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    PPF under spoiler? Or tuck it?

    I know my installer removed the spoiler, but I’m not sure how they reinstalled it honestly.
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    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    I finally took some quick pictures.
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    What Acceleration Mode is everyone using?

    Ludicrous 24/7. My understanding is that it does not impact battery life and how you use the power determines the range.
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    Another $5k price increase for LR MS……

    That’s my understanding as well. I bought in the end of June 2020 and have free unlimited supercharging, but was told that it was not transferable.
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    Getting In/Out Model S for Large Folks

    I wasn’t aware of this. Here is a guide for anyone interested. https://www.howtotesla.com/how-to-set-up-easy-entry-in-a-tesla/
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    Model S Aftermarket Wheel Fitment/Offset Discussion

    Thanks Pabla. That setup looks great. If you get the image problem figured out it would help to see a shot from the top, front, or back to help understand the fitment/level of 'flush'.
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    Model S Aftermarket Wheel Fitment/Offset Discussion

    Did you have any issues at 21x9" ET22 in the front? The vendor is giving me the "we'll do it, but don't recommend or grantee it will fit" for the 21x9" ET25.
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    Model S Aftermarket Wheel Fitment/Offset Discussion

    Your car looks great and appreciate your additional data point. My mistake on leaving out the width. That's an important detail... It seems like the standard larger staggered setup is 9" front and 10.5" rear. I have seen a few people go to 10" front and 11" rear though. I'm waiting for...
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    Vendor M14x1.5 grade 5 titanium lug nuts set of 20 that fit Tesla model S 3 X Y

    Are those the ‘capped’ version? Assuming so, how are they held on? Is it just a friction fit? I like the idea of the cap in that you can measure how much thread engagement you’re getting, but not sure how well they would hold up to daily driver abuse.
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    Model S Aftermarket Wheel Fitment/Offset Discussion

    Back to the goal of the thread, is the consensus that an offset of 30 front and 35 rear would be flush (assuming standard alignment, vent fin adjustment, etc)?
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    Model S Aftermarket Wheel Fitment/Offset Discussion

    @BrianS85 Front: 21x9" ET32 (?? in 255/35/20) Rear: 21x10.5" ET38 with 3mm spacer (?? in 285/30/20) BC Forged HCS04 Show off your aftermarket wheels. @serendipitous Front: 21x9" ET32 (Michelin Pilot Sport 4S in 245/35/21) Rear: 21x10.5" ET38 (Michelin Pilot Sport 4S in 285/30/21) VS...
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    Model S Aftermarket Wheel Fitment/Offset Discussion

    Here's one I forgot. They are 20's, but the offset should be very similar assuming standard camber/tire diameter. @SnakeDoctorTD Front: 20x10" ET25 (?? in 255/35/20) Rear: 20x11" ET28 (?? in 285/30/20) ? Show off your aftermarket wheels.
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    Model S Aftermarket Wheel Fitment/Offset Discussion

    Here are some pictures of my last car's fitment as a reference. I guess I'd like to get as close to this as possible without causing myself a ton of problems...
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    Model S Aftermarket Wheel Fitment/Offset Discussion

    Ah, I didn't realize that the factory arms had enough range. I guess I was just thinking "while I'm in there". Thanks
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    Model S Aftermarket Wheel Fitment/Offset Discussion

    Appreciate the feedback. I'm planning to jump straight to the Unplugged lowering brackets with the N2itive Rear Camber and Rear Toe arms based on the work you and some others have done.
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    Model S Aftermarket Wheel Fitment/Offset Discussion

    I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on some monoblock forged wheels and trying to nail down the optimal offsets for some 21's. My goal is a flush flush setup without stretching tires or non-standard camber. I have a bit of a commute these days and worrying about brand X vs brand Y's...
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    Should PPF look OK from 5 feet away?

    I have my whole car wrapped and agree that the job is mediocre to poor. Unless they were very clear with you that they wouldn't modify the pre-cut design, they should have adjusted those holes and/or lined them up better. A really high end job would make them nearly invisible, but that is not...
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    Does anyone finance their panels?

    Just closing the loop on this. I did receive a $400 check from Tesla a couple weeks ago, so it does work.
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    60A Breaker -> 4 gage or 6 gage wire?

    Any recommendations on where to find 4/3 or 4/2 romex? 6/3 and 6/2 look redily available at your standard Home Depot and Lowes, but I'm only seeing 4 gauge in THHN.
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    Maryland Post-Intall Activities

    Great write up. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. Hopefully I can implement some of your lessons learned.
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    Does anyone finance their panels?

    Has anyone requested to keep their SREC's while financing through Tesla? I called in and they had no problem with my request. After a couple minutes on hold they came back on and said it was removed. I saw the credit/negative value disappear from the top of the "Pricing Details" section with...
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    Post Your Tesla Solar Layout

    Thanks for the feedback. I have not personally measured, but the Tesla tech did. He measured the rear roof at 19' 2" by 40' and the main area of the top front roof at 19' 2" by 19' 6"/30'. It looks like they are using Q.Peak Duo BLK-G6+ panels with dimensions of 68.5" x 40.6". I believe it...
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    Post Your Tesla Solar Layout

    My roof pitch is roughly 30 degrees. I took a shot a PVwatts, but left most settings default. If I'm in the right ballpark, moving a panel from the front/North'ish side to the back/South'ish side would increase production by ~50%. South'ish for an arbitrary 1KW North'ish for the same 1KW
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    Rear CF Spoiler Opinion

    I have a 2020 Model S Performance and it came with the OEM CF spoiler. It is a nice piece, but I'm not blown away by the attachment method and finish. If I was looking at it from a blank slate I would look hard at the aftermarket options.
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    Does Solar Roof Include a Free Service Panel Upgrade?

    Thanks for the feedback. I too have a full main panel and thus far Tesla hasn't brought it up as an issue. I'm just hoping whatever they need to do is wrapped into the final price.
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    Post Your Tesla Solar Layout

    Here is my contribution and I'm hoping for some feedback. The front and rear of my house are the same size (as confirmed by the Tesla Energy tech), but they put 3 portrait rows on the front/North, but only 2 portrait rows on the rear/South. I'm guessing it would help my production to have the...
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    Post Your Tesla Solar Layout

    I'm in Maryland as well and went through the full picture process first. After a couple days they scheduled an appointment for an in person site survey (on a Saturday). The tech looked over everything from the pictures, but also went onto the roof, into my attic, etc.
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    Does anyone finance their panels?

    I ended up pulling the trigger the other day and did in fact try to refer my self (because I was logged in). We'll see how it turns out...
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    Does anyone finance their panels?

    Just a lurker chiming in to say I appreciate the details from willow_hiller and the responses from holeydonut and others. I just picked up a 2020 Model S Performance last month. Researching a home charging setup has me ready to put an order in for panels and power walls.
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    Trouble adding a profile picture.

    Thanks for the link. Working my way there

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