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    Scotland road trip

    ive done the route twice but never encountered a tyre burst on rentals... i guess its just different risk exposure.
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    Relocating to UK - take Tesla with??

    sim- cant use spotify anyways and ive always listened to the same bbc that is now available on FM and DAB here so other than traffic data i dont really need built in mobile data. i can either keep paying for the sim in car or just stream from my mobile - but for the latter i will lose the...
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    Scotland road trip

    how does the car fit the roads? ive done the highlands twice (rentals - once a tiny ford ka and another time a 1 series bmw or sth. rental + small car never brought problems) now life has moved on and I own an MS - but the only thing is... tiny roads vs a large car. does the car fit?! I’m...
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    Wing/side mirrors stuck folded and RHS door handles not presenting

    how did it go? my 2015 MS just had the same problem literally today
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    Relocating to UK - take Tesla with??

    only apple (AAPL) did that for me for all the electronics that I have.
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    Relocating to UK - take Tesla with??

    If you already have it, then yes. Charged it for a few times already I've tried getting DAB radio channels whilst I've given data (either by tether or car sim). Spotify is a wee bit of a bummer but I have apple music too so if I download my music to the phone (which I do) it's not actually so...
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    UK For Sale / Wanted / Free [closed for new items]

    not so much the car. its stuck one way or another. it took like a month extra to land in the uk thanks to brexit related port issues, then virus related delays with the registration. but yeh. now i'm looking into the grant vs using the tesla charger... PS: HK is type 2 too
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    UK For Sale / Wanted / Free [closed for new items]

    Anyone owns a wall charger that wont be installing it? I've just relocated the MS from Hong Kong and will be needing one... OTOH, am checking out the smart chargers too....
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    Recommendations for replacement tyres

    I've been having the 21" MS in Hong Kong for a few years and am in the process of shipping the car to the UK. Whilst in HK I've been using Continental Conti Sport Contact 5P (non silent) for 3 years min and usually fares quite well. Just have to get new sets every 12 months for the front (and...
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    Tyre slip over wet white lines

    i like how the resolution is to use thy blinkers
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    Find out how much it costs to charge your Tesla in the UK, take 5!

    indeed. one may aim to leave every morning with ard 70% charge, and max out the cheap charging every night. If you drive more 1 day then the next day you may start with 60-65%; and you still have up to 80/90% to smooth things out on days you drive less. the other thing I'd like to find out is...
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    Octopus Energy referral code please

    thanks! I'll have a look. 7kWh isnt so much, considering It would take over a week to recharge from a low% I havent actually check who was 2nd actually. (oh - 7kWh/hr. much better!)
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    Octopus Energy referral code please

    Heyyall. Just moved to the UK along with me MS. seems like Octopus go would be the best deal around for home charging- will need a referral (the 2nd PM will get it)... and whats the deal with charging everyone gets at home - charging speed for the 4 hours we get at 5p/kWh? Not sure if I get 3...
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    Tesla Air Conditioning

    LOL so noone had my problems on an MS!?!
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    So glad RHD model 3 won't be until 2019

    Once he is out of job (ie, now) he'll be ok with keeping his flat. he spends all his money in ciggies and court fees so he's still eligible for public housing anyways. You're better off worrying about the other legislators are pocketing money using their conflict of interest with the developers...
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    Tesla Air Conditioning

    Had anyone experienced the follows (I've booked to be checked up next month when I'm out of town, but anyways) on a 1-2 yrs MS. 1) Ventilation is open between level 5 and like 10 (I thought they updated the software so its open =<4). I normally like to run the AC at 6-7 but in and near tunnels...
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    Wife's new car = ICE thanks to FRT

    I've seen a few 911s and some M3/M5s being replaced by MS/X here. that said, many households have multiple cars to start with. but at least they have used an EV rather than an ICE. (Who can resist walking into a cool car on a hot day AND not needed go breath fumes on a tuesday/wednesday? I dont...
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    Will the crony HK Gov reverse idiotic FRT decision?

    For YOKO and APM it's $6 for Slow 13Amp Charging for 15 minutes. I forgot if mid charger at APM was the same.
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    Return to Singapore

    the day gas is out and singapore needs to look for another solution. as long as they are still a gas lobbyist central for SEA, good luck. (That said, HKG is non better)
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    The Japan Dude Drives to Hokkaido

    How (hard) is it renting a Tesla in Japan? Being from HK we are well travelled in Japan - and renting from Toyota alike is easy. However, just wanting to know other options. Obviously will not drive in Tokyo! (Tesla owner in HK too so know 90% of the whats and whatnots) update: Dont worry, i...
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    Will the crony HK Gov reverse idiotic FRT decision?

    i have charging at home and know where to charge for "free". But just went to YOKO mall the other day and found out SHKP charges 6HKD/15 mins for charging at the "slow/medium" ports..... Also, Aberdeen Marina Club charges sth like 60HKD/hr for charging. Where else in HK that charges for charging...
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    Auto lowering Smart Air Suspension

    that would be me, but i like to drive low...
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    So glad RHD model 3 won't be until 2019

    that case was rubbished by the judges. longhair aside the total EV FRT "losses" is far less than the 3 BS bridges to china (SZ Bay, the one to Macau, and the one at Fan Leng).
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    So glad RHD model 3 won't be until 2019

    less new cars? Last read TOTAL new registration of cars (ICE inc) went up.
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    Autopilot and parking now available in HK for AP2

