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    Model X in the ocean

    Thanks to Chevy Bolt EV Forum, I learned of a Model X in the ocean. I bet they don't make great boats or submarines. ;) More below: https://kymkemp.com/2021/07/16/the-car-of-urban-cool-meets-humboldts-savage-seas-it-does-not-go-well/...
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    San Lorenzo family blames Tesla Autopilot for crash that killed teen son: lawsuit

    Was on local news earlier tonight. Didn't find a previous thread after some digging... https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/san-lorenzo-family-files-lawsuit-against-tesla-blaming-autopilot-for-crash-that-killed-teen-son/ Bay Area Family Suing Tesla Blames Son's Death On Nascent Autopilot...
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    Nissan bets big on UK with EV battery plant and new crossover

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    warnings/info about profile posts being not being private conversations?

    Not sure if there's a better place for this. I noticed at the bottom of What's new (and went back further) is that some folks seem to (I think) be under the belief that profile posts to others are private conversations. Some have included PII like phone numbers. I don't think the people who...
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    Yahoo! products/properties being shut down

    Many have shut down over time but Yahoo! Answers is another casualty. https://www.theverge.com/2021/4/5/22368488/yahoo-answers-shutdown-may-4-internet-era-over-rip https://www.npr.org/2021/04/11/986203233/how-yahoo-answers-shaped-the-internet. I'm glad the latter brought up this gem: how is...
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    CNBC interview w/Eberhard and Tarpenning

    I'd put it in Video but I couldn't start a thread there... was posted on Feb 6, 2021 by CNBC. I recently watched it. Oddly. at the end, they mentioned it was taped in Oct 2019.
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    new DC FCs along state highways in central CA

    Wasn't sure if it should go here or North America. Learned of the below from 22 new fast charging stations in Central California and and a Bolt driver in Facebook Groups who was trying out some of them and posting about them. New Electric Vehicle Fast Chargers Now Available Along State...
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    VW $5 million Environmental Mitigation Trust fund for charging infrastructure feedback

    I learned of this via a post from Bay Area Air Quality Management District. The page begins with: If people are interested/have feedback, see above.
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    CHAdeMO adapter price reduction

    Yes, I know there's another thread (CHAdeMO Adapter) but it's in the Model S area and I just resurrected it after 4.5 years of no posts. Someone else in another thread noticed the price has dropped in the US to $400 from $450. See CHAdeMO Adapter. For Canadians, CHAdeMO Adapter has it at $530...
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    For those in MN, ND and WI: ZEF Energy & Tritium Offering Free EV Charging For Holiday Season

    ZEF Energy & Tritium Offering Free EV Charging For Holiday Season Obviously, you'd need a vehicle compatible with CHAdeMO or SAE Combo to take advantage...
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    RIP Tony Hsieh, former CEO of Zappos

    Tony Hsieh, former Zappos CEO, passes away at 46 Passing of a Visionary: Tony Hsieh, former Zappos CEO, dies at 46 | KLAS https://twitter.com/reviewjournal/status/1332588148879097856?s=20 says
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    Mullen USA/Technologies

    Rather than start new threads for each of their seemingly vaporware vehicles, let's just discuss here. Home - Mullen Technologies- Dragonfly k50 - EV Vehicle Manufacture currently lists the (Qiantu) Dragonfly K50 and a relatively new appearance, the MX 05. Previously, they "had" stuff like...
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    Star Trek virtual meets/watch alongs with actors or notable staff

    I started at Star Trek: TNG virtual meets/watch alongs with actors or notable staff elsewhere. I am looking forward to per GalaxyCon Live - GalaxyCon is More Than a Comic Con, We're a Festival of Fandom. I'd watched a live chat w/Shatner Saturday morning thru the above outfit. I've seen some...
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    Waymo brings in $2.25 billion from outside investors, Alphabet

    I found out about it elsewhere and found someone had already posted it in the very long TSLA investor thread which I don't read anyway, I figure it make sense in this forum too. Waymo brings in $2.25 billion from outside investors, Alphabet – TechCrunch Waypoint - The official Waymo blog: Waymo...
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    Frontline ep on PBS: Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos

    Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos has more info and a trailer. It's airing tonight. My TiVo's set to record it.
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    Model 3 crashes crashes through front of Danville salon

