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  1. NOLA_Mike

    Selling 19" Wheels + Winter Tires for Model S

    So here's my situation. As a long time Model S owner, I've always had the 21" wheels with summer performance tires. In late 2015 I bought (directly from Tesla) the 19" Winter Wheel Set for my then 2014 P85D and later use with my 2016 90D when I would travel to Colorado and Utah during the...
  2. NOLA_Mike

    Does this make me a bad person? (Post w/ little substance)

    So, I've pretty much come to terms with and accept the fact that any car that is actually driven or even taken outside is subject to bird poop - clear coat eating acidic bird poop. What I want to know is does it make me a bad person if I fantasize about eliminating the birds that poop on the...
  3. NOLA_Mike

    New Orleans Tesla Meet & Greet

    I had the pleasure of attending a Tesla gathering in New Orleans City Park on Saturday. Model 3s in every available color were in attendance and it was a great turn out. One of the attendees took some drone footage and gave me permission to share here: Mike
  4. NOLA_Mike

    Suggested Change to Steering Profile/Program Model S/X

    I suggest adding an additional Steering Mode Program called "VARIABLE ASSIST" where in the steering program is SPORT when at highway speeds and is COMFORT at parking lot speeds. Currently our choices are Comfort, Standard, Sport. Variable assist power steering is not new and seems like it...
  5. NOLA_Mike

    Suggested User Interface Change - Climate Control

    My suggestion to improve the climate control interface - add the heated steering wheel and heated front windshield controls as shown below (red arrows) so they are easily accessible without having to drill down into submenus: There is room and I think the added function would far out weigh...
  6. NOLA_Mike

    21" Wheels & Tires on late 2016 build 90D

    For anyone wondering or interested, my 12/2016 build Model S 90D which I ordered with grey 21" wheels came with the staggered setup. Continental ContiSportContactSP Conti-Silent 245/35ZR21 in front 265/35ZR21 in rear Exactly the same sizes as was on my P85D. I'm a bit surprised as I thought...
  7. NOLA_Mike

    Tesla Data Transfer Protocols

    Looking at my (admittedly primitive) router logs, the following is sort of a "typical day" in the life of the Model S data transfer: Granted, this is not a complete day's worth since anytime I leave it is transferring data via cell network but I'm curious as to what data goes in and out over...
  8. NOLA_Mike

    Tesla provided Cellular Data Plan - Free forever?

    With the recent announcement of "Unlimited Supercharging for free" ending and details of the upcoming program expected to be announced before year's end I have to wonder if/when Tesla will take the opportunity to announce an end to unlimited free cellular data. From memory, when Tesla was...
  9. NOLA_Mike

    Autonomous - the regulatory and legal hurdles

    So, I admit that I am mostly ignorant with regards to what Federal and / or State laws are currently in existence that would prevent/prohibit/limit an autonomous vehicle from operating on public roads. Those in the know, what laws exist now (if any) that would stop anyone from sending a...
  10. NOLA_Mike

    Hurricane Matthew

    Good luck to all our Florida Tesla Peeps in the path of Hurricane Matthew. One thing's for sure, you are not amongst the hoards in line for gasoline. Mike
  11. NOLA_Mike

    Rated vs. Ideal Miles vs. What Should We See

    Does anybody actually use "Ideal Miles" in everyday life with a Tesla? I find it hard to achieve "Rated Miles" without conscious effort of slowing down and the cooperation of weather and terrain. I can't even remember what Ideal Miles is based on - is it some nebulous figure achieved by...
  12. NOLA_Mike


    New Mexico. Second day of summer. 'nuff said...
  13. NOLA_Mike


    Anybody know what happened to @Cottonwood? He hasn't posted for almost 2 months... Mike
  14. NOLA_Mike

    Supercharger - Monroe, LA

    Based on reliable information it would seem that a Monroe, LA site will be under construction soon (if not already - Tesla is getting pretty good at getting these sites in without anyone knowing lately). Thanks to @johngratcliff for this initial seed information on a probable site for the...
  15. NOLA_Mike

    I-10 Closed @ TX/LA Border

    I-10 closed in both directions due to flooding of the Sabine River at the Texas/Louisiana border. If you had left Houston North Supercharger and made it all the way to Orange, TX before realizing the interstate was closed you would likely need a back up charging plan to either get back to...
  16. NOLA_Mike

    Tires - Staggered Size

    ContiSilent Tires Available in Staggered Sizes For the first time I can recall while perusing The Tire Rack this morning I see the Continental ContiSport Silent are available in Tesla OEM 21" staggered tire sizes. The OEM Michelins are all I have ever seen available. The treadwear rating...
  17. NOLA_Mike

    Firmware 7.1

    Firmware Version 7.1 roll out has begun. 2.9.154 received last night. Please update ev-fw.com Release notes: continued in next post...
  18. NOLA_Mike

    Denver vicinity rentals

    Do you guys have any leads or suggestions for Denver area short term rentals (weekly or monthly rentals - vacation rentals) that are EV friendly (i.e., have some means for charging). By Denver vicinity I mean anything from Denver proper to about 75 to 100 miles out. Mike
  19. NOLA_Mike


    Is there a CHAdeMO station anywhere in Houston that doesn't require eVgo membership? I have spent quite a bit of time on plugshare and I don't see one... Mike
  20. NOLA_Mike

    P85D Tire Update

    I damaged one of my front tires hitting a rolled up/pot hole section of black top on the interstate at 75 MPH the other day. Since tire wear has been an item of discussion here virtually from the introduction of the Model S I thought I'd post an update. I have the 21" rims with the staggered...
  21. NOLA_Mike

