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  1. bjrosen

    Considering Tesla model 3 / Y

    I bought mine. I've had my Model 3 for two years and I've had zero trouble, the only service that I've done are tire rotations. I had Tesla do the last rotation in my driveway, they came to me, cleaned and lubricated the brakes and rotated my tires. DO NOT LEASE a Tesla. Tesla's lease deal is...
  2. bjrosen

    They should put a Supercharger in Bath ME

    They have a Supercharger scheduled for Bar Harbor, that's close to Ellsworth.
  3. bjrosen

    Solar Panels

    My usage is 1600KWh a month, higher in the summer when the air conditioner is on. Thanks for the data point. I'm leaning away from doing it. Buying a system doesn't make sense at my age, if I was 20 years younger I'd do it but not now. If I were to buy I'd do it for cash, I never borrow money...
  4. bjrosen

    Solar Panels

    I haven't received a formal quote yet but verbally it was 19.5 cents/KWh. I'm paying about 25 cents to the electric company at the moment. I just talked to a realtor in my town to see what solar does to the value of a house, she say's it detracts. With a PPA people don't want to assume the...
  5. bjrosen

    Solar Panels

    This isn't Tesla specific so I apologize but I figure there will be a lot of overlap with this community. I'm thinking of putting solar panels on my house. I just had Sun Run solar over to take a look, instead of buying solar panels they put them up and become a power company that charges me per...
  6. bjrosen

    Need Insight...Model 3 vs id4

    If it's efficiency you want put in a reservation for an Aptera, I've already done that. Aptera's will get 10 miles/KWh which gives them incredible range. They hope to start shipping by the end of the year but I think that's impossible, I'm hoping for mid 2022. It's a two passenger three wheel...
  7. bjrosen

    They should put a Supercharger in Bath ME

    Freeport is a lousy place to stop if you aren't going to Freeport. It's also a very crowded Supercharger. They need more Supercharging capacity on that route and it would be better to put another Supercharge in a more convenient place rather than trying to expand the one in Freeport especially...
  8. bjrosen

    They should put a Supercharger in Bath ME

    Maybe it's a three minute walk for you but it isn't for me or my girlfriend, we are in our 60s.
  9. bjrosen

    They should put a Supercharger in Bath ME

    My slider was at 90 and it stopped charging at 80. If a Supercharger is busy they limit you to 80%. This is the last Supercharger on Route 1 so it's oversubscribed.
  10. bjrosen

    They should put a Supercharger in Bath ME

    It's still so far away that you can't do the round trip before the car stops charging.
  11. bjrosen

    They should put a Supercharger in Bath ME

    The level in the car/app was set to 90%. The Supercharger was half full when I got there, I've seen the message before at another busy Supercharger which said charging would be limited to 80%.
  12. bjrosen

    Plate Number for EV Plate

    There is no requirement for an EV plate but I don't see any reason you wouldn't want one, I explicitly asked Tesla for an EV plate. They said they keep a supply but they sometimes run out at the end of a quarter and have to use regular plates, I let them know I had a strong preference for an EV...
  13. bjrosen

    They should put a Supercharger in Bath ME

    We went to Camden yesterday and had to top up in Freeport. The Freeport Supercharger sucks, the nearest bathroom is at LL Bean several blocks away. I came very close to getting idle charges, I received a five minute warning notification, because the round trip between the Supercharger takes...
  14. bjrosen

    Some advice on a used model 3 vs. ordering.

    The range went from 310 miles to 353 miles with all of the upgrades, so yes you want the bigger battery if you can get it. To get all of those upgrades you are looking at a very new car so the price will be correspondingly higher. With Superchargers the range bump, while nice to have, isn't...
  15. bjrosen

    Some advice on a used model 3 vs. ordering.

    The HW3 computer came in the middle of 2019, the heat pump in Oct 2020, a bigger battery in early 2021, the big battery might have come with the heat pump but to be safe assume a few months later. Ask for the build date of the car, to be on the safe side for the HW3 computer look for July 2019...
  16. bjrosen

    Need Insight...Model 3 vs id4

    I had a Volt and it's 8 second 0-60 was more than good enough, it felt plenty peppy. The ID.4 is supposed to be dull, it's a family hauler and dull is what VW was shooting for, coming from a Bolt the ID.4 should be pretty comparable. However it's LG batteries would be a show stopper for me, I...
  17. bjrosen

    Need Insight...Model 3 vs id4

    LFP is also the safest chemistry. The downside of LFPs is bad winter charging speeds, last year on the old Tesla forums there were German's complaining about Level 2 charging speeds at Superchargers in the winter. Tesla has supposedly addressed this but until next winter we won't know if it's...
  18. bjrosen

    Need Insight...Model 3 vs id4

    Coming from the Bolt you might want to avoid any car that uses LG batteries. An ID.3 with LG batteries burned to the ground in the Netherlands last week. You should also watch Sandy Munro's tear down of the ID.4, he's not a fan. He was pretty positive on the Mach-E, loved the front motor or the...
  19. bjrosen

    Why dont we have a “jeep wave?”

