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  1. Jay Hawk

    Private Model 3 Viewing

    The other models were behind schedule. To think a quota of 100-200k delivered by end 2017 is silly. Massive fanboys got to lie so hard to themselves to think this company in the next 6 months will put out 100k cars in 180 days and not have some major recall or other unforseen problem. Heck half...
  2. Jay Hawk

    How hard is it to install NEMA 14-50 by myself?

    Please spend time and be up-front with CERTIFIED ELECTRICIAN! It is completely worth it. You do not risk peoples lives!!! I had mine sketched and yet i paid for the install. This circuit hums from the flow it provides. Its like this: would you pour gas from a possibly dirty gascan into your...
  3. Jay Hawk

    2015 Model S 85D AP1, Black on Tan, 52k Miles

    Im surprised the ebay listing has no bites. Wrecks can be bad and warraty is big. I wish it had the new look instead of old though. Is NJ have any tax reasons for a buyer of used EV? I know KS sure the hell doesn't live in the modern world. I also wish it was red or blue. Man i love Color!
  4. Jay Hawk

    Unicorn Spotted in Texas

    Overpriced cars need to be called out. Ebay has a local P85 that this guy bought jan2016, went 33k miles in 1.5 yrs and has it on ebay for same as he bought it. Its a 2012 P85 95k miles that was just serviced but no trade-ins or choice of options and 45k$ with buy now $49'995. Wouldnt the world...
  5. Jay Hawk

    2010 Lamborghini Gallardo

    Cool car! I think many of us that visit this site share the "too many big toys" problem. I enjoy my old Vette, have a 1955 Chevy (pic) and a commuter. Wife got a Mercedes B Class all-electric and it was such a good deal i cant justify a Tesla unless its a P with D and Autopilot. Else I'd tell...
  6. Jay Hawk

    Accident and Repairs

    Makes a liitle sick when 'one of the ICE cromag- persons' dun be messin with a beautiful Model X. Auotpilot 3.0 should control nearby ICE cars to pilot them out of the way for EV trafffic! In seriousness, man bummer the car got hit, bummer it was a texting moron. Perform that irresponsibly and...
  7. Jay Hawk

    Selling a Tesla just got a lot harder

    Well month after month this site has people listing Model X for a profit after driving them a year, or guys in Mass or Ca or Colorado just act like 7500 tax credit + thousands in state discounts arent supposed to be calculated. Those who but a six-figure car maybe never had to realize the...
  8. Jay Hawk

    Tesla Model X 90D - AP2/Full self driving

    Interested in 2002 f350 7.3L diesel (red) worth 15k in discussion of buying this? Best hauling truck you could ever want. I have one with dually and one without. Leather, four door, full bed.
  9. Jay Hawk

    For Sale Tesla 2016 Model X 75D - Less than 3,000 miles - $85k - Weehen, NJ

    Very nice vehicle! Hope you get a buyer near you! I often want to ask why the X wasnt a keeper? I think it is amazing!
  10. Jay Hawk

    2015 Model S 85D AP1, Black on Tan, 52k Miles

    Hello! Nice car! Is it in late 2015 when the nose was changed on modelS? Even a search didnt show me much of what premium interior lights do/are. Are next gen seats that big of a deal? Autopilot 1 is good now for lane assist but i think that feature will be obsoleted as the 2.0 extra sensors are...
  11. Jay Hawk

    2013 Tesla S 85 $40k (Northern VA) (Shipping Covered)

    As much as I like the P and D in model S, an 85 that has a motivated seller has my attention. doubt ill see a model3 in the next 20 months so im listening if a guy wants to deal, in perfect deal id find a guy whod make a nice value for my 1955 Chevy. Message me if youd like to text or call...
  12. Jay Hawk

    FS 2017 Model X 75D (Northern VA)

    I am too far away but Model X 75 for a fair price is refreshing. unless you were dying for cash plus a 1955 Chevy (pic) im only wishing i could purchase but thanks for listing the car clearly and not so outlandishly over cost. Hope you get a match! Bike- 0 emission vehicle worth praising!
  13. Jay Hawk

    Data based depreciation curve?

