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    next gen model s seats for sale

    Very interested. An idea of the price for the seats?
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    Understanding Wh/mi (or km)

    What exactly is it you don't understand? wh/mile is your energy consumption in watts x hours / distance. It is exactly the same concept as saying your car burns 8 litres of gas per 100km, except we are talking about quantity of energy instead of volume of gas, because when you fill up your tank...
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    "Obstacle detected" - blocking acceleration - very dangerous!

    When it happened to me for the first time, I thought that it is a really nice feature, and that's what I initially said in a french speaking forum here: Système d'évitement des collisions latérales et frontales - Page 2 - Forum Club Tesla Magazine back in late April, so before the X hitting a...
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    "Obstacle detected" - blocking acceleration - very dangerous!

    I too had this "obstacle detected, power limited" warning, twice in a few days. In both cases, it happened when I was about to cross a tight intersection in the city centre, so really tight since the street I was coming from was only one lane and so was the crossing street. I floored the go...
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    X owner claims unintended acceleration caused accident

    I too believe it is driver error. However, there is something I experienced twice on my S, and I do not understand why it has not worked here: my S reduces power to a ridiculous amount when I start fast in a situation where the sensors believe the risk of collision is too high. No braking, only...
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    X owner claims unintended acceleration caused accident

    I too believe it is driver error. However, there is something I experienced twice on my S, and I do not understand why it has not worked here: my S reduces power to a ridiculous amount when I start fast in a situation where the sensors believe the risk of collision is too high. No braking, only...
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    Cross winds for your Model S vs previous cars?

    I personally find it quite sensitive to cross winds, to my surprise when I experienced it for the first time.
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    Réflexions sur ce que devrait être le Modèle 3 pour me plaire

    Hello hillander, Je suis moi aussi belge et un peu dégouté de voir que la section belge est néerlandophone à 100%. Quelque commentaires qui peuvent te rassurer: - Propulsion plutôt que traction: je roule en S depuis plus d'un an et c'est une propulsion alors que toutes mes voitures précédentes...
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    Any way to tell if a Model S has the dual chargers without feeding 11+kW into the car?

    Not so sure, single charger can handle up to 11kW, that's 3 phase 16A, but charging in single phase 220V at 32A (so 7kW) works just fine too with a single charger. Therefore max amperage is not a sufficient information to determine if dual-charger is installed. Take a look under the rear seat.
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    The Rear Thump Sound

    As I said I have this noise too, and although my drive unit needs to be replaced as well, I do not think this noise is drive unit related. I am becoming convinced that it is indeed something with the AC unit, like a ventilation flap or valve that makes that noise when it changes position.
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    I dont Know if I missed anything, but summon now does work for me in Belgium...
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    The Rear Thump Sound

    My Dec 2014 S85 has starting making this kind of noise recently. Very odd as it happens at full stop only. It is not very loud, but a very low-frequency sound. It is as if some torque was still applied to the transmission, then suddenly not applied anymore, releasing tension on the drive train...
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    7.1 Spotify problem, album keep missing

    Not sure how it behaves when you don't have your own premium spotify account. In the car, just go to the controls/parameters of the media player app. In the Spotify box, try playing around with the 'disconnect' and 'restore Tesla account' buttons. This worked for me, but I am using my own...
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    7.1 Spotify problem, album keep missing

    Yes, exact same problem. I tried re-connecting to Spotify from the app settings and it worked; my albums were back. Unfortunately, if you have your own premium account, you need to retype your user and password each time and that is a pain.
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    Awful noise when turning the wheel

    I have this very same noise (although not as strongly) on my S85 vin above 59k. Tesla had the opportunity to listen to it while they were checking the seatbelts and confirmed it is a steering rack mounting issue and there is zero risk of actual malfunction. However, although they didn't tell...
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    Is Autopilot just a gimmick at the moment?

