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  1. MassX1317

    Supercharger - Wareham, MA

    They are out there working in the cold today.
  2. MassX1317

    Selling Renewable Energy Credits in MA?

    Signing up with SRECTRADE is pretty seamless, have been using them for business SRECS for 5 years or so.
  3. MassX1317

    Supercharger - Wareham, MA

    I drive by here at least once a week, will add some pictures soon. I drove by earlier this week and they were unloading the supercharger cabinets from a large storage truck. I will take some photos next time I drive by.
  4. MassX1317

    75 S and X discontinued

    The S and X would get a lot less range than the 3 with the same battery. Also, the protection for the model 3 battery is in the structure of the car. In the S and X the batteries are protected more by the pack and the pack becomes part of the structure of the car. I think the 3/Y, S/X and...
  5. MassX1317

    75 S and X discontinued

    My prediction is the switch to the 2170 cells with the following ranges: Model X SR - 250 miles Model X MR - 320 miles Model X LR Performance - 350 miles Model S SR - 275 miles Model S MR - 350 miles Model S LR Performace - 400 miles SR is plenty of miles for most people, keeps entry price...
  6. MassX1317

    Tesla Model 3 Order Cancellation

    I was unsure about buying a Model 3 but the OA convinced be to put down a deposit to lock in the federal incentive, said nothing to lose as I had 72 hours to cancel and the deposit would be debited back to me. I was told I could cancel right on the dashboard. After looking into and thinking...
  7. MassX1317

    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Did you negotiate a lower rate? Website lists the rate at 2.99%, 2.74% if an approved green car.
  8. MassX1317

    New to the Tesla Family! What is/was your first Tesla road trip?!

    S85 RWD from New England to Disney with my wife, a 3 year old and a 1 year old. It was in November 2014, we hit snow storms and a Florida outlet mall at midnight on Black Friday was on our route. At the time we had to hit pretty much every supercharger on 95 to make it. It was awesome! We...
  9. MassX1317

    Silver turbines discontinued

    It would be really awesome if Tesla changed the trim to match your wheel color! Would love a stock, all black X or S. I think the black wheels with chrome trim looks off.
  10. MassX1317

    June: no air suspension except 100D. July: air for all! wtf??

    Yeah it made one last annual service/service center trip to resolve issues before I sold it. Got the new tires shortly before selling as well. I remember they did the alignment because I had a service plan that stated and alignment was included but they charged me for it and said the service...
  11. MassX1317

    June: no air suspension except 100D. July: air for all! wtf??

    I had an early 2014 Model S. Absolutely loved it except for the coil suspension. I had to have at least one broken control arm replaced under warranty, I can't remember if the ended up doing a second later on . I had issues for a long time, ended up replacing and balancing all 4 tires at a...
  12. MassX1317

    Supercharger - Burlington VT

    My favorite supercharger! Got there at 445 in Friday, went in the store to an awesome beer selection and the arrival of Heady Topper and Sip of Sunshine!
  13. MassX1317

    Supercharger - West Lebanon NH

    Charging here now. First stall was charging around 200mi/hr...switched to another and it's at 169mi/hr. I was at Hooksett earlier and it was charging at 300+ right of the bat but tapered sharply to the mid to low 200's when I got over 200 miles remaining battery left. Should have just waited...
  14. MassX1317

    Creative Mods for the Model X Nose

    Why stick with black and white? This is the 'Merica edition...;-)
  15. MassX1317

    The new nose

    I have a white S but hate the look of the white X. The other colors look fine without a nose cone, I think the shadowing/reflection of the paint helps to define the curves in the area where the nose cone would have been. I don't like the idea of drilling a license plate directly into the...
  16. MassX1317

    New Display, 2nd Row Console, Patterned Seats

    Haven't seen any of these teams talked about but they were in the test drive vehicle provided to "the Verge". Full article here Tesla’s Model X is finally here, and I got to drive it | The Verge pictures from the article:
  17. MassX1317

    [RESOLVED] Switched to new iPhone 6S, Apps don't connect any more

    6s here as well. No issues at all with the app.
  18. MassX1317

    Model X Signature Configuration has begun!

