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  1. murphyS90D

    2015 Model S w/ christmas update 2021.44.25.2 issues

    My early 2016 is the same. I have to use the app to adjust the charging current.
  2. murphyS90D

    New UI for pre-refreshed model S? Holiday update

    Press the microphone button on the steering wheel and say HO HO HO. The car in the driver screen should change to Santa in his sleigh. The other cars should now be reindeer. Works in my early 2016 model S. This was not just added, it's been there for years.
  3. murphyS90D

    Why so few SW updates for my 2016 Model S

    My early 2016 S90D has had 88 updates since I bought it new. About 1 a month lately. 88. November 23, 2021 Updated to 10.2 (2021.40.6 eed31525bfea) It does have MCU2.
  4. murphyS90D

    ATT 3G Service Planned Shutdown

    Ford upgraded my 2013 Fusion Energi from 2G to 3G for free. I traded it in on a 2021 Mustang Mach-E so I don't know what they will do when 3G goes away.
  5. murphyS90D

    Correct PSI for my new tires?

    21" rims are 42 psi. 19" rims are 45 psi. The sticker on the door jamb reflects the wheels/tires that were delivered with the car.
  6. murphyS90D

    Can the app wake an MS without Internet?

    The car has a phone number. The server calls the phone number to initiate contact. If the car can set up a WiFi connection it will switch the connection to WiFi. If the car is sleeping there is no WiFi connection. Only an incoming phone call can wake it up.
  7. murphyS90D

    Charhing and driving (Tesla Model S, 09/2014)

    The 12 volt battery is used to pull in the contactors that connect the high voltage battery to the car. If the 12 volt battery is dead you probably need a new 12 volt battery. Is the high voltage battery charged? It is used to keep the 12 volt battery charged.
  8. murphyS90D

    Rial Lugano lugs

    I've been using the lug nuts that came with my Rial Lugano 19" wheels for several years. My winter tires are on them so they are on the car from mid November to late March.
  9. murphyS90D

    What is MCU? I have a 2017 Model S with FSD. Tesla recently installed the new chip per the recall. Is the new chip the MSU?

    The recall replaces an 8 GB memory chip with a 64 GB memory chip.
  10. murphyS90D

    380 WH/MI

    At 82 mph your WH/MI will be high. Air drag increases with the square of the speed. It takes energy to push the air out of the way. The triangle means the battery is cold. That also means that energy from the battery is being used to heat the battery. Is the cabin heater on? Energy used to...
  11. murphyS90D

    Newbie questions

    1. What browser are you using? I have had many problems with the Tesla website using the Firefox browser. 2. The car went to sleep and it takes a while for it to wake up and restart all of the microprocessors.
  12. murphyS90D

    Extension cord with mobile charger using 240v 14-30

    The warning is because the extension cords most people have laying around uses 16 gauge wire. A 50 amp cord would need to use 6 gauge wire. A 30 amp cord would work with 10 gauge wire although I would use 8 gauge wire for a lower voltage drop. Energy used to heat the cord is not going to go...
  13. murphyS90D

    Periodic Loss of Sirius/XM After MCU2 Upgrade and 12V Replacement

    I'm on 2021.36.5.1 ans still have the problem.
  14. murphyS90D

    Periodic Loss of Sirius/XM After MCU2 Upgrade and 12V Replacement

    It's extremely annoying but it does come back on its own without rebooting. I think it needs to see a strong XM signal before it comes back. That's not possible in my garage.
  15. murphyS90D

    Disable Bluetooth

    Bluetooth and WiFi are in the same 2.4 GHz frequency band.
  16. murphyS90D

    Update removed Sirius/XM selection from infotainment screen

    I lost Sirius after the 2021.36.5 update. It eventually came back. I lost it again after the 2021.36.5.1 update. It eventually came back.
  17. murphyS90D


    How many devices have been entered into the garage door opener? They typically have room for 8 devices. If it's full you have to clear it out and start over with all devices.
  18. murphyS90D

