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  1. renambot

    Average wall charger install call (Midwest)

    It seems high, but not crazy high (for Chicago suburb for instance). Every installation is different, how complex is it to reach the panel, is it going outside and back in garage… That’s why in my case I said ‘Put a 14-50 outlet here’ meaning no installation of charger, no mention of Tesla or...
  2. renambot

    Supercharger - Dwight IL

    In V3, one cabinet drives 4 pedestals (chargers) so it would probably be an 8-charger location (most common these days as mentioned).
  3. renambot

    Supercharger - Chicago, IL - N Elston Ave

    I drove around the Target parking the other day but I didn’t see anything yet. There‘s construction inside the parking structure but no obvious Tesla signs.
  4. renambot

    Supercharger - Chicago, IL - N Elston Ave

    At Target, interesting. I thought it would be at the Mariano’s down the street when I saw the dot on Tesla’s map. Target has a much bigger lot there, so it should be more convenient.
  5. renambot

    Supercharger - Gilman, IL

    Half way between Chicago and Urbana, it should be useful.
  6. renambot

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    Worked fine on Tuesday. Not sure what’s going on.
  7. renambot

    Tax credit for installing wall charger?

    About Form 8911, Alternative Fuel Vehicle Refueling Property Credit | Internal Revenue Service
  8. renambot

    Tesla releases Model Y Support Videos

    nice, like the S
  9. renambot

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    Yes, official on Tesla's website: 16 Superchargers, available 24/7, up to 250kW i.e. Bolingbrook #2, 8 chargers, 250kW @emupilot, @tes-s, @MarcoRP @Chuq
  10. renambot

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    Yes, charged there tonight. The thinner cables are easier to handle in the cold.
  11. renambot

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    Picture from last night. It looks almost finished...
  12. renambot

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    Still the same status last night. Similar in Rolling Meadows, concrete work done but no electrical setup.
  13. renambot

    Supercharger - Chicago, IL - O’Hare International Airport

    The new parking structure F has a fair amount of L2 chargers and "priority ev" preferred parking spots, and it's covered (except the top level). Convenient for short trips, and same parking fees (I think $17 a day).
  14. renambot

    EV plates (Illinois)

    I just went to the site last week and ordered my renewal.
  15. renambot

    Illinois Tollway doesn’t recognize EL plate

    There are around 5M cars in IL and around 15,000 EL plates. This is not about money, and I’m all about paying my share of the infrastructure. The state got ~ $100M from the Diesel settlement. What did they do to improve EV and green transportation in general?
  16. renambot

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    Same status last night. I hope the next phase of construction starts soon before the winter. It was fairly busy again last night (Sunday evening).
  17. renambot

    Supercharger - Chicago, IL (South Canal Street)

    Still need to validate as far as I know. I usually go to 'Noddles and Company' if I need to charge there, but there are number of other stores and restaurants. FIY, the stores across the street are part of another parking structure (Whole foods, Starbucks, ...)
  18. renambot

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    A little bit of progress last night...
  19. renambot

    Supercharger - Joplin, MO

    Yes, I was there a few weeks ago. It's not that bad, just behind the hotel. It didn't feel unsafe.
  20. renambot

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    Charging there today, and the parking spots next to the supercharger are fenced up. Maybe the expansion is starting?
  21. renambot

    Supercharger - Evergreen Park, IL

    10 stalls, 150kW (I only got ~95kW since my state of charge was ~30%). And 30min general parking (but the lot is pretty big).
  22. renambot

    Supercharger - Evergreen Park, IL

    Open and it shows up in car navigation. Charging there right now. @BlueShift @Chuq
  23. renambot

    Chicago New EV Charger - Target Division / Larrabee

    It's on the Electrify America map as 'Coming soon'. Locate a charger | Electrify America
  24. renambot

    Supercharger - Evergreen Park, IL

    It wasn't open yet Saturday night. Same tape around it.
  25. renambot

    Supercharger - Evergreen Park, IL

    To be added to supercharge.info @BlueShift @Chuq
  26. renambot

    Supercharger - Evergreen Park, IL

    At the Meijer?
  27. renambot

    Illinois Infrastructure Plan Would Raise EV Registration Fees to $1,000/yr

    Now with 'amendment 003', it seems to be $300 per year... Illinois General Assembly - Full Text of HB3233
  28. renambot

