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  1. JQS3

    Delivery Nightmare

    Welcome to the club! I love my Model X but every just about single interaction with the company (including my infuriating delivery experience) is simply awful. No one knows anything, no one takes ownership of any problems, anything they tell you is just as likely to be false as it is true. The...
  2. JQS3

    How much does it cost to wrap a car in vinyl?

    $4320 for a full wrap in New Orleans. An additional $250 for chrome delete. Having the wrap done this week!
  3. JQS3

    Why do you use TeslaFi?

    I'm going to use your code right now, thanks!
  4. JQS3

    Picked up my new Model X today, Manchester UK

    Gorgeous! I’m picking up my MX tomorrow with the same interior and I’m positively vibrating with excitement. Thanks for sharing your experience, maybe I’ll write mine up too.
  5. JQS3

    Multiple Warnings Immediately After Taking Delivery

    Yeesh. This terrifies me because I’m supposed to get my new MX from an SC 300 miles away and then immediately head out for a friend’s wedding 700 miles in the opposite direction. Guess I better figure out where the service centers along the way are, just in case...
  6. JQS3

    Anyone else with Model X Scheduled Delivery on 9/30 (aka last day of Q3)?

    I’m so annoyed and frustrated by the complete lack of communication and broken promises. My delivery last week didn’t happen and I only found out because I called to confirm before I drove 300 miles to get it. We got rid of a car because we were told I’d have it by now so it’s a pain to get...
  7. JQS3

    The wait is over! (Almost!)

    Your MX looks great! Super sharp.
  8. JQS3

    Free 22 inch on my x?

    I’d say give them back and get what you paid for. The right thing to do is to point out their mistake. You’d want someone to do that for you, if the situation was reversed.
  9. JQS3

    Summon win!

    Hah, that's awesome!
  10. JQS3

    Remove trade in?

    Yes, I changed my mind weeks after ordering, deciding to cancel my trade-in and just pay cash. It was no problem. I called my DA and he did it but he suggested it could just as easily be done on the website.
  11. JQS3

    My Delivery Experience - Brooklyn 9/27

    Gorgeous car! I'm so jealous. I was supposed to take delivery tomorrow but, turns out, my X never left California in the two weeks it was supposedly in transit. They cancelled it and basically were like "hopefully next week" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. JQS3

    Delivery confusion and registration questions

    One thing I’ve learned, for what it’s worth, is give up on email. I’ve had a much faster resolution just picking up the phone. Good luck with your situation! Seems like these delivery snafus are totally commonplace which should be unacceptable.
  13. JQS3

    Delivery confusion and registration questions

    Well, you should check in with them based on my experience. No one noticed or cared that mine had not moved until I started asking. At least my DA is VERY responsive. Mine was out of production on 9/11 and paid for on 9/18, the same day payment became available.
  14. JQS3

    Delivery confusion and registration questions

    Well, I just got a bad update. My delivery has been canceled and moved to “probably sometime next week” because it’s just been sitting at the train yard waiting to be sent for two weeks and no one was on it. My DA was apologetic and I really like him but honestly, I shouldn’t be the only one...
  15. JQS3

    Delivery confusion and registration questions

    Hi all, I'm supposed to pick up my Model X on Friday, according to my delivery advisor last week. He told me I'd get a confirmation from someone else but I haven't heard anything. I plan to drive 300 miles to Houston tomorrow in a rented car and stay in a hotel to be ready for the delivery but I...
  16. JQS3

    So very disappointed

    Welp, I'm awaiting delivery on Friday and I've also heard nothing at all since I was given that date last week. My account page has just said it's "in transit" for two weeks, delivery date was given verbally by my DA. I hope mine boarded the train.
  17. JQS3

    The wait is over! (Almost!)

    Excellent! I’m expecting delivery on Friday and would love it if they called me in early. I was considering the BlackVues too but I’m going to wait and see what comes with the software update. I’m sure the BlackVues will outperform the built in cameras but if I can avoid the intrusive install...
  18. JQS3

    Take matched X vs wait? Advice needed

    I would absolutely go for this. When I ordered, they had a couple of configs ready to go but not the exact config I wanted. I'm taking delivery a week from today but I nearly compromised on my order just out of impatience. If they had had my config, I would have loved to be driving it for 2...
  19. JQS3

    How to get Delivery Specialists Attention?

