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    Model S dead, "Vehicle may not restart"

    strange... I had the battery heater replaced, the 12v was recently replaced and then got this same message. my baby is in the SC awaiting a new p drive unit
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    Model S dead, "Vehicle may not restart"

    I am out of warranty and got the same alert... then it's prophecy came true and the car would not start. I had it towed to the service center and now am awaiting a new P85 drive unit. I have no idea why that would be the reason, but hey, it's still under that 8 year drivetrain warranty.
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    Dead screens. Will not charge. Won’t connect to app but doors and windows will open

    I got an alert yesterday and brought my car home. BMS_w035. Car may not restart. I scheduled a service appointment. Today my car is bricked. The doors open and windows open but everything else is dead. It has a brand new 12v battery. I know that you can’t diagnose this but has anyone...
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    Rattle sound in front left tire area

    wow :) checking my latch
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    Rattle sound in front left tire area

    very interesting.. you would think that they would check that. It may be that I asked to check the suspension and mentioned the sound and they couldn't find anything wrong or out of normal for the age of the car. thanks.. I will have them check that out
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    Rattle sound in front left tire area

    that is what I am thinking too, something loose, like a cap or something touching something metal that bounces on vibration
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    Rattle sound in front left tire area

    thank you, I am out of warranty anyway. maybe it's something up above the wheel in the fender area. I have air suspension and it seems to be working ok.
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    Rattle sound in front left tire area

    No, it actually doesn't make any noise on bumpy roads.. just on something like the light cobbles/pavers, like it is shaking a rattle a kids rattle. very high pitched... it's hard to record as it only happens in certain circumstances. Not on speed bumps or bumps on a dirt road which we have...
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    Rattle sound in front left tire area

    I only notice this when I am driving with the windows open. At the entrance to my development, there is a patch with cobblestones, it's a slight left hand turn and when I ride over it, I hear a strange light rattling sound.. it comes from the right front wheel area. I have brought it in to the...
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    What VIN does AutoPilot start?

    55889- my car spent it's first 8,000 miles in a tesla store giving test rides. I thought I was early AP1, I love my car. just about to hit 100k in miles
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    Got hit, advice appreciated

    How cool, glad that you got her back. send photos
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    Battery coolant heater failure

    The alerts that pop up when this happens are frightening. "Car may not start" "car unable to supercharge" "top speed limited, no regen" I called service, they got me in the next day and replaced it.
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    What's next after V10.0?

    I would like the ability to configure my main screen a little more.. I live in Phoenix and can't stand that those seat heater controls and defrost controls are there on the main screen all the time.. I have accidently started to heat my seat more than once, when I meant to lower the temp. why...
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    2015 Model S Buyer's Remorse - advice

    I did buy a CPO 2014 almost 2 years ago and my warranty is about up. right now at 90,000 miles I can say that the few times it was in the shop were for inexpensive items.. the 12 v battery was replaced on warranty, and Tesla did a check of the High powered connectors.. that would have been all...
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    Supercharger - Tusayan, AZ

    I asked them this morning and was told that they are waiting for a final inspection but it is Tesla’s project so they aren’t sure when that will happen.
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    Supercharger - Tusayan, AZ

    Here are a couple of photos. I power to anything. The destination chargers were turned off so I flipped the switch and. If I v. I reset it. Othinv. The front desk said that they would be ready soon.
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    Supercharger - Tusayan, AZ

    They look so nice. But no juice hooked up yet Sept 9 2019. 12 super chargers and a boatload of destination chargers
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    What's your 90%?

    p85 with 79,000 miles my 90% is 232
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    Buying used - what max mileage would you buy?

    I drive a lot, so when I saw the warranties of 4/50,000 miles ore 2 years/ up to 100,000 miles the latter was actually a better deal for me. My car feels like new looks like new and it was one of the last fully refurbished cpo cars (sometimes I wonder if mine broke the bank) I now am close to...
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    I love........

    being able to drive from Phoenix to Twentynine Palms, California and not pay a dime for supercharging.... oh and I love just looking at my car.
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    Buy a used Model S

    I would buy Used from Tesla. I have a CPO Model S p85 and it has been great. You get an extended warranty. here are the things to thing about. If you need to have the latest and greatest.. I mean, if you would wait in line at an apple store for the the next phone.. regardless if your phone...

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