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  1. J

    San Antonio Service Center - HWPC Charging Question

    Hello all. I'm headed down to that area this week and needing to pick up some miles while playing a round of golf at La Cantera. La Cantera has a charger but they charge a hefty valet fee and the latest PlugShare check in says he was rejected because he wasn't staying as a guest of the resort...
  2. J

    New blog post. 20+ new SCs in Texas alone?

    Wow. New blog post. New supercharger map. I count roughly 20-22 new "Opening Soon" sites in Texas alone. *edit to add, you can now click on and zoom in. Here are the proposed new Superchargers: Plano (a few blocks E of 75 on K Ave) Dallas (we know about this one) Ft Worth Grapevine Italy...
  3. J

    Can they do this? Renege on an email about Ranger visit charges?

    So in an earlier post in charging, my 15 month old HPWC stopped working. I was informed it was out of warranty and they are sending a ranger to take a look at it. I also contacted my credit card company to see if their extended warranty protection would cover it (nope, excludes any automotive...
  4. J

    HPWC Problem - "No Wall Power"

    The HPWC was purchased last April at the time of the car and have had zero problems since. I just noticed when I plugged it in a few minutes ago, I didn't hear the contacts close and noticed on the screen it says, "No Wall Power - Check power source. Charging stopped". I pressed the reset...
  5. J

    Thinking about going solar for my business, totally new at this.

    Model S Owner here. Looking for advice/tips. I have two offices that I am thinking about putting solar on. I have some money sitting in a CD that is obviously earning nothing, so I thought why not use that to invest in something with a guaranteed rate of return. Both offices have flat metal...
  6. J

    Car is temporarily disabled. Awful screeching sound when going forward?

    Just 30 minutes ago I had just made a quick stop by the post office and was on my way back to my office while on the phone with a friend. I had stopped at the post office with no problem, got back in and drove about 2 blocks to the red light when slowing to the stop I heard a LOUD awful...
  7. J

    How NOT to convince your significant other to go all electric. *Confession*

    Okay, I'm not Catholic, but I just stepped into the confession booth. So, fellow Tesla owners, please forgive me for I have Tesla-Sinned. Prior to Tuesday evening, my wife had driven the Model S exactly once (about the day after I got it, back in May). She wasn't too worried about the range...
  8. J

    Supercharger - Sulphur Springs, TX

    I hate to keep starting threads on speculation, but it's based upon some good information. The last I heard, the CSB in Greenville was a high possibility (and may still be). I was told by the manager there that Tesla had already been out to do measurements, etc. But now, I discovered this...
  9. J

    Supercharger - Greenville, TX (Another speculation)

    Driving to Dallas today on my way, I glanced over at the Collin Street Bakery (like I always do) and saw what appeared to a be a large white portable storage container in the parking lot. On my way back home, I made a stop and went by. I didn't take any pictures (should have), but there is a...
  10. J

    Asking for service. Call or email?

    Just asking my fellow Texans how they usually request a service appointment. I emailed a manager at the Dallas SC on November 6th with a picture of a problem I need fixed. I didn't hear anything for a few days, so I then forwarded that email on to [email protected] on November 9th...
  11. J

    Galveston Cruise Parking

    Just booked our first Disney Cruise for the family, leaving late next month. I'm investigating parking options, obviously preferring covered and secured. Galveston is pretty devoid of any public chargers (a handful of hotels and restaurants), and none of the paid parking lots have any chargers...
  12. J

    Tesla in negotiations to allow Supercharger access to other manufacturers?

    From reddit. Watched On Breakfast With Elon Musk - YouTube At :20 he says, "As I've said before, our supercharger network is intended to be available to other manufactures." Maybe I missed that somewhere? This is in Europe, I wonder if its the same in US? *Beware, not great video quality.*
  13. J

    Any reason to schedule charging if you have flat rate electricity price?

    I realize that the less amount of time the car is at a high SOC, the better. However, here is my question/dilemma: My electricity company does not have a plan that includes cheaper electricity for off-peak. Electricity is the same price (.06kwh total :wink:) regardless if you are pulling it...
  14. J

    HPWC on 100amp breaker. Any reason not to have it set to 80amps?

