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  1. SummerlinModelS

    No longer any ICE at home - experiences?

    We have been a one-car family for 5 years, the last year was with a Model S. At the end of 2014 we purchased a business and knew that we would need to purchase a second car for the business. A Model S would have been way too much for this venture so we were looking for something smaller and as...
  2. SummerlinModelS

    Supercharger - Barstow (EXPANDED, 5 stalls added, now 16 total)

    That's natural behavior except when there's a desert and a canopy situation. :) Last week through Barstow we were the first car to park and when we returned there were three others--each under the canopy while the other four were empty. I even watched two grey ones pull into 1A and 1B within...
  3. SummerlinModelS

    Vegas Electrician Recommendations?

    Try Eco-Electric. They did my 14-50 and I have them coming out on Tuesday to add a second one. Also, the Las Vegas Tesla Owners Facebook page has a few other recommendations if I remember correctly.
  4. SummerlinModelS

    XPEL Wrap

    Three weeks ago I got hit by a piece of blown-out tire--hard and I was going about 78 mph. It put about a one-inch gash in the PPF on my hood about 2 inches from the front rim of the hood. Even though the PPF is "self healing" the damage was enough that it would not heal on its own. BUT..I...
  5. SummerlinModelS

    2013 Nissan Leaf SL - No Longer Available

    I just bought a JuiceBox to charge our Leaf. Plugs into a 14-50 and is less expensive ($449) than the ClipperCreek. Now I just have to get a second 14-50 installed. :)
  6. SummerlinModelS

    Opening the doors and starting the car with a dead keyfob battery

    I did get a warning message that my battery was low. I popped over the Home Depot and bought a two-pack and replaced both batteries at the same time (this was after 11 months of ownership). The next month when the car was in for it's annual they replaced the battery automatically.
  7. SummerlinModelS

    I created a document to leave on cars ICEing EV charging spots

    I like this version and will carry it with me going forward.
  8. SummerlinModelS

    Model S: A Chick Magnate!

    Taking the wife out Friday for her birthday and going to use that!! Thanks!
  9. SummerlinModelS

    Supercharger - Primm, NV

    Hi Daddimac and FreqFlier...I see both you you are LV residents as well. You may want to join our local Facebook group: Las Vegas Tesla Owners. We also have get togethers once a month. Of course, one or both of you may already be members but I thought I'd extend the invite!
  10. SummerlinModelS

    Gray Leather with black alcantara

    On Sunday, during our Las Vegas Tesla Group meeting, a new member drove up in his Blue S85 with the Grey leather/black headliner combo. He had just picked the car up Friday and it was beautiful. Frankly I think that the black/Grey look inside is excellent and would definitely order that combo...
  11. SummerlinModelS

    Cup holder inserts with rubber flaps

    It seems much easier to find new parts #88986013 online. Has anyone verified it is the same as DDD23949? I'd love to order these!
  12. SummerlinModelS

    Supercharger - San Juan Capistrano, CA (7 V2 stalls)

    You're right...it is magic. It doesn't matter how many times we've supercharged it is still exciting and amazing how smoothly and efficiently everything works together.
  13. SummerlinModelS

    Model S Celebrities

    Leave it to RobStark to post Daenerys!
  14. SummerlinModelS

    Lost both keys to my MS, and the service was outstanding!

    Agree...in addition I'm not going to be giving my phone to the valet either. The phone will be a nice backup but definitely not my daily.
  15. SummerlinModelS

    Opticoat group buy

    Hey Hussain...no offense here, but Mario's standard price is $799 for Opticoat Pro (yes Pro only) plus whatever paint correction time is required.
  16. SummerlinModelS

    Just bought a Model S and have insurance problems....

    If you are 50+ get a quote from The Hartford using the AARP discount. It's the only reason I joined AARP as I'm far from retired, but the discount made it very worth it -- about half the price of Farmers.
  17. SummerlinModelS

    The Nay Sayers!

