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  1. Pluto

    Supercharger - Stockton, CA - Auto Center Circle (permit found Nov 2020)

    I found a building permit that was submitted in September for a supercharger at 3131 Auto Center Circle in Stockton (closer to CA-99) at an upcoming store and service center. There isn't any information about how many stalls or what charging speed (I previously called the permit center but got...
  2. Pluto

    Tesla Share Price Vs. Vehicles Delivered Chart

    Someone asked me to make this chart, so here it is! A comparison of the share price with quarterly vehicles (of the prior three months). I'd say this really puts into perspective what the recent run-up in the stock looks like historically; it's only at about pre-2018 levels and it took the...
  3. Pluto

    Supercharger - Manteca, CA - Spreckels Ave (LIVE 9 May 2020, 12 V3 stalls)

    I heard a location might exist at the Target in Manteca from @SR-75 from another thread and looked up the address at 280 Spreckels Ave on the following page, and found two recently issued electrical commercial permits. When looking at building permit reports for permits issued in August...
  4. Pluto

    Supercharger - Stockton, CA (LIVE 13 Nov 2020, 12 V3 stalls)

    Found a permit that was submitted on August 26th for Stockton, CA. It appears to be a V3 supercharger with 12 stalls. See building permit BP19-06217 on Accela Citizen Access. Here's the description for the building permit: "Installing (12) Tesla supercharging post, (3) supercharging cabinets...
  5. Pluto

    What type of station is this? (Update: it’s an Electrify America station)

    I found a new permit for a fast charging station at Walmart in Stockton; it’s literally 800 feet away from the other fast charging station being installed in Stockton -_- Anyways I was wondering what network it would be. There are going to be 8 pedestals and 10 175kW chargers. It sounds like...
  6. Pluto

    Another DUI on Autopilot

    Read here: CHP Investigates if Tesla Was on Autopilot After DUI Arrest At least when he fell asleep at the wheel, there was no accident this time. Driving under the influence with autopilot on doesn’t mean it’ll prevent all accidents, but it’ll prevent some. Either way it’s unsafe to be on the...
  7. Pluto

    Does freeway asphalt drastically improve rolling resistance?

    Has anyone noticed that driving on freeways improve the efficiency of driving at the same speed when compared to a highway? I can drive on a clean, flat 55mph highway (going 60mph) and have 300Wh/mi usage rate, and when I drive on the freeway at the same speed I get something like 240Wh/mi...
  8. Pluto

    Tesla texted me to sell me a new vehicle via red stickers

    This made me immediately want to troll the person on the other end, here's what I've come up with so far: Any recommendations? Also, is Tesla supposed to be texting me from a personal number? Tbh it might be a business number, here it is in case if you've seen it before: 650-681-XXXX. Hell...
  9. Pluto

    A deep dive into the direct sales legalization debate

    Hi guys, I wanted to understand what reasoning could be used for all these direct sales bills that fail to even make it to the floor for a vote (Connecticut, New Mexico, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, New York, and Nebraska makes six of seven bills this year alone). So I was reading through a hearing...
  10. Pluto

    Non-ADA Compliant Traffic Information

    The other day I had someone new to Teslas in my Model S and he didn't even know what I was talking about when I said I was surprised the car didn't reroute to avoid the traffic we were going through. So of course I pointed out the huge red line we were driving through and the completely green...
  11. Pluto

    Short Sellers drove WSJ Reviewer Dan Neil to deletion of his Twitter

    In what looks like a coordinated attack from Mark Spiegel, Montana Skeptic, and others, Pulitzer Prize winner and Wall Street Journal's auto reviewer Dan Neil deleted his Twitter account after writing a glowing review of the Model 3 Performance version. It appears that short sellers were...
  12. Pluto

    Smartphone Dashboard?

    I just realized this... As a Model S owner, I’ve found that the Tesla app is extremely precise and updates in almost real-time (within half a second from what I remember). It shows the current speed of your car as well as other information. This could be used to turn your smartphone into a...
  13. Pluto

    Turn-based Map Zooming

    Model S and Model X cars currently have four different zoom/pan modes for navigation. There's north-up, direction-up, leg-zoom (when superchargers are in the mix), and trip-zoom. Months ago I saw an Electrek article showing an upcoming maps feature, which (I feel) mostly provides benefit by...
  14. Pluto

    The world after the Model 3

    Does you think that the world will be different after the Model 3 is released or it won't be much different? There are a lot of things that set apart a Model S and any other car and I don't know when the last time I've heard of a car doing that. I feel like once the Model 3 arrives and Tesla...
  15. Pluto

    DNS Attacks Plaguing the Internet

    It looks like there are DNS attacks which are impacting a lot of Internet service including Twitter, Netflix, Reddit, PayPal, Spotify, Disqus, isitdownrightnow.com, and many more. Does anyone know of any DNS mirroring services?
  16. Pluto

    Get rid of the Windshield

    Here's a fun idea to throw around... For cars that will become fully self-driving, why not replace the windshield with a curved, high resolution television? Windshields already cost several hundreds of dollars and this will allow maximum user-engagement with any media you have. Imagine watching...
  17. Pluto

    Energy Graph Tweaks

    I know suggestions from here aren't delivered to Tesla, but I figure I'd bring this idea to TMC for discussion. Something that would be really beneficial for Tesla owners trying to monitor their energy usage would be to differentiate between driving energy usage and all other energy usage. This...
  18. Pluto

    Sluggish Loading

    Has anyone noticed the site being sluggish today? Multiple tabs I opened took 10+ seconds to finish loading, whereas performing a search on another tab (outside of TMC) loaded pretty much instantly. It seems to have been random occurrences today (I noticed it two different times so far) when TMC...

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