    Waves only make sense for low volume exclusive cars, that's not Tesla or Jeep. Five years ago when there was only the S Tesla's were a club but not now when they are nearing a million cars a year. Everybody has a Model 3 or Y, it's not a club anymore.
  20. bjrosen

    Supercharger - Tyngsborough, MA

    There isn't going to be any price competition between Tesla and the others, why would there be. Tesla doesn't want CCS cars charging at Superchargers they are only opening up the network so that they can qualify for government subsidies. For a CCS car to use a Supercharger they will have to buy...
  21. bjrosen

    Charging While Working Remotely

    I work from home and only use my Model 3 on the weekend. I set my charge level to 80% during the week and bump it to 90% if we are doing a Saturday roadtrip. My M3 is always plugged in. When it's full in the summer it's not pulling anything most of the time, it must turn on for a minute or so...
  22. bjrosen

    Supercharger - Brattleboro, VT

    The new Superchargers are almost ready, two out of the six of the current Superchargers are broken
  23. bjrosen

    EU M3P in US?

    I concur, sell and buy a new one in the US. I seriously doubt if Tesla would be willing to convert the car to US spec and if you had someone else do it they won't let you Supercharge. I also doubt an adapter is available. In Europe Tesla converted from the Tesla connector to CCS2 because they...
  24. bjrosen

    Northeast shop recommendations for paint protection

    Wax your car. It doesn't make sense to spend that kind of money on paint, wax is good enough. The paint is going to deteriorate over time, so what that's life. There are ceramic coatings that you could put on yourself if that makes you happy, don't know if they really are any better than...
  25. bjrosen

    Dialing up to 50 PSI for improved efficiency

    What are you averaging for trips, 300Wh/mile is terrible. I've averaged 227Wh/mile over the last 7200 miles and 235 for the life of the car. I keep my tires at 44PSI.
  26. bjrosen

    Home Charging in an Old Home

    My house was built in 1820 so it spent it's first century without electricity and then had various generations added later. When I put in my first EVSE in 2016 I had my 1960s panel replaced and my service upgraded to 200A. My old panel was a serious hazard that I should have replaced in the 90s...
  27. bjrosen

    Hi All - New to the site. Interested in a great road trip to take in our new Tesla Model 3.

    Where are you located? I'm in New England and we have terrific scenic roads and the Supercharger coverage is excellent. Vermont has twisty mountain roads and the state is covered with farms and charming villages you can easily spend a couple of days driving the back roads of Vermont. The Western...
  28. bjrosen

    New (DC fast?) charger in Lincoln Mall in Rhode Island?

    A plugin hybrid without home charging is just a hybrid. I had a Volt, it took 6 hours to fully charge, at a supermarket that would be 5 miles in a typical 30 minute shopping trip. 125KW DC chargers make sense, in 30 minutes you should be able to charge a BEV to 80 or 90%.
  29. bjrosen

    New (DC fast?) charger in Lincoln Mall in Rhode Island?

    Are they idiots? What's the point of putting in a Level 2 at a supermarket, level 2's belong at home, work or hotels, places where you are parked for many hours. A 6.6KW can only add 10-12 miles of range in the time it takes you to do grocery shopping, that's useless.
  30. bjrosen

    Service Center downgraded software

    Current version is 2021.24.4. Use the App to ask them to push an update to you. Alternatively you can wait a couple of weeks until the next update rolls around.
  31. bjrosen

    Winter Weather [question about model 3 ownership in cold climates]

    No, what would I change? I use a teflon-silicone spray on the window seals and around the charge port cover in the fall. I also preheat the car before getting into it which further helps with the windows.
  32. bjrosen

    M3 LR vs M3P vs MS P85D

    Can you afford a Tesla? When I was your age I had a used Ford that I bought for cash. Each subsequent car was better than the last but all were bought for cash. Paying interest is money down the toilet and paying more for a car that you can afford is money that you could have invested. Cars are...
  33. bjrosen

    Winter Weather [question about model 3 ownership in cold climates]

    With a RWD car I'd get a second set of wheels and dedicated snow tires. The OEM tires will be great in good weather and they'll give you the best range. With a second set of wheels and tires the wheel swap can occur in your driveway in the fall and spring. Tesla mobile service will come to you...
  34. bjrosen

    Winter Weather [question about model 3 ownership in cold climates]

    I have an AWD Model 3 in Massachusetts. I've driven it in snow storms with just the all seasons that it came with, the handling was superb during the storm. My car is 2019 so I don't have the heat pump that comes on the new cars so my range hit from the heater is huge, about 1/3rd, but that...
  35. bjrosen

    Hey Burlington VT area owners. Tesla would be my only car. Should I buy?

