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    Tesla Vision cars seems to be excluded from latest updates.

    Same unfortunately this update doesn't seem to add any of the new stuff (car wash mode, Disney+, etc.)
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    Anyone regret buying the Acceleration Boost for their Model Y?

    Yeah. When I ordered my Y there were only 2 different tires available for the 21" wheels it looks like there are 3 options now but they are still all very expensive high performance summer tires. If there was a good set of all season tires available for the 21" wheels or if they still sold the...
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    Anyone regret buying the Acceleration Boost for their Model Y?

    No once you buy it it will be on all the time. I think if you put the car in Chill mode however it will be the same as Chill mode without AB. Frankly though even if you could turn it off there really is no reason to.
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    Tesla App shows a black spoiler on my MY LR

    Mine does too. I don't remember if it was always like this or if it showed up recently.
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    Just got the FSD as a subscription notice

    Yeah I got it too. I was really hoping it would be more like $100 a month. At $200 it's only worth it if you plan to keep your car for less than 4 years.
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    Biodefense mode

    I'll probably get it once it becomes available.
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    Service Repair on '21 MYLR - Loaner Kia Soul

    I've taken my Y in for service twice so far for fit/finish issues. The first time they gave me a Model X 100D but unfortunately there were some issues they couldn't fix at the first service center so I had to schedule a second appointment at a different service center. The day of my second...
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    Biodefense mode

    Any other changes? Are you still missing the passenger lumbar?
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    Debadge fans

    Personally not a fan of removing the Dual Motor badge since if you do people might think you have a SR. Also I prefer the look of chrome over black and I wish my car had chrome window trim and door handles.
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    Why should I get a 3 instead of a Y?

    I have a Y. I prefer the smaller size, smaller wheels, longer range, lower price, better visibility and better performance of the 3. However, I really like the utility of hatchbacks and that was the main reason I went with the Y. Also the roads where I live are pretty bad in places and even the...
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    Model Y over Model X

    I drove an X once when my Y was at service and the X is better in every way other than size. I already feel like the Y is kinda big and the X is huge in comparison although that's probably a plus for some people. The interior materials in the X are much nicer and it has a lot more features like...
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    Why should I get a 3 instead of a Y?

    In case anyone is wondering I ended up getting a Y. It was a really hard choice but the hatchback won me over in the end. So far I feel like I made the right choice. I got the acceleration boost for my Y and it's faster than I would ever need. The Y is a little bit bigger than I would really...
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    Passenger lumbar support missing from new MY

    Chips aren't the only thing there is a shortage of right now. Chances are Tesla's supplier for the lumbar support component is having issues sourcing parts so the supply of modules themselves is limited leaving Tesla with only two options either delay production or eliminate the lumbar support...
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    Does swapping to 20" wheels change mileage on the Model Y Performance?

    Yeah. If they still offered the stealth performance I probably would have gone with it. The 21" wheels and lowered suspension on the performance where the main reason I went with the LR. I hate how there are only 2 different tires available for the 21" wheels and they are both very expensive...
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    Does the Model Y have a metallic windshield?

    Page 177 of the owners manual shows you where to attach toll transponders.
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    From Bearded Tesla Guy- new 82kwh batteries are in new MY

    Here are some pics from the Energy/Trip screen. I changed the display settings between energy and distance but it didn't seem to change anything in the graphs themselves.
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    From Bearded Tesla Guy- new 82kwh batteries are in new MY

    I don't have any pictures right now but I can get one tomorrow.
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    From Bearded Tesla Guy- new 82kwh batteries are in new MY

    I have a 183xxx May 21 build and mine shows 330 at full charge. I even saw 331 pop up briefly when I was testing out supercharging to 100% but it dropped back down to 330 and stayed there. I don't know what it would have gone to if I let it finish since I stopped supercharging manually before it...
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    Y got delivered today and paint was flawless??

    My Y has a few tiny paint defects on the driver's side front fender. I have an appointment on July 9th at the Tesla Bodyshop to fix. I'm not sure what they plan to do.
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    Model Y 82kW Battery Pack

    I have a 183xxx VIN with a May build date and I see 330 miles at 100% I even saw 331 briefly when I was testing supercharging although it dropped back down to 330. I'm not sure what size my pack is but based on that video showing 329 max range I think I probably have the bigger pack.
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    VIN 1MF208213 OK?

    In my opinion at this point an older VIN wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing since they recently removed some stuff like the passenger lumbar support and the radar. I was originally assigned a 203xxx but ended up with a 183xxx which was cool because I got the passenger lumbar which was removed...
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    How long before delivery did you install wall charger ?

    I installed mine 2 weeks after I got the car. I would have installed it before but I wasn't able to get my electrician out until a week after I got my car and then he had to come back a second time to finish the installation a week later.
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    Anyone regret buying the Acceleration Boost for their Model Y?

    After I made that post I drove it around in normal mode for an hour after I refunded it and now I'm seriously considering adding it back. The boost really is noticeable. Logically I don't need it but after using it it really does feel nice. You wouldn't think .5 seconds makes a difference but it...
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    Anyone regret buying the Acceleration Boost for their Model Y?

    I ordered it this weekend and it was a really cool but I decided not to keep it since I mostly drive in bumper to bumper traffic and in those circumstances you don't really even need 4.8 seconds let alone 4.2. I still might buy it sometime in the future but for now I'm just going to stick with...
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    Homelink successfully set up but not working

    I was having the same issue. The problem turned out to be that I wasn't actually pressing the correct button. When you press the homelink button in the top right of the screen it actually opens a menu. In my case I named the entry home. When you press the homelink button "home" appears and I...
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    Waypoints are coming to Tesla vehicles

    I don't really care about waypoints but since looking at the new S owner's manual there is still no option to avoid highways I guess waypoints will be a decent workaround.
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    Motorcyclist Splitting Lanes Scratched Passenger Side with a Knife!

