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    Charging error codes - CP_a046 - CP_a139 - UMC_a012 - UMC_a017

    Where do you get the charging error codes? I've gotten the notification that charging has stopped before, but when I select the notification and it goes into the app, it just goes to the main screen, not any error or similar screen.
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    Stealth hitch for bike rack

    Just installed the Stealth hitch on my 3 and got the new diffuser. Super straight forward and easy peasy to take off when you want to load the bike rack. The 135 is worth it (and I'm cheap).
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    UNPLUGGED PERFORMANCE front lip review

    These pictures are confusing me. Is this with or without the spoiler? I don't see the top edge like in your other pictures below so am assuming it's without even though you are saying it's good for clearance in the post?
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    Sentry mode event - no red dot in timeline?

    It seems that it's gone away mostly with a most recent update, but I'll have to pay closer attention to confirm.
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    BNIB Sealed Tesla Tequila

    Sorry guys, didn't see this till now. $450+shipping.
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    BNIB Sealed Tesla Tequila

    Hey guys/gals, wife got me a bottle of tesla tequila without knowing I got one too (whoops!) so planning on selling one of them if anyone is interested. In the Chicago area, Brand new, sealed.
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    Lost key card in the console?

    Just thought I'd throw this out there. I thought I lost my card in that front slit forward of the cup holder (middle door). I pulled the console out today and thought I'd find in underneath there, but didn't. Must have misplaced it elsewhere. However, it did give me the chance to look...
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    Sentry mode event - no red dot in timeline?

    Latest update and when I have a sentry event recorded, I'm not seeing the red dot indicating when in the timeline the sentry was triggered. Anyone else seeing this? Tried a search but didn't see this commented on recently. Andrew
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    Stealth Hitches Concerns (Invisihitch issues on BMW)

    Ok, what am I supposed to take from this? Avoid and go to the EcoHitch design? Seems suspect one business closing down and the leadership starting a nearly identical company to replace it, but do like the design for a bike only 2 up rack.
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    Initial Radio Station when changing source to Radio is MeTV FM??

    Found on Tuesday this is an issue only with some model 3s. Unsure of the cause but working on a fix.
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    Any way to adjust # of posts/page?

    Any way to adjust the number of posts we see per page? Sure would be easier to see fewer pages with more posts than scrolling through 10's of pages in many cases. Realize it's very user dependent, but makes navigating some of the longer posts very cumbersome as-is.
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    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    on the hunt for wheels.....
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    Initial Radio Station when changing source to Radio is MeTV FM??

    Ok, asked this on a local board but didn't get a resolution. When I switch from any other source to radio, the station defaults to what I think is 0.1 (can't confirm - MeTv FM is what gets announced between songs) and not the last radio station I was on. It only happens the first time I get in...
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    MASTER THREAD: Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Ever get these on the car? Interested in seeing pics.
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    If you could change one thing about the Model 3...

    Had the same problem, 3 flash wouldn't work like it should. Replaced the stalk and good to go.
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    What Advantage Does the Wall Connector Give?

    Help a newbie out here. So if you have two Gen2's from the same circuit, they basically communicate with each other to not overload the breaker?
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    Show me your red M3's with aftermarket wheels

    All good looking wheels. Good call on the Google image search too. Tried that, just figured I might get more responses here. The search continues.....
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    Preconditioning Car Yield Full Regen Capability?

    Well, I stand corrected. When I went yesterday and had it precondition before leaving, it looks like it did exactly that as I had pretty much full regen capability.
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    Show me your red M3's with aftermarket wheels

    I've literally gone through the entire aftermarket wheel sticky and found less than a dozen red 3's with wheels. I'm trying to come up with some other options. RIght now I have a handful of wheels I'm looking at, but not a lot of options out there on a Model 3. Figured I'd start here and then...
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    Who has a good LED Strip Source??

    I loved that site! Changed all the day lights in my silverado to blue with that sbled site! That Amazon link I posted in the reply did the job.
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    Puddle and truck lights replaced with DIY strip

    Well, grabbed a roll of these lights as they look to have the greater density of the ones in the other thread, and they fit perfectly. Just did the puddle and trunk lights as I wasn't sure I wanted the interior that bright. Camera took it in night mode, so brighter than reality, but a good...
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    Preconditioning Car Yield Full Regen Capability?

