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  1. Beryl

    Want Chrome - - Undelete ! ?

    I deleted the chrome on my S a couple of years ago. I’m thrilled that the chrome is already deleted on the Y saving me $$$. This unscientific poll indicates that most agree.
  2. Beryl

    Model Y Delivery E-Mails Incoming

    Got mine (south of Houston) at 12:35 this AM. Still waiting for 10K prior deliveries.
  3. Beryl

    Aluminum Alloy Pedal Covers

    I bought an expensive ($125) aftermarket set for my S and even though I had them professionally installed, the break pedal cover fell off three times. I got sick of having it replaced and bought the ones sold by Tesla. Model S/X Performance Pedal Set They also installed them and for the next...
  4. Beryl

    'Chrome delete' standard

    Nah. I switched to white and love the chrome delete. It is like eyeliner or “smoky eye” — beautiful. I deleted the chrome on my silver model S for the same reason. Black and silver wheels look equally gorgeous on white but the deleted chrome trim is a must. Need to make that “T” red for...
  5. Beryl

    Ordering the Performance Model without the upgrade

    Lowered suspension not desired. It would be made worse with 18 or 19 inch wheels.
  6. Beryl

    Ordering the Performance Model without the upgrade

    Dunno. 19” tires on my S lasts about 3 years — 0-60 in 3.8 seconds. Perhaps the Y will be different.
  7. Beryl

    Ordering the Performance Model without the upgrade

    No performance option for me either. I will never drive 155 mph and I’d rather not have to replace those 21” tires every couple of years. I can get pedal covers aftermarket. No lowered (fixed) suspension for me. I will need 0-60 in 3.5 seconds every day on highways and that 35 mile additional...
  8. Beryl

    Official Model Y Wheel Thread?

    I prefer dark wheels though I agree w/ @RIP->OPEC regarding the unpleasant curb-rash. I’ll hang on to the Gemini wheels since I prefer the additional 35 mile range. I may swap them out in a couple of years when I wrap it a new color.
  9. Beryl

    Significant changes to Model Y range/ options when ordering

    I love everything but the price bump. They split out features for a “performance upgrade”. All Tesla vehicles are fast but I bought my S90D after testing a S70D. I’m now spoiled by a 3.8 second 0-60. Before the change, I needed to compromise range for performance on the Y. Also, I didn’t...
  10. Beryl

    X or Y?

    I reserved an X almost year before purchasing a model S and still want an SUV. My priorities are size, ground clearance, $$$, technology, and comfort. Size: Y wins. The X is huge and is significantly wider than my S. Hate narrow parking spaces and construction area drives. The CT with its...
  11. Beryl

    Poll: What's Your Favorite Color for the Tesla Model Y?

    I switched from blue to white also and will likely get it wrapped every couple of years. Right now I’m loving my satin Xpel wrapped silver S. Satin looks great on black, silver, and white. I’m not fond of satin on blue.
  12. Beryl

    How Early is too Early to get the Y

    I’ll try to wait until 10K vehicles have been produced. I’ve learned a lot over the last 5+ years with Tesla. The features that kept me from taking a model X delivery after waiting nearly a year we’re addressed within 6 months. I’m guessing that a few things will change after 10K model Y...
  13. Beryl

    12 Volt Battery Replacement

    Wow. This isn’t me but mirrors my experience. .
  14. Beryl

    12 Volt Battery Replacement

    From the SC after my 2/27 visit: I’m questioning the efforts made by the Ranger Service. They didn’t provide any updates. They only rescheduled over and over.
  15. Beryl

    12 Volt Battery Replacement

    I’ll give the SC a week. If they can’t get a battery, I’ll offer having them install the much touted brand on this forum. That should eliminate risk and let them get their loaner back.
  16. Beryl

    12 Volt Battery Replacement

    Good to hear. The app only offered me Mobile Service — 7 days out. It was then postponed twice. I’m wondering if the problem is with the Ranger service in the Houston area. Neither of our SCs have any batteries and the rep said he hadn’t been successful with San Antonio and Dallas. We’ll...
  17. Beryl

