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  1. Sandollars

    Dogs can open the car in Dog Mode

    I put them in the car. Thought the problem was solved.
  2. Sandollars

    how safe do you feel with basic autopilot?

    100% percent on the freeways. FSD on surface streets can be sketchy so I keep a close eye on her. My car is named Christine II (Christine I is my Model S w/FSD) after the Stephen King novel of the same name for a reason….. Despite her arbitrary attempts to occasionally kill me, I use FSD at...
  3. Sandollars

    Dogs can open the car in Dog Mode

    An update: I found the dog…
  4. Sandollars

    Dogs can open the car in Dog Mode

    Problem is, it was the front door. The back doors buttons would be much harder for a dog to hit since they are vertical.
  5. Sandollars

    Dogs can open the car in Dog Mode

    I don’t post much on here but felt compelled to let you all know an issue I had today. I stopped at the market with my dogs in the car. They are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Today, I am dog sitting my son’s Aussie who is not much heavier but I guess just enough. Read on. I left the dogs...
  6. Sandollars

    Safety Score for Insurance

    The more time you drive on Autopilot will raise your score significantly. I use it 99% of the time on freeways and highways. The other 1% is when I take over in construction areas to avoid the unpredictability on lane lines and traffic cones. My score has been consistently 97-100 and Tesla...
  7. Sandollars

    Wiki Model X Refresh Issues Thread

    I often wonder how many buyers have a good experience with no problems. Obviously a thread like this is to talk about issues one is experiencing and not necessarily "no issue" reports, but it's encouraging to hear that someone got a car with no problems. This X will be my second Tesla and my S...
  8. Sandollars

    S vs X Matrix LED headlights

    'Or maybe they are just trying to use up the existing stock?
  9. Sandollars

    Wiki Model X Order/Delivery Tracking - Google Sheet

    I am in the SoCal Area and mine just changed from Sept 26 - November 2 to June 27 - July 16. They also called me and texted me that they really wanted to buy my S 100D FSD so for fun I gave them all the info they wanted and their offer came back 5-8k higher than any of the online offer from the...
  10. Sandollars

    Glue/Solvent smell, usually when coming to a stop?

    Problem is, the mice like to eat the biodegradable stuff. BMW thought it would be a good idea to switch and it cost my insurance company 43 grand in repairs..
  11. Sandollars

    Snippiness 2.0

    And useful on some that never read the actual threads.
  12. Sandollars

    PLAID damaged by TESLA minutes before delivery!

    When I took delivery of my current S, there was a tiny rock chip in the windshield. It had only gone through one lamination and it was a "half moon" only about 1/8th inch wide. I had waited several months for the car and was told it wasn't a big enough problem for them to address, that if it...
  13. Sandollars

    Supercharger - Mesquite, NV

    Sweet! That's a good one for me
  14. Sandollars

    Safety Score

    And so will this. We are playing a part in the "Swarm Learning" process, only this time there many more of us than days of old. Okay, I going to go for a drive now! :)
  15. Sandollars

    Safety Score

  16. Sandollars

    Safety Score

    ME TOO! This oughta be fun!!!!!
  17. Sandollars

    Best SoCal Service Center for MCU 2 Upgrade?

    I have used 3 SCs in SoCal and in order of preference: Baldwin Park Rancho Cucamonga Cathedral City But all of them are very professional.
  18. Sandollars

    Best SoCal Service Center for MCU 2 Upgrade?

    I did MCU 2.5 to FSD at Rancho but they kept it overnight to get "the yellow ring out" of my display, otherwise I am sure it would have been same day. Excellent job, BTW....
  19. Sandollars

    Safelite won't service Tesla?

    I think Safelite stores are franchises... https://brandongaille.com/review-the-safelite-franchise-opp-and-startup-costs/
  20. Sandollars

    Charge port door stuck, service center cancelling appointment

    Why don't you just drive it over and show them? You live in Cali and SCs are about as prolific as 7-11s.
  21. Sandollars

    Can Autopilot be set to adjust following distance based on speed?

