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    Car hauler trailer for Model S ?

    Hi Everyone I haven't been on here in some while. Getting ready to retire and seriously considering full timing in a motor home. I have been looking for car hauler to drag behind and they all seem to list a payload of 4450LBS and my P85 is somewhere north of that. Anybody know of trailer...
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    Building my own pseudo(Powerwall)

    Hi L-P-G I sent you a private message.
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    Building my own pseudo(Powerwall)

    OK our units are of a similar vintage, now that I know basic communication works via the remote LCD, I will experiment with a Node Red to see if I can come up with a starting flow that monitors the inverter. Sorry I haven't been through this entire thread; I was an early member to this forum...
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    Building my own pseudo(Powerwall)

    Hi L-P-G I also have a Tesla model Sigineer inverter APC6024DT. Quick question does your inverter LCD display show a load percentage? If so when did you purchase it? Mine shows zero percent load on both the remote and inverter displays with a 1800 watt load. As to not getting any data back...
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    Windshield, OEM or Aftermarket. Progressive Ins denied OEM.

    They charge you a premium because you have a Tesla, tell them time to cough up or you will report them to your states insurance commissioner...
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    Building my own pseudo(Powerwall)

    Hello Everyone I am updating the house power system on bus conversion motor home using Tesla Battery modules with SimpBMS, just went live with this week. I also have a SIGINEER 6KW Tesla inverter and this thread caught my eye. I am looking at using Node Red for automation in combination...
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    Driving on the sand? Ocean Shores

    I have flown into Copalis State Airport a half dozen times with my turbo arrow over the years. You have to make sure that you stay on wet sand, I got into the dry stuff one year and got it stuck. Had to have the prop repainted when I got back!!!! It's also a good idea to rinse with fresh water...
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    New SC in Seattle

    I think you have to factor in all the model 3's which are going to be paying for access and hey there's the rumored pickup truck at some point...
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    Kona - Seattle swap?

    Ok thanks, any suggestions for day trips?
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    Kona - Seattle swap?

    Visiting my business partner in the Kona area Jan 4th-14th. Been offered the use of a leaf while I am there, but was wondering if anyone who visits the Seattle area would be interested in a day or two swap so I can extend my EV visit range while I am there? Thanks
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    Everett Community College EV Day, 10-26, Seeking Volunteers!

    I will try to make it again also...
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    Do you want the candidates to discuss electric vehicles?

    Actually absolutely h*** no!!! Let Tesla ramp up to full production so that all of sudden electric cars are something above 5%, heck the gigafactory is not yet online with battery production (I think there would have been a major new announcement of the first Tesla with U.S. made batteries off...
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    The Seattle Area Needs More Superchargers

    Totally agree on north bend; though I expect the problem of people free loading on super chargers will become mote when the model III comes out as that population will out number us (by multiples) the high end/penny pinchers that over reached to get into a model S or X and those users will pay...
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    "Tesla Winery Tours" in Walla Walla, WA

    Dang I thought I was doing good by flying friends over there in my airplane LOL!
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    North Central Washington high amperage L2 Charging Project

    How much have you collected in the amazon smile program?
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    John Day

    Then the question is what power level is wired for? I have seen destination chargers with HPWC that are only setup for 8KW, hopefully with the power meter right there they did the full 20KW's...
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    Unintended acceleration and cruise control

    Here in the northwest we get a lot of rain even on the freeways. You can be under cruise control and hit a patch of water where the front tires start to hydroplane and the car accelerates like mad in this situation.
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    So how many actually want 100% autonomy (poll)

    I heard some mention full autonomy; send the car out to pay for it self(grin)!
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    Tesla LTE

    It's always worked for me; just went though a period of time after an LTE upgrade that I thought it sucked. Was at a supercharger and everyone else could access their car but me. They ended up replacing the central computer module as there was a partial short on the antenna connector (worked at...
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    What does Model S look like on thermal camera?

    What I would like to see is an ICE car on the freeway just stomping on it and then compare it to model-s leaving it in the dust. I.E. The ICE just threw a few dollars out the tail pipe while the Tesla owner burned an extra $0.20....
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    Blink six cents a minute - good or bad?

    Actually I like the $0.49 cents per kilowatt. I park plug in and then turn the charge rate way down; hey I am plugged in and charging!!!
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    277V New HPWC Installed in Oro Valley, Arizona (North Tucson)

    Hmmm, why is the voltage at 277 rather than 240? My location is normal 240, though I have seen 250 now and then.
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    Model S and Glacier National Park, MT - Help with how to approach

    I did the trip with a P85 and arrived in that area with 30 remaining, so really don't see how it's possible with a 60.
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    Tesla moments

    Or walking back to your parking spot and seeing a oily puddle under the front of the car and absolutely knowing it is not from your car.
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    Wyoming Supercharger build out 2016

    Yes they do need to fill in Wyoming, was kind of excited about the West Yellowstone supercharger, though wondering how they will handle clearing snow in the winter. But I have family east of West Yellowstone in the Greybull area and give there from West Yellowstone is problematic.
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    Tesla to J1772 Adapter?