    Maybe it's not a simple answer...
  19. MassX1317

    Model X tow capacity is too low for me

    I'm curious what you guys will be towing with a $100k car. We have a Model S and a Ford F-150. I am hesitant to replace the F-150 with an X because of the added wear and tear. We also throw all the gear for the boat in the bed of the F-150. Don't think I would want that stuff in the back of...
  20. MassX1317

    Estimated Model X starting price?

    Trying to back into base price...
  21. MassX1317

    Model X Signature Configuration has begun!

    Trying to back in to a base price....
  22. MassX1317

    Model X Signature Configuration has begun!

    With all of the extra space in the floor, I bet the second row of seats turn forward and lower at the push of a button. Similar to the pictures posted here on the past couple of pages. The EPA mileage and 0-60 are not as good as expected, but still plenty for most of us. Parking sensors...
  23. MassX1317

    Model S Depreciation significantly higher than expected

    I have owned many vehicles, some premium, some not so much. I usually keep them for a couple years and trade them in. I generally would not buy a $90k car but I think the Model S is the best daily driver on the market right now and I have followed and loved Tesla since day 1, so that is what I...
  24. MassX1317

    Model S Depreciation significantly higher than expected

    I don't care what two cars you are comparing. If one starts at $90k and the other starts at $30k, and after 85k miles or so they have the same trade in value, than the $90k has terrible resale value. It's not a debate, I'm stating the fact that the car has terrible resale value. The Model X...
  25. MassX1317

    Model S Depreciation significantly higher than expected

    So by the logic you a providing an newer premium vehicle with less miles should be worth about the same as an older $60k less than new, middle of the road car with more miles? Tesla also has a powertrain warranty for 8 years unlimited miles, so 6+ more years for the original poster. The reason...
  26. MassX1317

    Model S Depreciation significantly higher than expected

    Highlander was $36.2k, paid $29k. It was brand new. 0% financing 60 months, 0 extras. Free maintenance for 30k miles, one set of tires, routine maintenance, no mechanical issues, no warranty work. Mostly highway miles. Using the depreciation of the original posters car and my Autonation...
  27. MassX1317

    Model S Depreciation significantly higher than expected

    My Toyota Highlander depreciated around $11k in 5 years, close to a 100k miles. I traded it in for around $19k.My Tesla Model S depreciated around $35-40k in 1 year, close to 30k miles. I was offered about $60k for a trade.The original poster was only offered $18k more for a Tesla with half...
  28. MassX1317

    2014 White S85 in MA (28k miles)

    2014 White S85 in MA (28k miles) 85KW Battery White Textile Seats Tech Package Parking Sensors Pano Roof Super Charging 19" OEM Wheels Supercharging Coil Suspension Considering trading in or selling. Love the car and already took the huge depreciation hit in year one, so may...
  29. MassX1317

    Battling Model S depreciation by locking software updates?

    The comparison to an iphone just doesn't work. iPhones are disposable after a few years, just like the phones before them and the phones before that. People are using cars from the 90's as daily drivers. If Teslas are disposable after 3-4 years there is just no value in buying one. Maybe a...
  30. MassX1317

    Excise tax bill in MA?!?

    I ended up with an abatement for both 2014 and 2015. 100% value $69,900 from $88,000. Received a total adjustment of nearly $600.
  31. MassX1317

    Excise tax bill in MA?!?

    April 2014, $87,820 after delivery. I believe the RMV said they were using $88k for my value.
  32. MassX1317

    Excise tax bill in MA?!?

    I got a bill for $1,350 and have a pretty basic 85 purchased in 2014. I called the town, which directed me to the RMV. The RMV excise tax division told me that the value is based on the window sticker on my specific vehicle and if it is incorrect, send a copy of the window sticker so it can be...
  33. MassX1317

    Gorilla Glass Good Match for Tesla?

    A couple years back Gorilla glass said they were going to go into the auto industry next year and they appeared to have a manufacturer lined up. To my knowledge the only car with gorilla glass right now is the BMW i8. Is it possible that Tesla is the manufacturer they had lined up and the...
  34. MassX1317

    Model X mules - is the nose cone gone?

