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  1. JPUConn

    Expired Model 3 Right Rear Door - Gray [Expired]

    This marketplace listing has expired and has been removed.
  2. JPUConn

    Expired Model 3 Right Rear Door - Gray [Expired]

    This marketplace listing has been removed.
  3. JPUConn

    Expired Model 3 Right Rear Door - Gray [Expired]

    This thread is for the general discussion of the marketplace listing Model 3 Right Rear Door - Gray. Please add to the discussion here.
  4. JPUConn

    1084173-00-E vs 1460701-00-B tow hook cover

    Did you ever order the 1460701-00-B for your E version car? The cap on my 2018 broke in half when removing to jump a dead 12v and the $11 part has $150 of paint estimate. I've found a handfull them used/factory painted on ebay for ~$35 but not sure if the parts are truly interchangeable
  5. JPUConn

    Selling Tesla Model Y reservation - available to schedule delivery now

    Sorry to hear that you can't take delivery but not sure this benefits anyone for the complexity/risk of trying to transfer when your order is at current pricing and new inventory with just about any configuration are available for immediate pickup to get the $3,750 + 10k supercharging miles.
  6. JPUConn

    V2 Aero Wheels with Covers MINT In SoCal

    great price. i'd take these if they were east coast
  7. JPUConn

    Model Y 19" conti + sottozero tire sets

    Price and close to central CT?
  8. JPUConn

    FS - Model Y 21” wheels, tires and tpms

    Any scrapes or damage? Interested in CT
  9. JPUConn

    Looking to buy or Trade Model 3 19/20 inch wheels

    I have a set of 4 OEM Silver 19" sport wheels from a 2018 3 with TPMS and tread is around 7/32 that I'd entertain trading for a set of 18's + some cash. in Central CT tho so prob too far.
  10. JPUConn

    2021 Tesla Model Y AWD MSM, FSD, White Interior, 20" Inductions, Tow Hitch, Full XPEL STEALTH PPF, Tint

    Tip if you end up with a 7 seater. Flip the rear subfloor tray upside down and it closes the gap to get an entirely flat load floor. I showed the guys this at the local showroom and they present it that way to customers now. Best of luck with your sale!
  11. JPUConn

    Feeler Post - 2014 Model S P85 (Pre-AutoPilot) in Connecticut

    Was a friends car and he didn’t want to hassle with private after all. Sold wholesale for $21,500, tesla offered $16k on trade for his new S. Had private offers in the $24-25k range.
  12. JPUConn

    Feeler Post - 2014 Model S P85 (Pre-AutoPilot) in Connecticut

    Sold. Mods please delete.
  13. JPUConn

    FS: Cheapest set of Model Y 21" Uberturbines with tires

    Bump for a solid seller. I picked up a different set of wheels from him last week and it was a smooth transition.
  14. JPUConn

    Oem Model 3 19” Sport wheels w/ oem tires

    Picked these up today. Great seller, thanks again!
  15. JPUConn

    Feeler Post - 2014 Model S P85 (Pre-AutoPilot) in Connecticut

    It does not have the red piping. Going to trade it next week or two if no takers privately. Few more pics showing the ding, battery is a D revision pack, and it has cold weather package so has the heater wiper spot on the windshield. it’s a solid car, if it had AP I’d keep it.
  16. JPUConn

    Feeler Post - 2014 Model S P85 (Pre-AutoPilot) in Connecticut

    Charged to 90% (rarely ever go to 100%) and it’s at 226 or estimated 251 at 100%. Have serious interest by a wholesaler at $25k. If anyone is seriously interested this car (enough to make it worth not going with the simplicity of the wholesaler), please pm me.
  17. JPUConn

    Feeler Post - 2014 Model S P85 (Pre-AutoPilot) in Connecticut

    Including Pics: There is small ding on the rear quarter from a shopping cart The rear aplique was replaced with the latest version yesterday so the red T stickers are no longer on tat part of the car. The rest of the Red T's are stickers and can be removed.
  18. JPUConn

    Feeler Post - 2014 Model S P85 (Pre-AutoPilot) in Connecticut

    Updates - Car has Slipstream Wheels not cyclones (my mistake) Just had rear applique and backup camera replaced by Tesla service yesterday where they verified tire tread all around 6/32nd Rear and 7/32nd Front Door handles have all been replaced over time, again service records will come with...
  19. JPUConn