    Even when I precondition the battery (when plugged in, I don't do it without being plugged in), I am pretty sure I am getting that "regen reduced" message still. I'll double check that next time. With the latest update and that precondition battery toggle being present, maybe it will be...
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    Who has a good LED Strip Source??

    The one I found after finding the right search term, but that's about it.
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    Who has a good LED Strip Source??

    I saw these recommended in this link, but are no longer available. Looking for a source for a strip like this with the higher LED density but haven't come across any. Anyone have any ideas? Going to do trunk and door sills and was going to try them myself. Figured the group may be faster...
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    Preconditioning Car Yield Full Regen Capability?

    Just a question out of curiosity, when you precondition the car to "depart at" a certain time (within the car scheduling interface, not the app), should the battery have full regen capability by the time you leave? I ask because I don't see that exact behavior. My example, I drive 15 minutes...
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    How can you re-align lower door/window trim?

    Well I just ended up going after it myself, kept just slowly rocking the trim inward to try and get it to lay down a little more and was able to get it as close as I needed to. Much better from where I started.
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    How soon after PPF can you apply ceramic coatings?

    Anyone know what the general recommendation on the time between finishing a PPF install to applying a ceramic coating? Not sure if the PPF needs to fully adhere and off gas (no clue if that's the right term or even applicable) any moisture and if the ceramic coating would lock that in? Just...
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    Unable to login Youtube

    Funny, some other google login sites didn't work, but airbnb did the trick for me too.
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    How can you re-align lower door/window trim?

    I've done a search and only came across this thread talking about removing the trim, but I'm not 100% clear how the trim is adjusted to align with the other? My driver's side is good, but passenger is out of whack. Is it the trim grip that needs to be adjusted or is it the flange that the trim...
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    Removing chrome trim by windows

    What did you end up doing to help align the trim pieve? Did you have to mess with the trim or what I'm assuming is a metal window flange that needs "encouragement". Andrew
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    Front Bumper PPF DIY - with or without sensor cutouts?

    Wonder if people get that front bumper PPF with or without the sensors? Seems like a good idea from an alignment standpoint, but seems like lining up that many small holes on a piece that big would be a challenge vs just cutting them out afterwards. Thanks in advance, Andrew
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    Anyone in Chicago Area want to Swap their White Seats for Black?

    Looking to change out black seats to white? Anyone within driving distance of Chicago wanted to get black seats instead of their current white ones? Long shot, but nothing to lose! Thanks, Andrew
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    If you had to do it again, would anyone NOT get the white interior?

    Haha! I am just shocked so many people like it and there weren't more, " no way, never ever again!" responses. This thread just reiterated that. I was trying to pull out the haters, doesn't seem like there are too many. Good to know. Thanks everyone! Never would have even considered it if...
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    If you had to do it again, would anyone NOT get the white interior?

    Never considered the white interior because I thought it would be a disaster with two kids, but as I did as search here I can't seem to find anyone that doesn't love the white. Am I missing any downsides? Thanks in advance, Andrew
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    Anyone purchased a used 3 sight unseen and had it shipped to them?

    I'm looking at purchasing a model 3 that is about 800 miles away. Flying there to pick it up is off the table (not within my control) so my only option is a remote inspection and shipping company. Tell me why this is ok or if I should just avoid this and find something more local. I've had a...
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    How to purchase a used 3 and then drive it home a long distance?

    Yeah, think that might be from the free supercharging on the S's. Don't think that applies on the 3. Thanks for the post though, that burnt some time getting sucked into that video! :)
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    How to purchase a used 3 and then drive it home a long distance?

    Guys, gals, Newbie question here, if I purchase a car from a dealer (assuming they don't have it linked to a tesla account) or someone who doesn't know how to transfer the ownership to me directly like what is called out HERE, how do I supercharge on the way home? Can I still do it through the...
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    What can't I do while car ownership is being transferred?

    Bringing this one back from the dead. Maybe this is a dumb question, but how do you supercharge if you don't have the car linked to your account? Planning on doing this same this relatively soon
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    Red or Blue 3s with silver Vorsteiner VFF-107, VMR 710FF or VS Forged VS10?

    Anyone have that combo? I see a lot of white and black, but haven't seen any of that combo in my search. I went through every single page in the aftermarket wheel thread too just to see what everyone was doing, pretty great resource to go through if you have the time. Just to give you an idea...
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    MASTER THREAD: Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Have any other wider perspective pics of the car with this wheel?

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