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    Model 3 Tint Thread

    Sorry, haven't been active in a while. AccuTint Bellevue. I got full front PPF and side/rear windows carbon tinted at 30%.
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    Model 3 Tint Thread

    AccuTint Bellevue. Not to be confused with AccuTint Seattle. (Different owners.)
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    Navigate on Autopilot missing from 2018.42

    Yes, you need updated maps to get Nav on Autopilot. There's no way to connect to WiFi and force a maps download, so not sure what would trigger it. I also don't know if it will eventually download maps over LTE. I know that I only added WiFi to my car when it prompted me to update my maps and...
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    Key Fob To The Rescue?

    Well, they could have advertised that you can now delete key cards without saying anything about fobs. :)
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    Key Fob To The Rescue?

    I know, but there's no reason to tell people in the software update that they can buy a fob when they're not available. It could have said "when available". It could have just silently given the update without telling anyone about it.
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    auto-emergency braking on stop

    If you're in creep mode, though, hold only comes on if you push down a little harder on the brake pedal after coming to a stop. I use both Creep and Hold mode all the time. It works very well for me.
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    2018.39.7 - able to make 90º intersection left turns with lead car

    Yeah. With the absence of lane marking, it uses the car ahead of it to determine where the lane likely is, and just follows it. I think a right turn would be too sharp of a turn for it to follow, but a left turn is more of a sweeping curve.
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    Key Fob To The Rescue?

    And it's still not there, even though tons of people have gotten the latest version that claims you can order them... So...
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    High pitched whine

    I've been listening to podcasts recently instead of music, and i am hearing the whine more. I assume it's because the podcasts are generally lower volume with gaps between speech that makes it more noticeable.
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    Using old AC lines for a new NEMA14-30 outlet

    My recommendation is if you don't already know what to do, then you should be hiring an electrician to do it.
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    2018.39.7 - able to make 90º intersection left turns with lead car

    I assume it's making a left turn, not a right turn? I've definitely had my car attempt to follow the car in front of it when on AP and it's definitely started to turn left, but I've never let it continue. I always just take over.
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    P D N R in a Tesla should be E F N B

    I was going to go with "Seems PDNR (Pretty Darn Near Ridiculous)."
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    Does EAP use friction brakes more?

    If you keep your foot touched lightly to the brake, you can feel anytime the brake is used...
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    Has anyone measured the Visible Light Transmittance (VLT) on M3 windows pre-tint?

    I have not done anything like that - however, my tint shop told me that a 30% tint will read as a 24-25%. The legal limit in Washington State is 24%, so I went with the 30%.
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    V9 Music App

    Not really liking the changes to the Music App in V9... The minimal view is fine, and the full screen is fine, but the in-between view is really bad. It now takes up half of the screen, when before it was more like 1/3. They moved the Radio/Slacker/TuneIn selector from being a drop-down menu...
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Nice headlights! :)
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    Obvious features/functions that weren't obvious to you

    I saw that easter egg online and couldn't get it to work. Is it exactly 10 times, or can you do it more? I think when I tried it, I felt like I might have missed a press, so I pressed extra times.
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    Obvious features/functions that weren't obvious to you

    "Hey Siri, how much charge does my car have?" "Hey Siri, is my car locked?" "Hey Siri, lock my car." Not sure what else you can do, but I know those work.
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    Question on Set Limit

    There are many threads on this in the forums, so just try searching. But the main takeaway is - don't charge over 90% and let it sit. If you do charge it to 95% or 100%, make sure you're driving it pretty quickly after the charging completes. A couple hours of driving a day can't amount to...
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    Wifi question

    This is not true anymore. Anyone ordering Juky 1 or after gets Premium LTE for a limited time, and they have to pay $100/yr in order to keep Premium LTE. If you don't have Premium LTE, then only safety critical updates will come over LTE - WiFi is required for regular updates. Granted, all...
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    Lost Key Card

    When I look at the pairings on the screen, it allows me to delete my phone pairing, but there is no delete option next to the keycards. So unless you have to touch the keycard to go into a sub-menu that will let you delete, then I don't think it's possible.
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    Key Fob To The Rescue?

    It's certainly possible that it would happen. I am noticing that my phone discharges at a higher rate than it used to. I don't know if that's due to giving the app all sorts of permissions about running in the background. As soon as I get a keyfob, I'm delinking my phone from BLE. I'll keep...
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    Key Fob To The Rescue?

    Yes. "We aren't allowed to talk about them right now", which means that they can't tell you anything about them being free, pay, etc... The source from Tesla for the article said they would be free. Not getting explicitly told that they would be free by someone who tells you they're not...
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    Creep mode, safer? But does it effect range?