    It looks like the credit won't apply to Tesla again, if the Senate bill becomes part of the final package then there will be a $40K cap on the price of the car which will eliminate every Tesla with the possible exception of the SR+.
  36. bjrosen

    First timer question

    I have two amusing stories on this subject, one happened to me and one to a friend of mine. Both stories are from the early 80s. A little after I moved to my house I locked my keys in my car. I first called the Chrysler dealer and asked if they could help, they said it was impossible and there...
  37. bjrosen

    FSD: Good or bad for the Tesla brand?

    I think they made a mistake by selling FSD as opposed to enhanced autopilot. They've painted themselves in the corner by not only claiming that every car sold since 2016 is FSD capable but by taking large amounts of money from people for something that they might not ever be able to deliver...
  38. bjrosen

    New member and 1st time Tesla owner

    It makes minimal difference in the total charging time. The car can only maintain 250KW charging for a few minutes before it drops down below the 150KW rate. The car charges fastest at a low state of charge, 10-20%, as it goes above that it drops, when you get to 60%-75% you'll see it drop to...
  39. bjrosen

    New member and 1st time Tesla owner

    The lower charging level has to do with battery life, there is a huge difference between 100% and 90%, about 2X, and a pretty good difference between 90% and 80%, below that it's diminishing returns. I've never found a reason to charge above 90%, the Supercharger coverage is pretty good in New...
  40. bjrosen

    New member and 1st time Tesla owner

    Keep it charged to 80% most of the time, 90% for road trips never 100% unless you have absolutely no choice. Before winter starts spray the gaskets around the windows with silicone. The only maintenance is tire rotation and brake lubrication once every couple of years. You can have it done by...
  41. bjrosen

    First timer question

    You don't want a Tesla if you don't want a connected car. OTAs are a huge part of the value of a Tesla, you not only get bug fixes but also new features. Things that would have required dealer visits with a transitional car to get fixed are fixed while you car is sleeping in your driveway. You...
  42. bjrosen

    Model 3 or 2?

    There has been a 2020 Bolt fire. The common denominator in the Bolt and Hyundai fires has been LG, the batteries for Bolt and Hyundai's were built in different plants. The 2020 Bolt uses batteries from a new American GM/LG joint venture plant, it's an improved chemistry but still an LG battery...
  43. bjrosen

    Tesla two year service at home

    Its the brake cleaning and lubrication that matters, that's time and location not distance based. We have salt on our roads in winter, it doesn't matter how many miles you do the salty slush is going to coat your wheels and the underside of the car. If you live in the South or California you...
  44. bjrosen

    Model 3 or 2?

    I don't think the 2 will be sold in the US, it's for Asia and the EU where they like small hatchbacks and don't care nearly as much about range as we do. VW isn't bring the ID.3 to America for that very reason. The 3 or Y is your best bet. If you are worried about paint wait a year for them to...
  45. bjrosen

    Tesla two year service at home

    In the app I checked off tire rotation and then I added a message requesting brake service. The service was scheduled a few weeks out and I didn't get any more information until a few days ago when they gave be the price and asked me to approve it. I didn't do cabin air filters because I haven't...
  46. bjrosen

    Tesla two year service at home

    I guess I'm in the sweet spot, 37 miles from the Dedham Service center which is far enough to get driveway service but not so far as to be inconvenient if II have a serious problem.
  47. bjrosen

    Tesla two year service at home

    I just had my two year service done by Tesla in my driveway. He did the brake fluid check, brake cleaning and tire rotation. He also pulled the logs from the car to check my battery health. The cost was $137.75, that's really cheap for all the work he did. I was extremely happy with how thorough...
  48. bjrosen

    Model 3 Crash. WHY is this NEWS?

    Elon's strategy is to turn himslef and Tesla into a celebrity which means that everything that he or Tesla does makes news. If Ford or GM introduces a new car they have to pay millions of dollars for a Superbowl ad, all Elon has to do is tweet. The downside of celebrity is that everything bad...
  49. bjrosen

    THIS WEEKEND there is a road race UP Mt Washington

    Why do they have to use something obnoxious? This chirper isn't as bad as the siren that was used by Randy Popst on Pikes Peak. If I were doing a hill climb I'd want to blast Foggy Mountain Breakdown instead.
  50. bjrosen

    New Stores in the North East

    It happened to me in 2018, it was the end of the 4th quarter and they were under pressure. It really surprised me because it didn't happen to me at any dealership that I went to in 2016. Back in the 20th century the how can I get you to buy this car today statement always happened, the standard...

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