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    Roadster reservations

    Porsche sold 918 copies of the Porsche 918 Spyder for $847,000+. At the time it had the fastest 0-60 time. You might say that Porsche has better brand recognition and customer following, but Tesla has sold the best selling large luxury sedan in the US for the last 3 years. Whether there are...
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    Wisconsin Supercharger Discussion & Tracking

    Yes that is only a destination charger.
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    Supercharger — Peru, IL

    Thanks, for the update!, I'm planning on traveling that direction next week and it would be nice to have another charging option.
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    9/17 Accessory hitch now optional

    It's active/dynamic so it may only popup at speed or may be more useful when towing.
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    Article in the Wash Examiner Electric cars may be worse for the environment than gas"

    The Washington Examiner is a conservative rag. The National Bureau of Economic Research is a private conservative think tank with questionable funding.
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    Active noise cancellation?

    I just got some bose noise cancelling headphones and was happily surprised to find that they almost entirely blocked out dynamic music that I was playing on my stereo system. I think that the problem with active noise cancelation in a vehicle is that it won't be able to effectively target its...
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    Hindsight: What the Model X should have been

    Cube vans have horrible aerodynamics. 300 miles of range could easily work out to 150 miles real world. I do agree that most local delivery trucks will soon switch to electric because they stand to save a ton on gas even if the upfront costs are higher.
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    Base 19' or 19' Cyclones?

    On this blog post JB said that 19" Cyclones are the most efficient wheel they currently offer: Driving Range for the Model S Family | Tesla Motors I don't see how they can be very aerodynamic considering that they are shaped like a fan and one side sucks in while the other side blows out... But...
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    Firmware 6.2

    I agree, it was nice to turn it on for a bit, but normal was plenty for everyday commuting.
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    in production! production time vs. delivery question

    My vehicle made it to Chicago in 4-5 days. I think Ohio should take a week max, but they may be trying to set reasonable expectations so you don't get disappointed if yours takes some time. They may ship vehicles in groups and your car could be the first in a group so it would need to wait for...
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    Model S D Arriving Soon - HELP!

    When you put your reservation in you can request a delivery date in the future if you want something other than as-soon-as-possible. I put down my reservation after the D event in early October and I requested a March delivery date since that's when my Leaf lease was ending.
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    Tesla BEV Competition Developments

    91kWh, wieght 1840kg, max torque: 920Nm, RWD, range 400 to 450km P85D weighs 2100kg, with max torque of: 931Nm So it sounds as though it could rival the P85D on the dragstrip, but 0-100km/h is just 3.9sec. This part is Hilarious:
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    Tracking Model S 85D Delivery Thread

    Hmmm my order is still in the Queue even though my delivery date says Late March and I live 2,000 miles away from the factory... I'm betting that I won't see my car till April. I wonder if Tesla is selecting cars for production based on their ability to be delivered in March so they can show up...
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    Energy Consumption per mile (Wh/mi) map

    I live in Wisconsin(one of the reddest states on the map), but this data seems like an incomplete average. In my Leaf I average 4-4.5 miles per kWh with 3.5 on some very cold winter days and 5 on days with good weather in the spring/summer/fall. Yes winters are cold, but milder summers mean less...
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    Weak AM Reception

    Have you checked for internet streams of those stations?
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    Apologies to Leaf owners but...

    My lease is up in less than a week. My Tesla delivery date has unfortunately slipped to April. I have mixed emotions about handing back the Leaf, overall it has been a very practical, affordable, vehicle with better 0-40mph acceleration than most 4-banger economy vehicles. Over the past 2...
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    Help Me With These Choices for Model S Vanity Plates

    I have some more suggestions here: Promoting electric vehicles by using clever messages on personalized license plates.
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    CHAdeMO Initial Impressions...

    I live in Madison and am so glad I didn't bother getting chademo equipped leaf when I leased in 2013 because I didn't think that Nissan would do a good job of getting stations installed and usable. The MG&E station in town is Useless because it is too close to home. I don't trust that I can use...
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    Advice: My first road trip. Toronto, Chicago, La Crosse, Green Bay, Minocqua, return.

    As a shareholder, and soon to be owner, I hope that they build a service center in Wisconsin to reduce the need to haul vehicles halfway across the state.
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    This is dangerous - for my wallet. Another should I thread.

    This is like going to a star wars forum and asking them if you should build a 1:1 replica of the Millennium Falcon in your back yard "for your kids to play in". 1. I don't live in a rural community, but I grew up in a lower-middle class family of modest means(lived in a doublewide trailer for a...
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    Advice: My first road trip. Toronto, Chicago, La Crosse, Green Bay, Minocqua, return.

    I was just in Minocqua to xc skiing and noted the lack of EV chargers. My 85D won't arrive till april, but I intend to use it for all of our longer trips as long as charging opportunities are reasonable. Many of the hotels have 110v outlets outside for engine block heaters you may be able to use...
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    The Problem with owning a Tesla is ...

    I've had a battery powered lawn mower for the last 5 years. So much nicer. Clean, quiet, less vibration. They also have cordless electric snow blowers now.
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    110v charging

    For daily commuting in my Leaf I do 20-40 miles and up to 75 miles on the weekend and I have gotten by just fine charging on 110v even though I use a charge timer and don't start charging until 9pm. My wife and I also own hybrid that we can take on longer trips. That being said I have an S85D...
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    "I’d choose a cheap old banger over an electric car any day of the week"

    I ran out of gas in my old Buick Century driving to my folks place in rural Wisconsin during a holiday weekend. I forgot to fuel up at the city and gas stations in small towns were all closed. This was before pay-at-the-pump, smartphones, gps, etc. More recently I ran out of gas in my prius...
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    What do you think of roof rack?

    I have used a roof rack on my vehicles for years(mostly to haul bikes and sometimes kayaks or canoes). I have an S85D on order and I plan to install an eco hitch and plan to use hitch mounted racks or a mini-trailer to do the job. Hauling things on your roof is really bad for aerodynamics and...
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    Tracking P85D Next Generation Seats Delivery Thread

    I was driving yestarday thinking that an entirely digital rear view mirror would work better for most vehicles. You could provide a wider angle view which would not be blocked by cargo or passengers. Mounting the camera(s) would be tricky though because it could get covered in snow and ice.
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    New Blog: Driving Range for Model S Family....

    Are the standard 19" Wheels as efficient as the 19" Cyclone Wheels?
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    P85D Picked up today!!!

    Congrats! It sounds like we took similar approaches to purchasing. I have an 85D ordered for March(when my Leaf lease is up) and while I have had the chance to sit in a Model S, I haven't done a test drive either. I live about 150 miles away from the nearest Tesla store in a city I rarely visit...
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    Pics/Info: Inside the battery pack

    I agree. The pagination on this site is horrible. So many useless meto posts that add nothing to the discussion but display just as prominently as helpful posts. I mostly use the reddit forum because I find it much easier to read.

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