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  1. boiler81

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    Replaced mine pro-actively on my M3D prior to 2nd cross country winter trip in Dec. 2020 (@ approx. 39K miles). Had heard of folks being stranded without warning, so pick-up replacement on my nickel from Tesla service and installed myself...cheap insurance. The OEM M3 battery continues duty in...
  2. boiler81

    My Awful Model 3 Service Experience

    I had to message them and ask for the tech to call me before I'd show for the scheduled appointment. The tech called me the day before my service appointment and we briefly discussed my requirement for same day repair or a loaner vehicle, and that the needed parts had arrived. Perhaps I...
  3. boiler81

    My Awful Model 3 Service Experience

    Sorry for your problems. Yeah, when things get disassembled extensively as was your HVAC case, the odds of something getting damaged or reassembled incorrectly go up significantly. It's disappointing that Tesla didn't get you a loaner or at least Uber credits. Perhaps you could attempt...
  4. boiler81

    Any New Updates for FSD Beta Users?

    Hope we don't have to wait for Karpathy to return before we get any more updates...starting to seem that way for me (2021.44.30.21). I figure there's no need for me to report disengagements (push camera icon) anymore since I'm using an obsolete version.
  5. boiler81

    Tesla Recall for 127,785 Model 3s in China due to Rear Motor Inverter Defect

    Why wouldn't Tesla cover the repair?:rolleyes: This clearly falls under the extended powertrain warranty even if not a recall item?
  6. boiler81

    Front Passenger Safety Restraint System Fault

    My M3 is a 2018, so I hope they fixed the underlying problem on newer models. There is a service bulletin for the earlier models, to add a field installed electronic "filter" to help prevent false "passenger restraint system fault" messages. So it shouldn't cost anything if it's covered by a...
  7. boiler81

    Extension Cord Sidewalk Push Back

    Sounds like you will need to bite the bullet and install it the like the commercial installs...Tesla sign optional.
  8. boiler81

    High mileage check-in

    Yeah, I never say the update either on my 2018 LRD. My indicated range at 100% charge at delivery was 308 mi. and today at 62k miles it indicates 280 miles.
  9. boiler81

    3 years >100K miles Battery and Service Status for those curious how its holding up

    Yeah, it was the HV battery breathers (vents) replacement (SB-19-16-010), which supposedly helps with battery banging during cold weather charging or regen. Had it done just to see if it would make a difference but not sure how much it helped.
  10. boiler81

    3 years >100K miles Battery and Service Status for those curious how its holding up

    Wow, that's the same 100% battery range reading I get at full charge (283miles), but I've only got 60K miles including two Washington to Florida round trips. I have replaced OEM Michelins at 24K miles with X-ice on the 18" aero rims and put 19" VMR wheels and Continental tires for summer use...
  11. boiler81

    Action to petition to NHTSA to limit the use of beta FSD on Public Road

    If NHTSA or any regulatory agency really was concerned about auto safety, all they'd need to do is make cell phone providers disable the phones while moving at greater than 5 mph. Most of the new auto safety systems would not have been needed prior to the era of socially acceptable...
  12. boiler81

    Tesla FSD Beta Release 10.5 2021.36.8.8 - 10.5.1?

    And back to FSD 10.5! My experience with FSD 10.3, .4 and .5 has me believing that each version is showing improvement. Yes, some phantom braking is still in 10.5, but not nearly as bad as 10.4. My experience is that 10.5 no longer unexpectedly "dives" into right or left turn lanes as...
  13. boiler81

    Poll : Which is better - 10.4 vs 10.3.1

    So as bad as it is, 10.4 in Chill mode with NOA, beats Waymo in head to head drive. Tesla FSD 10.4 VS Waymo
  14. boiler81

    Wiki FSD Beta 10.4

    As much as we bash it, FSD beta 10.4 in Chill mode (& NOA) beats Waymo in Phoenix. Tesla FSD 10.4 VS Waymo
  15. boiler81

    Wiki FSD Beta 10.4

    AI DRIVR just posted a pretty impressive 10.4 beta drive in San Francisco FSD BETA (almost) handles San Francisco . It makes 10.4 look pretty good, and perhaps it's optimized for the Bay area.
  16. boiler81

    Wiki FSD Beta 10.4

    I think folks who want FSD beta and don't have the safety scores needed to get it are in for a rude awaking. Being a beta tester is hard work and the testers have to be very vigilant when using beta because it can and does make mistakes at the worst times. However, it is improving...
  17. boiler81

    How's your experience of Model 3 viewing the speedometer?

