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    Bizarre System Power Failure

    My model year 2014 Model S just had a weird failure today. I dropped my kid off at school and went to the gym as usual. I returned to the car after my workout, but the screens were blank, and I thought it was just one of those occasional system reboots that happen to us all. No big deal right...
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    My Mostly Great AWD Model 3 Delivery Experience

    Today I picked up our new Obsidian Metallic Black AWD Model 3. No other options (no AP, no fancy wheels, just the paint upgrade and AWD). Overall AWESOME. Here are a few notes of things we noticed. There are still a few quality control issues Tesla needs to improve. We had these minor...
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    Discussion of New Platform for Model Y

    Hey gang. So last night on the Tesla Q1 F2017 conference call Elon said that there would be a "step change" in manufacturing efficiency when the Model Y comes out. For context, and for those who haven't heard the call yet, this was brought up during a discussion of Model 3. Elon and JB were...
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    Extended Warranty worth it for my 2014 Model S 85?

    Hey folks, I just rolled over 80,000 last week so I'm out of warranty. I leave on a road trip Tuesday, so I have until then to decide on the extended warranty (because you can't buy it after rolling past 81,600 km). It's expensive! $5700 for another 80,000 coverage (that's less than 3 years...
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    Supercharger Options -Toronto to South Carolina

    Hey gang, Like many others here (I assume), we're doing a road trip down south during Spring Break. We're leaving from the Toronto area and going via Buffalo, through Erie, past Pittsburgh, and hooking up to the 1-95 to sleep in Glen Allen VA. Last year I did this (via Kingston, as Buffalo and...
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    Effect of software upgradeable batteries on margin?

    Hey everyone, So now we have an S60 that is actually an S75 software limited to perform like a 60 until you pay a bunch of money to unlock the extra capacity. I haven't found a post discussing the financial effect of this yet. What do people think? 1) If the pack cost is $190 per kWh is...
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    Non-Tesla Connected cars: Big volume starts in 2018?

    Hey folks. I'm a shareholder in Sierra Wireless (SWIR: Nasdaq), who I believe is also the 3G / 4G module supplier to Tesla. I've followed the company for a long time and today was just catching up on the latest quarterly conference call. One of their big wins for the quarter was a design win...
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    Appropriate levels of finished goods inventory

    One of the standard favourite bear arguments is that Tesla has far too many "unsold cars". Sometimes people genuinely don't understand that a car in transit is finished goods inventory, but often times it's the bears that want to perpetuate FUD who publish loads of garbage. I suggest we...
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    Fukuta supply role to Tesla

    Hey TMC gang, So we've got this guy, Bill K, on Twitter. He's your typical bear with one major exception. He's a total Kripkean dogmatist, meaning he's somehow unable to look at any data beyond the very few data points he has. He keeps harping on Tesla for using Taiwanese "Fukuta" as a...
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    Really loud and bizarre creaking coming from front left

    Just recorded this sound during my 3km drive to take my kids to their class. I was driving between 10-55 km/hr, so quite slow, and with my windows down this was REALLY loud. Anyone experience this? I could not attach an M4a file, so here is the dropbox public link...
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    Door handle failure (lights up, won't open from outside)

    Hey gang, I searched for quite a while on this topic and couldn't find a match to my problem so I'm wondering if this is common or totally uncommon. About 4 days ago we noticed the front passenger door can't be opened from the outside. The handle presents itself, and the light DOES come on...
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    Toronto Tesla event tomorrow morning (Sunday)

    Anyone else attending this event at the Le Germain Hotel downtown tomorrow morning at 8am? Kinda early but I'm hoping to get there for it. I can't paste the link from my iPhone for some reason. But I got an email about this about 2 days ago directly from tesla. Seems this 8-10 morning thing...
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    4 Left (or right) tires?