    Firmware 6.2 - Trip Planner (Beta) Reports

    Firmware Version .236 I just finished a 2,775 mile round trip from New Orleans to Northern New Jersey and I have to say that while the concept of Trip Planner is great the current implementation is Beta at best (maybe more like Alpha). Here's my experience. I started off at home (New Orleans...
  22. NOLA_Mike

    My First Run thru Mid-Atlantic Corridor

    Ok, I probably need my head examined for starting this trip during Memorial Day Weekend but it's happening. I'm traveling from New Orleans to Basking Ridge, NJ next week early and then returning late week. It looks like a fully supercharged trip save for the leg from Atlanta to Charlotte, NC...
  23. NOLA_Mike

    Maximum Torque Sleep tied to Range Mode

    Will Tesla ever separate most efficient torque sleep from limiting the climate control? Personally, I hope so. And I hope it's done before we hit the heat of summer. I want the maximum benefits of torque sleep and its associated energy savings without sacrificing cooling when I need the air...
  24. NOLA_Mike

    Blogs on TMC

    How does the Blog Section work with respect to visibility to the public? Is a new blog post immediately visible to everyone or is there a certain amount of time or review by moderators when a blog changes from "Moderated Blog" to viewable by anyone? If there is a FAQ regarding this topic just...
  25. NOLA_Mike

    Random Ramblings on 20 Months of Model S Ownership - Part II

    First Roadtrip (Continued from Part I) The Supercharging experience literally changed the way I viewed the EV experience in less than an hour. I plugged in with 37 rated miles remaining and immediately started charging at 120 kW. Watching the rated miles tick up at that rate finally gave me the...
  26. NOLA_Mike

    Disappointed in the movement of Supercharging Threads

    I gotta say I'm disappointed the moderators decided to move all the supercharging threads to regional threads. I was interested in where superchargers were going in around the country but I'm not interested in wading through a dozen regional threads to try and find them. Just my opinion. Mike
  27. NOLA_Mike

    Random Ramblings on 20 Months of Model S Ownership - Part I

    My Tesla Model S journey started in early 2013. I had been casually watching Tesla since the first photos of Model S prototypes were published but in early 2013 I realized this car was for real and you could order it now. I do not consider myself particularly "green". However, I am a car...
  28. NOLA_Mike

    What do you consider acceptable speed for increased range?

    So, over the course of my time here (almost 2 years now) I have seen many posts pop up in all different kinds of threads that seem to indicate to me that some (many?) people here believe that if you don't drive the Posted Speed Limit that you are essentially a hazard to traffic and a menace to...
  29. NOLA_Mike

    Supercharger - Slidell, LA

    Slidell, LA will be the next location going East from the Texas Supercharger Island. Good location at the intersection of I-10, I-12 & I-59. I'm on the look out for the permit application...
  30. NOLA_Mike

    It's the little things - Auto High Beam

    I love all the new features added to my P85D yesterday with the 6.1 update. I think the TACC works as well or better than my previous Audi A7. The improvements made to the parking sensors and the corresponding display are a big improvement. Shuffle is a nice addition. But of everything they...
  31. NOLA_Mike

    V6.0 Owner's Manual

    I just noticed the v6.0 of the Model S Owner's Manual (North America) is up in the "Model S Guides" Section of My Tesla Documents. It's dated 12/31/2014. Mike
  32. NOLA_Mike

    P85D Musings

    After a little more than 24 hours into my new P85D ownership a few more miscellaneous observations... Unlike my mid-2013 P85+ there's not much in the way of printed manuals for the car. There's a relatively small manual with some information on towing, warranty and the like. It refers you to...
  33. NOLA_Mike

    Tracking P85D Next Generation Seats Delivery Thread

    As if we didn't have enough tracking, delivery and general complaint threads I thought I'd start another one. This one is for those of us waiting on the Next Generation Recaro Seats to be retrofitted in our new P85D. I got the Nappa Seats in mine (both front and back) and while they are...
  34. NOLA_Mike

    2 New HPWC locations

    I noticed 2 new HPWC locations popped up today on the Tesla Find Us page. One in Jackson, MS and one in LaPlace, LA (New Orleans vicinity). Nice to see these going in too. Mike
  35. NOLA_Mike

    Supercharger Status in North America

    Regarding the Supercharger status map at Teslamotors.com and seeing as to how it is almost the end of October, shouldn't the "Coming Soon" and "2014" be almost the same? As of now, there are quite a few more dots in the "2014" map than there are in the "Coming Soon" map. I know that when...
  36. NOLA_Mike

    Supercharger - Baton Rouge, LA

    Rumor is that negotiations are underway to place a Tesla Supercharger Site at the Acadian Village Shopping Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I have not seen anything regarding a permit application as of now but am on the look out for that. This is an area that has a "dot" for installation...
  37. NOLA_Mike

    Supercharger - Baton Rouge, LA

    Deleted - Mods please delete - I meant to post this in the main Charging Standards and Infrastructure Forum.
  38. NOLA_Mike

    Suggested Email to Potential Destination Charging Locations (Hotels, etc.)

    I've had my Model S for 1 year now (took delivery on 6/23/2013). In the course of that year I've put about 10,000 miles on it but, until this week, had yet to travel beyond the "charging radius" of my home. This week I made a 1,215 mile round trip to the Texas Hill Country and back to New...
  39. NOLA_Mike

    Galleria HPWC location

    I'm travelling through Houston from New Orleans and have been told that I can access the Tesla HPWCs at the Galleria 24 hours. Can anyone tell me specifically where they are located? Thanks in advance, Mike

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