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  1. Camera-Cruiser

    Mach E: Your Reservation does not guarantee a set price for the Vehicle

    Under Item #1 in Fords online reservation for the Mach-E. So business as usual, the dealer will set price and markup for "stuff". Here is the entirety of item 1 of 15 of the reservation details: 1. Reservation. You may be able to configure a Ford Mustang Mach-E vehicle (the “Vehicle”) through...
  2. Camera-Cruiser

    P3D Mildly Rear-Ended - how long to remove rear bumper fascia

    Our P3D got mildly rear ended last week. The bumper was scuffed etc., but no visible body damage. What I am worried about is that the rear energy absorber was probably damaged. Any idea how long it takes to remove the rear fascia and check it out? From watching the video (Thank you TeslaCam)...
  3. Camera-Cruiser

    Pressure release sound. Like venting an InstantPot

    If you don't have an InstantPot cooker, it's basically a pressure cooker. When done cooking you flip the air valve to release pressure and, Whoooosshhhh. My 2018 P3D+ does this sometimes. Started about 3 weeks ago. After driving, parking in the garage, sometimes plugged in, sometimes not, the...
  4. Camera-Cruiser

    $20,000 off Acura NSX Incentive. Any pitchforks?

    I just saw that Acura dropped the base price from $159K to $139K to improve uptake of their supercar. Started in March. I wonder if they’re giving anything back to those who ordered in February? Per the article, they did it via their dealer network, verse Tesla that puts it out there on their...
  5. Camera-Cruiser

    How to add FSD after purchasing the car?

    I think this is a dumb question, and I have been around here long enough to wonder if I should risk ridicule, but here goes... From what I have inferred, I should be able to do it from my account, but when I log in, I see my Model S and M3. Click Manage 3 and I can view details, schedule...
  6. Camera-Cruiser

    P3D is like an S that has been cross training for a year

    Sometimes I never know where to post things, because this covers the S and the 3. I picked up my S85 from the Pomona service center today after it has been there for a month (which is actually not part of the story), which means that I have been driving my P3D daily for the same length of time...
  7. Camera-Cruiser

    Car honked once, and unlocked. I did nothing?

    I have my office about 25' away and 8' below from my garage where I park my 3 and S. I am working away in the garage and I hear the clunk of the contractors (or whatever randomly makes the clunk) and then 10 seconds later the car honks and the mirrors unfold and the car is unlocked. Car honks...
  8. Camera-Cruiser

    Caught in the $5K Price Change?

    For the last month my P3D+ (with VIN) has been supposedly sitting in Costa Mesa with 9.9 miles on it. Just waiting. I have no idea if they plug it in, etc. How did this happen? Having missed the end of the month mayhem, my car showed up at Costa Mesa and there were delays with the paperwork...
  9. Camera-Cruiser

    Costa Mesa Delivery Center Oddness

    So, today I went down to the Costa Mesa delivery center with my 16 year old daughter and it was the oddest, weirdest and somewhat suspicious thing I've ever experienced. First, my 3DP delivery appointment is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 24th, but they actually wanted me to come today (Sunday)...
  10. Camera-Cruiser

    I have no idea what the other car company CEOs are doing...

    I have no idea what the other car company CEOs are doing... and I think for the most part, that is how it should be. Sure, I might know that they are going to focus on this, trim that, etc. But I don't read about them, their girlfriends, drug habits, or taunting the SEC for farts and giggles. I...
  11. Camera-Cruiser

    Did you get free SuperCharging and Award Credit after upgrading to P3D?

    Has anyone who has changed their order after deposit from LR, or AWD to P3D using their own referral code (so self-referring, which you can do) gotten their car, and it was delivered with free Supercharging, and seen the reward in their Loot Box (via the app)? I am not talking about canceling...
  12. Camera-Cruiser

    Inside sales delivery advisor - Radio silence

    Ok, I don’t know to call the inside sales advisors, or delivery advisors, ISAs, or IDAs, but that doesn’t matter, because their communication is bizarre, If it can be called communication. I got the email that says good news, your car is on the way, here is your VIN etc. It was a white AWD...
  13. Camera-Cruiser

    Can you change your order after VIN?

    Curious, Can you change your order after a VIN has been assigned? Especially if wanting to go from AWD to PAWD? Or would you lose your deposit and be starting over?
  14. Camera-Cruiser

    So AWD 3 White with White Interior 19" Premium Wheels???

    Will it look good? Better than good? Will it look dated in 3+ years? My gut says very modern, etc. No worries, might be polarizing? Is there enough contrast??? Ugh. Decisions. Of course what I want is a black headliner, white interior, etc. With the old blue, the almost black blue, but that it...
  15. Camera-Cruiser

    All Glass Roof in Buena Park

    Swung by the Buena Park SC today after a day in LA and I noticed they had P100Ds on the lot with the new all glass roof. After seeing it in person, I don' t think I would ever order the car any other way. Pretty incredible. I got to check it out from both the front and back seats too. I blanked...
  16. Camera-Cruiser

    19 - Inch "Foamed" Tire Searchers Rejoice

    Ok, the title is over the top, but it finally looks like you can actually order 19" Goodyear Eagle Touring tires with the sound deadening foam installed by the manufacturer! These were hard to find, and now they show up at Tirerack. It says TO Tesla, SoundComfort Tech right in the listing...
  17. Camera-Cruiser

    Wh/mi Too Much Lately ???

