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    Ford: straight to fully autonomous driving by 2021

    Our system is SO GREAT that our engineers are falling asleep waiting for it to make a mistake! We've got this thing so figured out we're gonna skip right ahead to level 5. We're leading the game! Oh, by the way - we won't have anything to release for AT LEAST 4 years, but we promise it's...
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    1 million Teslas by 2020 - what does it take?

    That's hard to say (it depends on the size of the site and stage of completion). An easier idea is to look at the needs of an individual tradesman, for instance a carpenter, who may be running 3/4kW loads through an inverter to power 120/240v tools over the course of several hours (most...
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    Model M for Mole?

    Love Elon's ideas and can see why he would want to develop this kind of tech before lifting off to Mars. Tunnel Boring is one tough gig, you really can't fault the guy on his stomach for a challenge!
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    Improving Supercharger Availability $0.40 idle fee

    I think the idea is good in principle. Hopefully Tesla tweak it to 10min/20c per minute ($12ph/$288pd) which offers more flexibility for variance in SC charge rates & proximity to amenities while still offering the same improvements to SC congestion.
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    The Chinese billionaire behind Faraday Future just got a grim reality check

    Lucid & FF are two separate companies sharing a similar investor. The investor in question seems to be more heavily involved in FF (far weaker of the two efforts IMO). For reference he is one of four main (and the only Chinese) investors in Lucid / the motor artist formerly known as Atieva ;)...
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    Lucid (Atieva) reveal is December 14th. I'll be there, let you know afterwards.

    I think you'll find they've engage "Snooze Mode", the spiritual antipodal point to "Ludicrous Mode". Torque response muted, all seats at 100% recline and ocean sounds through the 149-speaker system while the co-pilot drives the car ;)
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    Lucid (Atieva) reveal is December 14th. I'll be there, let you know afterwards.

    I think they nailed the styling almost 100% on the first attempt. To me there is plenty of modern Audi/Volkswagen DNA in the lines without the extreme wide stancing ze Germans are trending towards. Interior is beautifully executed too - although the touch screen looks a little outdated already -...
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    Feed me, Elon

    As someone whose diet consists of vitamin-rich daily Tesla news I can sympathise with all of the above feels. Truth is we aren't getting any news because we made too many pre-orders and everyone at Tesla went :eek: we better stop mentioning how cool this thing is until we can fill some of these...
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    Year 2018: Buy a base Model S or a (somewhat) loaded Model 3?

    Dogs being able to fit in the trunk would be a big thing for me. Like the Bible says, "Thou shalt separate thine Canine's muddy paws from the fine Textiles I have given ye"
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    How low will wH/mile fall?

    The Nissan Leaf is using a different (less efficient) electric motor tech (DC Brushless vs AC Induction), has different aero properties, different regen capabilities, single motor, tyres, etc. The higher efficiency of the S reflects a lot of attention to detail accumulating into a whole. The M3...
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    How low will wH/mile fall?

    Interesting that you've identified a narrower delta in EV energy consumption figures than in ICE. Intuitively this would seem to relate to the efficiency (or lack thereof) of ICE vs BEV in converting energy into movement. This lack of efficiency will become noticeable as demand for power soars...
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    "Charge" Release 100 Mile Electric Truck Concept

    At city speeds (20-40MPH) the losses from aero aren't of great significance: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f44778bba2401b11dca3fedaab3597f46af93c35c7fc0d6260b4b57178425a74.jpg?w=600&h=462 Considering a 100 mile range this may be more intended to take on the low hanging fruit of the...
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    "Charge" Release 100 Mile Electric Truck Concept

    UK-Based Firm “Charge” Unveils Truck With All-Electric Range Of 100 Miles, Claims 1 Person Can Build One In Just 4 Hours Another player in the electric Truck game - and one of the more well credentialed entrants too (prior experience developing trucks, current logistics partner to Formula-E)...
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    Lucid Motors (formerly Atieva) will be sole battery supplier to Formula E

    Good for these guys. The tech around Edna looks great and the engineering talent they have assembled is very impressive. Trying to one up Tesla will be an industry norm from here on out (it more or less already is). Perhaps these guys will finally offer a nice EV for the track guys who are...
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    All Tesla Vehicles now being produced have full self driving hardware

    We need more X's down here (I've never seen one!) Go for it :)
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    Unveiling on Oct 17th

    According to Elecktrek.co the announcement is for Tesla Vision (in-house MobileEye replacement). They have a good track record for calling these things ahead of time (some well placed sources and a sense of credibility towards the journalistic standards of Mr Lambert do help here). So yep -...
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    Contractors & Surfers need an EV utility van. Mid sized for lumber & surfboards

    My ICE van will have to serve until there are long range EV options available: once one comes a flood will surely follow!
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    Nothing beyond 100kWh?