    I have a delivery scheduled for a week from today but my online account just says "Your Tesla has been built and is in transit from the factory" and my delivery location is incomplete too. I can't select the service center where I will pick it up so it's always been incomplete. My DA constantly...
  20. JQS3

    Delivery date!

    AWESOME!!! That looks like the one I ordered! Which black is that?
  21. JQS3

    Terrible Delivery Experience VA

    That’s encouraging, at least. You will probably need to deal with them again for service and it’s important that they’re trying to repair the relationship. Great looking car! My MX is coming in a week and I should quit reading delivery nightmares...
  22. JQS3

    Delivery date!

    Good luck! Did you get it? Post pics!
  23. JQS3

    Model X ordered

    Congratulations! Probably you already know this but click over to the order tracking grid and put your info in too. I just got my MVPA today and paid for my MX so, needless to say, I'm DYING OF ANTICIPATION! If your order goes like mine did (which seems fairly common), this will happen: 3 days...
  24. JQS3

    My model X order update

    Congratulations! Seems like you may have already done this but be sure to put your order details and progress on the tracker: Model S/X Order Tracker I'm anxiously awaiting delivery of my MX and I'm constantly stalking that tracking grid!
  25. JQS3

    Solid Black vs. Obsidian Black Metallic

    Love this thread. My MX completed production today (!!!), and I chose obsidian black even though I’ve never seen either option in person, outside of the dimly lit underground parking lot of the Houston galleria Tesla shop. I thought they both looked terrific, the most attractive colors for the...
  26. JQS3

    My First Week with Model X 75D - and joining the Tesla Family

    Great post! That midnight silver looks brilliant in the photos you attached.
  27. JQS3

    Delivery date!

    He did call but it was in response to an email that I sent, requesting to remove my trade in. I learned it was in production by seeing it on my account page. My DS actually predicted it would go into production the following week so i joked about that in the email. To that point, I got fed up...
  28. JQS3

    My MX Delivery Experience

    So cool! I asked because I’m awaiting delivery of an obsidian black MX myself and it’s hard to find photos of them so yours are manna from heaven for me! There’s no upper limit on the number of photos you can post :D
  29. JQS3

    My MX Delivery Experience

    Gorgeous! Is that Obsidian Black?
  30. JQS3

    Delivery date!

    Me too!! Ordered August 10, confirmed Aug 14, in production today! I don't have a delivery date either but my delivery advisor told me today that it should take about a week and a half for delivery, FYI.
  31. JQS3

    Brand New X - Charge Port Door Won't Open With Wand

    I’m awaiting delivery of my Model X and I didn’t even know the charge port door would open on it’s own! In case anyone else reading this is like me, here’s a demo of 5 ways to open the charge port (on a Model 3 but I guess it’s the same on MX?)
  32. JQS3

    6 weeks since MX confirmation - account page still says "scheduled for production in our factory"

    I understand they’re busy but this is purportedly this person’s job and my questions are related to the 6 figure car I’m buying, you know?
  33. JQS3

    6 weeks since MX confirmation - account page still says "scheduled for production in our factory"

    Just piling on that the communication from Tesla is terrible. I can’t get an answer to an email to save my life. For a six figure car, I really expect better. A traditional dealer would be in constant contact, for better or worse!
  34. JQS3

    How long does it take to schedule a test drive?

    Thanks! I think I will call, I was just curious if a long wait is typical.
  35. JQS3

    How long does it take to schedule a test drive?

    Thanks for chiming in! There is no showroom in my whole state, unfortunately. Our local government is in the pocket of the dealerships and has forbidden Tesla from having a presence. I see so many Teslas in town though so people are making it happen somehow.
  36. JQS3

    How long does it take to schedule a test drive?

    How long does it take to schedule a test drive? I'm prepared to buy a Model X but I filled out the form for a test drive 10 days ago and I've heard nothing. Is there normally a long delay? After submitting the form, the page said I'd be contacted within a day but obviously that hasn't happened...

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