    This made local news the other day. Tesla crashes through front of Danville salon in Blackhawk Plaza Tesla Slams Into Salon At Danville's Blackhawk Shopping Center Ugh... made a typo and doubled the word crash. I can't seem too fix it. Hopefully a mod can remove the extra word.
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    Lexus UX300e

    Lexus UX300e electric car revealed for China, Europe, Japan—but not US https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/lexus-ux-300e-electric-car-price-features/
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    11 foot 8 "can opener" bridge being raised :(

    Not sure if folks know about this: 11 FOOT 8 - The Canopener Bridge. It's a bridge famous for over-height trucks crashing into it. yovo68 seems to their channel. "Thanks" to another forum pointing to this tweet: Durham Transportation Department on Twitter, they're apparently going to raise it. :(
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    PBS NewsHour China: Power & Prosperity

    It's a multi-part series that's been airing recently as part of PBS NewsHour. I learned that it's 10 parts. They're also up on YouTube via China: Power & Prosperity - YouTube and they so far range from 5.5 to 12 minutes long each. I've watched each of them and some are interesting. I have...
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    Star Trek: Picard

    New trailer was dropped today. Shows a lot. Watch the first trailer for Star Trek: Picard 10 Things We Learned at the Star Trek Universe Panel
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    Mercedes Thieves Showed Just How Vulnerable Car-Sharing Can Be

    These aren't autonomous nor robotaxis but the same issue could happen with robotaxis (esp. if they're nice cars and have steering wheels and pedals) if the customers aren't background checked or it's turned off as a test/temporarily. "After Car2Go eased its background checks, 75 of its vehicles...
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    National Museum Day, Sat., Sept. 22, 2018 -- two free tickets to participating museums

    See Welcome to Museum Day | Museum Day | Smithsonian or Smithsonian Magazine's Museum Day for more info.
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    Teslas blocking EV spots and not charging in California

    Post pics here. I'll start. This Model 3 was at free public L2 J1772 only charging tonight, blocking an EV spot, not charging and didn't have their J1772 adapter inserted. This location ONLY has 8 J1772 EVSEs. There are NO other EVSEs nor DC chargers there and NO Tesla wall connectors nor...
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    free SiriusXM for those w/inactive radios

    Wasn't sure if there's already on thread on this or if it really works on Teslas (it should) but LISTEN FREE now through May 29 and take a different look. is currently offering free listening thru May 29, 2018. Unlike most of their free listen periods, it includes access via their app. Also...
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    Phone Distracted Driver on Autopilot Slams into Firetruck

    Heard about it on local news but it's been mentioned a few times (buried) in a couple unrelated threads. Police investigate Tesla Model S crash on Bangerter Highway Tesla With Autopilot Slams Into Stopped Truck At 60 MPH | HuffPost Tesla with Autopilot slams into truck stopped at red light...
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    Tesla employee arrested after gun brought to work discharges

    Heard about this on my local news tonight. Tesla Employee Arrested After Discharging Loaded Gun: Police Tesla employee arrested after bringing gun to work also reporting the same thing.
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    Rocky Mountain Institute and Evgo fleet and tariff analysis (relates to DC FCing)

    Thanks to a post on Log into Facebook | Facebook, from Press Releases press release at http://www.rmi.org/Content/Files/EVgo_press_release_2017.pdf. Report at http://blog.rmi.org/Content/Files/eLab_EVgo_Fleet_and_Tariff_Analysis_2017.pdf. Excerpt of press release
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    Charlie Rose interview w/Jim Lentz, CEO of Toyota North America Oct 2016

    I did watch it on TV. Jim Lentz - Charlie Rose It's not a MUST watch but it does make you step back a bit and think about the bigger picture (e.g. automaker that moves over 8 million vehicles/year worldwide vs. a niche automaker) and that almost exclusively does ICEVs, where the desired...
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    silly show involving William Shatner, George Foreman, Henry Winkler (The Fonz) and Terry Bradshaw

    Anyone watching? The show's called Better Late Than Never. It looks like it normally airs on Tuesdays on NBC. Those who are Star Trek TOS or fans of one the above guys might like this "reality show". It's a sort of a travel show but reminds me a bit of An Idiot Abroad along w/bits of Bizarre...
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    The Sixties (TV series) on CNN