    WTF is wrong with people? I don't understand what would cause someone to decide to do something like that. I can't imagine waking up in the morning and making the deliberate choice that I'm going to go for a ride with my knife and scratch people's cars.
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    New deliveries come with rear door PPF

    My 183xxx VIN doesn't have either PPF or Mudflaps. I installed the OEM mudflaps myself but the PPF has been sold out since before I placed my order. Honestly not sure if I would bother with the PPF since I don't live in a snowy place.
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    Tesla Model Y Glass Roof Sunshade

    Yeah it's weird. I would probably order one if they made it. Since every other car has a shade I imagine it's only a matter of time until they make one.
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    Ordered MY LR but wanting MYP

    I got the LR for several reasons. 1: More range. Everyone I have talked to always says that it is best to have as much range as possible. 2: Smaller wheels and tires. Not only are smaller wheels and tires less susceptible to damage but the tires are much cheaper and more common as well. 3...
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    4680 battery packages available?

    From what I understand there really is no reason to wait unless you don't need a car anytime soon. First there is no guarantee the Y with the 4860s will have more range since there is every chance they will simply use fewer cells in order to maintain the same range and yet make more margin on...
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    missing cars on screen and no autopilot

    I don't have FSD but I had the same problem with autopilot. I drove 150 miles and it wasn't calibrated. I restarted the calibration and after 30 miles it still wasn't calibrated. At that point I hadn't yet driven on the highway so I decided to try that. After only about 5 miles on the highway it...
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    Run flat tires for 19 inch standard rim

    I had the 17" wheels on my 328i and the tires were relatively cheap. I think I got 2 or 3 flats over the 4 years I owned that car. As for the X1 it had the 19" M Sport wheels and the tires were considerably more expensive which was annoying. I think I got 2 flats on that one over the 3 years I...
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    Run flat tires for 19 inch standard rim

    I had runflats on my BMW 328i and X1 and they were great. Saved me several times on both cars. Very convenient and much easier than putting on a spare or using a patch kit or fix a flat. Personally I never had a problem with harshness or anything like that. Overall if there were some good all...
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    My Model Y's "Near Death Experience"

    I was originally thinking of having my homelink installed by the mobile tech but the soonest appointment was at an SC so I picked that instead. Sounds like I made a good choice.
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    Vision Only Autopilot Not Calibrating

    I'll check it out tomorrow but I don't remember seeing anything. Regardless I haven't seen any other popups since the few just after it finished calibrating.
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    Vision Only Autopilot Not Calibrating

    Took it on the highway this morning and it finished right away after maybe 5 miles. Looks like the vision only system really needs some highway driving to finish. Seems to work really well although I did get a side pillar camera obscured notice a couple of times on my drive back. I wonder if...
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    Add Mudflaps to Screen Car Avatar

    Yeah I figured. It would be cool if they added it.
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    Vision Only Autopilot Not Calibrating

    Yeah that's what I heard. I drove for about 15 miles on a 6 lane divided road with ok lines but I guess it could be that that isn't good enough. I think I might have to take it on the highway but I've heard from some people that side roads are actually better.
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    Vision Only Autopilot Not Calibrating

    No plans for a long drive anytime soon.
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    Mud Flap Adventure

    I just installed the OEM mudflaps on my car. It was super easy. I was going to have Tesla do it but they wanted something like $90 so I decided to do it myself. Does anyone know if it's possible to add the mudflaps to the on screen car avatar?
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    Vision Only Autopilot Not Calibrating

    So you think I should try restarting it again?
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    Vision Only Autopilot Not Calibrating

    I've driven my vision only Model Y for about 150 miles so far over the last week and it hasn't finished calibrating yet. The blue ring made it almost all the way around after about 20 miles but it got stuck at probably 95% - 98% and stayed there for the next 100. I have an appointment to...
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    Current Delivery Times

    So I actually ended up getting my car last Saturday afterall. The car I ended up with was a 183xxx VIN with the passenger lumbar, no radar, and only 10 miles instead of 2300. It isn't exactly the same config as I originally ordered 20" wheels instead of 19" and no tow package. They really went...
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    Add Mudflaps to Screen Car Avatar

    I added the OEM mudflaps to my car and I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a setting somewhere to modify the onscreen avatar to show the mudflaps?
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    Black badges > Chrome Badges (Photos)

    Looks nice but I actually prefer the look of chrome. I kinda wish my car had chrome trim and door handles instead of black. In my opinion chrome looks classic and timeless while the current trend of blacking everything out is exactly that a trend.
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    Current Delivery Times

    Checked my account this morning and found that they rescheduled my pickup appointment to 6/11 without calling me which is still one day earlier than my previous EDD. Not sure I would have switched to a demo if I knew I would only be getting it one day earlier although the passenger lumbar and...
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    Current Delivery Times

    No. They just reassigned my original order number to the new VIN but if you read my other post about how there are problems getting the demo car you might just want to place a new order.
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    Current Delivery Times

    Just got a call from the SC and apparently the demo I changed my order to is not actually at the SC right now and is on an extended loan and is currently somewhere in Florida. They aren't sure when it's coming back or how many miles will be on it when it does so I went from having a delivery...

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