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    Bought a P3D- for many reasons - environmental consideration wasn't one of them

    Oh thank God! Your reasons clearly resonate with most of us. I am really glad that it is a 'green' car but it was probably one of the last reasons I chose a Tesla. I think that the evangelical, Elon cheerleading, holier than thou attitude of the few, is doing more harm than good to the brand...
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    Renting out Tesla Model S paid for my TCO (free Tesla!)

    I agree, renting ICE has benefits in particular in terms of hauling and refuelling. It is just a different experience and some will obviously prefer a greener and tech experience. Renting my cars is certainly not for me, but good on you Puggle - what a great way to enjoy a car that may otherwise...
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    These guys get really good reviews and the kit includes 2 sets in case you screw it up the first time: Nikola Pro. nikolapro.com
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Completely agree, but Tesla simply will never have the time or resources to build superchargers for everyday charging. On-street charging in time is certainly where we are headed. But for Maveric74 to assume that superchargers are for his everyday charging because it is convenient and he doesn't...
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    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Superchargers were designed for travelling, with most charging to be done at home. Early on this was made clear but as time has gone on there is no mention of it in official literature - it is only alluded to when Tesla started to restrict charging times and implementing pay-per-use and idle...
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    Whats included in autopilot now?

    Tesla have bundled items that should be included in the base package simply to lure customers into the FSD fantasy. I really can't believe that we are paying $100,000 for a car, with autopilot, and yet a simple feature like autopark requires FSD. FFS it is offered on almost any base Ford...
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    Australian insurance quotes

    I think so. The repairer they recommend specialise in Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Porsche so the price was expected. Interestingly I assumed it would be the first Tesla that they have done, but they laughed and said that they have 3 others being repaired as we speak.
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    Australian insurance quotes

    Choice of repairer is of utmost importance! I just reversed my P85D into the car park wall, and it has damage to the rear quarter - not a lot as it was only while parking. After a call to Tesla, I was told that there is only one repairer in NSW. So far the quote is $26,500 but they have found...
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    Tesla Key, the easy way to prepare your vehicle from an iPhone and iPad

    If you add The Summon feature, you are guaranteed to get every Tesla owner outside the U.S on the App!
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    Strange tesla comments in Australia

    From one of my mates after using the Goulburn Supercharger "Ahh buddy only you would bring an Aston Martin to a pub in Goulburn".
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    Electric vehicle incentives in Australia compared to rest of the world

    I'm not sure guys. I get it that the U.S has incentives as the EV industry is a large, growing employer that replaces sunset industries. But that is not the case here. What you are asking for are incentives to make the cars cheaper - but what I like is that you and I bought our cars simply...
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    Second hand teslas

    Hi Houdini, No I don't mind. I paid $202k (on road) for my P85D with every single option (excluding a rear spoiler which I added later). I wouldn't have had all of those options if I specced it myself - especially the sub zero package, but it is nice to have everything. They had a couple of...
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    Second hand teslas

    I was faced with the same issue a month ago and th second hand market just doesn't exist yet. The solution came with a phone call from Tesla SC in Sydney. They had an inventory car with the perfect spec for me, perfect price and about 3 thousand Ks. They serviced it, touched up wheel scuffs and...
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    Alcantara, alcantara, alcantara !!

    Goulash I agree with you. I got rid of a CLA45 AMG (shocking car) - but it had a flat bottom and top alcantara steering wheel, and it was just brilliant. Go for it and please post photos!
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    To D or not to D

    Wow, that is a really annoying, combative reply. If you want a track car then probably better to find a different forum. You have missed the point entirely. Goodbye googie please don't post again.
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    Aust Price Rise Nov 2015

    I pick up my P85D tomorrow. It is an inventory car with 3,000 kms for $202k. That same car ordered today is $245,000. i was cynical about being told that prices would rise but I stand corrected. For anyone looking for a Tesla I would recommend calling dealers as inventory cars aren't subject to...
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    Aftermarket Wheels

    Yeah I get it, I saw a blue MS with matt wrap and it looked brilliant. I will come back to you on the 21s but I may need to keep them for buyback.
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    Aftermarket Wheels

    100% agree. My thoughts are that the Model S is a reasonably plain looking car so I understand why some are looking at wraps and bigger wheels to liven it up a bit. I have never altered a car before but I would like to try something a little different, but I will stop short of the wrap and the...
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    Aftermarket Wheels

    I pick up my new P85D next week, it was an inventory car in Sydney. It has 21" silver turbines which I am looking to switch out for aftermarket wheels - I actually like the turbines but am looking for something a bit different. Has anyone gone aftermarket in OZ yet? It seems very popular on...
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    Aust Price Rise Nov 2015

    Today I took the plunge and bought a P85D and will let my wife know shortly... For or those considering buying, I received an email from Tesla yesterday and they told me to expect a price rise from the 27th of November for Aust delivered Teslas. Apparently they are expecting about 6% which if...

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