    The Sixties - CNN.com Just noticed today that the above show is available on Netflix streaming in the US. I originally watched these when CNN was airing them. Discussion at The Sixties on CNN - TiVo Community. I watched The Space Race (and I think I enjoyed it). As I posted at The Sixties...
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    signatures won't display if not logged in

    I noticed some people like @Mark Z have sigs like this "This post contains data only for the use of the TMC or TM forums. Please PM for permission to copy or link outside the forums." Model X - Flawed or Flawless? has one of these. However, today I noticed that unless you're logged into "TMC"...
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    weird and whacky counterfeit electronics in China

    The video at A deep dive into the insane market of absurd counterfeit Apple products [Video] | 9to5Mac was hilarious. I guess I need to visit Shenzhen sometime. Post other weird stuff along these lines you've seen.
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    weird defect/design flaw w/some 2015-2016 GM large SUVs

    Theres SUVs and No One Seems to Have a Solution » AutoGuide.com News Apparently, they're complaining of some wind buffeting and vibrations. More in the linked article. Weird. I've never heard of anything like this before. But then again, I have no interest in such vehicles or anything...
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    Chaos on the Bridge (for Star Trek TNG fans)

    I stumbled across this on Netflix (in the US) a few days ago and watched it. It's only an hour long. From https://vimeo.com/ondemand/chaosonthebridge (I didn't watch via Vimeo. I watched via Netflix streaming.) IMHO, if you were a Star Trek TNG enthusiast, you'd probably find this piece...
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    automotive reliability and durability testing

    I pointed to automotive reliability and durability testing - My Nissan Leaf Forum at Drive Unit failure symptoms and thresholds for replacement - Page 5 and I'm not sure if people paid much attention or visited some of the links. Post links, articles, figures about automakers and their...
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    TTAC Long-term Tesla Model S thread (written by a NON-car guy)

    Not sure if someone started a thread on this yet... I stumbled across part 5 and hadn't even read all of the parts yet. Here are links to the parts so far. It's sometimes interesting to hear the POV of a non-car guy and a non-EV enthusiast, esp. about the Superchargers, even if you totally...
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    Business Insider/Yahoo Finance: Big Chunks Of The US Couldn't Care Less About Tesla

    http://finance.yahoo.com/news/big-chunks-us-couldnt-care-160111011.html I'd imagine they're referring to queries for http://www.google.com/trends/explore#q=tesla&date=1/2013+12m&cmpt=q&geo=US.
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    Apple USB Power Adapter Takeback Program ends 10/18/13

    USB Power Adapter Takeback Program - ends on October 18th. Only applicable if you want to replace any questionable/el-cheapo USB AC adapters for Apple ones for $10 (1 per iDevice). Apple's adapters do real well in the tests at Ken Shirriff's blog: A dozen USB chargers in the lab: Apple is very...
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    Looking back on the Arab Oil Embargo, 40 years ago this week (as of Oct 16, 2013)

    Looking back on the Arab Oil Embargo, 40 years ago this week I wasn't born yet for the 1st but have vague memories of the 2nd one in the late 70s w/the rationing and odd/even system w/flags. The press releases are long but IMHO, the sections on petroleum and the entire 2nd one are worth...
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    Tin whiskers in accelerator pedal mechanisms -> MIL or drivability problems

    Related to Another NHSTA Unintended Acceleration Complaint... Tin whiskers in accelerator pedal mechanisms have apparently caused problems for those w/Gen 1 (01-03) Priuses aka NHW11 and Camrys, in the past. See Accelerator Rebuild - lessons learned | PriusChat. Especially interesting...
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    PSA: APC 7 and 8 series surge protector recall (units made before 03)

    Recalled units look like the attached but have to be of the affected models and have the right serial number range. More info below. CPSC - Schneider Electric Recalls APC Surge Protectors Due to Fire Hazard IMPORTANT SAFETY RECALL | APC by Schneider Electric Every one of these that I had in...
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    When to report NHTSA issues?

    Good to hear they went out of their way to resolve your issue. This is definitely worthy of reporting to NHTSA as a safety complaint, esp. since you've given the automaker a chance to resolve the issue. Before some random anonymous yahoos decide to hit me again w/negative reputation points...
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    Yahoo Autos: Bold School: What Happens During a(n auto) Recall?

    Bold School: What Happens During a Recall? - Yahoo! Autos

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