    12 Volt Battery Replacement

    Go to the official forums and look at some of the threads. One is mine but there are others that go back to 2018. My local SC can’t find one in all of Texas (Houston, San Antonio, Dallas) which surprised me. I thought the mobile center was just being a little incompetent. They are waiting to...
  18. Beryl

    12 Volt Battery Replacement

    After reading that Tesla will attempt to void warranties for non-Tesla batteries, I’m hesitant to look into alternative batteries right now. I’m reading in the official forum that there is a 12V battery storage. I wish Tesla would at least respond to my text and app messages so I can know if...
  19. Beryl

    12 Volt Battery Replacement

    After Ranger service replaced my 12volt battery a 2nd time in 4 years, more problems were cleared: 1. Charger port wouldn’t release the nozzle 2. No more “key not in car” error messages. However, 4 weeks later, the 12 volt battery failure message came up and the #1 problem above started...
  20. Beryl

    12V Lithium battery from BattMobile experiences

    Your car is newer and may have had the newer battery. As I memorialized, the rep informed me that I had the older battery installed twice (originally and first warranty replacement). They didn’t tell me if they installed the old one the 3 time. It is entirely possible that those old ones are...
  21. Beryl

    12V Lithium battery from BattMobile experiences

    Keeping this in mind when my current battery fails. Unless Tesla replaced it with a “newer technology” one earlier this month, it will last 12-18 months before strange things start happening. The battery failure message happens 6 months later. I memorialized my issues on the official Tesla...
  22. Beryl

    Model Y or Mustang Mach-E

    Even with a Day 1 Y reservation, I ordered the Mach-E on announcement day. Specs, charging network, and just giving Ford a shot, were factors. Still, I would be compromising performance and range coming from a S90D. I figured over the next year, I had time to decide which way to go. I...
  23. Beryl

    Who has ordered?

    Never had and never wanted a truck. I ordered a CT because of 6 person seating, storage, range,air suspension, and price. I like not having to worry about door dings too. If they announce 500 mile range and air suspension on the Y, I will cancel the CT and enjoy the Y.
  24. Beryl

    I'm trading in my truck... What are you trading in?

    My beautiful S90D will be traded or (if I can’t wait until 2023), I’ll trade in a 2021 Model Y if that Y doesn’t have tri-motor/500 range + air suspension.
  25. Beryl

    Size comparison

    I never park outside but wouldn’t mind leaving this one out. If a sledgehammer can’t hurt it, the weather shouldn’t do damage. Except that glass.... ;)
  26. Beryl

    New Tesla Owner

    You would be tying up a $2500 refundable deposit accruing no interest or dividends. However, the configuration I ordered back in March is priced $1500 more now. Pretty good ROI, IMO
  27. Beryl

    Tesla Model Y Electric Range Just 8-10% Less Than Model 3, Says Musk

    Definitely pushing it round trip, IMO. You should be fine if you can destination charge (185 miles one way).
  28. Beryl

    Model Y ease of entry

    I’m in the same boat. I find the 3 ingress/egress better than my S but I didn’t want to lose storage with the 3. I’m hoping the Y will split the difference between the 3 and X as well.
  29. Beryl

    [Poll] - Are you ordering Model Y?

    Ordered. This exactly what I need to replace my S. It provides more storage, improved egress/ingress, better battery technology, slimmer profile for easier parking and navigation through construction zones, yet doesn’t sacrifice comfort (based on model 3 experience). Tesla will need to step up...
  30. Beryl

    3/Y size comparison (gif)

    They will remain folded but will serve in an emergency if I have mostly adults and a small child or two. No kid will have to sit in a lap.
  31. Beryl

    Ordered! MYP

    Ordered. Not sure if I’ll wait until 2021 for the 7-seater.
  32. Beryl

    10/16/18 Is LTE out?

