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  1. Az_Rael

    MIT study on glance behavior when using Autopilot

    Looks like the story is being picked up in a few more places. https://www.engadget.com/tesla-drivers-become-inattentive-when-using-autopilot-study-finds-072247148.html? https://techcrunch.com/2021/09/20/mit-study-finds-tesla-drivers-become-inattentive-when-autopilot-is-activated/
  2. Az_Rael

    Break in without breaking glass?

    Did you use the keycard to unlock the car? I believe the car will not auto lock if the keycard was used to unlock the car on the previous drive. It is a good idea to turn on the horn beep for walk away lock to make sure the car always locks.
  3. Az_Rael

    MIT study on glance behavior when using Autopilot

    https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0001457521003791?via%3Dihub Thought this was an interesting study, sorry if I missed a prior thread on it. I am not too surprised with the conclusions, I suspect Level 2 automation can be human factors nightmare, which is I believe one...
  4. Az_Rael

    Extended Service Warranty

    Is you car out of the original warranty period and into the extended warranty? I presume you purchased the extended warranty. If so, to use it, there is a $200 deductible when you take your car in for service. If you dig up your extended warranty agreement, it spells it out there. Now, if...
  5. Az_Rael

    Help Please! Wine Spill Smell - Even after interior detail/shampoo

    Try an ozone generator. Some detail shops should offer the service or you can buy one yourself. Just don't run it for very long and use precautions to air out the ozone once done. I have used one in my 3 for the cabin air filter funk and it worked well.
  6. Az_Rael

    FSD Transfer and Camax

    I would try and get CarMax to include FSD on the vehicle purchase sheet. That way if Tesla tries to claw it back later, you can take it up with CarMax and CarMax can go after Tesla. In my experience, CarMax has better customer service than Tesla. You can at least talk to people on the phone.
  7. Az_Rael

    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    Different agencies. NHTSA is the one with teeth to enforce policy, NTSB does not. NHTSA is also more influenced by manufacturers lobbying when making their rules, though. So it may depend on how much or well Tesla can lobby them.
  8. Az_Rael

    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    The San Diego photo appears to be a model Y based on that rear end. Miami: hard to tell, but those look like the Model 3 sport wheels Michigan: Model 3 or Y based on the view of the center screen visible in the photo Texas: Model X, unknown AP North Carolina: pre-facelift S, unknown AP Arizona...
  9. Az_Rael

    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    I don't think they will limit action to just AP1. AP2 is also weak on detecting stopped vehicles, so I could see them forcing a geofence for all autosteer cars. Now, what that would do to those of use who purchased FSD? I guess Tesla would finally be able to use their "regulation" get out...
  10. Az_Rael

    Is Tesla only good for local driving?

    We just finished a road trip from CA to rural NM where my in-laws live in our S. It was "harder" than taking an ICE, since you did have to plan the stops pretty well, and some supercharger locations suck for food/convenience stores, making it so you had to stop twice to get food or walk thru...
  11. Az_Rael

    Model 3 has no spare tire

    I have better luck with Discount/America's Tire for in stock Tesla tires. And they are pretty common stores. For your hypothetical Yosemite scenario, the Merced America's Tire has the 19" tires for my Model 3 in stock, (although not a brand I prefer, but one that would get me going). Sure I...
  12. Az_Rael

    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    I am not so sure. During the autonomy day presentation they talked about how they were constrained when designing the HW3 computer because it HAD to be retrofittable. They stated HW4 didn’t have those constraints. Not sure if the guy giving that presentation still works at Tesla though...
  13. Az_Rael

    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    They didn’t add the safety language until later. Nevertheless, there is an argument that Tesla needs to deliver the features within a reasonable timeframe within the life of the car. A court would have to decide what reasonable means in that context. Is it 5 years, the average length of...
  14. Az_Rael

    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    Still on their website today: Summon Your Tesla from Your Phone. Emphasis mine. Obviously (in hindsight), Tesla was actually referring to your future Tesla, not your AP1 car that got software 7.1. Last Fall, Tesla Version 7.0 software introduced a range of new Autopilot active safety and...
  15. Az_Rael

    MASTER THREAD: FSD Subscription Available 16 Jul 2021

    I remember when Tesla was promising that AP1 cars would be able to eventually drive coast to coast. They have a long history of over promising in their communications, I am kind of surprised no one has gotten them on false advertising yet. So far it hasn’t affected their sales, so why would...
  16. Az_Rael

    Considering solar panels, looking for sizing/financing advice

    @willow_hiller thanks for the update! We have been considering going with a variable speed compressor, interesting to see the reduction in consumption.
  17. Az_Rael

    Massive PTO Delay

    Not everyone signed up for Tesla energy when they were the lowest bidder. They were the 2nd highest bidder for my project back when they offered nicer contracts and top of the line Panasonic panels. So I do expect the customer service level of a premium installer, since that is what they were...
  18. Az_Rael

    Owners of multiple Teslas, how to combine MyTesla Accounts?

