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  1. StarHunter

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Great looking! Always wanted the unplugged front lip and the trunk spoiler. How has your experience been? Noticeable efficiency gains? Would you mind posting some close-up pictures of the trunk spoiler?
  2. StarHunter

    Tesla Server Down??

    I don't usually carry key card unless on long road trips...but I guess I will moving forward.
  3. StarHunter

    Tesla Server Down??

    Yeah. Really need to invest in backup servers for this type of issues...
  4. StarHunter

    Tesla Server Down??

    Yeah...I initially thought it was an issue with the app and reinstalled it on my phone....shouldn't have done that, shouldn't have done that....stranded at work now :(
  5. StarHunter

    Tesla Server Down??

    Glad I am not the only one. Just searched quickly on Twitter and seems like it's a big outage... Hope Tesla get it fixed soon lol I guess this is a reason that it is a good idea to carry a key card in wallet just in case...Lessons learned...
  6. StarHunter

    Tesla Server Down??

    Hi guys, I was just checking my phone app and it wasn’t connecting to my 3 so I went ahead and signed out the app. Now I am seeing internal server error right after launching the app...also sign-in from website is also not working anymore. Anyone else having this issue?
  7. StarHunter

    Navigation on autopilot and auto lane change. frequent feature you use for highway driving?

    I am also on the fence as OP. I do tons of interstate long-distance drivings at the moment so EAP would help tremendously. One question to you all that have EAP or FSD. With NOA off or auto-lane change off, when you signal for a lane change, will the lightly tap on the stalk (which gives you 3...
  8. StarHunter

    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    Got it! But I still can't justify the price of dumping $8k or even $7k into FSD tho I am a true believer in autonomous driving. I'll most likely jump to EAP like you just in the hope to not have premature failures on my gear stalk from long interstate drives ;)
  9. StarHunter

    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    Thanks! Given the current and near-future capability of FSD...EAP is a much better option for me as I am currently having monthly 1800 miles trips, and I feel like my gear stalk life has been greatly reduced after constantly re-engaging autopilot after lane changes;) Should have just got FSD...
  10. StarHunter

    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    Curious. What is the price to upgrade further to FSD after you just purchased EAP? I am assuming it is another $4k?
  11. StarHunter

    New Nashville Area Supercharger - I24/Thompson Ln

    I have my routine trip coming up again next weekend and saw the latest check-in on Plugshare indicated this is down completely...:( and you just confirmed it unfortunately. I guess I will be taking the Knoxville route then heading down south this time. Slightly longer but actually similar total...
  12. StarHunter

    New Nashville Area Supercharger - I24/Thompson Ln

    Thanks a lot! I’ll stick to my charger hopping plan then :) love this community! So helpful! Thanks again! I’ll be sure to update on PlugShare when I am there
  13. StarHunter

    New Nashville Area Supercharger - I24/Thompson Ln

    Nice. really wish I had got free unlimited Supercharging since I road trip a lot :( but I guess that’s the benefit of early adopters. Well, still cheaper than any gas car so no complaint there
  14. StarHunter

    New Nashville Area Supercharger - I24/Thompson Ln

    Appreciated! I am still an hour away to Bowling Grn. Trying to juice up as less as possible to ride the charging curve and to save a little. Superchargers in Kentucky is expensive lol
  15. StarHunter

    New Nashville Area Supercharger - I24/Thompson Ln

    Can anyone local at Nashville chime in on whether this charger still has 4 stalls operating as of today? I am passing by this evening and would love to be certain so to not get stranded..thanks!
  16. StarHunter

    P+ Horrible 0-60 times

    Just a thought, something I noticed while testing out mine. Once you are at a complete stop, do not brake-toqrue it as you would normally do for ICE cars. I found that brake-toqrue will kill the 0-60 time especially at the initial stage. Simply just floor the accelerator pedal and off you go.
  17. StarHunter

    New Model 3 Radar Detector Hardwire

    Mirror tapping would not be possible. You can get a long 12V cable and route it all the way to the center console like my setup above. Or you can tap into an existing 12V cable under the dash like many others have done. I prefer my setup cuz I can also see the battery voltage as I know these 12V...
  18. StarHunter

    Rattling coming from B pillar?