    Infotainment Upgrade question about satellite radio

    Navigation is done over the cellular radio connection. You currently have an analog radio that does AM, FM, and XM. You buy a digital radio upgrade for $500. It will include FM and XM. AM is gone. The XM radio will have a different ID. I cancelled my subscription to XM before I did the...
  19. murphyS90D

    ATT 3G Service Planned Shutdown

    When 2G went away Ford upgraded my 2013 Fusion Energi to 3G for free.. I traded the Energi in on a 2021 Mustang Mach-E so I don't know what, if anything, they will do this time. The Mach-E and my Tesla both have 4G so it will be a while before that is a problem.
  20. murphyS90D

    Trying to understand current pricing on old MCU updates

    Get the MCU2 upgrade. Both screens have to be replaced because the MCU1 driver screen has its own computer while the MCU2 driver screen is just a second screen. I paid $2500 for the MCU2 upgrade and $500 for the FM/XM radio.
  21. murphyS90D

    Installing a 12v 5amp Battery Tender to the 12v Battery on 2016 Tesla Model S P90D

    Use a full size smart battery charger. They cost more than $100. I use one made by Schumacher. I got it from Amazon.
  22. murphyS90D

    Prospective owner advice plea

    265 miles is the US EPA rated range. Europe uses a different test to measure range. You need a response from someone in the UK..
  23. murphyS90D

    Plaid - front trunk open warning, trunk closed

    There are two latches and presumably two sensors. The first latch closes easily. The second latch requires a lot of force.
  24. murphyS90D

    Missing Pieces

    The trunk cover was an extra cost option on my 2014 model S.
  25. murphyS90D

    2021.32.10 bug?

    I installed it. No numbers on the energy graph and XM radio is playing hide and seek on the center screen. This is getting annoying. Fortunately I also have a 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E to drive when the Tesla is acting up.
  26. murphyS90D

    Software Update download is stuck

    Make sure the car has access to WiFi and has been configured to use it. I put a WiFi access point in my garage to guarantee the car has good access. If a USB stick has ever been configured to be "bootable" it must be removed so the car can't try to boot from it. I have a USB stick in my car and...
  27. murphyS90D

    Tons of error codes! Bms_f151 Bms_f071 Gtw_w018 Di_u014 Bms_w151 Gtw_w157

    That many errors is probably a broken ground stud, due to corrosion, on the frame rail You will need to remove the frunk liner and tub to get to it.
  28. murphyS90D

    No SiriusXM sucks in a 100k car…. Really?

    The User Interface is seriously screwed up. My car is currently playing an XM station but the XM selection has disappeared from the screen again. AM works fine for me also - in my 2021 Mustang Mach-E.
  29. murphyS90D

    “Voltage supply too low” and BMS errors

    That many errors could be the result of a ground stud on the frame rail breaking due to corrosion.
  30. murphyS90D

    Quick question: Model S

    No issues. I shut the car down, disconnected the old battery, removed it, installed the new battery, and reconnected it. Actually there was one issue, The new battery was physically loose with the bolts tight so I had to insert some rubber or plastic, I forget, under the hold down clamps. If...
  31. murphyS90D

    Quick question: Model S

    The car is loaded with microprocessors that are always on.. As my 12 volt battery aged the charging frequency increased. I never got a warning that it needed to be replaced but I finally did it earlier this year with the OHMMU battery. They were propping up the 12 volt battery by draining the...
  32. murphyS90D

    Quick question: Model S

    The major contributor to vampire drain is the recharging of the 12 volt battery. It happens 4 times a day in my car when parked in the garage. Put a charger on the 12 volt battery and there will be no vampire drain against the HVB.
  33. murphyS90D

    4+ days to update eMMC and LTE Upgrade?

