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    RCM_a094 - Safety restraint system fault

    Check FR RR RC belt lock cables, in my case it was broken (kid seat there all time)
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    Will buy chademo, any cont. USA *-D spec Paypal as payment Photos would be nice.
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    Charging US Tesla with CCS in Europe

    I have shipped today to Sofia one, ping me in few weeks when it arrives... Here is how it looks like: CCS2-US tesla CCS2 Setec adapter
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    UMC adapters control resistance?

    Different resistors in NEMA plug forwards to board allowed how much it can get Amps
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    Vendor Model 3 Öhlins DFV Coilovers - Engineered by Redwood Motorsports ™

    Replaced right rear absorber to OEM (keep same tophat) Knocking sound disappeared. Here are photos and video mount on tophat Now in trunk it looks like I got much less noise from right (OEM) absorber in general, then from left (Redwood). Hope photos and video help it any way. IMO way to much...
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    Vendor Model 3 Öhlins DFV Coilovers - Engineered by Redwood Motorsports ™

    Yeah clip sent to them. Clip recorder on low under 20mph mostly, with child in trunk :) Noise happens on any non ideal road, mostly all time, except totally newly made roads. Sound present on any city legal speeds upto 100kph Will disassemble and make a video.
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    Vendor Model 3 Öhlins DFV Coilovers - Engineered by Redwood Motorsports ™

    Hi folks and redwood I got AWD GT coils Recently I got sound from rear. Recorded sound see attached. First look show its somewhere on top hat or rear suspension (redwood unit) We decided to change it from right to left, and sound moved as well. So obviously its top hat (oem) or your unit...
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    RCM_a094 - Safety restraint system fault

    RCM_a094 was relate to rear center passenger wire from belt lock broken. Repaired and its working again :-)
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    RCM_a094 - Safety restraint system fault

    Got following error. Any idea what is wrong...?
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    WTB: Chademo adapter

    Looking for US chademo adapter Payment is PayPal Interested in near new, few times used, maybe, fully operational. Sent your offer with shipping included to NJ
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    FS: Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter

    PM sent.
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    Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter

    Depends on car, SOC and most importantly now, battery temperature.
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    Where do you want a new Supercharger?

    Somewhere in Ukraine please :-D
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    Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter

    40kW is easy to explaine. Car waste 7kWh to heat up battery to 30Celcus so charge speed on station was likely 47kwh or something like that.
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    Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter

    50kw here at 83% 125.7A 400V ....
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    Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter

    +Car must be unlocked seems.
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    Setec CCS to Tesla Adapter

    Yesterday had received my in Ukraine. Tested on AE charging network with CCS1 ports available. IT WORK WELL! 2 x Tesla Model 3 charged successfully. Started at 125.7A 350V reached 125.7A 402V at 83%SOC and stopped at 85% SOC Here is video: And few screenshot attached:
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    Tesla CCS1 Adapter

    2weeks not passed yet ^^ my guess it will be after NY...with all those holidays.
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    WTB UMC\Wall cord\cable (damaged, not working)

    Looking for any Tesla cord/cable from UMC Gen1\2 or from Wall Connector Cord should be fine (chargeport should open and signal lines work as should) Plan to replace brains, and get it back to work. If any one have something to offer DM\PM me.
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    Tesla Connector Model 3

    photos? cable? paypal?
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    Tesla CCS1 Adapter

    My was shipped today, waiting in 2 weeks hopefully
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    WTB Model 3 Euro tail lights

    400$+ shipping EVHUB-68 EU tail lights set (2 outers)
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    TRADE: North American Spec Model 3 Tail Lights For EU Spec

    which one you interested only outer or all 3?
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    Dc combo for USA port

    There is 2 separate options Sc Other fc In general Tesla disable Sc, problem is other FC can be not enabled from factory, meaning, after disable Sc , both are disabled...
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    Dc combo for USA port

    Interesting, can anyone confirm it works on all US spec cars?
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    WTB mobile connector (damaged, not working)

    Hi all Looking for any mobile connector which is not working, interested in get cable from it.
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    Dc combo for USA port

    What is manufacture date of your Model X ? how do you solve issue with "missing ccs module" ?
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    Will US Tesla work in Europe?

    Yes, so what? you still can charge it with UMC, J1772 and wallcharger....and so on Charge in Europe is not an issue at all. Your NEMA 14-50 is pretty same 240V outlet as have every house in Europe, you just use 1 wire(phase) instead of 2(on NEMA 14-50). DC does not care on your charger. Any DC...
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    Vendor Model 3 Öhlins DFV Coilovers - Engineered by Redwood Motorsports ™

    as I was told yesterday, GT is week as ready
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    Vendor Model 3 Öhlins DFV Coilovers - Engineered by Redwood Motorsports ™

    Is that GT version? Im waiting for my set long time, and last 3 weeks no one responds to phone or emails. Starting to think its scam :( @RedwoodMotors any update on GT AWD orders?
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    Model 3 18'' Aeros + Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ $950 obo

    if you will agree to ship them, pm me
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    J1772 Adapter For Sale

    condition? how about 2 for 140$ + ecoship to NJ?
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    Aero wheel covers

    new are 25$each + free shipping on Tesla shop :) Model 3 Aero Wheel Cover
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    Will US Tesla work in Europe?

    You can modify you mobile connector, or take wall connector (US) with you.
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    WTB 18" Model 3 Aero Wheels/Tires/TPMS

    up can be +-tires
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    WTB 18" Model 3 Aero Wheels/Tires/TPMS

    Looking for set of factory tires 18" Rims+235/45/18 MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4+Aero+TMPS+center caps Shipping or pickup NJ or DE Payment PayPal Any suggestions\questions to PM.
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    Excellent condition (700 miles) Aero wheels/wheels/TPMS for sale.

    i have send pm to you week ago, any responce?
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    SAE J1772 Charging Adapter SoCal

    i buy from ebay for 65-70 WITH shipping...
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    Title washed Tesla?

    Since it was twice on copart...me personally, would not risk, after insurance company car could be greatly dismantled.
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    Navigation changes (US to EU)

    I have a US spec vehicle in EU territory, because of military service. Can anyone provide any option/howto to change US navigation to EU maps, so I can make navigation work in my Tesla. Thank you.
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    CHAdeMO For Sale on Craig's List

    I have set up monitoring for those adapter at official store. You can pm to me any contact whatsup, Facebook eg. I`ll notify you ,when they are back on stock. @tps5352
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    Super Charger Adapter for US cars in Europe

    You have app, with card assigned to it.
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    WTB Tesla M3 Parts

    Hi looking following parts for my Telsa Model 3 AWD. 1127502-01-D VAL APP USS, RADIAL, ASSY, Solid Black 1 1127503-01-D VAL UPA USS, RADIAL, ASSY, Solid Black 2 1088436-00-A S1 PA RETAINER, FRT FASCIA, M3 1 1088437-00-A S2 PA RETAINER, FRT FASCIA, M3 1 1088438-00-A S3 PA RETAINER, FRT...

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