    He's just wrong. If you have creep mode enabled, and you come to a stop, you can engage Hill Hold mode by just pressing in a little extra on the brake and releasing it. At that point, your foot is no longer on the brake, but the brake is engaged. You can active AutoPilot/TACC just fine. I do...
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    Model 3 LR on First Road Trip With Autopilot

    When it completes the lane change, it will turn the signal off for you.
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    I ordered a Performance 3. The car at delivery was an AWD.

    Sounds like that car was getting 0-60 in about 11 seconds.
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    Creep mode, safer? But does it effect range?

    What? I've done it. I do it all the time. Sometimes I'm in Hill Hold mode, other times I'm still creeping forward, but I can do it.
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    Will you add EAP based on the v9 features and current discount?

    I added FSD right before I bought my car, simply because while I don't really know when it will be out, I figured I would want it, and I would not want to pay $5k instead of $3k. I love EAP though! Use it every time I drive.
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    Invitation to TEAP

    If they gave me free SuperCharging as thanks for being in the Early Access Program, I might do it.
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    NEMA 14-50 install quote

    A 40- or 50-amp outlet doesn't require a permit? Weird. Does it at least require an inspection?
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    NEMA 14-50 install quote

    Call your city/county permit branch and ask, or take a look at their permits web site. It should be listed. In Washington state, all electrical work done by anyone who is not the owner must be accompanied by a permit and inspection. I'm sure certain things done by the owner still would...
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    Tesla Engineers and Managers are Delivering Cars in SoCal

    Supposedly, even Bellevue, WA had a few Tesla engineers flown up to help with the Sept rush.
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    Tesla tried to deliver a Gen 1 car today with the VIN below 8000

    Yeah, I wouldn't accept that. No way would I want Gen1 seats, and also knowing that thousands of people have been in and out of it, the interior could have some scrapes and smudges. I'd reject and just let them know up-front that I won't accept it.
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    WA DOL Personalized Plates?

    I asked them about registering vanity plates and they said the forms are not setup to do that, so I should just wait for the plates to be assigned by the state and then roll those into vanity plates. I got the plates just a couple days ago, so now I have to figure out what my vanity plate will...
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    NEMA 14-50 install quote

    Doesn't need a permit? That seems highly unlikely.
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    Model 3 Software Updates

    No, I mean weather.
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    Tesla ModeModel 3 vs. Chevy Bolt

    It's just autosteer ending that makes the sound - unless there's an option to enable the sound for TACC disengage that I'm not aware of.
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    Tesla ModeModel 3 vs. Chevy Bolt

    I've had it happen too, but rarely. I wonder if having an audible alert when TACC disengaged would be annoying or useful...
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    Tesla ModeModel 3 vs. Chevy Bolt

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, even if it's wrong. ;)
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    Version 9 looks like on its way finally!!

    It looks cool, but the A/C and Recirc buttons should not be all the way on the right of the screen. That's hard to reach comfortably.
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    Tesla ModeModel 3 vs. Chevy Bolt

    Yeah, I know. It does require some effort to figure out the right amount. But with TACC and auto-streer, I'm supposed to be ready to take over at a moment's notice, and that means, IMO, hovering my foot over the brake when I'm coming into a situation that requires stopping.
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    Tesla ModeModel 3 vs. Chevy Bolt

    I do wish the Model 3 either could regen to 0, or would automatically use the brake to get to 0 once under a certain speed, like it does with TACC. I don't care which it does, but I do wish I could just feather the accelerator and have the brake automatically engage appropriately.
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    InsideEVs: Key Fob free to current owners!

    Yeah - the ONE time I demo'd it, it failed with a Proximity sensor alert. Of course, that happened after I had summoned it partially out of its parking spot and was trying to reverse it back in. So I had to get in it to do it. I had never tried Summon at that point, I was just showing the car...
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    Key Fob To The Rescue?

    Yes. There was an article from one of the EV sites that broke the news, and they claimed a Tesla representative they talked to said it would be free for new and current owners. I assume that means you'll get the first 2 free just like on the S or X, and getting an extra or replacement one will...
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    Model 3 Tint Thread

    I got both PPF and Tint with the 15% discount, and as near as I can tell, anything else I have them do (ceramic coating, for example) will have the discount too. They do a lot of Teslas.
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    Tesla ModeModel 3 vs. Chevy Bolt

    Same with the Model 3. I can continue to push a little on the accelerator pedal, and it will reduce my regen, reducing how much I slow down. If I push it just right, I can "coast".
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    Model 3 Software Updates

    Plus hopefully you can use abetterrouteplanner.com, which I think takes into account driving conditions when planning your EV trip.
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    InsideEVs: Key Fob free to current owners!

    It will do both.