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    Couple questions on wiper blades...

    The wiper blades on my Model Y are streaking pretty bad. I have cleaned them, but still can't get the streaking taken away. Anyone have links (Amazon preferred) to a good set of all-season wipers for the Model Y? Searched posts in this forum and didn't see anything. Also, how hard are they to...
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    Extreme Cold driving/battery, etc...

    Turns out I have to go to upper Wisconsin from Chicago this weekend. We will be driving in temps that are supposed to be close to -20F. I have already realized the issue with distance on a single charge when it is in the 20's. I just don't want to find ourselves in trouble between charges at...
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    Very slow boot, Bluetooth Issues, etc...

    All: I am trying to separate out what is just slow because of software and what is a problem because of the MCU1 problem that has been reported. My car is getting slower and slower to boot up in the morning. Sometimes taking north of 30 seconds. I know this sounds like a 1st world problem, but...
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    Tesla Over the Air URL/Port specs for updates???

    All: I have a couple employees with Tesla's at my work. They (for whatever reason) cannot get good wifi coverage in their garage. They thought it would be good to just update via our wireless at work. Does anyone know the URL/Ports that Tesla uses in order to do over the air updates?
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    Home made 3D printed tray for center console...

    I think this guy turned out pretty good. Printed it on a 3D printer and did my own flocking. Here is the thingverse file if you guys feel ambitious... Tesla Model 3 Center Console Tray (Modified from jonco223) by chilman408
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    Bike carrying options...

    All: My wife and I want to road trip w/the dogs & bikes. This means we probably will need a bike rack. I see two options, the roof rack with extra bike racks OR hitch with bike racks. I like door #1 because we could also put other things on the roof rack. Any thoughts or options on how to work...
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    Tesla Customer Service ...... IS HORRIBLE

    What am I missing here? I bought something from their store and have followed their return process twice with no response. Now I go to the website and fill out a form for help and get the attached. 3 Days to respond? How do they think this will help this brand?
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    Brake Pedal Ugly Weld Cover (Interested???)

    As some of you are aware, Tesla put a brutal weld on top of the bracket for the brake pedal. My son is a mechanical engineer and we are thinking about making a "U" shaped cover to go over the bracket. This is not a trivial piece in that it is a very odd shape and will take several iterations...
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    Brake pedal weld (ugly)...Does M3 have this as well as the MY?

    Just got a Model Y. One of the first things I noticed was this brutal weld on the brake pedal. Does the Model 3 have this as well??
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    Took Delivery of a July/2020 build last night...

    All: Took delivery of my long range, duel motor, white/white Model Y last night. Overall I am pleased with the car. A lot of the issues that people talked about simply were not there for me. With that said, here were my issues that I am going to log: 1) Trunk is slightly out of alignment. I...
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    Worth postponing order until after Fremont retool?

    I am supposed to take delivery of my Model Y. Now I am hearing that they are going to close down the Fremont factory to retool. Most believe the painting will be a focus of the retooling. Does it make any sense to stall/cancel order and wait for a car post-shutdown? Not even sure this is...
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    Post delivery after market Must Have's????

    I am taking delivery of a Model Y, AWD Long Range, White on White in a couple weeks. I have seen several aftermarket options that all seem great and important. I am particularly concerned about two things. First is the white interior. My wife said she wanted black because she is convinced the...
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    Spilling black touch up paint over white seats....

    My friend Bryant recently ordered a Tesla M3 w/white seats. You have to read his FB yesterday. So funny! Ironically I have a white on white Model Y right now and was a little hesitant on the white seats :)
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    Best auto insurance option for Illinois Tesla MS owner?

    Currently own a Model S. On the list for a Model Y. Insurnace rates (IMHO) some very high for Nationwide. Looking for the best option for A rated insurance in Illinois. I currently have auto/home/umbrella with them. I also have two boys (ages 18 and 19) that don't help the rating structure! Dave
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    Chrome Add - Model Y?

    I tried searching for this, but haven't found it. Options for Chroming out the handles for the Model Y? Now wife wants black car, but really wants the chrome handles. Thoughts?
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    Plz Tesla, Have my app notify me when I forget to charge!

