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  1. jkoya

    Front License Plate Wrap?

    For the official DMV Legal and California State Approved License Plate Wrap, if you sell or return a leased vehicle, you must surrender the license plate wrap back to them. From their FAQs: Q20: What do I do with the LPW when my lease ends or I sell my vehicle? A: You will need to remove the...
  2. jkoya

    Yeah, I Bought A Digital License Plate.....sigh.....

    @TGPLAID - Can I ask where you purchased the R-Plate ? Did you get the battery or hard wired version ? I'm in Sacramento also..
  3. jkoya

    looking for martian wheels or titan7 fit model 3

    Are you still looking for Titan7 Wheels for a Model 3 and if so what size ? I have a set of 4 Titan7 T-S5 wheels (18 X 8.5 / +35 / 5 X 114) with T7 centercaps mounted with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 + tires. Have approximately 2000 miles on them. These were on my 2018 Model 3 Performance. PM me...
  4. jkoya

    Hello everyone

    Welcome !
  5. jkoya

    Dan from Dayton NJ

    Welcome !!
  6. jkoya

    Missing my ICE car. . .

    Well said !! 人馬一体 I've never had the pleasure of driving a Miata with a manual transmission, but I used to drive a Mazda RX-2 rotary engine car...
  7. jkoya

    Missing my ICE car. . .

    I still have my 1997 Acura NSX with a 6 speed manual transmission. Some say it is now a theft deterrent, as less people know how to drive with 3 pedals...
  8. jkoya

    Does anyone else still prefer to drive their gas cars?

    Very nice P1800 !! Is that a factory color ?
  9. jkoya

    Hi From Toronto!

    Welcome !
  10. jkoya

    Greetings from Hong Kong!

    Welcome !
  11. jkoya

    Hello from Sheffield Alabama

    Welcome !
  12. jkoya

    Future Model Y owner

    Welcome to the forums !
  13. jkoya


    My Model 3 just installed 16.3 last night....
  14. jkoya

    Group Buy Poll for Mono-Block Forged Alloy Wheels by Titan 7

    Tony from Evasive Motorsports is great !! He took my order over the phone for my Titan7s and they shipped on the same day. Excellent communication and customer service.
  15. jkoya

    Deep Blue Metallic - Show me pictures of your car today!

    I would say for me personally, the Deep Blue Metallic is a lot darker in person than it appeared on the Tesla website with my Macbook Pro and iPhone displays. In the bright sun, it does look lighter in color though. What shade of blue were you hoping for ?
  16. jkoya

    Hi from Los Angeles!

    Welcome to the forums !
  17. jkoya

    How often do you get pulled over for Tint?

    I got pulled over for window tint on Northbound I-680 in Walnut Creek, CA. I was in my former Honda CR-Z at the time and can't remember the tint percentage now, but it wasn't that dark and you could easily see into the car. CHP told me it was a "Fix It" ticket for the tint and I could pay online...
  18. jkoya

    I traded my Tesla for a Lexus

    I'm with you on the LC 500 and think it is a great looking car. I really like the tail lights.
  19. jkoya

    Tesla App Down Again?

    Working for me also in Northern CA.
  20. jkoya

    Hello forum

    Welcome to the forums !
  21. jkoya

    Hello from the Bay, CA

    Welcome to the forums !
  22. jkoya

    Hello from Iowa

    Welcome to the forums and nice Lotus you have there !!
  23. jkoya

    Hello from CA

    Welcome to the forums !
  24. jkoya

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Great write up - Thanks for sharing !!
  25. jkoya

    Vendor Group Buy | Suma Mirrors | Up to 30% Off

    I agree !! Got my SUMA Performance mirrors in August of last year and I still think they were worth it for the increased visibility.
  26. jkoya

    Just installed my referral wheels!!!

    Very Nice !!
  27. jkoya

    Has Any P3D+ Owners Gotten Carbon Fiber Spoiler?

    When I was getting my HW3 upgrade installed at the SC, there was a Model 3 Performance in the lot that was used for test drives. The spoiler was lifting on both ends very noticeably.
  28. jkoya

    Hi from RI

    Welcome to the Forums !! I took delivery in Dec 2018 also.
  29. jkoya

    Hello from south west of France

    Nice pic and Welcome to the forums !
  30. jkoya

    Major problem created when tinting front windows of M3 w/ white interior

    Exactly what I did. Popped out the dash piece to wrap it. I've removed it a couple of times and now it pops out really easy.
  31. jkoya

    Silver Plasti Dipped Aeros project on Silver Model 3

    Great to hear they survived the winter and the car washes. I bought the Brass Monkey wheel kit for my Titan7 wheels, but I was waiting for the weather to warm up before I apply the Plastidip. Thanks for the update.
  32. jkoya

    Major problem created when tinting front windows of M3 w/ white interior

    Great question. My car was tinted in the spring of 2019 when we were still getting cloudy and wet weather. I didn't notice the reflection until the sunny days of late spring and summer.
  33. jkoya

    Major problem created when tinting front windows of M3 w/ white interior

    I have Xpel Prime XR Plus tint and the blue tinted SUMA Performance mirrors and I was getting the same white reflection of the white dash piece that you are. I finally wrapped the white dash piece with a matrix black vinyl. The dash looks very monochromatic now, but at least the reflection is gone.
  34. jkoya

    Hi from Texas

    Welcome and good luck with the search.
  35. jkoya

    what do you do for living?

    BTW - nice Metallic Silver 3 you have there !!
  36. jkoya

    what do you do for living?

    Cool !! Do you do any car auctions ?
  37. jkoya

    Hi from Los Angeles!

    Welcome !!
  38. jkoya

    Greetings from Western Canada

    Welcome to the forums !
  39. jkoya

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Nice Pics and I like your plate !!
  40. jkoya

    What app do you use for an Apple Watch?

    I was using one called Key Fob for Tesla and I quit using it because of the response times.
  41. jkoya

    First Accident in new Y!

    Sorry to hear about the injury to your new Y....
  42. jkoya

    2020.12.6 is downloading!!

    I just got it this afternoon, so hopefully you will get it soon !!
  43. jkoya

    PPF Installer placed badge incorrectly

    Another option is to contact @SunTek and ask them for recommendations. They always have great advice with their products.
  44. jkoya

    First post... my model 3 is dead as a brick.

    Keep us updated with the status when you have the chance. BTW - Welcome to the forums.
  45. jkoya

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Nice !! What lip is that ?
  46. jkoya

    Aftermarket wheels on Model 3: summary

    Nice read - Thanks for sharing.
  47. jkoya

    2020.12.6 is downloading!!

    Release notes ?
  48. jkoya

    Reveal of My Ruined Tesla....

    Nice - I like the uniqueness of it !!