    The maps are stored in a separate memory card. The failing eMMC may have caused its formatting to be destroyed. Tell them to partition and format the card before uploading data to it. That was done remotely to my car a year before I upgraded to MCU2.
  34. murphyS90D

    Helping w/ Model S MCU Issues

    You lose the AM, FM, and XM radios unless you also spring for the radio upgrade for $500. That gets FM and XM back. AM will be gone.
  35. murphyS90D

    Thinking of selling my 2014 S but have some questions

    I like the Intelligent Cruise Control much more than AP1 on the Tesla. The 1 pedal driving is better on the MACH-E, it comes to a full stop unlike the Tesla which keeps moving. The Tesla has electric brakes, they could easily have been applied. Charging is more difficult. There not many...
  36. murphyS90D

    Thinking of selling my 2014 S but have some questions

    I have two electric cars. A 2016 Tesla S90D and a 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E. Last week I drove the Mach-E from 40 miles north of Philadelphia, PA to Charlottesville, VA without stopping to charge. I had 66 miles left when I arrived. I have never been able to do that with the Tesla. The Tesla...
  37. murphyS90D

    2016 90D with MCU1. No updates since 2020.48. Is this normal?

    My early 2016 S90D has had 13 updates since then. Go to the software update screen and see what it says. I think you will see a progress bar that never gets to 100% and then times out and starts over. That is an indication of MCU1 memory failure. I got tired of the constant failures and...
  38. murphyS90D

    Garage Door Opener Possibly sending Double Signal

    Did you put brand new batteries in the your garage door remote before you used it to teach it to the car? The car needs to learn from a full strength signal.
  39. murphyS90D

    Newest update - problems with Gen 1 HPWC

    There are two 40 amp chargers in an 80 amp car. If it will charge at 40 but not above the second charger has probably failed. I have a January 2016 pre-refresh car with two 40 amp chargers installed in the car. I have a gen 2 HPWC. It charges fine at 80 amps although I usually charge at 50...
  40. murphyS90D

    72 amp charging?

    My pre-refresh 2016 from January 2016 came with a single 40 amp charger. I forget when I added the second 40 amp charger but it may have been as late as 2017. I tried a CHADeMo adapter first but that turned out to be a waste of money and I sold the adapter after the second 40 amp charger was...
  41. murphyS90D

    72 amp charging?

    My 2016 S90D charges at up to 80 amps in my garage. The car has two 40 amp chargers. I have an HPWC connected to a 100 amp circuit.
  42. murphyS90D

    Can i have 2 key fobs for model S?

    You can't do it yourself. Tesla will sell and program the fob. Both fobs must be present when the programming is done. I had a 2014 and now have a 2016 Tesla. Both came with two fobs.
  43. murphyS90D

    Eye Hook for 2015 Model S

    Did you look under the liner in the frunk? That's where mine was.
  44. murphyS90D

    How much is the MCU2 infotainment upgrade supposed to cost?

    Mine took a couple of hours in my garage by a mobile tech.
  45. murphyS90D

    Three days, three updates, three times the same update!

    Bug fix updates don't get updated release notes. The only change will be the release number.
  46. murphyS90D

    Charge speed on plaid with nema 5-20?

    A 5-20 is a 120 volt 20 amp plug. For charging you get 80% of 20 which is 16 amps. No car can go higher than that. 120 x 16 = 1,920 watts
  47. murphyS90D

    Update removed Sirius/XM selection from infotainment screen

    My 2016 car has 2021.4.18.2 and XM is working fine.
  48. murphyS90D

    12v Battery

    My car didn't tell me when the 12 volt battery needed to be replaced. At 5 years there had been no notification. However the 12 volt battery was being recharged about 8 times a day. It was 4 times a day when new. How do I know? I monitored the 12 volt battery with a recording oscilloscope...
  49. murphyS90D

    Is there a problem here with neutral and ground

    It depends. Is there a master disconnect ahead of the panel? If not then neutral and ground are tied together (bonded) in the main panel. That was a major problem for my house, built in 1957, when I added solar panels. That added a master disconnect just after the meters. The bond had to be...
  50. murphyS90D

    poor XM radio signal

    Run the tests on a cloudless day. Clouds contain water which reduces the signal from the satellite. All of my cars with satellite radio have had drop outs under trees. Before the merger XM was better than Sirius.