    Illinois Infrastructure Plan Would Raise EV Registration Fees to $1,000/yr

    Looks like the new draft is at $250 for EVs, and progressive amount based on age of the car for gas cars (if I understand correctly): "The current $101 a year vehicle registration fee would go to $199 for vehicles 3 years old or newer, $169 for vehicles 4-6 years of age, $139 for vehicles aged...
  29. renambot

    How to do you 'like' a post? Or mark a post 'helpful' or 'informative' etc?

    Bottom right of the post shows a list of icons...
  30. renambot

    Illinois Infrastructure Plan Would Raise EV Registration Fees to $1,000/yr

    Latest tweet from Sandoval: "Illinois State Senator Don DeWitte and I are working arduously to develop an amendment to scale back annual registration fees for electric vehicles" Martin A. Sandoval on Twitter
  31. renambot

    Supercharger @ Daily Destination

    I would supercharge when the car is at 20% (to ~ 80%) and wouldn't worry much about the rest.
  32. renambot

    SAE J1772 Charging Adapter Purchase?

    If you bought the car from Tesla, you should get one from them. I didn't get one with my CPO Model S, and they mailed me one when I asked (it took a long while though).
  33. renambot

    How does the auto open feature work for the garage door?

    My understanding: - reset location with car parked in front of garage door (or inside) - 'distance' means 'when car is XXX feet from the garage, trigger the door' so by the time you get to the door, it's already opened and you don't have to stop at all. Mine is set to 70ft I think...
  34. renambot

    Supercharger - Rolling Meadows, IL

    Agreed, those two are busy. And half-full can be pretty much full since you share the power.
  35. renambot

    Please help (or redirect me) on this CPO Tesla, thanks!

    Keyless Entry: key fob in your pocket, you can walk toward the car and it unlocks and presents the door handles and you can drive away. You walk away, and it closes. GPS Enabled Homelink: Homelink is the garage door or gate remote tech. So you drive within a set range of your garage and it...
  36. renambot

    Will the Model Y have third row seating?

    I hope not (by default), I'd rather have more space.
  37. renambot

    NEMA 14-50 Adapter for Universal Connector - 30 or 50 amps?

    It seems to work as expected: you are pulling 30-amp so the 30-amp breaker is doing its job every time, to avoid overload. So you need a margin: 40-amp breaker for 32-amp operation, 50-amp breaker for 40-amp operation, or 125% overcurrent protection. The "electrician" should read the...
  38. renambot

    CPO experience from the CHICAGO location

    I did my delivery in early June on Grant Ave., but the car was probably coming from Westmont. It took a while to get the missing J1772 adapter, but they finally mailed it to me. When I got my plates, I just dropped by and they installed them for me. Overall, easy and pleasant.
  39. renambot

    Supercharger - Oak Park, IL

    All the Chicago area constructions seem to have been on hold for a long while now. Maybe we'll get some Superchargers V3 ;-)
  40. renambot

    Supercharger Idle Fee

    In Chicago and its suburbs, it's definitively increasing since the summer and the Model3 wave. It could be half-full to full during rush hours. I've never had to wait though, yet.
  41. renambot

    Supercharger Idle Fee

    I get notification of 'charging is almost complete' also on my Pixel2XL Android phone.
  42. renambot

    Firmware Update Changed My Odometer

    miles vs km ?
  43. renambot

    Midwest Supercharger Christmas Wishlist

    For the Chicago area, I just wish they would open the ones marked as planned: OakPark, Bridgeport, Evanston, Oakbrook, ...
  44. renambot

    EV plates (Illinois)

    I've seen "1 EL" a couple of times.
  45. renambot

    New Model X charging limit to 32A

    Supercharging is completely different: you get DC power directly into the battery (you might get something like 400V at 250A: 100kW). At home, using AC, you car charger does the conversion to DC.
  46. renambot

    New Model X charging limit to 32A

    High-amperage 72A charger used to be an option. It might be now on model S/X with 100kWh batteries (100D cars).

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