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  1. FarmerDave

    How bad are Falcon Wing doors?

    We had a lot of issues with the Falcon Wing doors on our Signature model. It's a 'bonus' to early adopters.😉 All the problems were resolved by Tesla with revised sensors, windows, and weather stripping. Even with those issues the doors were a blessing when loading grandkids into their car seats...
  2. FarmerDave

    Unhappy with FSD sales and pricing

    1) The only difference I noticed was a few early features of FSD like stopping at stop signs were now available. I tried it once, but turned it off b/c it was immature, slowing way down 40 yards before the stop. 2) If you have hardware 2.5 then it will include an updated processor to version...
  3. FarmerDave

    Unhappy with FSD sales and pricing

    I bought early at the $2k price, got the computer upgrade, still no FSD beta.:(
  4. FarmerDave

    First significant problem with LR AWD after 2 years and 28k miles

    Get an outdoor cat. My yard was overrun by chipmunks and squirrels. Socks the hunter cat took care of the chipmunks in short order, and the squirrels saw what happened and decided to stay away.
  5. FarmerDave

    Total braking system failure?

    Please post again when you have the diagnosis from the service center so we can end this irritating guessing game.
  6. FarmerDave

    My wheel :'(

    When my Model X was in the SC for replacement of an upper window on the falcon wing door, the mechanic dropped a power screwdriver and it punched a hole in the leather upholstery. When I picked up the car the service manager told me immediately about the issue and said they would fix it but had...
  7. FarmerDave

    Amazing example of Tesla's ability to characterize obstacles

    Poor fellow is cone-footed.
  8. FarmerDave

    Blog Musk Hypes 'Exciting Things' for Battery Day

    I'm going to try to watch online, but poor Internet in rural PA means most likely a lot of buffering. On the list for StarLink!
  9. FarmerDave

    How I Recovered Half of my Battery's Lost Capacity

    As mentioned previously, you can operate the wipers for a quick sweep by pressing the button on the end of the stalk, or hold it in for the washer. Temperature & fan speed can be changed using voice commands after pressing the right hand button on the steering wheel. As with most devices, for...
  10. FarmerDave

    Funny story for ya'll....

    Model 3 doesn't have air suspension like the S and X; therefore no "jack mode". Did the shop install the correct size tires?
  11. FarmerDave

    Why is Tesla not using used cars as loaners?

    I get a Tesla loaner whenever I take my car in for service. Sometimes it's an S, other times an X. I took my P3D in yesterday for the FSD computer upgrade and the loaner was a red S.
  12. FarmerDave

    Falcon wing door buckled on glass roof

    My 2016 Model X also has over 50,000 miles, and I have never gad this problem.
  13. FarmerDave

    Falcon Wing Door false obstacle detection when Christmas dancing

    I had the same problem (phantom obstacle on driver's side falcon wing door). I demonstrated it to a Tesla Ranger who came for a different issue, and he tried it on the Model X he arrived in. He had the exact same problem at the same point in the dance. He concluded it was a software issue that...
  14. FarmerDave

    Did Model X Windshield Save My Life?

    $921 in July at the Service Center here in PA.
  15. FarmerDave

    X hit by 17 year old kid who just got his license, what now?

    Did you mention to the adjuster that you have a stiff neck since the accident?
  16. FarmerDave

    After Deep Sleep, Won't Wake Remotely

    A couple of things I didn’t mention in my original post: The car won’t wake up remotely even when parked in my garage with solid WiFi signal. I never have this issue with my Model X which is parked right next to the Model 3. About 20% of the time I have to fiddle with my iPhone (bring up main...
  17. FarmerDave

    After Deep Sleep, Won't Wake Remotely

    After my Model 3 goes into deep sleep, e.g.; overnight it won't wake up remotely and requires a physical wakeup like opening a door. I have the same problem with unplugging the charge cord, and must open a door first. Even the Service Center had the problem when trying to do an update. They...
  18. FarmerDave

    Does Model 3 Protect from Lightning?

    While driving (slowly) in a massive thunderstorm last weekend, with lightning striking all around us, a thought occurred to me: With its glass roof, is the Model 3 still a satisfactory Faraday cage to protect occupants from direct lightning strikes?
  19. FarmerDave

    Charging Basics: School Me.

    A big advantage of using the Tesla Wall Connector is that if you have two or more Teslas (you probably will eventually) you can connect two HPWCs to the same circuit. The HPWCs will communicate with each other so that if you have two cars plugged in at the same time they won't exceed the preset...
  20. FarmerDave

    Afraid of loosing Aero efficiency vs Cool looking Wheels?

    Thanks to everyone who commented on my earlier post about my Stealth (non) Performance Model 3. Based on your comments it appears that Tesla and I need to have some serious discussions about my paying for Performance and not receiving same. Below is the delivery invoice and shot of the touchscreen:
  21. FarmerDave

    Afraid of loosing Aero efficiency vs Cool looking Wheels?

    I too bought the ‘stealth performance’ version, and I regret that choice. At the time it cost an extra five grand (no longer) for the bigger wheels and low profile tires. I thought that the lowered suspension and low profile tires would be less than optimal in snowy conditions, so I didn't tick...
  22. FarmerDave

    Tesla Model 3 goes to the Prom...

    Was he aware of the ‘Romance’ Easter egg? Do you know if it was activated?
  23. FarmerDave

    What’s the dumbest thing you’ve heard about EVs?