    Had a moment ytd when the car jerked away from the tunnel tollbooth and the tunnel wall the day before. So i think yah its activated
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    Won at auction - Changing vehicle plate

    heh who do you think does the paperwork when you first buy a tesla!
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    [On-Going] Model S-Unfriendly Car Park List & Blacklist

    i can say 90% of public housing estate has parking spaces thats hard for Teslas to park. I believe they are substandard parking space according to the HKPSG guidelines since public housing (by ASD) doesnt have to adhire to PlanD standards and BD Approval
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    Curbed 21" wheels again...

    or the usage of cameras are not allowed by TD. anyways, most of my wheel scraping is from parking on the street. (not even the u-turns) even when stuck to the curb most of the time the car is still sticking out the other side. Anyways now the "old" tesla was taken by tesla for the trade-in...
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    Superchargers in Hong Kong are not for long distance travel

    Exactly. Those annoying people!
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    Superchargers in Hong Kong are not for long distance travel

    Does it take more than an hour to sc a 85D at a shared use sc stall? Im next to one right now and the ac has been running for 10 mins... 4 teslas waiting. Guess where i am!
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    Rear/ Side mirrors auto-dimming in Model S, and my attempt to disable it

    Report to td that this feature bears nth to drivability!
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    Restrictions on Hong Kong Model S spec

    Does anyone want to actively annoy the [email protected] out of the govt to actively bring this back?
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    Occupancy of Superchager

    just name n shame those morons
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    Uber drivers and super chargers

    i believe the SCs in HK have a different meaning as they are in the US. Tesla's marketing in HK is different from the US. the SCs are used differently. as for selling power, Im sure Tesla can market the charge differently... esp they charge only when the car ISNT charging, not when it is.
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    Uber drivers and super chargers

    if they could just ban repeating usage of carparks (typical users wont need to supercharge more than 2-3 times a week); going to airport only takes up 120km from the city centre - so unless you commute between the airport and sai kung..... then in that case you should have your own charger already
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    2017 FRT Renewal

    they've been wanting to do this since like 2000.... haha
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    EVs in Hong Kong: Segways, e-bikes, pedelecs ...

    or you can say where police can give you speeding/traffic tickets, would be my interpretation (as a traffic enginner in HK)
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    [On-Going] Model S-Unfriendly Car Park List & Blacklist

    car lift only for ard 5-6 years now...
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    Easy to get L2 charger installed in HK?

    depends. most need permission from landlord, developer and electric company regarding connections and insurance. old developments are harder than new ones due to amperage (?) surplus. electricity is billed as all other equipments in the same zone. we have no differencial pricing besides...
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    Insane mode in HK

    ban those darned cars in central first.
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    EVs in Hong Kong: Segways, e-bikes, pedelecs ...

    what mark is also intending, is that, as long as you are at somewhere that isnt a road and isnt a public lot, you could, in effect challenge if they have a legal right to stop you from propelling an EV (say, MTRC, Airport, perhaps the 6 pier terminals with immigrations and customs presence too)
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    [On-Going] Model S-friendly & Best Car Park List

    did you mean the "shared" ramp? i've never gone past the gate for hotel car park but the shared ramp should be wide enough (there are minicoaches for the hotel). the mall car park has tight ramp but id guess its managable with care.
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    Tesla disables autopilot in hk - just happened, very disappointing

    Talking about all those stupid ****ing morons in the hk govt on top with those who support demonic policies vote those twats out tmr
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    HK must fast-track switch to electric buses

    bus runs on diesel, fuel cost is halved.
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    Silent EVs in HK - vs traffic safety

    I like this :) showing how immaterial it is as an EV
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    My admittedly premature 70D review

    out of everything, all i care is the turning radius (if i can do a 180) and how much space i need for a 3 point turn. Never driven an S-class (only the long wheelbase) but the MS i could easy do a 180 with 3-lane space (yesterday, on Des Vouex Road West) and for 0-100, i do it all the time now...
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    My admittedly premature 70D review

    which merc do you drive? I've done some comparasion whilst looking for length (car lift issues) and find it better than cars of equiv size (S Class non L-wheelbase, some SUVs) so ya, 3 point turn quite comfortably at typical road widths of 2 lanes
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    Charging with a standard BS1363 (household 3 prong) socket - review

    are you near one of these carparks on the 2nd column? these are generally 32A chargers. I get ard 40km/hr at them in City Hall http://www.epd.gov.hk/epd/sites/default/files/epd/english/environmentinhk/air/prob_solutions/files/EV_Charger_Locations_eng_01.xls
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    Car blocks 2 stalls at Science Park supercharger

    now comes the second question, why wait till range dries out? (happened to me once with 70km range left from airport to mid levels via tokwawan at 06hrs so no traffic AND i have home charging. Arrived home with 30km range left with the help of cruise control and all sort of assistance to avoid...
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    3G connection lost, on V6.2

    whats the best way to avoid updates to firmware? uncheck always connected?

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