    I only have a single charger on my vehicle, but purchased the HPWC because I wanted to keep my UMC in the car at all times. When the electrician was hooking it up, I had him go ahead and install it on a 100amp breaker in case I ever wind up adding the 2nd onboard charger in the future. Since I...
  15. J

    Ever "sold" or convinced a non-Tesla geek to buy a Model S?

    I got my MS back in May, and of course, love it. My Mom is widowed, lives alone, but in her early 60's. She's always been fairly financially conservative. In fact, when she found out I was buying a Tesla...I thought I was going to walk into a room someday and have a bunch of family members...
  16. J

    Anybody experienced this before? Very slow response time on front dash screen?

    I've noticed this a few times now, and the only thing I can think of it might be related to is when the car is exposed to long periods of very high temperatures. We've been at 100 degrees for a few days now, and it seems to happen when the car has had a long time to sit and "bake". What I'm...
  17. J

    What is this sound?

    I did a few searches and couldn't find anything, but I'm sure it has been discussed in the past. Upon entering the car, sometimes, I will hear a clicking type of chime that is repeated about 3 or 4 times. It is obviously trying to alert me to something, but I can't figure it out. I would...
  18. J

    Anybody going to the Next Billion Tour? (Austin & Southlake)

    Billion Miles | Tesla Motors Together, Model S owners have driven over one billion miles. To get us on the road to our next billion, we invite you to join us for a unique event experience in Austin where we’ll show you just how easy it is to start your own electric mile count. When you arrive...
  19. J

    How to tell if mobile access is turned off?

    Do you get a specific pop up on your mobile app telling you that it has been turned off, or does it just fail to connect to the car? I ask because my Model S is in the body shop (two weeks today). See my old thread for why. Anyway, like any "normal" owner on this forum would do...:wink:, I've...
  20. J

    Be prepared for Murphy's Law when you buy your Model S

    Just a rant. Apparently someone has put a voodoo curse on me. I'm sure most people here remember my thread almost a month ago about someone backing into my MS that was 6 days old (just now getting it into the body shop, by the way...Tesla isn't in a big hurry with repair part manufacturing)...
  21. J

    One week old today, and then backed into....

    Sigh.... After an excruciating wait, and refreshing My Tesla a million times a day, I took delivery last Saturday. I only had it for 2 days because I dropped it off at Speed Shield in Addison, TX for photosync, suntek wrap, and cquartz finish (HIGHLY recommend Speed Shield) on this Monday AM...
  22. J

    Pretty Cool video from Bosch - Automated Driving in a MS

    As seen on the Telsamotors forum. I realize the screens are computerized overlay, but looks pretty slick! EN | Bosch User experience for automated driving - YouTube
  23. J

    Incredible video featuring Model S

    Did a quick search and didn't find it elsewhere. Check out this chillbump inducing video of the Model S by Digital Giant called LIGHTDRIVE. Watch it full screen with the volume up. LIGHTDRIVE on Vimeo
  24. J

    85D 4.3 0-60 time?

    Apologies if this is posted elsewhere, but according to this user on reddit, he's getting a much faster 0-60 time on the 85D of 4.33 than the published 5.2. Obviously this isn't a professional testing, but seems certainly quicker than 5.2. This makes me really excited since I passed on the P...
  25. J

    Top Questions/Facts for inquiring 3rd parties

    As I'm impatiently waiting for my 85D, I've been reading as much info as possible about the facts of the car, how its made, etc. I know once I get it, I will get a TON of questions on it once I'm out and about. I'm in a fairly rural part of Texas and I think the closest MS is probably an hour...
  26. J

    MS on order, trying to figure out my charging arrangements

    I have an 85D on order and since I have plenty of time to wait, I thought I'd see if my current thinking is correct with regards to my planned charging arrangements. I ordered the single charger because of a few reasons: No longer offered as a production item obviously, retrofit only I don't...
  27. J

    This is dangerous - for my wallet. Another should I thread.

    I know, this is not smart. Coming to a Tesla enthusiast forum to ask this question. Like walking into a Star Wars fan rally and asking around if I should watch the movie or not....(although it doesn't cost $100k to watch Star Wars, so maybe that's a bad analogy). And in the end, I know these...

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