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  1. live2veg

    Anyone fit a super73 in Model Y trunk?

    I can fit a road bike but not sure about a super73 ebike? anyone?
  2. live2veg

    POLL: Does your Model Y make this humming sound?

    I have an April 2021 build and mine makes noises (humming) for hours while it's parked. Been like that from day one and also seem to lose approximately 1 mile/hr (w/ sentry mode off).
  3. live2veg

    2020 cars with radar

    Good question I've been wondering the same. Does that mean our radar equipped car will be obsolete? Did the radar-less cars replace the radar with more cameras and thus the same software can not work on both cars?
  4. live2veg

    Current Delivery Times

    Took delivery of my second (rejected the first) LRAWD on 4/29 ordered on 4/5 (yes Bay Area bias). Removed wheel covers, installed black covers and tinted side windows and windshield. Thinking about power coating wheels but might save the money and wait for Rimetrix Y wheel covers in the fall...
  5. live2veg

    Ordered 3/25 and build is set for mid April

    Interesting initial txt was to deliver to my house on 4/29th, two days later txt to pick up in fremont factory 4/29. second delivery as first i denied (paint damage and large gaps). little concerned given the big ramp in model y production equals poor build quality.
  6. live2veg

    No Delivery Window

    Tesla schedule home delivery for this Thursday yesterday. Today they changed and now scheduled to pick-up in Fremont. No time given until day of pick-up.
  7. live2veg

    Deep Blue Metallic Model Y Picture Thread

    What kind of floor mats? they look nice. also where you get the wood trim for the center console that matches the dash so well!
  8. live2veg

    Ordered 3/25 and build is set for mid April

    Just came back from Fremont factory and rejected the car. Ordered 4/5 LR AWD blue/black 19" wheels. front bumper had paint damage, hood gap not even, big gap down front doors (esp by side mirror), hatch closed past body about 1/2". Would have accept for some of these issues but just too many...
  9. live2veg

    Ordered 3/25 and build is set for mid April

    Ordered 4/5: LR AWD Blue/Black, Gemini, no hitch or FSD
  10. live2veg

    Ordered 3/25 and build is set for mid April

    Ordered 4/5, received vin 4/13 173xxx, text from Tesla to pick up 4/17, 4/15 vin removed from account (delivery time back to 5-7 weeks), 4/16 new vin assigned 181xxx, txt from Tesla to pick up 4/17. What is going on??????
  11. live2veg

    New aftermarket Aero Wheel Covers

    Yes I like the Aero covers too not sure why Gemini wasn't black to match the chrome delete theme
  12. live2veg

    New aftermarket Aero Wheel Covers

    I asked Rimetrix on their facebook page if the design will be the same as the model 3. The design will be different so I'll hold my judgement until we see a preview.
  13. live2veg

    Ordered 3/25 and build is set for mid April

    Talked to Tesla rep (SA not working today) she said the car must not have passed inspection so they pulled the vin. can she give me a better excuse? Then she said you only ordered (4/5) 10 days ago and would be normally 5-9 weeks? Oh well I guess I'm back in the queue :(
  14. live2veg

    Ordered 3/25 and build is set for mid April

    Was set to pick up this Sat (4/17) at the Fremont plant, 9am-6pm just waiting for Tesla to let me know the time. Now logged into my account and now my vin is gone and delivery date says 5-9 weeks from order date??? Tried calling my SA no answer. Did Tesla just screw me and reassigned my vin to...
  15. live2veg

    Current Delivery Times

    My vin is a few numbers after yours. Ordered 4/5 LR, blue/black, 19", no fsd. Picking up at Fremont factory this Saturday (4/17).
  16. live2veg

    Ordered 3/25 and build is set for mid April

    Everyone seems to be assigned a VIN so I just checked my account. Surprise surprise assign VIN 173xxx. Order 4/5. Delivery date changed to 4/13-4/16. 20 min from Fremont factory.
  17. live2veg