    Until they do, I have to hang this on my wall. It would be so simple to send a notification to you saying something like "Hey you goof! You forgot to charge!" I know this is a first world problem, but for some it may be more serious when you forget to charge. I have a supercharger by my house...
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    "Full self driving" Question....

    Toying with purchasing the 7K add-on. Here is my question(s). When you purchase this option, do they put any different hardware into the car? Or is it simply turning on a software option? Also, is it hard to buy after the fact? Right now I have a Model Y on order and don't want to change...
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    Any Model Ys in Showrooms yet?

    Wife really wants to see one of these before she gives the final green light. Any out there in the wild yet?
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    Adding a second charger / Advice ?'s

    First off, did some searching on this and couldn't find much. If there is a thread about this, feel free to point me in the right direction. Currently charge a 2016 90D Model S with a 50 amp circuit. Have a Model Y on order. Was hoping I could add to (or buy a 2nd) charger? Not sure the best...
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    Windshield Wipers not automatically working...

    Friend of mine just got a used 2015 Model S. His auto windshield wipers are not working. Manual talks about a beta feature for auto windshield wipers. Is the info below old info? Or is it current and his 2015 doesn't work that way? Any info on these would be appreciated. Btw, will be turning...
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    Chrome after market for Y?

    We own a Model S and wife really likes the chrome handles. Anyone out there hear of options to put chrome handles on the upcoming Y? Would this impact warranty? I can't believe I am writing this because frankly it doesn't bother to me to have the black handles. But Happy wife = happy life :)
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    White interior getting dirty?

    We have a Y on order (white one). Now my wife is questioning whether she wants the white interior. Thoughts on this getting dirty over time? Seems like it would.
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    2nd Steering wheel centered screen?

    Maybe this has been talked about before. If so, I apologize. Has anyone thought about an aftermarket screen for behind the wheel like the S or X have? I am currently waiting for a Model Y for my wife. She is excited about the car. Her only negative feedback is the single screen. We own a model...
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    Battery Heater Question/Coolent

    A couple months back my battery heater went bad. Tesla replaced it and all has been great. That led me to a thought. Did they have to replace the coolant when they replaced the heater? If so, I was thinking I may have longer to go until I change the coolant. Also, as it relates to the coolant...
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    Quick 18" vs. 19" wheel option question...

    All: Are the 19" inch wheels considered "low profile"? I ask because I have a Model S and I got rid of the low profile tires because in the Chicago area, the potholes can be brutal. I can't tell from the pictures if there is much different in the amount of sidewall area is on the tire. Also...
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    Pecking order for new Tesla's....Need clarification/advice

    I currently have a used Model S that I got about a year ago. My wife and I love the car! So much so that we decided to get her a Model Y. So about a month ago I ordered one. I used all her information when I ordered it (which is different than how my car is registered). Then last week I came...
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    Plz Mr. Musk, add a feature to the app to remind me to charge!!!!!

    I get it. I am older. As a result I don't have the best memory. About once a month or so I forget to charge my car at night. In the summer, no big deal. In the winter, it is. Why can't they have a feature that pushes a notification to my phone reminding me that I didn't charge for the day...
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    Purdue Mech Engineering Student looking for internship

    All: My son is a Mechanical Engineering student at Purdue. Although this is his second year, at the end of the spring, he will be close to having junior level credits. He is looking for an internship and thought this forum might have folks that are in the tech field that would have leads for a...
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    Christmas Light Home Fire in Arlington Heights, IL

    Sister lives in this town and sent me this article. At this point everything is speculation. Should be interesting to follow this one. This area is pretty nice and likely not arson. House Fire, Car Fires on Chestnut Ave Just North of Oakton St, Arlington Heights
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    Used 2016 S vs. New Model Y

    Both being in the low 50K range (AWD versions), I am considering a second car for my wife. Trying to weigh out the pros and cons of getting a used S vs. a new Y. Would love people's opinions on this. My wife would probably be a very late adopter of autonomous driving. She is simply scared of...
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    Reconsidering getting a 2nd EV

    Currently own an S 90D. LOVE THE CAR. Wife's van is at 150K. Was thinking about getting her a Y or another used S. Then we decide to take a trip up north to Eagle River Wisc (we live in the Chicago area). Look at the charging options and there are NONE. Thinking this two EV car idea might be...
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    Deep Blue....