    Through calculations too vast for your mind to encompass he decided 100kWh is the point of diminishing returns, now its time to focus on efficiency for a while? Rest assured, there will be bigger packs down the road... but these won't be realised until the new format cells are in place. Knowing...
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    Firmware 8.0

    Seems to me a bug cropped up in the final rev of 8.0 and Elon doesn't want to tweet that 8.0 has a bug delaying release the same weekend as one of his rockets blows up... Obviously the virtuous thing to do here would be spend a weekend on his yacht but instead he's probably being a...
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    Nikola Motors Semi Trucks

    +1 miimura I was excited for these guys but the change to Hydrogen is a huge blunder IMO. I guess we can toss Nikola Motors onto the vaporware heap ;)
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    Used S VS Audi A4

    Funny you mention this. I don't own an S but my contribution to the OP would be every time I see an A4 I'm basically yawning and/or gesticulating for them to HURRY UP the light is GREEN! Every time I see a Tesla I'm glued to the inside of my window like a wide-eyed gecko (very dangerous without...
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    Any idea when 100D (not P100D) might make debut?

    The battery can be replaced if it's defective. The discussion is more to do with replacing a perfectly good battery just because you want a bigger one - which is proving to be so costly its really not worthwhile (unless you drive a Roadster)
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    How many kWh can they squeeze into the Model 3...?

    Tesla are constantly looking to improve both - and have been steadily. 100km/h performance is a metric where they lag ICE vehicles to a degree so would make the most sense to pursue from an engineering standpoint. Yet 0 - 100km/h times sell cars so really we will see both improved moving forward.
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    How many kWh can they squeeze into the Model 3...?

    Deliberately crippling performance is something Tesla will never do, ever. They are all about proving EV's are the best, period. I would love to see the M3 become the standard bearer of performance for the Tesla lineup but ultimately what will likely limit the vehicle is cost based design...
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    Any idea when 100D (not P100D) might make debut?

    Indeed. Though it may be frustrating for owners the truth is that battery swapping doesn't look like the viable path it once seemed to be.
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    Tesla energy can make Supercharging free for Model 3...

    OP: wonderfully lucid plan. +1 from me too.
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    Any idea when 100D (not P100D) might make debut?

    It was mentioned recently by Elon or JB that they are not looking to repurpose used packs into different applications any longer but believe it is better to recycle the cells into raw materials (doctor knows best on this one - Tesla don't make these kinds of decisions without examining the...
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    How many kWh can they squeeze into the Model 3...?

    Sounds more like it - thanks!
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    How many kWh can they squeeze into the Model 3...?

    The answer is yes, JB mentioned that the changes to the architecture will accomodate the new 2170 cell. Interesting re: your figures supplied regarding chemistry improvements being around 1.5% pa. I'm not privvy to the data on the evolution of Tesla's cell but the rate of improvement does seem...
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    How many kWh can they squeeze into the Model 3...?

    As you've noted there are two different roads to bigger packs - better price/packaging (cost, cooling architecture, packaging, cell size) and chemistry (cell capacity, C rate, voltage and so forth). Tesla can make the first change under their own initiative while chemistry changes are a flow on...
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    How many kWh can they squeeze into the Model 3...?

    Aaaandd less than 24 hours later Tesla announce a 10% pack upgrade for the year: Tesla claims ‘Quickest Production Car in the World’ title with new 100 kWh battery pack: 0-60 in 2.5s & 315 mile range Expect to see the same increase again in roughly a year - perhaps/maybe/possibly we will see...
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    How many kWh can they squeeze into the Model 3...?

