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  1. 7racer

    What ball mount is everyone using for the Bosal tow hitch?

    I was curious for the people already towing with the tow package. From this thread we know that the X uses the "Bosal" European tow hitch system Tow Package vs. Accessory Hitch I purchased a Reese ball mount which has the right rise for my trailer...
  2. 7racer

    No one really is talking about it...but the bioweapon defense filter is awesome!

    I think this shows how well it really works as I really haven't noticed it at all! That is, driving behind large trucks spewing diesel fumes, farm smells on my way to Sherman TX, cigarette smells from the driver in front of me causally flicking their ashes at me out a cracked window, and...
  3. 7racer

    Anyone find the rear trunk lighting to be dim like the S?

    There are two lights, one on the lift gate and one on the right hand side in the trunk. Both appear to be stock and kinda dim. Will the abstract ocean lights fit in the spots? Anyone give it a go?
  4. 7racer

    Random thought...will the key fob be different?

    just wonder if it will be more X shaped? addition button to open the falcon doors?
  5. 7racer

    Help with exterior color....

    I got the invite to config my sig X (#171) and am struggling with the exterior color. Waffling actually!:crying: I have a MC red on a P85D and would like to try a different color. I plan to go with the white interior. I was leaning toward the sig red but might be too close to the MC red that...
  6. 7racer

    What do you guys do in the rare Dallas ice storms/snow? (Model S)

    Hey everyone, I just got my inventory Model S for the replacement of my totaled Roadster :( I am thoroughly enjoying the new luxury but contemplating what will happen come winter. I plan to sell my VW sportwagen that I routinely used in the crazy Dallas ice storm and snow. It was easy to...
  7. 7racer

    #1400 takes a hit

    on Friday after work...running an errand when a driver going in the opposite direction failed to yield in the left turn lane and turned right into me. Damage looks pretty extensive and waiting on the adjuster to see what they think...hopefully fixable. Blah.
  8. 7racer

    Alpine Carplay ILX-007 impressions and install for the DIYer...

    Finally got it all buttoned up and working from the continuation of this thread: Alpine Carplay ilx-007 is available there also have been some reviews already showing up on the web: Hands-On With Alpine's iLX-007 In-Dash CarPlay Entertainment System - Mac Rumors Alpine CarPlay Car Stereo...
  9. 7racer

    Onewheel -- My new electrical "vehicle"....minus 3 wheels!

    LOL this thing is scary! Products | Onewheel | The Revolutionary Electric Boardsport video below! https://vimeo.com/115876564 - - - Updated - - - and direct link for some reason the embed doesn't show (think its my ad blockers) https://vimeo.com/115876564
  10. 7racer

    Alpine Carplay ilx-007 is available

    looks like the Alpine Carplay is available. I really want to get rid of the stock system and upgrade to this. here is the link to Alpine's website. Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. and their page with the Owner's Manual. Alpine Electronics of America, Inc. I'm trying to see if...
  11. 7racer

    Variance in hand wound motors of the Sport models?

    Was getting service at the Dallas store and one of the techs asked if someday we could do a drag race (half kidding). I was like sure! But the Model S has more HP so should start to pull on me. He then mentions that since the Roadster Sports motors where all hand wound, there is some...
  12. 7racer

    Japanese Custom roadster...haven't seen this before.

    article on Speedhunters.com about learning how to drive smoothly (=fast) when you scroll down, it looks like they have a custom Tesla Roadster that they track! Would like to see it without all of the graphics but kinda like the overall shape! anyways here is the link and the two pics of...
  13. 7racer

    Track day this weekend...charge mode and driving mode question?

    Track day *update* charging, drive mode, suspension,video Unfortunately, my GT-R is stuck in Georgia getting suspension work and won't have it back in time for this weekends track day at MSR so instead will drive the Roadster. I did a search but wanted to double check. Since the limiting...
  14. 7racer

    Electrical Plan renewal late 2013

    I just searched some of the threads. I am due for renewal of my Green mountain Energy plan. I currently am on a 10.6 cents plan wind energy. Was just polling the Texas group to see if they have anything better or would recommend. Thanks!
  15. 7racer

    #1146 DMC Motor Fan Problem?

    Just got this alert thru my OVMS and saw a reference to it in the WIKI Roadster - Tesla Motors Club - Enthusiasts & Owners Forum what is it? and is it something serious that I should stop driving the car?
  16. 7racer

    Roadster HPWC to J1772 to Charge Brammo Empulse R motorcycle

    Hey everyone, not sure where to post this but thought here would be appropriate as it looks like it is a roadster HPWC. My friend on the brammo forum is trying to charge his Empluse R (I also have one and it's AWESOME!) but is only getting 15amps out of it. The Empluse is capable of L2...
  17. 7racer

    low estimated range at 50 miles but normal ideal range at 187

    I don't think I ever remember my estimated range being around 50? I always thought it was over 100. But noticed it today. I still get a normal charge to around 187 ideal. The weather has been cool but not cold. I have been running the heat but not that much recently. Could that be doing...
  18. 7racer

    Texas Electrical companies

    I just got a notice that my Green Mountain Energy contract is coming up for renewal. Anyone have a favorite company they like to deal with? Green Mtn did give me their rate with having an EV. Thanks
  19. 7racer

    New micro mirror and side mirrors

    I was looking for a micro mirror like sector111 sells. End up finding out that a company (Zoom) in Japan frequently makes the parts for Lotus Elise/Exige. They still have mirrors but a bit costly. Need to buy the adapter and mirror to complete the unit for your particular car. Like the...
  20. 7racer

    soo....1400 just got hit

    :cursing: Porsche Cayenne just merged into my drivers side. Took out the mirror and scraped down the length of the car. Right behind the door it looks like it got into the carbon fiber. Submitted a claim electronically. Allstate will most likely contact me tomorrow and the other driver...
  21. 7racer


    wow! can't believe it got here! LOL....I just have one question really. Can I drive it without temp tags?! LOL I was hoping it was included! Anyways...here are some pics (car's a bit dirty from the transport)
  22. 7racer

    how to store the hard top

    not to hijack my own thread, but where "DO" you guys store the hardtop when not in use? would something like this work and get the hardtop out of the way? Amazon.com: Racor PBH-1R Ceiling-Mounted Bike Lift: Home Improvement
  23. 7racer

    Silly question....what do you use to hang the cord for the universal charger?

    Do you guys get like a garden hose thing and mount it on the wall and wrap the cord around it when not in use? Any other elegant solutions?
  24. 7racer

    One of the best resale values..

    Sports Cars with the Best Resale Value- Yahoo! Autos Article Page
  25. 7racer

    2.5 air conditioning and Texas heat

    Sorry for the simple question. Searching thru older posts I realize that the AC is pretty anemic. I also read that it was improved. I was wondering if the newer 2.5 fixed the problem or if it is still pretty anemic. I also commute about 120 mile round trip to one of our satellite...

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