    I need to try this cause I get too much help controlling my speed from my significant other😉
  18. boiler81

    Poll : Which is better - 10.4 vs 10.3.1

    I thought until single stack is implemented (FSD 11.0), that NOA controls limited access freeway behavior, not FSD.
  19. boiler81

    Wiki FSD Beta 10.4

    I've also encountered similar praiseworthy passing of parked cars. But regrettably have had a greater number of it trying to pass cars rightfully stopped at signal lights, etc.. Yesterday FSD Beta attempted to pass a stopped car at an occupied crosswalk, by using the right side parking...
  20. boiler81

    Poll : Which is better - 10.4 vs 10.3.1

    10.4 slightly better for me, as phantom regen braking has been reduced. For me it: still stops at empty round-about yield signs, still stop well before stop signs, still prefers the the center of unmarked two way roads even with oncoming traffic, still make a right turn at intersection...
  21. boiler81

    Wiki FSD Beta 10.4

    I don't know if it's been discussed, but I prefer the lane change process/screen visualization of the NOA over that provided by FSD. With FSD you just get a vague representation of the path tentacle dancing to the adjacent lane at the extreme extent of the visualization. With NOA it's...
  22. boiler81

    Model 3 accident with deer

    Wow, sorry to hear of this mishap. I would agree the car should be totaled, but realistically it looks like it could be salvaged by someone with body shop experienced as the drive train and mechanical elements don't look damaged.
  23. boiler81

    Deer collision: How much this will cost?

    I would guess it cost the deer it's life. As for your lovely Model 3, I'd guess close to $6K, but that's why we have insurance. Don't forget claiming the cost of replacing the required PPF on the front end.
  24. boiler81

    Procedure when FSD beta misbehaves?

    I hate the implementation of the FSD reporting button "camera icon". :mad: It only works half the time, and you need to use it after disengaging FSD, therefore the car is under your steering control while you quickly try to hit the button without selecting the "driver profiles button"...
  25. boiler81

    Cost of Model 3 roof glass replacement

    Is the rear glass laminated also? My glass repair shop said they wouldn't repair the rear glass claiming "it's tempered glass, not laminated glass":(
  26. boiler81

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Yeah I experienced this on an similar acute angle intersection, but fortunately for me no cross traffic was coming when the car decided to proceed without creeping from 25 ft back of the intersection and with limited visibility of any cross traffic due to the crest of the hill...really sketchy
  27. boiler81

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    New beta tester with 10.3.1 (SS 99) and I am impressed, but it's got a ways to go. Took a 100 mile drive today, and it completed the first 10 miles segment without a disengagement. Then went on the two lane highway and noticed I couldn't effect following distance change with the thumb wheel...
  28. boiler81

    Main differences between 2018 M3 and today

    Removed since 2018: no frunk hooks or mat no door pocket lights no 14-50 plug included with UMC
  29. boiler81

    Vendor We're the makers of 3D MAXpider KAGU Floor Mats.

    Nice mats...However I went with the competitor's that didn't have a logo.
  30. boiler81

    Android Update?

    I read that updates of existing apps on the Google Play can usually get released within hours. Is it too much to expect a tech company like Tesla to get this done before they release the Button? Better yet why isn't it available in the car?
  31. boiler81

    Supercharger - Invermere, BC

    Great news...now us Yanks can make it up to Banff from Idaho without resorting to level 2 changing or buying expensive level 3 adapters :) .
  32. boiler81

    Supercharger - Invermere, BC

    Great news, thanks for the updates! Maybe they will wait to complete the paving before energizing, but it looks done otherwise :) .
  33. boiler81

    Tire wear 2021 Model 3 LR AWD

    I replaced my 18" OEM Michelins tires at 24K miles, and they were pretty tired. Put on winter Michelins X-ice tires on the aero rims and they work great for the wet, snow, and ice. In the spring I've put on 19" rims with summer rims with Continental PureContacts. Both sets holding up well...
  34. boiler81