    Another comment on the SA article. The author references a Gigafactory retooling as evidence of some kind of chemistry change... I believe this in mentioned during the recent tour as an upgrade to one of the manufacturing stages devised by Tesla & Panasonic engineers that consumes 80% less...
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    Tesla Pickup Truck

    The strategy of swimming down market has worked in the past and seems solid here as well, for the reasons you have outlined and more. Elon has stated the Pick-Up will be based off the X platform. One wonders to what degree the Tesla skateboard allows for adjustments to length and configuration...
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    Tesla Pickup Truck

    The strategy of swimming down market has worked in the past and seems solid here as well, for the reasons you have outlined and more. Elon has stated the Pick-Up will be based off the X platform. One wonders to what degree the Tesla skateboard allows for adjustments to length and configuration...
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    How hard would it be to make an electric semi truck

    I'll put an electron on that bet :) Some compelling points you make here. 6MW is a massive figure to be sure but methinks Tesla would see virtue in a far lower charge rate with a longer charge time - let's say 1MW for fun? 30 minutes to full charge seems reasonable to me. If Tesla go this...
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    Tesla Model U Pickup Rendered by Truck Trend

    By far the best set of renders for this concept yet - very nice work! Tesla would be wise to not 'miss the point' on ute/truck design - yes, aero is vital and fleets will buy regardless, but the soft lines and smooth design language of the S & X need to be drastically reshaped into something...
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    VIA Motors (VTRUX)

    Too many former business partners to keep track of o_O
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    Tesla Pickup Truck

    An inverter plugged into the 12V circuit is limited to 120W max draw. How pray tell can I run my angle grinder off this? Obviously Tesla have their reasons for not including this feature in the Model S/X as they prioritised other elements. It would be a pretty big dropped ball not to see this...
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    VIA Motors (VTRUX)

    As I recall Via came about from a disagreement between Elon and one of his partners regarding the viability of pure EV to handle work loads required by commercial vehicles? Almost a decade later and Via have a 20kW hybrid truck/van offering around the 60-70K USD mark and Tesla are building high...
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    GM Chevy Volt

    These are nice cars. Here in Australia the Volt was rebadged as a Holden and managed to sell a handful of units before getting axed (word is the honourable Australian government caught wind of people trying to use less fossil fuels and intervened ;)). Unfortunately used prices are high and...
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    How hard would it be to make an electric semi truck

    Let's hope not! I know you like the idea of battery swapping for this application but I personally think it is a big no no. To swap a very large and heavy battery pack will require a very large and heavy machine - at every station. Then you have to maintain them - bummer, back to ICE age...
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    Toyota 'Mirai' Fuel Cell Sedan

    Toyota have probably spent more money advertising this monstrosity than Tesla have on their entire line-up :p
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    Tesla Pickup Truck

    Love all of these ideas - especially the frunk work bench which as a contractor I would use daily. Quite surprised Tesla doesn't already offer 120/240 volt outlets all things considered....
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    Prediction: One battery for Model 3

    I think Tesla are looking very closely at how previous roll outs of this idea have panned out with other models. Methinks there is sound logic behind it from a general perspective - manufacturing simplicities notwithstanding the raft of other benefits are also really compelling. Not hard to...
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    How hard would it be to make an electric semi truck

    Battery swapping makes even less sense for large vehicles then it does for passenger vehicles... Besides, it won't be needed at all as large batteries charge super fast. My feeling is these will be coupled with a new type of Supercharger intended for commercial vehicles - the SuperDupercharger...
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    Tesla Master Plan Part 2

    All week... ;) Still - Tesla Semi. Cool!
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    BMW Shifting Focus of I Brand

    Electric motors respond much quicker to throttle input (one of the neat advantages relative to ICE)
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    Electric car sets new acceleration record

    Did you watch the video? They found a Norwegian goddess with lvl 4 Launch skills. It's amazing just how little space the car requires to pick up speed. Watching this makes me think Tesla are gonna go to town with the next Roadster. Perhaps they will target sub 2s for the 100km/h run knowing...
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    model 3 height off the ground?

    These kinds ot things aren't known yet and won't be for a while. Best way to find out in the mean time is to discover the articulation of the Model S Air Suspension - the system in the M3 will likely perform within similar spec as its bigger brother.
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    Nissan Leaf II

    300 miles? Do you have a source for that? My understanding is they will be aiming for a 60kW pack - which should equate to a 200 mile range.

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