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    The dream comes crashing down

    You'll get through this, and so will your car. Sorry to hear of this incident of course, but you're okay and life is still good. Hoping for a smooth process with your insurance company.
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    An apology

    What are your charging options on Hwy 1...I see none. :( driving the p85d in insane mode on hwy1 seems like you'll be drained of any juice left in no time, and with no supercharger, then what? I want to take a road trip up hwy1 from Socal, but am concerned about the lack of charging options.
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    New owner of white p85.

    The P85 is an AMAZING car! I test drove the P85 7 or 8 months ago. You made a great choice. Enjoy it!!!
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    Picked up my P85D (first 24hrs) impression

    Thanks for sharing your initial impressions...all good info to know. I'll have to listen out for the wind noise now, once I take delivery this week. 50miles on the odometer seems a bit high - that's a lot of factory test driving & still they didn't detect the wind noise? Go figure. congrats!
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    Hit and run of my brand new p85d

    So disturbing. Had the same thing happen to me and a BMW 750il I had in the past. Left the car parked in a restaraunt parkinglot, while wife and I were dining inside. Came out later and noticed about $3k in damage to drivers door.....dented in and scraped.
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    My New Ride.

    You replaced the chrome accents with all black pieces, aftermarket right? Looks GREAT!! updated: just saw, you indicated you wrapped the chrome in black. Very nice.
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    Picked up my MS at Fremont factory, with report, thoughts on my choices, & pictures

    Thanks for tip....just ordered one!
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    Supercharger - Culver City, CA (16 V2 stalls)

    seeing that ICE'd picture is actually rather disturbing - boils my blood a bit. Something needs to change to prevent a situation like this from becoming a constant occurrence. Sheesh. :mad:
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    Picked up my MS at Fremont factory, with report, thoughts on my choices, & pictures

    a great post from the good surgeon. Thanks for sharing your experience with all your fellow enthusiast friends here. I'm due to have my D delivered in a week or two, to my local Van Nuys SC. I just don't have the time currently to get up to the Fremont factory, but picking it up direct like...
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    Moisture/condensation in headlights

    Had this same problem with condensation in the rear brake lights and to some extent the front headlamps......on my 2012 Mazda MX5 (miata), which I've since sold. It can happen with any vehicle, and I'm sure it's a simple fix, or at least seems it should be.
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    Financing the P85D

    where did you read that their rates are going up effective 1/15 and that they don't offer rate locks???
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    Aftermarket Wheels Disadvantages

    That's a relief. Thanks for reply.
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    Aftermarket Wheels Disadvantages

    Let me make sure I understand this....if swapping the stock 19" wheels with aftermarket wheels, assuming the correct offset etc, the existing TPMS sensors can be "reused" with the new wheels correct? I just bought the aftermarket tsportline 19's, and plan to put them on as soon as I take...
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    Took my delivery today

    Congrats Rawad. Enjoy!
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    Out of warranty concerns about Tesla

    wow, you weren't kidding....you certainly DO drive a lot in a year!! The most miles I've ever put on a car in one year, was around 30k....but typically I average 15-20k/yr. Back to the point here....I agree, Tesla needs to offer more service options or at least be more transparent with the...
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    85D/85 Is Often The Best Choice

    Agree 100% on all points. Want to reiterate, the performance in a $120K package, just can't be beat! And to have a full sized "family sedan" that gets up and go at about the same speed as the world's fastest performance sports cars, is totally unreal. If you compare the cost of a similarly...
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    Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

    Another great lil video. Thx for shedding some light on the camper mode "settings".... good to know.
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    What tires come on the stock 19's P85D?

    Yes, that's what I've been told too...Michelin primacy. Btw commasign....nice configuration on your p85d. I too went with all black interior (seats & alcantara), with a white exterior. Going to likely get the aftermarket t-sportline grey 19" wheels, and sell my stock 19's the first chance I get.
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    New Leasing Details?

    Agreed. It's really unfortunate & quite upsetting actually.
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    Drive unit, new or refurbishishid?

    glad to hear you had a positive experience at the van nuys sc. Being a person who lives in the valley and has an order in for a late December delivery, it is comforting to know that my local service center has at least one happy camper!! :)
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    New Leasing Details?

    Thanks for sharing Max, but WOW....that seems like terrible leasing terms. I've leased expensive bmw's before (including $100K+ 750il), and the leasing terms was far superior......my payment was around $1300K/mo., and less down. So if this is the better leasing terms that tesla recently...
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    Drive unit, new or refurbishishid?

    @Lump- I notice from your profile info, you're in the sf valley. So I'm assuming your bad service experiences have been from the Van Nuys service center? I have a tesla on order and will also be using the van nuys service center for any issues that come up. Care to elaborate on the service...
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    Model S Convertible

    Wow. Gets an A for thinking outside the box. Gets an F for ruining what I'm sure was a perfectly good P85+.
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    Protecting paint - XPEL, Opticoat vs repainting

    In same boat with same question. Thanks in advance for all educated replies on this subject.
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    Model S Convertible

    Very much ugly indeed.
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    The P85 is now obsolete.

    Obsolete? Lol!
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    Aftermarket Model S Wheel options

    Just curious, what did you pay for the set of 19" TST turbines in grey? I like the grey 21" turbines, and was hoping to find a set of aftermarket 19" that come in the same style and color (since tesla doesn't offer the turbines in 19").
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    Gray Leather with black alcantara

    Hmmmm....sounds interesting. I just may choose that option. ;)
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    Financing the P85D

    Not telling you what to do of course, but if I was in your shoes with a gross income of $150k, I personally would be more comfortable with a car payment more comparable to an $80k car (max), than a car in the $120k range. But if you can swing it, and a lender will sign off, then more power to...
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    Gray Leather with black alcantara

    I too love the grey leather with black headliner interior....I think it looks AMAZING. Now just waiting for that to be an option on the P85D with next gen seats, so I can have another reason to finally pull the trigger.
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    Next Generation Seats

    this would be great news if true, because I'd really like to have these seats in the grey color, with black alcantar interior, on a white P85D that I'm still contemplating...
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    Next Generation Seats

    Tesla has the official photos up now....
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    Resale Value?

    and you are paying a premium to have that opportunity. :wink:

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