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    Software Update 2018.39.x (Version 9)

    Week 41, please.
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    Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

    They have already upgraded newly manufactured S and the X.Check the site. I'm sure something will be out tomorrow.
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    1st Day Reservation Holders & Free Long Distance?

    I'm gonna go with the word "Day One" conspicuously placed on the vehicle somewhere.
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    New Self Driving Demonstration Video (Is Tesla Ahead of Schedule?)

    So, this commentary is about what the video didn't show you ("I can't see...I can't tell....I'm not seeing...I don't see.... You can't see....") and not necessarily about what AP 2.0 can't do?
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    Model S P100D becomes world's fastest car from Dec update !

    Often, I find that the persons who are quick to point out where a Tesla does not perform as well as {Insert car here}: Do not own either. Fail to recognize there are entire groups of people who race for the exact performance measure(s) that Tesla touts (1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, 0-60 times). Fail to...
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    Model 3 in the Solar City announcement tonight

    I was wondering if that Model 3 (from last night) was still the prototype from before. The computer panel/screen was still protruding from the dash. I'm not so sure I like that setup.
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    "Even if you buy no options at all, this will still be an amazing car!"

    That cannot apply to everyone, equally. Some people need to take a break every hour, some people every 5-6 hours, some even more. We cannot assume that one person is less safe than the other solely on length of time behind the wheel. If that were the case, truck drivers would really be behind...
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    "Even if you buy no options at all, this will still be an amazing car!"

    My statement was in response to the 2 camps fighting over how a person takes a long distance trip (many stops vs no stops). It was not about automation.
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    "Even if you buy no options at all, this will still be an amazing car!"

    I often hear these arguments about what is better: driving 150 miles and stopping for 30 minutes or driving 600 miles with no breaks? Then I put my "reality hat" on (and I think others should to). Why does it matter.? There are MILLIONS of drivers on the road. There are certainly many of both...
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    P90DL Aftermarket Badge

    He can do whatever he wants. The car still does not define who he is. Regarding your question about the M-series, the same applies for those who wish to make it look something it is not. Self-esteem is not improved by pretending to be something you are not. Some would argue it does more damage...
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    P90DL Aftermarket Badge

    I guess because it is suggesting you are being dishonest in what vehicle you have. It would be similar to someone placing "Hellcat" insignia on a Dodge Challenger or Charger, that isn't. What's the point other than to make the vehicle look like something it is not? If you go through with it...
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    First Model X with 8.0

    Yeah. I stopped watching that guy's videos. He lost me with "Autopilot tried to kill me and my family, twice." Now please pardon whilst I go shut an avocado in my automatic window.
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    New Supercharger Location - Speculation/Prediction Thread

    What about Owings Mills, MD? They are opening a new store there.
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    Who has the boasting right to #1 updated to v8.0?

    Seeking Alpha??? I'm Sorry, But I Have NEVER Seen A website so blatantly attack a company with FUD ever, in the history of all mankind. Those "articles" are often nothing more than a veiled attempt at destroying the positive that Tesla is trying to accomplish. Some of those "authors" are so full...
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    Tesla Website, Ordering and Xfinity (Comcast)

    Ok. I'm beginning to think this is a real issue. I used 4 different computers on 5 different networks. It does not allow the calculator/purchase widget to show. It will only work when I connect those computers via a cellphone Hotspot. That is incredibly odd. Is there anyone else on the east...
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    [Poll] Would you take a Bolt over an M3 in these situations?

    Once they get the manufacturing glitches figured out, there won't be much need for service centers. At least not to the level that regular manufacturers have.
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    Tesla Website, Ordering and Xfinity (Comcast)

    Also, I just hit off a different Xfinity-based network (not mine). Same issue.
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    Tesla Website, Ordering and Xfinity (Comcast)

    My router does not operate as a DNS server. It is disabled. So, I imagine it works as a proxy for the ISP?
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    Tesla Website, Ordering and Xfinity (Comcast)

    Anyone have an issue with configuring a Tesla vehicle over Xfinity? I went to the site to see if there were any changes since the 8.0 announcement. I notice that the page will allow you to configure, but will not display the cost calculator or allow an order. I first thought it was my browser...
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    Key safety feature removed from doors?

    I am unsure if it is completely gone. Also, a cucumber is nowhere near similar to a human being. If you put a cucumber in the door of my old Honda Accord and shut the door, it'll sever it in one shot. Amazingly, my hand survived when I did it by accident. Skin and muscle are softer than...
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    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    I am I glad I decided against the 22" wheels.
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    100D Very Cool

    So, will there be 4 levels to choose (60, 75, 90, 100)? Or will 75 become the new base model (75, 90, 100)? What would then become the new base price? Would there be 2 performance models (90 and 100) or just one? Makes you wonder.....
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    Model S YouTube Subscriptions/Videos

    A new one is Like Tesla.
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    Willing to Wait (How Long)??

