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    I've separated Energy Leases from Sales and Costs from Revenues for 2020

    Yes, agreed their price is the best along with great quality. They are advertising some markets at $1.49 per watt after tax breaks. Their margins improve as they sell more storage products and fewer leases. Anyhow here are the numbers for Q1. Let me know if you agree or not? Tesla reported...
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    I've separated Energy Leases from Sales and Costs from Revenues for 2020

    On the financial statements for Qs 1 thru 3 and full year 2020, Tesla reports a blended Gross Margin for its Energy business which includes revenues from both Sales and Leases. This gives a false GM so I decided to calculate the actual margins. To do so requires us to make one assumption under 3...
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    Martin Tripp must pay $400K to Tesla bc of court order

    Here's the case from Plainsite, Tesla vs Tripp. Be aware as the author Aaron Greenspan is a noted short-seller and has an active frivolous court case against Elon M, and Omar Quazi. He claims to have invented Facebook and openly accuses Tesla of the Fr word. Here's a link that describes how...
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    Martin Tripp must pay $400K to Tesla bc of court order

    I think he has little choice but to flee the country and go back to his native Hungary rather than pay. I think he made a series of mistakes rather than anything intentional. My real concern here is Aaron Greenspan appears to be practicing law in CA and takes in money mostly via Patreon. He and...
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    Martin Tripp must pay $400K to Tesla bc of court order

    That's right, after settlement Mr. Tripp has been ordered to pay tesla $400,000 as a result of the Tesla vs Tripp case. He erased his Europe-based website which was full of accusations and libel. This is a major lesson to the big tesla shorts who encouraged his behavior. His internet lawyer...
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    Any electric skateboard or bike fans? (or other electric ridable)

    lunacyle.com of the USA is a great company and an OEM. The Sur Ron / Segway motorbike is a fantastic creation. Made in China it offers a 2kw battery pack and 110 lb weight. Compare to ICe motorbikes at 240lbs minimum. It's a fantastic value at $3600 and Fred Lambert owns one if you want a...
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    SolarRoof owners - how do we monitor string production?

    Why not go into the attic and try to test the voltage or current with one of those clamp type multimeters? Darwin Chaug with a V3 roof had an issue with excess dust causing low power production. He went from 45 kWh per day to 30. Then after pressure washing back up 50% to the full amount. It...
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    Rain and the Solar Roof

    It has been reported here by a V2 or V3 owner that '90% of the rain flows above the tiles and less than 10% flows underneath the tiles'. That was after the owner asked the Tesla installer what they thought. The product has been designed to leak or allow the water underneath and force the...
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    Solar Roof Installation Tips

    Normally an installer would need a reason to put on 2 layers but they don't really tell us what that reason was.. perhaps waterproofness? The Firestone underlayment is specified to install only 1 layer to get the class A fire rating which allows Tesla to be UL compliant right? So someone made...
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    Solar Roof Installation Tips

    I just read all the instructions for "Cobalt Ultra" and they mention nothing of Fire Resistance (FR). The product on your roof is "FT Cobalt FR". I'm just trying to point out that the solar roof product is UL listed, as is the Firestone FR. The Firestone FR gives the A fire rating. Would you be...
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    Solar Roof Installation Tips

    Yes FT synthetic is based in Canada but the product FT Cobalt FR is made in China as the above picture shows. The product "FT Cobalt FR" is likely new as it gets no hits on google. Tesla's solar shingles are UL listed with an A fire class rating. The system gets the A rating from the Firestone...
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    Solar Roof - Anyone have Tesla Call During Tear Off to Re-Negotiate Costs?

    It sounds like Tesla's subcontractor is totally in the wrong. If it starts out this way how do you think the whole contract will go? The excuse given " because of more tear off than anticipated" is not good because its not even a reason. They contracted with Tesla and not the customer. In effect...
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    Solar Roof - Texas - HOA declined

    It appears they have an issue with the color insisted upon being "weathered wood". They likely didn't approve of the black only option from Tesla.
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    solar roof and attic vent fans

    They install ridge venting at the peaks. The convection cycle intakes air at your soffits and exits at the ridges. Likely its best to keep your fan as it can't hurt. Check your soffits for blockages due to blown in insulation, there should be a clear path for air to flow..
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    Tesla Solar Glass Install Tracker

    That's a great idea I'm very interested as well! A great place to start is to google "buildzoom sr60t1" which gives many details for V3 glass installs. Such as date, price, and most importantly Watts per square ft. This is 12.8Watts per sq. ft. for V3. V2 and 1 had about 11.7 I estimate there...
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    Fire Department stopped by to look at SolarGlass roof

    Agreed. I'm not saying you can't walk on it but merely Tesla Inc told their 1rst 2 customers of V1 verbally and perhaps in writing that they, or anyone else, are not allowed to go on the roof without Tesla's permission. One of those roofs was Amanda Tobler's (deleted Twitter page called...
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    Fire Department stopped by to look at SolarGlass roof

    Yes its V2 for the safety video. The sliding report was for V2 by a member here. The visual proof that V3 is slippery is the Neuman house on youtube where the installer slides on the front 6/12 or so dormer while installing a shingle. Ironically, Tesla recently advertised the exact same house on...
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    Fire Department stopped by to look at SolarGlass roof

    The fire department has a safety video on Youtube regarding Tesla Solar glass V2 from about 2018. They take a chainsaw to it and show the tiles are about as slick as snow and ice. They also show the system has low voltage strings and can be cut with little electrical safety risk. Sorry no links...

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