    WTB Ludicrous S or Black X (under 70k) East Coast

    How about this one? 2018 Tesla Model S P100D | eBay
  20. JPUConn

    Feeler Post - 2014 Model S P85 (Pre-AutoPilot) in Connecticut

    Feeler post trying to see if where the market is at for a 2014 Model S P85 (Pre Autopilot Car) - has parking sensors/power folding mirrors but does not have AP and it can not be added. Performance Package RWD 110k Miles Dark Gray Exterior Black Leather interior Red Calipers and CF spoiler from...
  21. JPUConn

    Model Y Performance Uberturbine Wheels / Tires / TPMS - Connecticut

    21” oem takeoff Uberturbine tesla model y performance wheels/ tires/tpms (complete set). Should mount to any trim model y using your factory lug nuts. Listing for a friend who has these in his garage in Glastonbury, CT ready for pick-up. Tires have less than 2500 miles on them with no plugs or...
  22. JPUConn

    WTB: MY 20" induction wheels

    Pm sent. I listed on fb market place with pics and asking price here Tesla Model Y 20” Induction Wheel/Tire/TPMS set of 4
  23. JPUConn

    WTB: MY 20" induction wheels

    Complete set: wheels, tires have 8/32 tread, and oem tpms in place. Two wheels have some curb rash from the prior owner. I bought them off the original owner last year intending to use on a Y but decided not to get the Y and keep my 3.
  24. JPUConn

    WTB: MY 20" induction wheels

    I have a set in CT. Prob too far of a distance to make sense.
  25. JPUConn

    Hansshow Tesla Smart Ring (3/Y) Seattle

    How true to size is it? I’m a 13 and interested but the site only goes up to 12
  26. JPUConn

    WTB Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor

    Thanks. That’s the same ballpark I was thinking I would get for mine.
  27. JPUConn

    WTB Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor

    just looking to benchmark what my 2018 may be worth. Did this car have FSD? How many miles? What wheels? What color?
  28. JPUConn

    WTB Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor

    In CT and I’d consider selling my 2018 dual motor 3 with 25k miles on it. Midnight silver (gray), black interior, FSD, transferable lifetime premium connectivity, chrome delete (removable), powder coated black 19” sport wheels or 18” Aeros with Michelin winter tires, professionally tinted...
  29. JPUConn

    Want to buy: V2 aero covers

    Do these fit on the original Aero wheels?
  30. JPUConn

    $400 Model 3 X-Ice 3 Tires in Aero Size

    I’d take these shipped to CT if you’re willing to ship. Or just the tpms if you’d separate them from the tires
  31. JPUConn

    Price for new 19” performance wheels

    Do you mean 20” performance or 19” sport wheels? Got a pic?
  32. JPUConn

    Model 3 wheels Takeoffs

    Want these on the east coast
  33. JPUConn

    2013 Model S 60, Dallas, 7,300 miles, original owner, $38.9k

    What is the hand written $10k upgrade on leather seats?
  34. JPUConn

    Looking for a relatively new (no curb rash, etc.) 18” Aero Rim

    If you need just one I believe they’re ~$200 direct from tesla
  35. JPUConn

    Model 3 OEM 19” Sport Wheels Powder-Coated Grey and Tires

    Wish these were East coast I’d pick them up tomorrow. Great price glws
  36. JPUConn

    WTS: Model Y 20'' Induction Wheels Set $2800 NYC Area

    I’d be all over these if they weren’t damaged.
  37. JPUConn

    FS - Used Model 3 OEM 19" Rims + Misc Items

    Willing to ship the 19” wheels?
  38. JPUConn

    Model Y Uberturbine/Induction Swap

    I’d buy the 20” inductions straight up if you’re selling
  39. JPUConn

    FS: New in Box Tesla Red Founders Series Powerwall 2 & Gateway 2

    What’d you get for it? I sold mine for $5k recently.
  40. JPUConn

    FS: NJ - 19" Continental Procontact RX - OEM Tires x 2

    I want these. I’m in central CT. What part of nj are you in?
  41. JPUConn

    Model 3 hubcaps

    FYI these are $25 each shipped direct from tesla Model 3 Aero Wheel Cover
  42. JPUConn

    Model 3 19” Wheels and tires (SoCal)

    Wish you were east coast I’d buy these right now.
  43. JPUConn

    Tesla Aero Wheel Caps - Set of 4 for $100

    FYI - exact same price shipped brand new from Tesla https://shop.tesla.com/product/model-3-aero-wheel-cover
  44. JPUConn

    Model 3- Original 18" rims with Michelin X-Ice

    Wow this is a deal if tread depth is good. I have the same and paid more than $800 for just the tires. If you’re willing to meet up in ct I’ll take them.