    Hey everyone. Are the factory Michelin Primacy tires different for the left side vs right side of the car? I know they are asymmetric and all 4 of mine properly say "outside" on the side that faces out. But here's the weird thing: The treads don't point in the same direction on the left vs...
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    Winter 2015 GTA to Southern US Road Trip

    Hi everyone, I'm taking my family from Port Perry (75km outside of Toronto) to Georgia this coming March (2015). A few months ago I was certain I'd be taking the Model S because I trusted the "coming soon" SuperCharger map. Now that this trip is only 2 months away, and there seems to be no...
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    My first winter (range experiences)

    Hi everyone, I figured we could use a thread for winter driving experiences in Canada given there are probably a lot of us who are going through our first winter with the Model S. I have a question for those more experienced about what happened yesterday with our Model S. Here's the breakdown...
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    Toronto supercharger speeds?

    I'm there right now. Tried two stalls. My battery was at 230km range to start so not at all empty but I still feel like the speed is slow. I got 230 km/hr at one stall then moved. Now I get 255. Tesla does plug in cars that it services so maybe that explains it. But this feels way slower...
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    Huge growth in the taxi market?

    A friend of mine just landed in Amsterdam today. He sent me a quick photo from the airport. Two white Tesla Model S taxis. He said from what he sees so far it's a 50/50 mix of Tesla vs. other cars for the taxi market. I have no idea what his sample size is yet but I think it's pretty...
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    Winter roads and no winter tires yet ... crazy

    Hey gang, I woke up to about 2cm of snow covering my driveway and all the roads in Port Perry this morning. Took the car out to the gym and BOY was that a surprise for me. I get my winter tires installed this Wednesday in Toronto so I'm hoping to feel a huge difference. As soon as I backed out...
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    Anyone slept in their car during winter?

    In mid December my buddy is getting married. It's short term notice and I'm only able to go because I'll drive to Ottawa (from Port Perry) super early on a Saturday morning, attend the event, party, there will be some drinking, etc :) ... and then I expect maybe 6 hours MAX of sleep followed by...
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    Range dropping much faster than odometer climbing (cold weather?)

    Hey gang, For about the last week I've noticed a consistent pattern in my S85. I charge at night, and wake up to an estimated range of 375km. My car is in the garage, and the temp is about 13 C. I then drive to my gym for a workout and back. I'm there an hour, and the return trip is only 5km...
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    Huge quarter end spike in deliveries

    It seems Tesla is pushing hard to make a LOT of deliveries by quarter end. I was at the Toronto supercharger yesterday. This is also a store / service centre (hello to the folks reading!). I went inside while charging and the floor was totally covered with new Model S cars for delivery. One of...
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    Ontario rebate - 12 weeks (and counting) normal?

    Hi gang, I took delivery 12 weeks ago. My ontario rebate still has not arrived. Anyone else buy recently had have similar or different experiences? I'm attempting to figure out what is normal. It should not take a quarter of a year for the government to hand over cash. But I realize "should"...
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    Data connectivity for trips into the USA

    Hey gang, Can anyone tell me if the Model S data package is still working for Canucks who drive into the US? Last time I researched this was several months ago, before taking delivery of my car. It seemed that data was actually working, but for our American friends who headed north, their data...
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    Problems with navigation system just stopping with no apparent reason

    Since Tuesday of this week I've been having weird nav problems. I'll give the car an address (saved favorite, or whatever...doesn't matter) and navigation will start. A few seconds later nav will just stop. The trace of the route disappears on the giant screen and the turn by turn disappears...
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    Toronto to Montreal - how safe is it to rely on Best Western?

    Hey fellow GTA / Montreal Tesla owners, I was really hoping we'd have superchargers by now. But we don't. I'm going to be driving from my home at the east end of the GTA region to Montreal in a few weeks. I'd rather take the Tesla versus my Lexus SUV that sucks gas. The trip is about 500 km for...
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    Is there a Plugshare for parking?

    Until last week I lived in Toronto, right near the subway. Now I live about an hour away so I'm driving in to Yorkville this week for lunch. I'm taking my new Model S. I'm not really sure I want to park it in any old lot. What do you guys / gals do when parking in busy metro areas? I wish...

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