    Yep...I already clipped that to Evernote for future arguments. :)
  18. SummerlinModelS

    Passenger mirror failed to unfold

    I've had this happen 3 times to date. In all times pressing the button to fold/unfold corrected the issue. Hopefully this is just a software issue but if it continues I'll have the SC look at it.
  19. SummerlinModelS

    It's that time again - embarrassing loud AC compressor

    Agree...I haven't had to change my temp settings at all. 105 outside today and still had the A/C set to 74-76 same as 2 weeks ago before I got it done.
  20. SummerlinModelS

    Opticoat Interior

    I had it done and it didn't change the matte look of the seats at all. I just did it done (OptiLeather or whatever its called) recently hoping that the quality of protection would be similar to what Opticoat does for the exterior so I can't speak on durability or quality of protection yet.
  21. SummerlinModelS

    Supercharger - Barstow (EXPANDED, 5 stalls added, now 16 total)

    We just had our LV Tesla Owners meeting and our Tesla rep said they "would be the highest output available today." I hope that means 135kW.
  22. SummerlinModelS

    Charging in Las Vegas

    Tesla in Las Vegas offered a bunch of free HPWC's to the hotels earlier this year which is probably how the Cosmo got one. You may have contributed, but unlikely it was spent on them.
  23. SummerlinModelS

    Cannot connect to phone app after supercharging

    I experienced this yesterday as well. I was supercharging and wanted to monitor the process. For the first 20 minutes it wouldn't connect and then afterward was fine. I've experienced other ups/downs with the app connecting lately as Nigel mentioned and think it's just coincidental to your...
  24. SummerlinModelS

    Audio: Handsfree audio problems?

    Sean...I remember reading about microphone issues earlier. Our delivery was in March 2014 and everyone states that it is clear as a bell when I'm calling them from the car. I have a Nexus 4 and my wife Nexus 5.
  25. SummerlinModelS

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    TheStreet has proven a number of times that they are anti-Tesla and will make up any set of numbers they need to to prove the point. Just glancing at that "article" and them taking into account battery depreciation (another made-up number) as a counter to overall annual use costs to compare to...
  26. SummerlinModelS

    Supercharger - Primm, NV

    I didn't notice anything last weekend when there. On Sunday about 5:30pm it was completely empty when we arrived.
  27. SummerlinModelS

    Does the range ever go up during regenerative braking?

    I've read (and experienced) that the range doesn't go up mile by mile. Rather, once you have regenerated a full kWh it will go up 3 miles at that point. I have seen that happen and even watched as it regenerated a second kWh on a long downhill I've taken. If you watch your range after the...
  28. SummerlinModelS

    Opti Coat Pro or Suntek Wrap (Partial w/total hood coverage)

    Benemac--as you live in Scottsdale you have condition similar to us. To be honest, if we just drove around metro Las Vegas I probably wouldn't have done the PPF, but as we do frequent trips to California through the desert we've had a number of paint chips on prior cars so doing the PPF was a...
  29. SummerlinModelS

    Opti Coat Pro or Suntek Wrap (Partial w/total hood coverage)

    We did #3+ on ours. We used Suntek wrap on the full hood, front quarters. We picked it as it was recommended over Xpel due to less orange-peek appearance and are extremely happy with it. We then did OptiCoat over the entire car--not just the exposed areas. The thinking is that we want...
  30. SummerlinModelS

    Production starts today! Any tips?

