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    Firmware 7.0

    My quick thoughts: 1. I was very impressed with AP on my commute on the Stevenson expressway in Chicago. AP/TACC is a Godsend in traffic. The lane lines are pretty faded in spots, but AP was rock solid. I was intrigued that on the dash the car cartoon image adjusts it's position within the lane...
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    "sigh" Rear ended on I55.

    Any reviews/experiences with OHare Auto Body (1 of 2 Tesla certified body shops in Chicagoland)? This really sucks since my 70D is only 1 month old! :cursing:
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    Questions about Model S lease

    You are correct that it would be preferable for the lessee to have the Federal tax credit applied to a cap cost reduction. But, that's not how the banks use the Federal tax credit. They add it to the residual value which lowers the lease payment, but artificially raises the residual value so...
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    Questions about Model S lease

    The Federal tax credit goes to the lender and raises the residual value.
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    I never thought I'd buy an electric car...

    Totally get it. I have complete car ADD and have been addicted to sports cars my whole life having progressed from a 996 to 997 CS2 to a 997 TT to 997 TT-S and now a R8 V10 spyder. But, I find myself almost equally happy grabbing the keys of my 70D as much as my R8. Although, it's still...
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    Vibration at 3-4 mph at the end of regenerative braking

    Hopefully, I'll get the software upgrade notification for my 70D soon!
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    Question about cQuartz Finest and swirls on my model S

    The new coatings (CQF, 22ple, Opti-Coat, etc) are all amazingly good in the amount of gloss and durability compared to traditional sealants and carnauba waxes. However, they are only a couple of microns in thickness at most and will not completely prevent swirls. And, they won't hide swirls left...
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    Wall Street Journal Continues its Crusade against Tesla

    WSJ hard news is still excellent. Where it is totally off the rails is the opinion sections...like the editorial page which is SMH everyday I read it.
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    Sunroof Repair Results - too picky?

    I definitely think that's unacceptable.
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    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    Man...I must need to increase my standards since I love both my Tesla and my iPhone 6.... :tongue:
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    I like my car...

    I sympathize since they did not receive what they thought they purchased based on Tesla's own claims and marketing. Whether or not a majority of folks are satisfied with the performance of their P85D is a different issue than being upset about not getting what they felt like they were promised...
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Wow. Thank looks amazing. Too bad 21" wheels don't exactly interface with Chicago roads all that well. :(
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    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    Umm, I completely agree with you. :) I was responding to a poster that was considering trading in his Model S for a BMW if the 7.0 firmware looked like what was posted in this thread. An incredible reaction if you ask me.
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    Firmware 7.0 Beta Discussion

    First off, I'm a new Tesla owner. So, forgive my noobiness. But, I'm kind of amazed at some of the reactions in this thread I've been following keenly, not because of concerns over the UI design, but, rather, eagerness for further implementation of Autopilot. But, as someone who for 30 years...
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    Aston Martin CEO says Ludicrous mode is stupid

    If you have only been to the track once, try it again! :) There is NOTHING quite like carving up a good technical track with something like a GT3. And, it's way more fun than anything on a real road. And, plus, you'll probably never get to 8/10 or 9/10 on a road or highway. Getting a car up to...
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    I like my car...

    Great thread...although I do sympathize with the P85D folks and understand where they're coming from. Having true car ADD and being a complete ICE car performance nut, I can unequivocally say that the 70D is the absolute best daily driver I have ever owned. The one feeling I get that I don't...
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    The Road to Haleakala Crater - Maui, Hawaii

    Awesome pics. <sigh> Hawaii is our favorite place on earth. We just left Kona 3 weeks ago and are already planning the return!
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    Multiple Car Owners: Did you Keep/Use Other ICE car(s)?

    Definitely kept the ICEs. My wife drives a Audi Q7 TDI which is great for road trips due given the >600 miles/tank with diesel. I kept my Audi R8 Spyder as the "fun" car. The Tesla replaces the Volt as my daily driver.
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    Vibration at 3-4 mph at the end of regenerative braking

    Just another data point: In "range mode" No shuddering @ 3-4 mph Not in "range mode" Definite shudder at 3-4 mph only while coasting on regen and not during active braking. Also none noted during acceleration.
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    Vibration at 3-4 mph at the end of regenerative braking

    It doesn't seem to happen when accelerating from a standstill. I doesn't happen when I brake to a stop. It only seems to happen during regen coasting to a stop. I'm on "standard" regen.
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    Vibration at 3-4 mph at the end of regenerative braking

    +1 on the shudder after recent update. At first I thought I was imagining it. But, it's definitely there... 70D.
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Love the HREs. I have a set of P101s for my R8. Not sure I really want to go full forged like the P101s or P104s (which would look great I think). Do you know if the HRE FF01 or FF15 has the backpad pocketing to accommodate this screw?
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    Anyone with a "D" model and 20" aftermarket wheels?

    Thanks for responses. I'm a huge fan of Michelin PSS's which I have on my R8. :)
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    S70 vs S70D? Air suspension worth it?

    If I lived in LA, I would definitely think hard about getting the RWD. I only waited for the AWD because of the horrendous winters in Chicago and the my need to get to the hospital no matter what the weather. I also had an air suspension with several vehicles in the past with the latest being a...
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    pano roof - vent position changed

    I took delivery of a new 70D last week and the car updated to 6.2 software the the first night of ownership. The pano roof "vent" position is the "new" barely venting position. I'll give my service center a call and have them also take a look at it.
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    Anyone with a "D" model and 20" aftermarket wheels?

    Also, are you running 245/40/20's with your 20" wheels with the rubbing?
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    Anyone with a "D" model and 20" aftermarket wheels?

    Sorry to be dense: but are you also saying that rubbing occurs with the stock 21's in the front?
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    Am I going to regret leaving off the air suspension option?