    Ordered 3/25 and build is set for mid April

    Ordered 4/5 LR blue, black, 19" wheels, delivery dates moved in to 4/14-4/26. 18 miles from Fremont factory. Maybe they won't wait EOQ for Bay Area delivery???
  18. live2veg

    Current Delivery Times

    i order the same date with the same color and configuration less tow-hitch. btw did your configuration drop 1k in price? i’m asking my SA to verify.
  19. live2veg

    MY just went up $500

    The base LR AWD at time of order 4/5 was 49,990 now (just check the site) it's 48,990. I live in CA so consider the $1,500 rebate.
  20. live2veg

    MY just went up $500

    I order on 4/5 and notice the price has decreased 1K. Can the SA adjust my order or is it better to cancel and reorder to save $900 as I'm willing to forgo the $100 deposit to save $900.
  21. live2veg

    How many Y do you spot in a day?

    Well we have 4 MY, 3 M3, 2 MX, 1 MS, 2 etron, 1 bolt and 1 Mach E in my neighborhood. The one neighbor has the M3, MX and the Mach E
  22. live2veg

    Powder Coating Gemini

    Btw how long will powder coat last? How easy to chip and show the silver color underneath?
  23. live2veg

    Model Y standard range is here

    Very simple. The decision to build RWD SR is to push more cars. Offering a 40K model Y will get Tesla to reach 800K+ deliveries in 2021. Happy as a TSLA shareholder, sad as wanting a Model Y RWD LR
  24. live2veg

    RWD MY Waiting Room

    I'm assuming they'll not make LR RWD just like in the Model 3....a pity.
  25. live2veg

    California waiting room Q4

    My dad took this photo from Tesla Rocklin. On christmas day....no days off. If you ordered a white 3 or Y it's coming.....
  26. live2veg

    RWD MY Waiting Room

    So perhaps they'll ship out all the pre-order by end of Q4 and start taking new orders in Q1...makes sense.
  27. live2veg

    RWD LR Order?

    Now that the Model Y AWD has increased to 326 mile range, what will RWD LR be? 345? Can't wait!
  28. live2veg

    RWD LR Order?

    It's been a few months now since Elon mentioned LR RWD will be available in a "few months". Figure early Oct start to pump up orders in Q4. Any idea?
  29. live2veg

    RWD MY Waiting Room

    What you think the estimated delivery time once the RWD LR is available? I'm assuming theirs a large backlog of preorders to get to first.
  30. live2veg

    Tesla offering vehicle wraps in China

    Not Model Y but X
  31. live2veg

    Full XPEL Stealth PPF Wrap

    NIce first blacked out emblem i've seen!!!
  32. live2veg

    Getting Paint corrected & Ceramic coating plus Window Tint :)

    super nice. please share front and back shots too!
  33. live2veg

    Please help. Insurance

    Is Costco using Ameriprise? I'm also in Campbell how much are they charging (approximate)?
  34. live2veg

    Updates on black MY?

    Can we see the plastidip on the logos and Dual Motor?
  35. live2veg

    China: Tesla Approved To Produce Model 3 With LFP Batteries

    Standard Range Plus in China is 277 mile range? Is that correct? Fremont plant cars are only 250 mile range. Do they use a bigger battery or just increase through software?
  36. live2veg

    Model Y after fremont reopened

    Just curious if Tesla spent that downtime making improvements to production and if the results show.
  37. live2veg

    Model Y after fremont reopened

    Has anyone receive their model Y after Fremont reopened for production? And did they fix any of the problems from production before shutdown? eg. paint, panel gaps, window issue, hatchback closure, etc.
  38. live2veg

    18' cable wall connectors back in stock

    Hmmm just checked again....18ft and 8.5ft "sold out". Starting to wonder if I'm going to the wrong site?
  39. live2veg

    18' cable wall connectors back in stock

    How many do they keep in stock as they're already out
  40. live2veg

    Model Y - Hands On

    Has anyone measured with the second row seats down the measurement? I want to see if I can fit my bike without taking the front wheel off.

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