    Same thought for me and my conclusions are: - Better to have two drivers than one (autopilot + human) - It is a first step towards autonomous (or at least safer than human autopilot) driving. The data collection will certainly help improve the autopilot, but it is also very valuable for the...
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    Model X Mule Sightings

    They are indeed testing AP in Europe as well. Test model S with v7 and AP spotted in Aix-En-Provence this summer.
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    Model X Mule Sightings

    For tax reasons I guess, some (if not all) Tesla cars are built and tested in California, then disassembled for shipping to Tilbug (Netherlands) where they are reassembled before actual delivery to the customer.
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    Model X Mule Sightings

    Since the cars are shipped to Europe disassembled, I would assume they need to prepare the re-assembly line and properly test the very first cars they produce. A very common route is to drive all the way down to the south of France. People from the Netherlands just love it, from what I could see...
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    Model X Mule Sightings

    It is on the french speaking forum (that I happen to moderate) here: http://forums.tesla-mag.com/dc/7075014277110699042/nouvelles-photos-de-la-MX/offset/28 The guy who reported this is trustworthy, but has not seen the mule himself. He says a young lady on a 2 week-end student job contract to...
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    Model X Mule Sightings

    It has been reported that a camouflaged model X has been spotted at the Chalon en Champagne Supercharger (France). It had a license plate from the Netherlands. My guess is that the assembly line in Tilburg is being tested for production. Sounds like these are the very last steps...
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    Autonomie affichée pas linéaire ?

    Je n'ai pas d'expérience pratique à partager, mais clairement la décharge des lithium-ion n'est pas linéaire.
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    Distance mini radar parking.

    1- Tu gares la voiture en te faisant aider. 2- Tu mets en route la caméra de recul (pas besoin de mettre en R pour ça) 3- Tu indiques au sol une ligne qui correspond, par exemple, au bas de l'écran. La prochaine fois que tu te gares dans le garage, allumes la caméra, et avance jusqu'à ce que la...
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    So, my car was hit by lightning at the Grove City, OH supercharger...

    Very interesting thread and glad the OP was not hurt. I've been thinking about this type of event since the first day I own an S and am positively surprised it has only happened once so far. Does the stall to which the car was connected still work? I would guess it is fried as well. There must...
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    Distance mini radar parking.

    Une balle de tennis pendue au plafond, ça marche très bien. Sinon, une trace au sol bien placée à l'arrière. Dès que tu la vois dans la caméra de recul, c'est bon.
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    Charging possibilities Les Deux Alpes?

    I think this kind of adapter only exists when you build it. If ever you happen to be near Brussels, I'll happily lend it to you for your trip.
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    Charging possibilities Les Deux Alpes?

    Also in France there is a good chance you will find Plexo 20A 3P+N outlets in hotels and residences. Build yourself an adapter to the red P17 and charge at 11kWh. That's what I did this winter and it worked great.
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    Nouvelle mise à jour

    2.4.238? Bizarre, j'ai reçu 2.4.239 hier soir...
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    Article, je prefere en rire !

    ah j'ai bien ri! mais c'est à prendre au 36ieme degré, non? C'est un site satyrique, il me semble.
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    "Must Have"

    Oui exactement. En triphasé à 32A et avec deux chargeurs embarqué -> 22kWh, soit 100km/h.
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    "Must Have"

    J'avais rédigé une réponse et voilà qu'elle a disparu...je recommence... Il y a bien deux clés livrées avec la voiture, mais je n'ai pas reçu de porte-clé en cuir. Les tapis sont aussi livrés, mais je ne les trouve pas au niveau de la voiture: trop légers, fragiles, moches, ils ne dureront pas...
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    "Must Have"

    - Un cable type3 <-> type2 pour la France - Un cable type2 pour ailleurs qu'en France (et en France aussi) - Divers adaptateurs (le bleu, le rouge, rouge 32A vers rouge 16A, bleu 16A vers bleu 32A, prise triphasée française vers rouge, etc). - Ca...
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    At the Car Wash...

    Needless to say that it was very tight. :wink:
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    At the Car Wash...

    I go to a regular (but nice quality) car wash regularly with my S. I have 19' wheels and would not do it with the 21's because they would rub against the side rails. But I noticed that even when sitting in the car during the process, after a while the car switches to P. To work around this, I...
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    Traduction de ce chef d'oeuvre. Quelqu'un se dévoue?