    Maybe try creating a service ticket in the app and in the notes explain you want the accounts merged?
  19. Az_Rael

    Waypoints are coming to Tesla vehicles

    My bad. /s at the end of a sarcasm post works too, no font required.
  20. Az_Rael

    Waypoints are coming to Tesla vehicles

    Eh, in classic Elon style he said he would last year on twitter
  21. Az_Rael

    A sincere effort from a hater to adapt to living in a world with Teslas

    This subset does exist, but there is also a good sized subset of Tesla owners who are “techies” vs eco oriented. I work for a large defense company who’s population trends conservative and my coworkers who are buying Teslas are doing it for the performance and cool tech. You will find many...
  22. Az_Rael

    seat belt irritating driver's neck in Model Y, remedy?

    I use this: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0177VLQ6Q/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I did have it on in my crash in my S and seatbelt worked per design, snugging me right up in the seat and locking. I agree with the others that the clips could interfere with the...
  23. Az_Rael

    Cruise control - a mind of it's own. Anyone else have this experience?

    I have seen it on a section of the 5 near Burbank in the past. Speed limit goes from like 65 down to 25 or something. I think in that case the newly constructed road config in combo with a nearby surface street was the culprit. Sometimes on my drive to work on a highway (not freeway) the...
  24. Az_Rael

    Doors not locked?

    There are also cases where if you unlocked the car with the key card it won't autolock the next time. Recommend turning on the walk away beep to help know if it locked or not in the future. I bought the fob for my 3 and just use that.
  25. Az_Rael

    Finally got my M3P from Vroom - damaged undertray

    There is a configuration of performance model Tesla sold for a while that folks here refer to as the ”stealth” performance. It was the car with the upgraded performance specs, but without the “performance package“ which was the brakes, spoiler, etc. originally you had to pay extra to get...
  26. Az_Rael

    How much would you pay for...[a used 2017 model 3]

    2017 owner checking in! They are hard to price, a lot of places don’t even list 2017 as an option when I tried to get quotes a while back. If I was buying, I don’t think I would put a premium on a 2017 over a 2018 unless you were actually buying a very low mileage car then garaging it as a...
  27. Az_Rael

    2 die in Tesla crash - Report says "nobody was in driver seat"

    You assume Tesla collects that immediate uploaded log for any reason but their own CYA and internal data tracking purposes. Tesla very much cares if AP was on in a crash, especially a high profile event like this.
  28. Az_Rael

    Model 3 rear door no unpowered emergency release safety

    Out of curiosity have you verified this will pop the frunk? I have heard they do, but never tried it myself.
  29. Az_Rael

    Model 3 rear door no unpowered emergency release safety

    The 3 still has a 12v battery and a kind of cheap one at that. A bunch of early 3 owners, myself included, had the 12v fail about 2 years in. 12v battery fail = car losing power. I have been locked out of my 3 by an unexpected 12v battery failure. Luckily it was in my garage, but it it...
  30. Az_Rael

    2 die in Tesla crash - Report says "nobody was in driver seat"

    Minor point, but TACC is activated and controlled with the stalk on the opposite side of the wheel on an S not the scroll wheel. If you lowered the speed with the stalk, the passenger would have to reach around the wheel to activate. Still possible, but more difficult. Although I have never...
  31. Az_Rael

    2 die in Tesla crash - Report says "nobody was in driver seat"

    That is an FSD feature, not a basic AP feature as far as I know. So if the owner hadn’t bought FSD I don’t know why they would expect the car to stop at a stop sign.
  32. Az_Rael

    Major problem while driving - 20 days out of warranty. Power shut down, won't turn on.

    Not that I know of. It isn’t like the HV battery that you can see the label from under the car. Folks were tracking revisions via service invoices back in the day.
  33. Az_Rael

    Major problem while driving - 20 days out of warranty. Power shut down, won't turn on.

    The reason the drive units were added to the unlimited mile warranty was the early issues. I think Edmunds long term test drive car went through three. Hard to imagine an original drive unit is still out there, but with the prior owner(s) only driving 38k in 7ish years, maybe...
  34. Az_Rael

    2 die in Tesla crash - Report says "nobody was in driver seat"

    Agree. I hadn't seen this account earlier, and I would question the narrative that it was impossible to get into the back seat. Also, the article in the first post says the brother in law saw the owner drive off in the front seat, but was found in the back seat. I am now switching to team...
  35. Az_Rael

    Major problem while driving - 20 days out of warranty. Power shut down, won't turn on.