    Tire wear 2021 Model 3 LR AWD

    You say you drive modestly, but "when you have it, you'll want to use it". So I'd plan on replacing the OEM tires at 25K-35K. I replaced my OEM 18" Michelin’s with winter tires at 24K and the next spring upgraded to 19" summer wheels and tires. For replacements you could try tires with...
  35. boiler81

    Model 3 12v battery dead

    I had herd these stories of leaving folks stranded in the middle of nowhere, so I proactively replaced my 2018 M3 battery last December before starting a 9K mile cross country road trip. I now use the original M3 battery in my 2006 Mazda Miata (direct fit), and it's still going strong, albeit...
  36. boiler81

    Supercharger - Invermere, BC

    Great news, Now I will be able to refill the charge on my Tesla and my BBQ propane tank at the same time ;)
  37. boiler81

    Front Passenger Safety Restraint System Fault

    I needed to get my passenger window replaced in July after a dump truck thru a rock into it. Fortunately the window tint film kept it from showering the passengers inside with glass fragments. I shopped different Service Center to find the one with the soonest appointments. You can use the...
  38. boiler81

    Supercharger - Invermere, BC

    Thanks for the update...looks like I'm rescheduling my Labour Day trip to Banff anyway due to Covid concerns, so hopefully it will be done before I make the trip later this year or next.
  39. boiler81

    Supercharger - Invermere, BC

    Anyone been by to see if any construction has begun?
  40. boiler81

    V11 is going to be HUGE!

    What! Tesla stated they changed to Pure Vision to eliminate the integration problems of radar. I'm not aware of any Tesla rep. indicating parts shortage as a reason for the change...your source?
  41. boiler81

    Vancouver, Canada: Rent your CHAdeMO adapter for one week?

    For the record, there is a companies that rents the CHAdeMO adapters as a business. I haven't used them yet, but am considering renting one for my Labour Day week trip from Coeur D'Alene, ID to Banff, BC (If none of the three new SC's along the route are finished.)
  42. boiler81

    Supercharger - Invermere, BC

    Hopefully they'll install the new modular Supercharger stations and be up and running by Labour Day :)
  43. boiler81

    V11 is going to be HUGE!

    Yeah, but Elon says every two weeks, that FSD-City Streets will be released in 2 weeks:rolleyes:
  44. boiler81

    Tesla A Year Or More Away From Volume Production Of 4680 Cells

    I am long on Tesla and hope to be wrong, but Plaid Reveal did not inspire confidence with Elon's silence on the 4680's, FSD, Version 11 to the fleet, or any other new program/project other than the Plaid, (which were largely known specs.) If 4680 ramp and FSD are going well, they certainly...
  45. boiler81

    Tesla A Year Or More Away From Volume Production Of 4680 Cells

    I guess the Plaid + is a victim of the 4680 battery ramp problems. Next will be additional delays of Semi, Cybertruck, and Model Y (structural pack) in Berlin and Austin:(.
  46. boiler81

    What cars are more fun to drive than a M3P?

    For me nothing satisfies the senses more than a top down roadster (e.g. S2000, Miata, BMW M3, Porsche Boxster, etc) in the twisty mountain roads. :)
  47. boiler81

    Flat tire on road trip

    That will all but assure you never have this problem again ;)
  48. boiler81

    good weekend sport car that complement well with model 3 owners

    If it's a weekend car, you want something that is as reliable and cost effective as your Tesla. Nothing beats the Mazda Miata for getting your visceral fix for sound, feel, and "wind in your hair", of a top-down roadster. All this in a near maintenance free car, and as an added bonus, the...
  49. boiler81

    Flat tire on road trip

    So I assume the screw in the tire caused a slow leak. So did you get any TPMS alerts while driving, or did it go flat while parked? I assume you don't have a emergency tire inflator/slim kit, or tire plug kit? Might want to consider some or all of these for road trips, along with a...
  50. boiler81

    Tesla Collision experience [tesla certified collision center]

    They are Tesla certified right? Have them make it right...No excuse for that quality of work. I am surprised at how expensive it is to repair Tesla's. I think in the long run were going to see higher insurance rates as insurance companies begin to realized.