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  1. J

    Auto high beams issue

    First longer night drive in my SR+ last night. Noticed that while on AP on the freeway, the auto high beams were kicking on WAY too much for my liking, making it seem like I was flashing people well ahead of me, or even oncoming traffic. Fishing through the settings, it looks like to run AP you...
  2. J

    Update from Tesla service on screen yellowing

    This is infuriating.
  3. J

    Has anyone seen this screen issue?

    This just started today. Looks like some kind of burn-in or something on the outside edges. It's still there with the screen off too. Anyone seen this before? Can't get a service appointment until monday but I'm just gonna drive it in tomorrow and see if they can squeeze me in. I have a bad...
  4. J

    Joining the X family

    Hey everyone, after almost three years of Model S 70 ownership I decided to order an X75D six seater. Estimated delivery in June. Main reason for the change is having to bend into the back seats of the S to strap my twins into carseats. (post herniated disc) One test with the X and I was totally...
  5. J

    Tesla App Idea

    First off, I have terrible short term memory. Every single time I range charge my car, I forget to turn the meter back to 90% and the next time I charge it does a range charge. Would love a feature on the app where you could select a 'one time only' range charge and then it would automatically...
  6. J

    Summon issue since latest update

    Curious if anyone else has had any issues with summon since the most recent update? My summon was completely dialed, pulling itself straight back out of my fairly tight garage and stopping exactly where I needed. It's worked perfectly for the last 7 months that I've owned this house. Now, since...
  7. J

    NEMA 14-50 to Wall Connector

    About 6 months ago I had my electrician install a NEMA 14-50 in my garage to charge my MS. I put up a a hose hanger for my mobile connector and I was feeling pretty good about myself. After 6 months of use, I'm realizing that I've almost forgotten the mobile connector a few times on longer trips...
  8. J

    Electrician rec for Coachella Valley needed

    Looking for an electrician to install a wall connector in my garage in La Quinta. Any recs would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. J

    Just upgraded to autopilot

    I've owned my Model S just over a year and it's been eating me alive that I didn't order AP when they built the car. So, finally I called and paid to upgrade it on Saturday. Still haven't received the firmware update over the air and the service department says it's out of their hands at this...
  10. J

    Lease question

    Hey y'all, I'm coming up on the one year point on my Model S 70 lease. I absolutely love the car, greatest thing I've ever owned. Only issue is, as my twin toddlers are getting older I'm starting to regret not getting the Model X with the 6 seat option. Now I know I'm locked into a lease for 3...
  11. J

    Strange sound w/ car off

    Haven't driven my car in a few hours and I just walked by it and heard it making a sound while off. Sounds like its coming from the vents and seems to be blowing a little bit of air from underneath the hood. Is there some kind of cooling system that operates when the car is shut down? I was...
  12. J

    Strange auto park behavior

    Last two days (since the update) I've noticed that I've been getting the auto park "P" in situations where there's ABSOLUTELY no option to park. For example, today it showed up at while stopped at a traffic light in Los Angeles in the middle lane of three. Literally surrounded by cars and the...
  13. J

    My first autopilot experience

    Drove from L.A. up to Monterey over the weekend and had my first opportunity to use AP on some open freeways. I must say, it's incredibly impressive and I see what the fuss is all about. I'm pretty convinced and will most likely purchase it at the end of my trial. I only have one issue with it...
  14. J

    Los Angeles Car Wash

    Hey L.A. folks, I've been working my butt off with the two bucket technique and after a few months of ownership, I realize that I stink at it. I can never dry in time, leaving streaks, drips, etc... I'm thinking I may need to have someone come by the house and knock out my wife and my cars...
  15. J

    Auto windshield wipers

    Rarely rains in L.A. but had a chance to try out the auto wipers today. They stink. Unless it's just me. I seem to remember an upgrade in the last update as well? I think they need more work.
  16. J

    Is doubling the amount of SC's going to be enough?

    I posted this on the S forum because I think it's a relevant question for current owners. First of all, I'm stoked on the Model 3. Reserved one for my wife last night. That being said, have we done the math on this? How many S's and X's are on the road currently? Introducing over 100K new cars...
  17. J

    What would you do?

    Ok so let me describe my particular situation: I live on a two house lot in Los Angeles in the back house specifically. I had a 240v outlet installed on our unit so whenever I charge my car I run a Camco 30' extension out to my driveway. It's a little bit of a process, opening the storage to...
  18. J

    First road trip in two days...

    I'm driving from L.A. up to Sedona, AZ on Thursday and it'll be my first lengthy drive with multiple SC's. I personally feel like I'll enjoy spacing out the trip with super chargers. Seems like it would break up a trip nicely. Obviously we're all completely biased and smitten with our cars...
  19. J

    Glitchy scrolling

    Since 7.1 the scrolling on my screen has been very unnatural and glitchy. I notice it most when I'm scrolling through favorites in Slacker. Has anyone else had any issue? Thanks.
  20. J

    Clicking sound since 7.1

    Since I've installed 7.1 I'm getting a random single click sound when I approach my car. It sounds like when the door handles present something clicks down in the battery area. Not sure if it's the car starting up but I find it strange that I didn't start hearing it until this update. Am I crazy?
  21. J

    One month in...

    One month into ownership and I've discovered that few things feel quite as good as nailing the timing on a super long regen and rolling to a beautiful stop at a traffic light. Never thought in my lifetime that I'd completely rethink the way I drive a car. This is very cool.
  22. J

    L.A. to S.F. advice...

    Heading up to San Francisco next month from L.A. in my MS 70. Definitely planning on taking the 5 on the way up, but looking for something a little more scenic on the way back. I've seen the 101 route mentioned quite a bit and I'm curious if anyone has a particular southern route that offers...
  23. J

    Range loss

    Charged my MS 70 at home for the first time last night. Had it set to start charge at 1AM, so when I woke up this morning (7AM) I checked my mobile app which told me I was full at 209 miles. Checked it out of curiosity around 10am and it said 205 miles. Now checked again at 11:30 and it says...
  24. J

    Long distance NAV question

    When you enter a longer route into the NAV, for example, a route that requires a few SC's along the way, is it programmed to bring you into your destination with a particular number of miles remaining on the battery?
  25. J

    Los Angeles folks....

    Do you find that L.A. valets generally know how to handle a Model S?
  26. J

    Incredible delivery!

    Took delivery a couple days ago and I'm finally getting around to posting this. Sorry, I've been driving around for two days with a huge smile on my face. Huge thanks to Danny and Terry down at the Centinela (Los Angeles) location for a flawless delivery! If you're in the L.A. area I strongly...
  27. J


    I'm a few days into my MS ownership and literally the only thing I can complain about is a lack of Spotify. Has anyone heard anything about a possible Tesla/Spotify relationship? Slacker and Tune-In work really well as an Internet radio option but we're really missing that full control over...
  28. J

    Headlights after parking

    Took delivery on my MS yesterday and couldn't be more excited about it! I didn't find a post on this but was curious about the option of the headlights staying on after parking. This feature is fantastic for my wife and I as our driveway can be pretty dark at night. Only problem is, they stay...
  29. J


    Finally pulled the trigger and ordered a Model S! Ordered 10/31, confirmed 11/7 w/ an estimated delivery of late November-December. Had to keep it pretty "stock" so I could pitch the cheapest price to my wife :wink: but I'm stoked! Black S 70, went with the rear wheel since L.A. hasn't seen...

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