    I live in fair weather Southern California, and it has been great the last month or so. 65 to 85 degrees or so. Yet it seems like my Wh/mi has been running really high while trying to drive relatively slow to normal. In the morning (again, maybe 68-70 degrees) the car can be in 400 to 500Wh/mi...
  18. Camera-Cruiser

    Driving Faster???

    Ok, I'll admit it, I have become a bit bored with reading about problems/resolutions/fatalities lately, and still enjoy hearing a new owners thrill of delivery, but........ So, before my Tesla I normally drove an ICE Toyota Land Cruiser, and sometimes still do. Big, heavy, and pretty quiet, but...
  19. Camera-Cruiser

    New Model 3 Marketing Photos

    For those who want some incredibly detailed "Official" Model 3 photos for some computer wall paper, or to print your own Model 3 poster, hit up this link. Then click through to the downloads. File dimensions are huge: 8688 X 5792! It says photos are courtesy of Tesla in the copy of the article...
  20. Camera-Cruiser

    Ugh, Got the no loaner available letter the day before service

    First, just to get it out of the way, I am sharing information, not complaining. "Unfortunately due to our loaner fleet being sold, we are unable to provide a Tesla loaner vehicle at your time of appointment, but we can provide other options of transportation that will be covered by Tesla such...
  21. Camera-Cruiser

    Autopilot into tunnels?

    If things go right I will get a loaner MS with autopilot while mine is in to fix brake booster noise for the third time. I really want to test autopilot form Orange County, CA to Malibu. I figure it will handle everything up until it gets to the 10FWY westbound to PCH (Pacific Coast HWY)...
  22. Camera-Cruiser

    Traction Control

    Wow. Since owning a regular 85KwH MS for about 7months I finally disabled traction control after a little spring rain. 5 minutes later and it is back on! I've never been going 30Mph or so and tapped an accelerator and have the rear wheels so easily break loose and spin so easily. I know it...
  23. Camera-Cruiser

    302 Mile Range?

    So the range went up on the 90D, but they did not announce a 100kWh battery. So I am guessing the rumored 100kWh battery is in there, but that is is closer to 94 - 95, so they decided not to push marketing it as a 100kWh. Any other thoughts?
  24. Camera-Cruiser

    Who Else Needs $140,250?

    I don't have it, but I am sure looking between the seat cushions – of everyone I know. I love the face of the new MS!
  25. Camera-Cruiser

    How to save for Model 3?

    Ok, Since many, many folks are now hundreds of thousandth in line for the model 3 (and sorry, I haven't paid attention on how to type in the Tesla 3 symbol yet), I think we should figure out creative ways to save up for it. It could be as simple as I'm giving up daily Starbucks at $5.00 a day...
  26. Camera-Cruiser

    Any one else get "Electric Car Research with Compensation" message

    Hi, I don't know if this is spam or not, but got a direct message from a new member asking to partake in an electric car study/marketing research thing. Any one else know anything about it?
  27. Camera-Cruiser

    Cargo Capacity or Thereof

    Hmmm. So I have gotten to check out the X pretty extensively and have am stuck thinking that I'll have to wait until they offer conventional rear seating. Meaning I need all rear seats to fold flat to make a floor. The X is a great people hauler, but I just don't know how I can get large dog...
  28. Camera-Cruiser

    Ford's Active Damping Suspension

    As I marvel at all the good things my Model S does, I can always hope for more. I saw this article about active damping on Ford's new Fusion V6. It would be nice to have in some form on all vehicles. http://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/car-technology/news/a28232/fords-fusion-pothole-skip/ The...
  29. Camera-Cruiser

    Model Xs and Roadster at Buena Park Showroom & Service Center

    Hi all, I posted yesterday about seeing the X at the Buena Park Sales & Service Center while dropping my Model S off for service. I went back today and they had an extra treat for Model X testers.The manager brought her brilliant orange Tesla Roadster in for everyone to see and it is stunning...
  30. Camera-Cruiser

    Model Xs in Buena Park Showroom & Service Center

    I dropped of my Model S for service in Buena Park this morning and found many model Xs waiting... Here is my post (with pictures) I did on random X sightings earlier: Random Model X sightings - Page 151 More picts above, but here is one more:
  31. Camera-Cruiser

    Stereo volume lowers when opening driver's door. Why not all?

    Hi I have done a relativly poor search on this, but does anyone know how to make the MS lower the stereo volume when any door is opened, as opposed to just the driver's door? My kid is embarrassed when I pick her up from school and she opens the door. So this is really her request, but it...
  32. Camera-Cruiser

    New Model S 85 CPO Owner in North Orange County, CA

    Hi everyone, After following Tesla for a couple of years and obsessing over the S in the Design Studio, my wife and I made the leap into a CPO car. We both drove Land Cruisers, still do at times, but really needed and wanted to get into an EV. We are Landscape Architects and travel from San...

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