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    Supercharger: Plainview, NY (Long Island)

    My parents live in the area, Plainview has been down for at least a week.
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    New oak interior decor in configurator

    I like it, though cream carpet isn’t practical. Kind of a Scandinavian look, I recall that Tesla had hired Volvo's head of interiors so maybe this is the start of that person having an impact.
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    Tesla telling me I have to upgrade/pay for new S75 from S60

    Clearly Tesla are pushing to get the car in OP's hands by quarter end. But I doubt they'd risk making an unhappy customer (especially one who is buying a high-end X at the same time) over that or $1500. I would think the bigger issue is the precedent that's being set. In this case the car as...
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    Subscription podcasts in 8.0

    Overcast, PocketCasts or Castro. Personally I use Overcast.
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    Firmware 8.0

    Thanks, great find. I spent like 20 minutes looking for it.
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    Firmware 8.0

    Tried center screen reboot, no go. Reported to Tesla.
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    Firmware 8.0

    Must be missing something but in 8.0 I don't see the media player settings menu where you could enter your Slacker and TuneIn accounts - if I recall it used to be in application settings alongside nav and calendar?
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    Tired of the $100,000 Car

    Seems like the assumption a lot of people make is that when the established luxury brands enter this market they'll be able to offer state-of-the art electric cars with the same luxurious materials and appointments as their ICE cars, at the same price point. It may be that MB or BMW have access...
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    Random Model X sightings

    Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard....here every night this weekend in what looks like a reserved spot right on the harbor.
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    Yacht floor runners recessed?

    Thanks, that's exactly the feedback I was hoping for. Will take a look but my strong inclination is to let Tesla deal with it.
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    Yacht floor runners recessed?

    Odd thing I noticed the other day - it appears that the rubber runners or skids integrated into the yacht floor, which are recessed or almost pushed into the floor for part of it - I would say about 8 inches starting @10 inches back from the front of the console: I guess this could have...
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    Supercharger - Newark, DE

    Great, thanks
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    Supercharger - Newark, DE

    Which North Jersey\LI SCs do you use - I'll be making this trip in the next few weeks from Western Suffolk, and EV Trip Planner has me going Syosset to Edison and then straight down to Newark; seems like a long run, especially in cold weather. I have a 90D and I used 1.3 speed, 72 cabin and 30...
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    Slacker Radio not working after this morning's new firmware

    Had to reboot center screen once more but it's back for me as well.
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    Slacker Radio not working after this morning's new firmware

    Same here, since the update this week. Bring on Spotify....
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    Cold near door

    Happy to see this thread, I noticed it in the [email protected] NE cold this morning and just attributed it to the extreme weather - but the door handle in particular was ice cold. I also notice that when I'm preheating the car I can feel a little warm air coming from the exterior door handles. Glad there is...
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    7.1 - range algorithm updated?

    S90D, got the 7.1 update yesterday - no change.
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    PSEG (Long Island) EV rate plan

    I'm on LI but I think it would be the same for me - I probably drive @30 miles/day, and the increased base rate\day rate would wipe out any saves from the overnight charging, especially in summer with AC and pool pumps running. Thanks to the OP for posting that though, I have been meaning to...
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    Photos: Grey Next Gen seats + Carbon Fiber + Black Alcantara + Premium Front Console

    Agree, seems to really work well with the black door trim. No cupholders in back wasn't an option so I got the rear console; I'm pretty happy with it though getting it in and out isn't trivial. I thought the piano black on the sliding door would bother me but it looks OK - though BertL seems...
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    Photos: Grey Next Gen seats + Carbon Fiber + Black Alcantara + Premium Front Console

    Looks great...how do you like the center console? I had debated it & decided to try life with the yacht floor for a while...not bad but your pics (I have the same interior) are really making me recoonsider.
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    What's everyone's take on our nav system?

    None I'm aware of. Part of the problem is that integrated nav systems are typically locked in years before the car comes to market, unlike smartphone apps that can get unlimited updates and take advantage of new phone hardware as soon as it's available. Agree that Waze is the best and I would...
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    What's everyone's take on our nav system?

    New owner, just took delivery of my 90D a week ago so my experience is limited but my initial impression is that this system is far ahead from a user friendliness perspective of any car with integrated nav I've ever owned (Acura, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, VW) - I just got in the car, said where I...
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    Ecstatic to be a part of the club - MS 85D

    Looks great - my 90D on its way is also titanium/grey/black headliner...any impressions on the center console? Seems to fit really well in that interior pic.
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    Wireless CarPlay in iOS 8.3 Beta

    The problem I think is that the in-car side of Carplay is based on QNX, the most common in-car computing platform (ironically owned by BlackBerry). Tesla's in-car OS is Linux-based, and so Carplay would need to be ported to that platform and separately supported by both Apple and Tesla. Don't...
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    Trade in?

    Thanks, can't hurt to have them quote me.
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    Trade in?

    New to the forum but a longtime lurker and follower of this amazing car and company. Question: on the Tesla home page I now see a prompt to "value your trade in" which seems to point back to contact with a sales advisor...does this mean that Tesla are now taking trade ins of non-Tesla cars? Does...

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