    The distance is automatically adjusted with speed.
  22. Sandollars

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    The silver lining to waiting is your car will have all the newest modifications right up to the build date. So, there's that... :)
  23. Sandollars

    Service Alert

    You make some good points however the days are gone where the Execs sit around a board room and decide which will be cheaper: to fix the exploding gas tanks in the Pinto or to pay off the families who lost loved ones who's gas tanks exploded. It is largely due to the internet, immediate...
  24. Sandollars

    Safety Score

    I would bet that Elon and his " 'Net Monitors" get a kick out of reading all this crap! They are probably laughing their a$$es off... 😂 Do you think they pull out the popcorn? When this forum was just filled with a bunch of S and then X owners, it was a VERY different vibe. Lots and LOTS of...
  25. Sandollars

    Service Alert

    As long as they fix it, does it really matter? I much prefer it this way and assert that if all cars had a way to communicate with their owners like this, it might do away with yet another blood sucking government entity. Or at least reduce it's budget significantly. I know, too close to...
  26. Sandollars

    Tints done looks great

    Black on black sure is S-E-X-Y ! Biatch to keep clean though... :)
  27. Sandollars

    I bought a Range Rover. Buh-bye!

    That's a gorgeous Ride! For me there's much more to it. First off out the gate is Daily drive costs. My KWh cost in CA is 7.5 cents (home @ night. I also get free Supercharging but only use it when I am driving to one of my other houses either in the Bay area or St. George, UT) and I...
  28. Sandollars

    Tesla’s FSD Beta 10.3 Coming This Friday 10-22-2021

    They upgraded my S to FSD computers, etc. Still no interior camera..
  29. Sandollars

    Tesla Automatically Cancelled Our Model Y Order

    Which on a 6 figure automobile is kind of chicken sh*t, IMHO....
  30. Sandollars

    I bought a Range Rover. Buh-bye!

  31. Sandollars

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    If my passenger door automatically opens along with the driver door, I will consider that a defect and a security risk. I don't want some hijacker in an abandoned parking lot having that kind of inviting access to enter my car while I am trying to get in it. It makes no sense. Mash the fob...
  32. Sandollars

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    It sounds like a Salesman who has 500 other calls to make. You pass it up? No problem to them. They will go to the next person.
  33. Sandollars

    Safety Score

    I will be there! :)
  34. Sandollars

    Preparing Model S for third party trade in

    What year is your car?
  35. Sandollars

    Safety Score

    ME too! Autopilot seems to slam on the brakes. I am much less aggressive on the brakes than my Autopilot.... Also, Bumper to bumper traffic at 10-15MPH on the freeway dinged me for unsafe following distance the other day. Sitting at 97% at the moment.
  36. Sandollars

    Check Out the Cybertruck Promo Photos

    I ordered mine too, but I hope they do a hell of a lot of refining over the next 2 years.....
  37. Sandollars

    Walk me through the design decision for the cybertruck

    It sure isn't for everyone.... I am included in that category. I would be embarrassed to be seen driving around in this. It screams LOOK AT ME!!!!!!! It's like an Electric Hummer. With the pure SEXY Tesla has managed in their heretofore offerings, This one looks like it was designed...
  38. Sandollars

    Check Out the Cybertruck Promo Photos

    I can't help it but I am SOOOOOO Disappointed.
  39. Sandollars

    Your Cars Name?

    Christone, because sometimes I think she's trying to kill me LOL! :)
  40. Sandollars

    Getting too used to Autopilot

    I don't work well 95% of the time so it's better than me! LOL! :)
  41. Sandollars

    110 V charging and driving only a few miles/day...

    "A plugged in Tesla is a Happy Tesla" So advised.
  42. Sandollars

    How to cool off the glasses quickly? I am surrounded by the heat with cold air blowing.

    Just give that piece of crap to me. I will deal with it... :)
  43. Sandollars

    Supercharger - Menifee, CA (LIVE 30 Sep 2019, 20 V2 stalls)

    This will be helpful for my monthly trips to San Diego. Temecula's is always so crowded and it's up 4 or 5 floors in a parking terrace. I WILL miss P.F. Changs though.... :)
  44. Sandollars

    Old Tesla tires?

    There is a place in San Diego on the corner of Main St. and 32nd St called SA Recycling. They will buy them off you and recycle the metal as well as properly dispose of the tire. It's better to go to a reputable recycler than to a Llantera fro the environment. As Always JMHO.
  45. Sandollars

    Carwash won't wash Model 3s

    I most definitely wouldn't want someone washing my car that was not comfortable washing it. Go somewhere else... Pretty simple.