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    I don't expect any significant releases until they start delivering the updated S and X. My guess is there will be a big update at that time for AP and the UI.
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    Electrek reports that Tesla to offer bird's eye view with FSD

    The picture is real, it's just not native to tesla. Search the forum, people have installed that system on older teslas. Requires additional cameras to work.
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    Raven wind noise?

    Push the seal back in. But it eventually popped off again. So I scheduled a service appt and they replaced it under warranty and glued it down good.
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    Raven wind noise?

    Told service and they repaired it under warranty.
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    Youtube not working on LTE with 36.2.1 software

    I'm on 32.2.1 with model X raven and it still works on LTE for me.
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    It’s nice to start seeing HW3 specific features rolling out.
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    Problems with Auto Lane change in 32.12.2

    I'm having this same crazy issue with 32.12.5. Can't wait for another update to fix this!!
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    New update on Teslafi: 2019.32.12.3

    Ever since downloading 32.12.5 my AP won't make automatic lane changes. Proximity sensors seem to be going haywire and detecting false objects on both sides preventing the vehicle from switching lanes.
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    MX Smart Summon worse than other models?

    I agree. I'm hoping it's because they haven't done tuned it for the AP3 computers yet. They need to unleash the full power of the new computer already. AP on the freeway is too aggressive and still getting phantom braking.
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    2019.32.12.2 Navigation / Screen Issues

    Got a hold of Tesla support and they were able to push another update to my car. Must have been a bad download or something. All is good now
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    Navigation frozen and auto steering limited to 45 mph

    Good to know, hopefully mine resolves on its own too. I'm going on 2 days now, no fix yet.
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    Navigation frozen and auto steering limited to 45 mph

    How did you get this resolved. I seem to be having the same issue with the latest update. Thanks!
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    2019.32.12.2 Navigation / Screen Issues

    Thanks for the idea. Didn't work for me. Driven around for 2 days now and still not updating.
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    2019.32.12.2 Navigation / Screen Issues

    Latest Raven AP3
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    2019.32.12.2 Navigation / Screen Issues

    Tried powering off for 10 min and still same issue.
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    2019.32.12.2 Navigation / Screen Issues

    I upgraded to 2019.32.12.2 and now the navigation maps are frozen and the car is not recognizing my actual location anymore. Additionally, the AP is not showing lanes or cars on the smaller screen. I tried resetting the car multiple times and nothing. Any ideas?
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    Early Access Program Discontinued?

    Received this email from Tesla: Our Early Access Program is not active at this time. We will email Early Access members for future updates to the program. For all vehicle related concerns, please reach out to your local service center representative or schedule a service appointment through...
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    Sentry mode turns off

    Interesting find, my USB stick was not inserted, yet Sentry Mode still recorded 2 events and was still active. I'm assuming the Sentry Mode recordings were sent to the Tesla cloud for temporary storage. Guess if there was damage to my vehicle I could reach out to Tesla support to get the clips.
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    Emergency Braking Question

    When you know you know. It's hard to describe but amazing when you realize the car doing extra work to save you.
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    Emergency Braking Question

    Yes, that's what it's supposed to do. It's saved me a few times even at super low speeds in a parking lot.
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    Power Outlets, How Many and Where

    Two up front, two in the middle row above the cup holders, and one in the 3rd row by the cup holders. 1 cigarette lighter plug in the front.
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    Raven 100% charge miles decreased

    This is the primary reason I leave my car on % instead of miles. Even with it on miles, it's never accurate based on driving conditions, sentry on, etc.
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    Still a problem: plugging in a car when your hands are full.

    This is called a first world problem.
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    Auto Pilot - need to confirm

    You need FSD for lane changes with the stalk.
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    Enough with the Games, already.

    In my opinion, as a Tesla owner since 2016, people who just recently purchased a Tesla are acting like Millenials who need instant gratification. I've never seen Tesla whip out new features this quickly, albeit games and other minor functions. Believe it or not, there actually was a time...
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    Anyone else just get invited to EAP?

    I'm curious how people are able to post videos of unreleased features. Doesn't that violate Tesla's EAP terms? Do they have some sort of agreement with Tesla?
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    Anyone else just get invited to EAP?

    Still no updates here. Assuming we'll get v10 once it's ready for EAP
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    Handsfree Mic Sound Quality

    I haven't had any complaints with my Raven X. Have noticed though that I need to crank the volume up to 9 to hear the other party though! That needs to be updated
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    Anyone else just get invited to EAP?

    I do use my AP 90% of the time. But I do also have HW3. So who knows.
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    2019.28.2 (320fba0)

    I have HW3 with 28.2. My post was old.
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    Anyone else just get invited to EAP?

    Both, a Model X equipped with HW3. Didn't think that statement needed more explaining. :D
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    Anyone else just get invited to EAP?

    Model X with HW3 here. Assume that's why I got invited.
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    Anyone else just get invited to EAP?

    I got the email.
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    Sentry Mode WAY too sensitive

    When Sentry Mode is triggered, the system will save the last 10 minutes from the trigger timestamp. They key would be to look at 10 minute segments, and watch the last minute (and review anything prior if there was significant activity). This website (created by a TMC forum member I think)...
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    "Raven" firmare suspension upgrade?

    Over 100mph? Not many people take their cars to the tracks, and even then tracks should be clean and smooth. They need to update it for normal driving use. I've noticed my Model X with the new suspension does not take speed bumps very well. They need to update that.
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    2019.28.2 (320fba0)

    I know this is a model 3 sub forum but I’m a Model X HW3.
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    2019.28.2 (320fba0)

    I'm HW3 and the HW3 versions on teslafi appear accurate. As soon as a new HW3 version is released my vehicle gets it with Advanced turned on.
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    2019.28.2 (320fba0)

    No HW3 cars are listed on teslafi with the.28.x software.
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    Just got navigation data update NA-2019.20-10487

    I have HW3. I'm hoping for updated maps asap. There are tons of roads and speed limits in my neighborhood that aren't in the system. And the directions to my home are inaccurate.
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    Raven wind noise?

    My wind noise was coming from the door seal near the driver's side mirror. Once I pushed it all the way in the noise went away
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    Just got navigation data update NA-2019.20-10487

    What firmware are you on? I'm on 2019.24.4, but my maps is still on NA-2019.6-10236.
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    Tesla hasn't given me my supercharger miles after 2 referrals

    Same issue here. My DS says he escalated to the managers at the referral team but still no miles in my account yet.
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    Just got 2019.24.4

    I have HW3 and just got 24.4 today
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    2019 Raven S total failure at 75mph-Chapter 1

    Any info on your battery level when you lost power?
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    2019 SDGE EV Climate Credit Approved

    Assuming you applied for the credit through SDGE.
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    Anyone received delivery of 2019 'Raven' Refresh?

    Do you mean Midnight Silver? Or did you order a pre-owned?
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    Anyone received delivery of 2019 'Raven' Refresh?

    On my 2016 Model S, the scroll wheels reboot the main center screen. The upper buttons reboot the smaller drivers screen.
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    Anyone received delivery of 2019 'Raven' Refresh?

    I heard holding the scroll wheels with the brake pedal depressed?

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