    Je m'y suis collé. Je livre cette nuit ou demain; il reste quelques corrections à faire et à publier quelque part.
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    Recherche d'infos sur la future Tesla model 3

    Je crois que j'ai trouvé quelque chose!
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    Nouvelle carte des superchargeurs

    Pour info, je suis passé au SuperCharger de Metz ce samedi: les travaux pour l'installation de 8 bornes à la place des 2 bornes temporaires vont bon train. Aussi, on dirait que l'installation électrique a déjà été mise à jour: la semaine d'avant, charge à moins de 90A même seul et ce samedi plus...
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    Firmware 6.2

    Je viens de faire un long voyage avec ma S en 6.2 Je me suis aperçu qu'il n'y a pas d'échelle sur la carte. Ce n'est pas vraiment un bug mais je ne comprends pas comment un truc si évident soit manquant. Pas facile d'estimer la longueur des bouchons sans avoir une idée de l'échelle de la carte...
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    Met de Tesla op vakantie in Europa

    Hi there, I dont know if it has been covered here already, but I was in Metz today and the works on the new 8 stalls is going well. Last week, 2 MS charging before me, then super slow charge for mine (less than 90 amps) and several interruptions made the day start pretty bad (like 2 hours for a...
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    Met de Tesla op vakantie in Europa

    Hi there, Apologize for switching to English but I am not comfortable enough to do it in Dutch. I'll be on my first long trip on Friday night and Saturday, from Petit-Enghien (Belgium) to Châtel (France), and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the safest/most comfortable itinerary to get there...
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    Firmware 6.2

    J'ai l'impression qu'on va voir pas mal de monde déjeuner dans la voiture aujourd'hui...
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    Firmware 6.2

    Il semble que le déploiement ait commencé...mais ça peut prendre des semaines... Ca m'arrangerait de le recevoir avant le week-end; long trajet en vue. J'ai reçu la notification ce matin. Installation en cours, j'irai voir dans une heure si tout va bien... Content d'avoir été servi si vite!
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    Application pour PC

    En allant voir le code de l'application.
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    P85D: d'autres clients FR en attente ?

    Moi non plus. Enfin seulement un petit peu, genre une douzaine de fois par heure.
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    Charger test in Brussels during Easter

    Why dont you test the other way around? Have your electrician check how many amps you draw when your appliances are running at full power (so worst case scenario) and you will know what you have left for the car. In my case, in this scenario charging at 32A will trip the main breaker. Although...
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    Charger test in Brussels during Easter

    I work in the Schuman area so am around there with my S85 most days of the week. Unfortunately I will be on vacations at the dates you mention... But why are you worried? Why wouldnt it work?
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    Enceinte TESLA S85

    C'est bien possible que les choses aient été améliorées. De mon côté, le SC a très bien fait son travail: (presque) plus de vibrations parasites. Ils ont parait-il notamment ajouté du machin d'isolation acoustique dans les portes. Je profite d'ailleurs de ce message pour dire à quel point le...
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    Vous et votre Model S : Présentation !

    Félicitations! Et qu'est-ce qui t'empêche de dormir dedans? Je pense que la finition a beaucoup évolué dans le bon sens avec le temps. J'ai eu il y a quelques jours une P85 pré-autopilot en remplacement pendant qu'ils travaillaient sur ma S85 (post-autopilot), et c'était le jour et la nuit du...
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    Borne de recharge pour la maison (wallbox)

    Intéressant. C'est une fonctionalité que je suis en train de réaliser dans la borne que je fabrique, en sachant que mon compteur n'a pas de TIC. Est-ce que tu as pu constater ce que j'ai entendu: si la borne décide de baisser l'intensité, puis de la remonter plus tard, la Tesla reste au niveau...
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    Borne de recharge pour la maison (wallbox)

    Et aussi, j'ai soudainement un vague souvenir d'un truc propre à nos Tesla: Avec un seul chargeur, pas plus de 16A par phase. Donc si elle n'a qu'un chargeur, en mono c'est 3,5kWh max... Pas de problème avec deux chargeurs, ce qui est mon cas, c'est pourquoi mon cable mono 32A va très bien. A...

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