    Tesla could avoid calls by just pushing out an outage notification.
  33. Beryl

    LTE Network outage

    So appreciate this forum. Tesla should consider publishing a system status page.
  34. Beryl

    Supercharger- Richmond, TX

    If 20500 SW Freeway is the accurate address, Google has it in Richmond. It isn’t a terrible area at all. Not too far south of Costco.
  35. Beryl

    Model Y: Tesla targets November 2019 for start of Model Y production

    I think they will get at least 500K deposits. Many existing Tesla owners will order one.
  36. Beryl

    Model Y: Predictions

    I’d like to reserve one now.
  37. Beryl

    Time to trade ap1...elon says yes

    I’m happy I bought my AP1 S in 12/2015 and enjoyed it’s smooth functionality all of this time but as a stockholder I’m cheering for AP2 improvements. But there will be even fewer accidents overall. (My dream car is the Model Y with FSD, air suspension, AWD & 72 amp charger).
  38. Beryl

    Time to trade ap1...elon says yes

    My thoughts exactly. I’m still enjoying my 12/15 build — the old nose, AP1, and 80 amp home charging 61 mph — see pic). I can’t get the latter with a new Tesla. I figure that by the time they deliver on EAP, there will also be an internal design change based on lessons learned from model 3...
  39. Beryl

    12 Volt Battery Replacement

    No other changes at the home by me. The problem started a year after getting the vehicle so I looked at changes at that time. I agree though that it doesn’t seem as likely as the others. I do wonder if the recent xfinity speed boost might be related.
  40. Beryl

    12 Volt Battery Replacement

    I sent the following email to Tesla Service: Tesla Service , I had my 12v battery replaced one day after the first warning message appeared. Replacement resolved three issues that I’ve been working around for a very long time lessening my enjoyment of my vehicle: The button on my High Power...
  41. Beryl

    Derrick Crowe for Congress - Running against Lamar Smith

    I value the input from TEXANS on this issue.
  42. Beryl

    And what about a supercharger station near Brownsville, Tx?

    I agree with the advice to not let not having a SC in the Harlingen area deter you from getting a Tesla. Now that there are SCs in Kingsville, getting to Brownsville from Houston to see my nieces and nephew is possible in my Tesla. I was forced into renting an ICE before. That said, I agree...
  43. Beryl

    2015 90D CPO with AP1 or 75 Base new with EAP?

    If I lived and frequented Supercharger-rich California, I'd opt for new over the 90D and take the range hit. Range trumps everything in my situation. More than once I've appreciated the extra miles on road trips. In a few years it won't matter. AP is a must so you can't go wrong either way...
  44. Beryl

    Yet Another Comparison: Bolt vs BMW i3 vs Model S

    Tesla is the best for my cities -- Houston, Denver, Los Angeles. I'm spoiled now and can't imagine dealing with Houston traffic without AP. It makes driving in bumper to bumper traffic actually enjoyable. Once the Bolt gets at least TACC and a half-way decent long-distance charging...
  45. Beryl

    What's your 90%?

    Don't feel bad. I'm at 242 @ 90% in this heat. During our winter, it was pretty consistently 246. I stopped obsessing over it since it puts a damper on the pleasure of owning this dream vehicle.
  46. Beryl

    Love It - Not for Long Drives

    I agree with this if you plan to take long trips in areas where SCs are sparse. That factored into my thinking 18 months ago when I got maximum battery size at that time. Although my last 1600 mile trip was quite pleasant, it could have been shortened if I had more confidence in Tesla SC...
  47. Beryl

    New blog post. 20+ new SCs in Texas alone?

    I'm thrilled to see the proposed SCs. I'm especially excited about McAllen (for Brownsville) and Wichita Falls and Clayton, NM (for Colorado). We need to plan opening celebrations for each of them. As if we need an excuse to have road trips.... :D
  48. Beryl

    Tesla Model 3 vs Model S comparison slides

    I don't see this as anti-selling but more informing existing reservation holders and potential buyers. Based on this and information from Elon has convinced me to hold off on the first Model 3 vehicles produced. I'm guessing that I'm not alone among existing Model S owners. Reservation holders...
  49. Beryl

    Chevy Bolt - 200 mile range for $30k base price (after incentive)

    I'm guessing it will be under 80%. There will be people jumping in line as cancellations occur though. Doubt that I'll configure unless I have a buyer. My Model S will do for me a few more years. Bolt sales will continue to increase with the Model 3 frenzy and VW EV efforts. This is a good...

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