    Tesla tried that on the original roadster. Transmission didn't hold up -- too much torque. We'll see about the Taycan when you can buy one.
  24. FarmerDave

    AWD & PAWD VIN’s

    Since there's apparently no difference on the VIN between Long Range Dual Motor and Performance Dual Motor, if you have the Performance model does the word 'Performance' appear when you tap the logo on the touchscreen? Mine does not show that even though I paid for Performance.
  25. FarmerDave

    Tesla only?

    After two years experience with our Signature Model X, we are now replacing our Lexus LS 460 with a Model S and will be an all electric, all Tesla household.
  26. FarmerDave

    Tesla only?

    @Zero CO2 Is that why you're posting on a Model X forum?;)
  27. FarmerDave

    Cross Country Road Trip

    We've made two road trips in our X; maiden voyage was central PA to Key West and back. Last summer was central PA to Maine, Nova Scotia, PEI, then through New Brunswick to the St. Lawrence, Quebec City, Montreal, Ithaca and back home. Our trips were more sightseeing and relaxed than yours will...
  28. FarmerDave

    Model X - Active Spoiler?

    Active spoiler was originally supposed to be a feature limited to Performance Model X's, but was also installed on some non-Performance for a short time. It was discontinued and all Model X's have had a fixed spoiler for quite some time.
  29. FarmerDave

    Damage - unsolved mystery....

    Jet plane toilet ice:eek:
  30. FarmerDave

    Model X charge port continuously opens while parked

    No, there's no "setting". I had a similar problem with my early X (while on a 3,000 mile road trip). Mine would also stay open while driving. SC replaced it and I've had no problems since.
  31. FarmerDave

    AC unit and Supercharging

    You're both right. The battery cooler is independent of the cabin climate settings, but they share the compressor and condenser.
  32. FarmerDave

    2017 Model X Battery Failure after 2.5 months

    Since the defective BMS allowed the traction battery to go dead and you don't mention its replacement, I would be concerned with the effect the incident has had on its life. Check to make sure the miles available after a 90% charge haven't diminished a lot from what it was before the incident...
  33. FarmerDave

    Acceleration Shudder

    Ride height affects the angle of the CV joints. Higher ride height increases the angle and increases the pressure/wear on the CV joints and half shafts. When the half shafts on my X were replaced the SC told me to NEVER accelerate hard (Insane Mode) with the height above "Low". Read the first...
  34. FarmerDave

    Windshield Cracking?

    I've noticed (couldn't miss it, actually) that when starting out on a cold day (warm cabin, below freezing outside) loud cracking sounds that seem to be coming from the passenger side around the windshield. I've heard this on a number of occasions and am guessing it is the windshield glass...
  35. FarmerDave

    Another tax credit and warranty question...

    Negotiate the price to include him passing the tax credit on to you in the form of a lower price.
  36. FarmerDave

    Model X Winter Experience

    Are you aware that you have to touch the defroster icon twice (for heated defrost) as opposed to one touch (for cold defrost)? Heated defrost always clears my windows in less than a minute, then I turn it off.
  37. FarmerDave

    2017.50.3.f3425a1 is out!

    Careful! That's a good way to crack a windshield!
  38. FarmerDave

    Seat Heater Harness Pictures for 5 seater or new 7 seater model X?

    I assume you're aware that all the seats have occupancy sensors?
  39. FarmerDave

    Key protection

    Funny, that's WHY I got the Abstract Ocean cover, after another patient in the doctor's waiting room asked if that was my fob on the floor under my chair. Given the price of a replacement I prefer a little stickiness to losing the fob when I'm seated.
  40. FarmerDave

    Long Reboot

    How long do you leave your PC running without shutting down and restarting? Your Tesla is a PC on wheels. I've found over the past two years that I have to force a reboot of my Model X on average every six weeks, sometimes while driving (the car still runs). Even my iPad needs rebooting more...
  41. FarmerDave

    Inaccurate range estimate??

    Cold weather is a bitch for BEVs. Today I drove at low speed (<40 mph) about ten miles through light snow and 15 degree air. Averaged 605 Wh/mile!
  42. FarmerDave

    FWDs wouldn't open, couldn't override

    You need to clean brake dust off your rims? Do you have regen turned off? I never get brake dust on the rims... I use the brakes so seldom it just doesn't occur. edit: formatting
  43. FarmerDave

    I hope one day we get warning alerts and AEB for Deer. Please.

    I agree about the sadness that comes from hitting a deer...
  44. FarmerDave

    Defrosters on while NOT in vehicle?

    Elon tweeted about this today, said it will be in the next update. Elon Musk talks upcoming Tesla updates and features in latest Tweetstorm
  45. FarmerDave

    No software update in 4 weeks now

    Same here. Was it a fleet-wide update?
  46. FarmerDave

    Strange charge port behavior?

    I support your theory. My X does the same.
  47. FarmerDave

    Model X trunk latch issue

    I had a similar problem with my X and Tesla Service told me how to adjust the closing with the two large black "bumpers" on either side of the lift gate. You probably need to turn one or both of them counter-clockwise a turn or so to allow the lift gate to fully close.
  48. FarmerDave

    Garage door railing protection against falcon wing door

    Nice installation, but isn't the connector rod in the middle where the FWDs can't possibly hit it?
  49. FarmerDave

    Tire replacement time.

    You're wise to replace those tires before heading for snow country. Check the pricing at Tire Rack before you have the SC do it. I replaced my 4 Continental CrossContact LX from them for $1,398 including shipping. They will provide names and rates of local firms to R&R the tires.

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