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  1. Beprimeau

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper functionality, complaints, praise, etc.

    I think they work pretty well most of the time. Much better than they used to. I guess I have low tolerance for drops on the window, but a manual swipe once in a while works for me.
  2. Beprimeau

    Unhappy with FSD sales and pricing

    Even though I am a big Tesla fan, I agree that for the very high FSD buy-in price, the benefits so far have been very paltry and very much slower in coming than I expected. I do like the traffic signal recognition and traffic-aware cruise control, but those are not worth the many thousands of...
  3. Beprimeau

    Winter Road Trip: SoCal to Utah

    Thanks for the post! Bryce is one of our favorite places we’ve ever visited. In planning a trip out west from Indiana, I see a few places where ABRP has red flags, so it is nice to know that the hinterlands can be negotiated with planning and flexibility. Like you, I get nervous as the arrival...
  4. Beprimeau

    Model Y Delivery - My Full List of Build Issues - How Serious Are These?

    I would not accept the car with those paint issues. Those would bother me every time I looked at the car.
  5. Beprimeau

    Traffic light and stop sign control greyed out

    I tried everything above to no avail and then about 24 hours after downloading latest Nav Data, magically the option was no longer greyed out and I was able to activate. However, restriction to posted speed limit without even the 5 mph offset is a serious drawback given he ridiculously low...
  6. Beprimeau

    Waymo's Fifth Generation Lidars, Radars and Cameras

    I agree. I would guess 90% of accidents are inattention, 5% road conditions, and 5% visibility. So just using eyes and ears could eliminate 90% of accidents, and Lidar and radar will only help with 5% or less.
  7. Beprimeau

    Poll: Is FSD Worth the Cost?

    I agree that FSD is disappointing so far. I do use it on the freeway and I find it makes driving about 50% less stressful. I have learned not to trust it in any situation where there are changes in the lanes / on ramps / off ramps, but that is a small percentage of my driving. However, it is not...
  8. Beprimeau

    Blog Tesla to Raise $2 Billion in Stock Offering

    At first it may seem bad for current stockholders: waters down my shares. I now own a smaller percentage of the company than I did. BUT if the money raised is used wisely, then I own a smaller percentage of a more profitable company and I’m better off. With the backlog of orders way over the...
  9. Beprimeau

    Check Out the Cybertruck Promo Photos

    I'm afraid the weird looks detract from people appreciating the awesome functionality. I mean a six passenger truck that can outrace and out-pull everything on the market? A little toning down would make it a lot more appealing. For instance, round wheel cutouts, more normal headlights and...
  10. Beprimeau

    Tesla now using deep neural net for auto wipers (2019.40)

    Same here. That had never happened to me before. Auto wipers are the worst feature of the car. Consistently late to come on, too slow for amount of rain. I dearly hope they will fix this eventually. I wish we just had easily accessed wiper speeds on a stalk.
  11. Beprimeau

    HW3 upgrade waiting room: All FSD Tesla’s

    THANK YOU!!! The acronyms fly fast and furious on this site, leaving occasional visitors in the dark.
  12. Beprimeau

    Tesla autopilot HW3

    People drive with almost 100% visual-only input (some sound, vibration), so how can you say that the Tesla will need radar or lidar? People don't need radar to drive in rain, snow, fog, etc.
  13. Beprimeau

    MASTER THREAD: Winter driving advice, winter tire choices, etc.

    I would second a few of the additions to the original post. I unfortunately have to park my Model 3 outdoors year-round because of a tiny garage which is more of an extra-large storage shed. 1) Turn off Auto-Fold on the mirrors for the winter. When the sun melts snow in the middle of the day...
  14. Beprimeau

    V 10 lane changing

    Seems odd that it only affected lane changes to the right. If it were just an unluckily placed raindrop, one wonders why it would start happening again when the rain returned.
  15. Beprimeau

    Blog Tesla Horn to Get Custom Sounds - Goats, Farts, Coconuts

    Many years ago my Mom had a Simca or Renault that had a "country horn" and a "city horn." The country horn was louder and more raucous, and the city horn was quieter and less grating, more like a Roadrunner "beep-beep." I have often wished the Tesla had a "beep-beep" option for when you just...
  16. Beprimeau

    V 10 lane changing

    Has anyone had problems with Auto Pilot reusing to change lanes in rain? Over the weekend I was driving in steady rain and AP would refuse to change lanes to the right. It would change lanes to the left fine, but not to the right. This was before the v10 upgrade. On the way home after the...
  17. Beprimeau

    What's the most surprising thing you've found once you got your Tesla?

    Most surprising thing for me is how I have become a "car lover." I never was a "car guy." I rarely took my car to the car wash, never waxed my car, vacuumed it out about once a year. But I have fallen in love with my Model 3. I got a Tesla personalized license plate, wash it weekly, vacuum...
  18. Beprimeau

    MASTER THREAD: Floor Mats

    Model S/3/X 3D MaxPider Logo Replacement - Larger
  19. Beprimeau

    The Real Use for Auto-Pilot

    I got the Traffic Aware Cruise Control because we were taking a long trip, but before we ever got on the interstate I discovered the beauty of it handling stop-and-go city traffic. That is absolutely the best thing about it! We added the Full Self Driving mostly so as not to miss out on the...
  20. Beprimeau

    2500 mile round trip AWD ... findings

    I agree that Better Route Planner does a better job than the in-car trip planner. Also frequent short stops are more efficient and psychologically easier than long drives with long charging stops.
  21. Beprimeau

    Frustrating experience at Discount Tire - HELP!

    My sons work at the Gigafactory building batteries. Even a small dent in one cell can reduce the current from that cell, so part of the quality control is inspecting the battery packs to look for any damage. So an improperly jacked car could damage the battery without rendering it...
  22. Beprimeau

    Geeking out

    I have the very same experience as LDMD7. I was driving a 2002 Honda Civic for 14 years and then in December, 2018 we got our Model 3. I've never been that much of a car guy, but the Model 3 is just flat-out fun to drive. Let me tell you, LDMD7, four months in I am still loving it. And I...
  23. Beprimeau

    A Tesla Nerd's Road Trip

    We just took our first long-distance trip (Indiana to South Florida) and it totally allayed any fears we might have about long-distance travel in a Tesla (Model 3 midrange bettery rear wheel drive). We also experienced surprise that charging stops are not burdensome: they are mostly not that...
  24. Beprimeau

    Is there truly no cruise control resume without EAP

    I think it is ironic to say that auto-pilot is worth $7000, but that cruise resume is a feature that is useless!
  25. Beprimeau

    Is there truly no cruise control resume without EAP

    Have had a Model 3 for 2 months and I also miss the resume function. I am startled to find that it does not exist, rather than being another thing I haven't figured out how to do yet. (It would be nice if the Owner's Manual came out and said, "There is no resume function.") It is most useful...

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