    Hanging out til it's here. Or someone comes out with something that is better and has a supercharger network. That is the feather in the cap.
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    Model 3 savings account option in addition to $1000 deposit..

    Buy stock in Ford. Let their dividends help pay for your new ride!
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    Motor Trend live at Gigafactory with Model 3 today!

    I was wondering why they put pictures of a mazda in the middle of the Tesla photos. Was that to draw a comparison? The red car definitely is NOT a Model 3.
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    RWD Model 3 acceleration vs <$40k entry luxury sedans

    Holy Beejebus! If they make one (Model 3) that goes under 3 seconds, I will be forced to purchase an upgrade, that will be completely unnecessary, for the sake of it. Will it be practical? No! Please, Tesla! Do not tempt me with such things! You have hooked me with your beguiling ways when I...
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    How to turn those reservations into orders

    Is it really that crazy? $6 billion in sales would sure be one heck of an incentive.
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    How to turn those reservations into orders

    I had an idea that came to me at 0'dark-thirty. There are pundits and profits who speculate how many of these preorders will become actual orders. All of them? 10% of them? There is much speculation on whether supercharger access will be included. There is speculation on the free gift for day...
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    Hatch or Notch?

    I belive this should answer your question. Start at 3:24.
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    Watch the Tesla Model 3 Reveal Video !

    Can anyone tell us about the rear trunk or show us a pic? Based on the design, it looks like it could be a little odd to open.
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    Model 3 Reservation Numbers Appearing in My Tesla

    Does each store have an identifying number that may have something to do with it?
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    Predict when your Model 3 will be Delivered

    I'm torn. I could max out the options to hopefully better my odds. Though, I am a bit concerned about being an early round guinea pig. So my range is anywhere from late 17 to late 18.
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    What type of car is Model 3 replacing for you?

    I don't think it makes it too complicated. I think there should be a separate entry for plug in vehicles. Sales of them are huge. They exist because of range anxiety and the need to travel long distances with a quick fill up option. These are the cars from which Tesla could really cannibalize...
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    Launch event will be LEGENDARY, are Tesla events better than Apple's ?

    I'm hoping Tesla does learn from the last event. There are often comparisons to Apple. And there is that little competition they have (who got whose employees this week?) . All I know is I'll be pretty excited for this reveal, just like the last one.
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    If You're Reserving -what car are you coming from?

    2013 Ford Fusion Energi. It's a plug in hybrid. 20 miles electric. 600 miles gas. I can't wait to trade it in for a Model 3 (depending on the vehicle design). Elon said it would be different from anything we've ever seen. Kind of makes me wonder.
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    What type of car is Model 3 replacing for you?

    Can you add plug in hybrid? It's in between hybrid and an EV.
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    Why bother to pre-order the new Model 3 (or whatever it is called now)

    Based on what I have been reading, I somehow find this quote appropriate : ".......... what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational...
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    Advice to Help Me Get A Tesla

    For most people, $50,000 doesn't just show up quickly. Unless, you A) are already rich or B) begin a life of crime. So, it looks like you may have to do it like everyone else. Set a goal for how much money you need. Work a job (or more than one job) and save/invest the money. Budget...
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    Tesla is going to do a 100D and P100D...

    Leprechauns riding unicorns frolicking over rainbows. And who says the battery pack has to be 20% smalller?
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    Tesla is going to do a 100D and P100D...

    Not in 18 months.....
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    Review calls Tesla's Motor subpar

    Well, I slept at the Holiday Inn last night and my friend of some members of the room service staff said that Elon Musk keeps all of his pennies from any change he gets, in his sock drawer. Every single cent!
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    Tesla is going to do a 100D and P100D...

    I don't think it would irritate those customers. If they announced 100kw for the 3, they could just point out that it won't be available until next year (or later). They get the news out on something that doesn't yet exist that gets us all excited. And they keep the current customers happy...
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    New Credit Tesla Leasing

    The rebate is factored in at the beginning of the lease. As far as I know , you cannot claim it at the end of the lease. You have a lot of thinking to do. One last thought: Don't let your speculation of your credit history prevent you from seeing if you qualify. You won't know unless you apply.
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    New Credit Tesla Leasing

    I don't know what your interest rate would be, but with a score of 708, income of $118,000 and a debt to income ratio of 0, you will be financed.
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    New Credit Tesla Leasing

    If you make $118,000 with no debt, you will have absolutely no problem buying or leasing the car. As long as you're not spending that money in other ways. In fact, you could easily pay it off in 1-2 years. Don't forget that $7500 tax rebate you'll be getting.
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    Poll: How Many Model 3s Will Be Reserved In The First 24 Hours?

    That sounds exactly what I said earlier. I hope the limit is at least 100 per store, if they go that route.
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    Poll: How Many Model 3s Will Be Reserved In The First 24 Hours?

    Hopefully, it gets renewed like they've been doing. Also, when they've been renewing it, they've been increasing the rebate amount. It was much less in 2013.

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