    The early formula Tesla used that I was told about was that 1 month = $1,000 lost 1 mile = $1 lost Tax credit is instant depreciation (other credits also) That obviously has to curve less severe or there would be free tesla's. Yet we have damaged ones, no warranty ones, and ones lacking...
  14. Jay Hawk

    Wanted: P85

    99% of time searching for a "deal" would be better spent just chumming up a Tesla CPO agent. People are trading these in if they have warranty and low miles because they save on taxes when they get the next Tesla up. The ones at auction and everywhere amidst the fake craigslist ads and...
  15. Jay Hawk

    Wanted: Tesla with 2 rear facing seats

    Playarrz, I have a owner near you with 2013 Tesla model S 60 with the extra jumper seats connection. His is green with active suspension and nearly 80k miles. If you are interested in his contact info, please Private Message me.
  16. Jay Hawk

    FS: 2013 Model S85 - 36,000mi - $47K

    Michael, hope you get some action on this nice car. I have found for me Colorado is much closer and because of tax credits, there are many there that fit the P85 2013 with great clean cars but people see they dont do Autopilot or the fastest charging, or dual motors, and don't get a tax credit...
  17. Jay Hawk

    Auction Cars FAQ

    Bump For the reason of *VERY USEFUL INFO* Thank you Manzacoty!
  18. Jay Hawk

    FS: 2013 Model S85 - 36,000mi - $47K

    Very nice car. I took away that some of the 3M fading that differently is quite drastic! Good car, thanks for sharing!
  19. Jay Hawk

    Model X 90D Six Seat Pearl White/Tan Interior For Sale

    JSollender, I forwarded Dr. Ken your info and he may be in contact after he looks at this page.
  20. Jay Hawk

    2013 Model S 85kw 86k miles $41k

    I am exactly that. I see the awesome Model X and then an occasional P40 model. The tech is different in just 4 years time and they would be quite different cars. I haven't ever focused on car color or interior color. The Panoramic roof is nice, but i wouldn't walk from a deal over that! I am...
  21. Jay Hawk

    Considering selling model x

    Greetings Kaberle, Sorry it wasn't a fit for you. I've heard lots of people say that in actual owning, that plugging a car in and just some of the things that go with a high dollar car is more than they wanted and I totally understand it may not be a perfect fit. I have the hassle of carseats...
  22. Jay Hawk

    2013 Model S 85kw 86k miles $41k

    Hi Manzacoty, I'm sure a few of us are jealous of the volume that must go through Texas and big car auctions. I'd be game for a used one as long as the price is like you mentioned. If you have the means, keep us posted on this board. Hope you are enjoying your sweet ride!
  23. Jay Hawk

    S90D (12/2015, #114390) Blue/Gray, 4620 miles, AP/Prem

    Oh Baby, that's one pretty set of wheels you have!
  24. Jay Hawk

    1955 Chevy (NE Kansas)

    Car has everything close to original as possible but where the heater ran into a box, there isn't a replacement part therefore no heat. Didn't offer radio or AC on this model. I would have to consider a sale/trade before just posting an online price. Its been a very long restore and it isn't...
  25. Jay Hawk

    1955 Chevy (NE Kansas)

    I have over a decade into this 1955 Chevy. It has a big block, it has many features but close to stock as can be other than the engine upgrade. Registered in Kansas. Custom interior was done in red/white. There isn't an AC/heater radio. Automatic. Couple pictures from last year attached. It...
  26. Jay Hawk

    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    I feel that the Chevy Bolt, Chevy Volt are great for the transition into the next generation. No matter whether you are a Tesla-fanboy-die-hard or just wanting the next wave of electron-powered-cars to show up, this will get people to accept it more quickly. Those buyers will also likely be...
  27. Jay Hawk

    My new solar and Powerwall installation

    I want to chime in and say "cool" and "good for you"! This gives the feeling of living in the future. In some ways its all been around, but even most of America, you could give directions as "he's the guy with solar panels". I applaud you for doing something very cool, and very much with...
  28. Jay Hawk

    2013 S 85 Blue/Grey $ 49,900

    Greetings! Well you have a LOVELY car! I have considering time travel - so that I can get 10 years from now and see how these Teslas paved the way for the future! I of course want one so bad. I didn't commit to the Model3, but love that car too! Without stealing your thread here, I wonder how...

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