    No. I highly doubt it. I have the standard suspension and it's great. I had an air suspension on a Cayenne Turbo and, while it was cool, didn't really add all that much to the driving experience IMHO. That said, my other cars have been a 911 TT and now a R8 spyder and I tend to prefer a more...
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    Anyone with a "D" model and 20" aftermarket wheels?

    Just took delivery of my 70D last week and am looking to use the OEM 19" wheels for dedicated snow tires (Michelin X-ice) and get some 20" wheels for summer driving with dedicated high performance summer tires. The 20" choice is a compromise of driving performance, appearance, and durability...
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    U.S. Right-Wing Conservatives Attitudes Towards Tesla?

    I'm pretty liberal. But, I live in a super conservative town, play golf in a super conservative club, and have plenty of super conservative friends. My in-laws are super conservative and are the type that love to forward "Obama=Antichrist" type chain emails. But, I haven't found a single...
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    U.S. Right-Wing Conservatives Attitudes Towards Tesla?

    Of course it's not a personal attack. Although it's certainly a deliberately provocative statement where you declare that you 100% know that supporters of anthropogenic climate change are ignorant (don't understand science), mentally weak (afraid of challenge), and brainwashed (religious...
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    Obama Interviews Sir David Attenborough re: Climate Change

    Sigh. I have no problems with people disliking President Obama and his policies. Frankly, he has had some terrible decisions particularly on the FP side such as Yemen and Syria and should be held responsible for those poor decisions. But, when people start throwing around comparisons to Greece...
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    Using UMC vs HPWC for all charging at home

    Not if u use this thread as a representative sample...;)
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    Using UMC vs HPWC for all charging at home

    Interesting. I know 3 current Tesla owners that currently use the UMC 100% of the time. I received an email from Tesla with the following statement: It seems that official Tesla statements acknowledge that using the UMC at home on a daily basis is SOP for most...
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    Tesla Roadside Service comes through for road trip

    That is truly outstanding service. Although...what I get from this story is anxiety, not about range, but about the dreaded 12V error that can leave one stranded! Honestly, this would be a major negative in taking my incoming 70D on a longer road trip rather than our trusty diesel Q7...
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    Evolution proceeds...

    Woohoo! Assigned a VIN: 091282!
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    Will Model X have all-wheel steering?

    If the MX has 4 wheel steering, that would be fantastic!. The new 911 GT3 with rear wheel steering is the most amazing handling car I have ever driven. It's ability to "shorten the wheel base" during slow maneuvers by turning opposite of the front wheels was uncanny and taking high speed turns...
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    Evolution proceeds...

    I'm in the western 'burbs and test drove the MS at the Oakbrook store.
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    Evolution proceeds...

    The addition of AWD and better range with the base model sold me.
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    Evolution proceeds...

    I'm the happy owner of a Chevy Volt as a daily driver. It was the gateway drug to the world of EV's. Now, I'm happy to report that I have evolved and have ordered a Tesla Model 70D to replace the Volt after it's lease is over in August! Deep blue paint Pano roof 19" standard wheels Tan next...
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    Porsche CEO Muller Ignores Tesla

    Porsche management lost BIG in their Quixotic quest to takeover VW. The Porsche "goldenboy" CEO Wendelin Wiedeking who turned around the company (and revived the iconic 911) and made it into essentially a hedge fund that made cars was canned and eventually charged with market manipulation...
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    Pick one: Premium Sound OR Smart Air Suspension

    If it really is an "or" decision, I would have your prior experiences help guide you. For me, it was any easy choice to get the premium audio as listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks is a huge deal for me on long commutes ESPECIALLY with a really quiet EV. I've had an air suspension of a...
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    Tesla Service

    It's dealership dependent. My local Porsche and Audi dealers store my winter tired and wheels. My Audi store doesn't even charge for the service and stores my Q7 and R8 winter wheels/tires and stores the summer wheels during the winter.
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    Is the 85D worth the additional $10k over the 70D?

    I agree it's impossible to have an objective answer to that questions with the million of variables in each person's situation. For me the 70D was perfect. I'm a Volt owner and love my Volt but wanted something just a tad nicer for my daily commute. My wife drives a Q7 TDI which we take on long...
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    New tesla 70D owner!

    This is EXACTLY my situation. I really like my Volt as a daily driver and was waiting on Tesla to add AWD before switching to Tesla. And, lo and behold, the battery pack get increased AND they add AWD and Autopilot! The 70D is perfect for my daily grind of a commute on the Eisenhower...
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    New tesla 70D owner!

    Not just tire manufacturer and model, but wheel size plays a huge role in driving dynamics. Make sure they have either both 19" or both 21".
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    Tesla Model S P85D Insane Mode meets Mercedes SLS AMG

    :rolleyes: A tad overly dramatic perhaps...still the bark of an AMG V8 is music to many a gearhead...like me. :) But, I'm doing my part to reduce C emissions by ordering a 70D....which should offset the C emissions from my fun car. :tongue:
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    Tesla Model S P85D Insane Mode meets Mercedes SLS AMG

    Ha! Although, man, that SLS's bark sounds AMAZING....
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    GM Chevy Volt

    I agree. The elimination of range anxiety and the reasonable electric range of the Volt was perfect of me where our Volt 80% of the time used 100% electric and no gas and the other 20% of the time when I needed to take it into the city would have been impossible with a BEV (with the exception of...
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    Hello & Excited Here!

    Word. Chevy service no matter where I go is painful. My favorite is for convenience sake, I bring my winter tires/wheels to the dealership to exchange for my OEM wheels/tires. They always write $39.99 and I always point to the sign RIGHT BEHIND THEM advertising 4 wheel tire rotation for $19.99...

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