    That is really low mileage for a 2013. Wonder if it still has one of the original drive unit revisions. If that is the case, at least the new drive unit would be more reliable.
  36. Az_Rael

    2 die in Tesla crash - Report says "nobody was in driver seat"

    Looks like this is the quote everyone is picking up on the the various media articles that "no one was driving": "They are 100 percent certain that no one was in the driver seat driving that vehicle at the time of impact. They are positive," Herman said. "And again, the height from the back...
  37. Az_Rael

    2 die in Tesla crash - Report says "nobody was in driver seat"

    True, but you have to know about the emergency door pull mechanism and where that is to get out of the rear seat.
  38. Az_Rael

    2 die in Tesla crash - Report says "nobody was in driver seat"

    Hard to say. Tree could have hit more towards the passenger side, or they all survived the impact and the two who couldn't get out in time died from the fire.
  39. Az_Rael

    2 die in Tesla crash - Report says "nobody was in driver seat"

    I am kind of with the 3rd person involved theory. I mean, if this was a BMW involved in a fatal fiery neighborhood crash with what appeared to be no one in the driver's seat, there would be an immediate hunt for the person who left the scene. But Tesla = self driving to the general public...
  40. Az_Rael

    New Tesla Y defective - what would you do?

    It probably doesn’t make you feel better, but DU replacement is kinda a thing for Tesla ownership, so I wouldn’t blink an eye at needing one. Early S models were going through them like candy back in the day, and even the model 3 had an issue early on with DUs failing shortly after delivery...
  41. Az_Rael

    After what time has passed would you consider an FSD class action lawsuit?

    I suspect what will eventually happen is Tesla will upgrade the hardware on new cars and stop working on “FSD” for the AP2/3 cars. Maybe once AP 4 comes out in a year or so. Which is when we get to start arguing about what Tesla did deliver and if it met the advertisements. I am just...
  42. Az_Rael

    After what time has passed would you consider an FSD class action lawsuit?

    I suspect those of us original buyers of FSD prior to all the language updates might have a case, although there are enough caveats about regulations, etc that Tesla may have an out. It’s not as clear cut as the 691 hp class action IMHO. For historical purposes, here is what the FSD Model...
  43. Az_Rael

    Audi E-Tron GT

    I suspect we haven’t seen the lowest GT model they will eventually release. The specs are closer to the $100k Taycan (bigger battery, AWD, etc). I imagine they will also release a “cheaper” one with RWD and a smaller battery like the Taycan has.
  44. Az_Rael

    Audi E-Tron GT

    Audi reveals its Porsche-powered E-Tron GT Starting price at $100k. Was hoping it would start a bit lower to be closer to the S, but maybe once the initial hype goes down it will be selling for less than MSRP as other makes do. I think Audi still has $7500 credits left too. Will be...
  45. Az_Rael

    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    Well.... I am glad we have a 2021 S in the older style. This steering wheel would have been a deal breaker IMHO. Will be interesting to see the reviews once folks can test drive.
  46. Az_Rael

    NHTSA asks Tesla to recall 158,000 [now 135,000] vehicles for eMMC failure. Voluntary Recall issued

    Aging like milk. A recall doesn't have a time or mileage limit, which I think the warranty extension does. I think a safety recall would also apply to salvage title cars, but I am not 100% on that.
  47. Az_Rael

    Tesla removes regenerative braking strength option

    Just updating this thread: New S got its first software update since purchase and still no Low regen option.
  48. Az_Rael

    NHTSA asks about MCU memory screen failures

    “However, Tesla also told NHTSA that "the MCU failures are likely to continue to occur in subject vehicles as vehicles continue to operate and use available memory in the 8GB eMMC NAND flash memory until 100 percent of units have failed." I remember when this issue first surfaced a few years...
  49. Az_Rael

    Weak Headlights: Fact or Fiction?

    Our 2021 has better headlights than our 2015 did, but they don’t quite have the same reach as our Model 3’s. I would consider them adequate in dark areas though. I don’t know if you can visit your friend, but that is probably the best way to test them out. Or she can see if she can...
  50. Az_Rael

    Telsa 2012 Battery life

    When did Tesla start deliveries of the non-founders? I imagine some of them are already out of warranty. It will certainly be interesting next year as more and more fall out of warranty.

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