few months. Gave up looking for traditional seats and went with using our Mifolds.
  34. J

    Car turns on Apple Pay. What's going on???

    Bingo. Sorry my joke took this thread off topic :)
  35. J

    Phone as Key Issues

    Agreed! In fact, I keep hoping that somehow an update for the X will enable this. And after reading the rest of the later posts, I had turned off Walk Up Unlock within a week. So, perhaps its another reason I haven’t had any issues.
  36. J

    Serious security issue with phone as a key

    Count me among those who are happy to not have to carry a fob, and for whom the phone is working really well. As for the ‘security issue’, i have to admit, i did leave the phone in the car once. I got about 20 paces from the car and and realized I was missing the phone and went back and got it.
  37. J

    Clicking & Clunking while Parked

    I hear the contractors too and yes those are like a clunky sound. But I also have the Louvre sounds. It is them opening and closing every 7-8 seconds. Happens when the car is parked and not in deep sleep. It does stop when in deep sleep. Butbos happening longer than it should.
  38. J

    QI Charging DIY

    Same as GoKings, I used the ones up front. I don’t use Waze or Navigation much on the phone and they do charge the phones.
  39. J

    Phone as Key Issues

    So, I experienced a lag or “need to open app” for the first time the other day. Twice. In both cases, I had used the camera on my iPhone X a few minutes before the “failure”. (I had finished washing/detailing and was taking glamour shots ;)). So, some odd behavior after opening the camera app...
  40. J

    Here we go again... Model 3 wont power up

    OK, let’s expand the sample size. I’ve had the 3 for 28 days: 27 for me, 1 for service. Truth is it was in for Suntek protectant and tint for more days (2) than service.
  41. J

    Losing enthusiasm for Model 3

    Drive one if you get a chance. You’ll be surprised. I had an S. I have an X. But I prefer driving the 3 every day. It’s a much much more fun everyday car. I am blown away by it. And knowing I’m using about 25% less energy to do it is icing on the cake.
  42. J

    Model 3 Software Updates

    I was notified of update this AM. It’ll install at 2AM. I’m on 4.8 now. I assume this is 4.9. Any noticeable changes?
  43. J

    Car turns on Apple Pay. What's going on???

    Isn’t that how you pay for supercharging in the M3?
  44. J

    QI Charging DIY

    I leave it open most of the time, actually. I could close it, but don’t. I might tend to forget it if I closed it. For me, it looks fine while charging. Can barely see the pads, since they are behind the phones.
  45. J

    QI Charging DIY

    I did give this a try - putting the rubber mat over the flat chargers I have. It still charges to my surprise. I figured between the the thickness of the rubber mat + the extra distance because of the raised rests on the mat that it might not charge. On my iPhone X, it still registered as...
  46. J

    Speed Sensitive Volume Control?

    Yes, in mine the option is gone. But it most certainly is active. It seems to be working fine in mine.
  47. J

    Watt/Mile to rated range

    That’s where I’m at. I guess I’m the opposite of hypermiling.