    Folks, I have had a buzzing noise coming from driver side B-pillar (maybe passenger side as well now after 6k miles). Does not always happen and really depend on road surface and frequency that gets transferred from tire -> suspension -> frame -> trim?. I did some felt tape and applied some trim...
  19. StarHunter

    Hard wire radar detector

    Check out my post here: New Model 3 Radar Detector Hardwire It's #42. Let me know if you need any additional help. Still working great for me after 4 months and also been happy with the setup that I can check battery voltage :)
  20. StarHunter

    Current real world 0-60 times vs. advertised for all models

    This is my most recent run. LR AWD SOC 65%
  21. StarHunter

    Audio system crashes when making call over bluetooth

    I have had the same things with all the folks in this thread here. Happened about a month ago or so. Had to do a soft reset on interstate since the Audio just quit after picking up a phone call...strange...It was fine for a week or two then happened again. I have seen from other sources that...
  22. StarHunter

    HANSSHOW Trunk Liftgate v3 install

    Wow, this is super useful info! This explains why Hansshow said that the V4 upgrade kit comes with the "fish wire" version. I received my V3 earlier in April but that only comes with the ones that you need to take lots of interior trim off to access the signal cable which I was not keen on...
  23. StarHunter

    HANSSHOW Trunk Liftgate v3 install

    Funny that I got the exact same reply last night through WhatsAPP....which is a direct copy and paste from their V4 upgrade kit webpage. I have also asked whether I can still fish the wires through the rubber tube and connect in the trunk lid on my V3 kit. The response was that they can send me...
  24. StarHunter

    HANSSHOW Trunk Liftgate v3 install

    Anyone knows the easiest way to identify the version of the kit? I got both the frunk and trunk back in April but have not had a chance to install them...I think I have the V2 Frunk and the V3 Trunk but just want to be sure. Also a few questions: 1. Has anyone noticed potential safety issues...
  25. StarHunter

    New Model 3 Radar Detector Hardwire

    Not sure if anyone has posted this before but this is how I ended up doing with mine after watching pretty much everything on Youtube and researched quite a bit. - Radar Detector: Uniden R3 (has auto "off" capability so to not drain battery) - BlendMount: BNR-4014 - Uniden compatible 12V long...
  26. StarHunter

    Deep Blue Metallic - Show me pictures of your car today!

    Caliper in Yellow looks awesome with DBM! Did you DIY paint the caliper? If so, what brand of paint did you use?
  27. StarHunter

    Wind/road noise from doors/windows -- fix it for good

    I have got some other things from RPM Tesla and experience has been alright. The noise reduction kit totally ruined it...might be better off with just going with much cheaper kit on Amazon
  28. StarHunter

    Wind/road noise from doors/windows -- fix it for good

    Echoing what TLLMRRJ mentioned above. The noise reduction kit from RPM that I purchased was useless. The installation of the trunk seal would prevent the trunk from closing. You would also need to modify the door ones for the drainage holes. They also do not seal properly either. I installed the...
  29. StarHunter

    Finally got my KW V3 installed

    what body kit do you have if you don’t mind me asking? Looks absolutely gorgeous, love the diffuser. Any range impact by any chance?
  30. StarHunter

    Jeda charged me March 16, hasn't responded since

    In case anyone did not get an update message from JEDA, below is what I just got. Understand the delays TBH especially for small business and hopefully we'll all be getting our orders sooner than later :) ------------------------------------------------------------ Firstly, let's start by saying...
  31. StarHunter

    How does one find the Supercharger Credits from Referrals?

    Same here. I got 1000 miles free supercharging added through a referral link from my friend but that number has not changed since I took delivery almost a month ago. Granted I only did one supercharging session...At the end of that session, I did see the $ amount showing up on the touch screen...
  32. StarHunter

    Jeda charged me March 16, hasn't responded since

    My experience in the last few weeks with Jeda has been pretty good. Ordered the USB hub and the wireless charging pad at the same time but on separate orders so to get the most on the discount :) Mar.22: Both orders were placed and the wireless pad shipped out a day later, and received about a...
  33. StarHunter

    Updating a 2020 Tesla vs 2020 Updating a Land Rover - A lesson in WTF

    Oh man, I feel ya. In my old Volvo S60, it took me freaking 3 dealer visits to get infotainment system successfully updated... so that it would display traffic info.....in the past year of owning my first bmw m (traded for my current Model 3), I never figured out how to update the map even...
  34. StarHunter

    Model 3 power frunk UI questions

    wow! Awesome find! This answers all my questions as well!
  35. StarHunter

    Model 3 power frunk UI questions

    Just got my 3 5 days ago:) I too am very OCD about getting finger prints on the hood. Glad I saw this post! After looking at their websites I think TeslaOffer seems a little sturdy and well thought out. You can use ur app to open and close and there is actually a button inside frunk that you can...
  36. StarHunter

    Software version still on 2019.35.109

    I picked up my 2020 LR AWD on Monday (3/23) and it was indeed on 2019.35.109. Got a notification through Tesla app a day later saying new software is available for download..I guess I am the few lucky ones that got updates pushed super quickly. Currently on 2020.8.2 but have seen 2020.12.1...
  37. StarHunter

    Current Model 3 delivery timing

    I too have the same question...On this past Sunday, it was still showing 2-3 weeks then starting yesterday it shows 8-12 weeks...So then if I order today, would I still be able to get it by end of March or it all depends on if I can get a spot quick enough?

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