    I saw an adapter in use; but it was by a Tesla employee that had a leaf and inserted a recycled car outlet into a junction box. I image he is now on the waiting list for model III.
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    Question; Car to Grid power?

    Well numbers always tell the tale. You can bet that this has already appeared on Tesla's crystal ball. Imagine this scenario; your model 3 comes with a four year warrantee (no need coddle Model S and X owners with eight years); however if you let Tesla manage your state of charge and cycles on...
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    Supercharger - Bend, OR

    Dang, I have friends down that way, can't wait for them to turn it on....
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    VR video of Bill Gates driving in Model X

    Oh wow Bill Gates can drive a Tesla? I would have no problem with him driving mine, it would take about a 30 second briefing as we would know he has driven lots of high performance cars!!! Kind of an advantage of being as rich as XXXX. Duh, the briefing would go; think of it as muscle that you...
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    Recovery from wet fob situation?

    Personal experience; pool proof not!!!!
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    Washington State Good To Go Pass - best installation location?

    I got the switchable one that shows a red and green window on the backside. Leave it in toll mode most of the time, though switch it if I know I am going to have passengers.
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    Tesla LTE

    Put your phone into hotspot mode?
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    Recovery from wet fob situation?

    How do you passive unlock a Tesla?
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    Recovery from wet fob situation?

    Oh I didn't put rice inside of the fob. It provides a low humidity environment to draw out the water...
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    Recovery from wet fob situation?

    Had a recent experience where I went into the pool with the fob in my pocket. Luckily the fob recovered after being vacuumed out and placed in a bowl of rice overnight to dry it out. But this made me think of a situation where you have something similar happen while boating or in park...
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    What's this symbol on the top left of my screen?

    I would have it on, but here in the Seattle area it rains so much that you always have blurry view from water drops hanging on the lenses.
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    Recommendation for place to stay on Bend, OR

    Eagle Crest Resort nearby in Bend, OR has HPWC that is setup for 70 amps...
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    Vendor What's your opinion on a P85D phone case?

    Hi Pete I have your silicone fob pocket now and think that the leather would interfere with using the push buttons on the remote. On silicone fob pocket, I wish it was actually waterproof since I immersed my fob when I went for water aerobics and the fob wasn't functional. Had to use the phone...
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    Is Tesla really a green company?

    Most people doing the comparison measure the emissions a ICE makes after you fuel it up, never factoring in the overhead of producing and transporting the fuel.
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    Should EVs Make Artificial Sounds at Low Speeds?

    Totally agree; though rather then a separate button have the horn sound ramp up, so a quick little short distance toot would be at low volume.
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    Why doesn't Tesla Motors accept cash payment?

    A friend of mine flew to Utah to buy a truck with cash which threw the dealer for a loop. It ended up with a girl using a testing pen on each 100.00 bill to make sure it wasn't counterfeit, needless to say it was over 400 bills.
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    Will battery price really go down? As demand increases, price of raw resource will likely rise.

    Hmmm, where did the waste product go after separation?
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    Is Tesla really a green company?

    There's a crossing point coming in that the grid is going more and more renewable energy. Buying a Tesla provides an immediate reduction in what you emit and continues too for the life of the car (unless we keep crashing them). Image comparing a 12-15 year old tesla verse an ICE cars emissions...
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    Windows Phone Tesla App - Please vote "me too" here if you are a WP user

    Ahh, my phone is not yet updated to windows 10 so that would be why the link is not enabled.
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    Windows Phone Tesla App - Please vote "me too" here if you are a WP user

    The Band for Tesla link get app is not enabled? Ahhh (edit) doesn't support the band with a windows phone!!!!!
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    Battery Bank for Mobile Medical Business

    Actually you should upgrade your tow vehicle!!! Check out: VIA Motors Extended-range Electric Trucks, Vans & SUVs EREVs
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    TeslaLog.com - Your hosted Tesla Data Logger - Announcement / Support threads

    Seems to have lost my vehicle. Just hangs when I try logging out. Password recovery/reset option?
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    Washington State Good To Go Pass - best installation location?

    I have held it up to the roof and it did not register. I just set mine on the floor under the rear window and it works fine there.
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    Plan: Off grid solar with a Model S battery pack at the heart

    I have read on other forums of using a banged up/wrecked Prius as the standby generator. Self mobile; can also use it as a spare vehicle to loan visitors, etc.
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    Temporary / Emergency charging via direct attachment to the Electical Panel

    Saved lots of stress on a recent trip to a resort with my attachment. Just showed it to the handy man and he says I know where I can attach it, went to their maintenance shed and he pulled the circuit breaker for the baseboard heaters and plugged it in. No muss, no fuss…

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