    No tips. Congrats on the purchase. The wait can be excruciating but just be glad your wait was relatively short!
  31. SummerlinModelS

    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    Maps didn't work last night when I did the upgrade, however, everything returned to normal this morning. I didn't uninstall/clear data or anything different other than restart the app. It seems that many of the newer reviews say that maps are working for them. Strange!
  32. SummerlinModelS

    Ask Me Anything -- Motor Trend's Jonny Lieberman Defends Picking the Benz

    Reading between the lines, he says the range is pretty dismal in both cars. He stated he got 16mpg in the Benz but rated was more like 21mpg--that's no different than getting less than the Tesla's rated range. Same statement but slightly skewed against Tesla in that point as there was no even...
  33. SummerlinModelS

    Pilgrimage to Nicola Tesla's birthplace. Smiljan, Croatia

    Great to hear that the sidetrip is worthwhile. Croatia is one of our favorite vacation destinations but we haven't made it to Smiljan. Thanks for sharing.
  34. SummerlinModelS

    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    Thanks for posting this. I have been fighting with the app for about a week trying to figure out what was going on, uninstalling, rebooting, reinstalling, etc. and couldn't figure it out. Turning off the LastPass accessibility feature worked perfectly.
  35. SummerlinModelS

    Newport Beach area hotels with charging

    Thanks mpbruin...if you mean the Wyndham on Avenue of the Arts that is where we booked for next month so thanks for the confirmation on that choice. It would be nice if some OC hotels stepped up and installed some kind of charging in their parking so that we wouldn't have to look around and...
  36. SummerlinModelS

    Journalist runs out of power in a rented Tesla and writes a review.

    I've always thought that the remaining miles indicator was bad and didn't make as much sense as something showing how much capacity is left in the battery. In fact, I'll take the range and multiply by 300 in my head to know what's in the battery. The average person thinks about driving and "I...
  37. SummerlinModelS

    Newport Beach area hotels with charging

    Bringing this thread forward to see if anyone has any updates. We stayed at the Irvine Marriott last weekend and they only have a 110V to offer. There is a Chargepoint in an adjacent business garage but it is $18 to park plus the charging fees. Any hotels with onsite charging, even pay...
  38. SummerlinModelS

    Another benefit of owning a Tesla: exercise

    Of course! I love the picture Mario -- amazing!
  39. SummerlinModelS

    Another benefit of owning a Tesla: exercise

    One benefit that I didn't include in my decision process to buying my Model S was the amount of exercise I now get driving it. In the almost two weeks I've owned it I find myself parking in the furthest corners of the parking lots, away from everyone else, just to give me some sanity that no...
  40. SummerlinModelS

    How do you deal with valet?

    No, the Model S does not have that yet. I like the feature list you describe and hope that the upcoming Valet mode incorporates all of those!
  41. SummerlinModelS

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker - Q1 2014

    Wildcat...I agree. I picked mine up at 2pm yesterday and it is fantastic!
  42. SummerlinModelS

    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    I would be curious to know if you *don't* like it! I think odds of that are <1%.
  43. SummerlinModelS

    insurance issues

    For the 50+ crowd, the rates I got from The Hartford via AARP were excellent. 250/500 coverage was mid-$900's, about half the price of Farmers. Las Vegas is known for high insurance rates so I am very happy with this policy.
  44. SummerlinModelS

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker - Q1 2014

    Congrats! My dashboard changed to "Production Complete" today. My scheduled delivery is next Tuesday. Hopefully they get it on an earlier truck and I can see it this weekend!
  45. SummerlinModelS

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker - Q1 2014

    I noticed that mine went into build status yesterday. Still on track for a 3/11 delivery!
  46. SummerlinModelS

    $7500 Credit and Adjusting Tax Withholding

    Andy..what you propose is essentially what I am doing.
  47. SummerlinModelS

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker - Q1 2014

    Scottie--beautiful and congrats! I can't wait to see it at our next Owner's brunch!
  48. SummerlinModelS

    Alliant Credit Union

    I just dealt with them yesterday (Matt) and had a flawless experience. Sorry to hear about your issue but as she is retiring that will be an easy fix for Alliant. Locked in the 1.49 rate for 30 days which will cover me right up to my delivery date.
  49. SummerlinModelS

    How to only display English posts?

    Doug--thanks! Can you add France to the exclusion list?? Otherwise this is very welcomed!

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