    At the risk of making no sense: 1 - I actually like the contrast of the black nose cone on my white Model S 2 - Is it possible that there is some sort of opening in the front of the X that will continue through to under the car to reduce air resistance/drag? The angle to bring the air through...
  35. MassX1317

    The worst supercharger park job I've ever seen. Any others?

    I live right around the corner from here but haven't stopped to charge for several months, so much more convenient just to charge at home! When I do charge there, ICE cars are always pulling in and out of that parking lot, I don't really get it because it's the worst place to park if you are...
  36. MassX1317

    Model X not being shown until delivery

    There would be little incentive, if any, for Tesla to do this. Right off the bat it looks like they will be able to produce 700-800 of the Model X per week. 1,500 is only a two week supply. You might as well have customers pick exactly what they want. Working on such tight margins, Tesla...
  37. MassX1317

    Elon's demand "secret weapon" ...what is it?

    My off the wall guess is that one of the big car manufacturers is going to rebadge the Model X and sell it as their own. Lexus RX-e?
  38. MassX1317

    Annual Service, whats the deal?

    Before I purchased the service plan in May I spoke with someone at headquarters who told me that there was no mileage restriction. I asked him if he was 100% certain because I didn't want to purchase the service plan unless there was no mileage restriction. He told me that he received this...
  39. MassX1317

    Newark Supercharger to Paramus New Jersey

    We just traveled this route last week. Skipped Paramus (but drove right past it) and went to Darien, CT. We took 95, GW bridge was brutal traffic, so we hopped on 17 to the Garden State Parkway and went right by Paramus on the way to the Tappan Zee bridge. It was a Saturday and we hit no...
  40. MassX1317

    Sagamore Beach to Turkey Lake/First Family Vacation

    Thanks for the advice and PMs everyone. The trip down went pretty well. Charged in Milford CT, Greenwich CT, Hamilton Township NJ, Newark DE, Woodbridge VA, Glen Allen VA, Rocky Mount NC, Lumberton NC, Santee SC, Savannah GA, St Augustine FL and I'm currently at Turkey Lake FL. The car was...
  41. MassX1317

    Sagamore Beach to Turkey Lake/First Family Vacation

    How do you think 8-10am on Wednesday morning will be? Worried about the DC area. Was considering going south through DE, but the gap from Salisbury, MD to Rocky Mount is too far and there aren't any decent charging spots in between. Was hoping for a restaurant in the middle. Looks like going...
  42. MassX1317

    Sagamore Beach to Turkey Lake/First Family Vacation

    We are about 48 hours from our 2,700 mile round trip journey to Disney World! It will be our first trip as a family of four; 3 year old and 17 month old. With many options in the northeast, we are going to play it by ear for charging options on the way down and may even take a route that...
  43. MassX1317

    Brand New 2014 Brown S85 Already Delivered to NJ Service Center - No Longer Available

    When I purchased the vehicle, the agreement with Tesla stated that if you couldn't get financing you could back out of the deal. I believe you get your deposit back as well. Not sure if this is still the case.
  44. MassX1317

    Supercharger - St Augustine, FL

    I will be driving down from MA and should be hitting this location either late Thanksgiving or early Black Friday, maybe I should call ahead and see if they will block them with cones.
  45. MassX1317

    Supercharger in Orlando (Turkey Lake Turnpike Plaza)

    I'll be right behind you! Heading down next week, have been holding off on swapping a couple nights at a chargepoint hotel for a Disney hotel but now I have no worries! Thanks!
  46. MassX1317

    Supercharger - Sagamore Beach, MA

    The Sagamore location was still charging at about half speed/power as of last weekend. Please let us know how it goes today, and post pictures!
  47. MassX1317

    Supercharger - Sagamore Beach, MA

    First time being ICE'd. Ice hockey team carrying out a street hockey game in the supercharger lot.
  48. MassX1317

    Supercharger - Sagamore Beach, MA

    About 140. Everyone be careful coming down. Just got back in, road flooding, traffic lights out, branches down, heavy wind. Drive slow and be safe!
  49. MassX1317

    Supercharger - Sagamore Beach, MA

    A little slow though...
  50. MassX1317

    Supercharger - Sagamore Beach, MA

    Charger is back online, charging right now. Need it with the high wind, cold and rain. Nearly 500 wh/mi today so far!

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