    What years did Tesla offer this color? I love this color a lot more than the lighter blue they offer now. What is more important, it is the color my wife likes! We have a red 90D (my car). When her min-van dies, our plan is to get another Model S. We just love that car. Used is fine with us as...
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    Incomplete thoughts in this article about Cybertruck Safety

    Yet another example of how people are thinking with a current mindset vs. a future mindset. In this article they are worried about hitting pedestrians and bikes. How about the technology layer on top of this vehicle that will be second to none as far as pro-active safety? This is the same logic...
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    Opening for a Toyota Sales and Marketing Exec coming soon!

    I think this guy will be looking for another job sooner than later! :) https://ww.electrek.co/2019/11/25/interview-toyotas-sales-and-marketing-chief-says-theres-no-demand-for-evs/
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    Car may not restart after software upgrade to 2019.32.12.7

    This morning I did the upgrade to version 2019.32.12.7 Got in the car, drove about 15 minutes and parked and was talking to my wife. Then I get a message when I am sitting in the parking lot saying "Need Service, Car may not restart". So I turn off the car and turn it on. No screen. Black...
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    Ford Charging Network Announced

    Fairly misleading title though. It implies the network is the same as Tesla's, which simply will not be the case. They don't disclose the ratio of level II and level III chargers. Ford announces launch of largest electric vehicle charging network in the US - CNN Either way, this will rattle...
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    Model 3 Rust Risk? New Article...

    Just read this article. We live in the Chicago area. I own an S and am thinking about a Model 3 for winter. Anyone seeing this already? I know it is probably too new of a car to see much though... Why Are Tesla Model 3s Already Suffering From Rust?
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    Speed to set suspension to "low"

    I find it interesting that the speed by default to set the suspension to low is 100mph. A little too fast for 99% of my driving. Yes, I have taken the car over 100 mph, but only for brief moments. With that said, it is common for me to drive in the 80 to 85 range. What I don't have a feel for...
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    Restricted Driving after New Tires Installed (help!)

    I had new tires installed on my car today at Discount Tire. When I left I was still getting an air pressure notice. I quickly checked the tire config and it was set on 21". So I went in and corrected that to 19". After the reboot, I got a bunch of messages saying certain safety features were...
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    Rear Seat Tesla S 2016 For Sale

    Rear jump seat for sale. From what I understand there might be a bumper add-on for this as well that would need to be removed. Buyer must come to my house and take the seat and bumper removed by them. I live in the Naperville area of Chicago. Asking $600 OBO. Dave
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    Best tires for wear and safety? Model S 90D 2016

    I have spun through the threads on tires and have concluded the best option are these (Pirelli's). Just curious if I am missing anything out there before dropping a g-note on tires. This is also a double check that these would be the right size...
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    21" Turbine tires and rims - Squared FS Chicago Area - $1,600

    For sale are a full set of 21" Turbine tires and rims. These were on my Tesla S when I got it from Tesla this last June. I switched to 19"s a month later for a softer ride and less chance of issues with potholes (compromise w/wife :)) Anyway, the tread is about 1/3 gone. One of the rims had...
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    FS: 21" Turbines and Tires - Gray - Chicago Area, Full set

    For sale are a full set of 21" Turbine tires and rims. These were on my Tesla S when I got it from Tesla this last June. I switched to 19"s a month later for a softer ride and less chance of issues with potholes (compromise w/wife :)) Anyway, the tread is about 1/3 gone. One of the rims had...
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    FS: 21" Cyclone Tires/Rims (Chicago West Burbs)

    For sale are a full set of 21" Cyclone tires and rims. These were on my Tesla S when I got it this last June. I switched to 19"s for a softer ride and less chance of issues with potholes (compromise w/wife :) Anyway, the tread is about 1/3 gone. One of the rims had minor road rash which I...
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    21" Turbine set for sale (Chicago Area - no shipping)

    Set of four turbines for sale, Chicago West Suburbs. Set in very good shape. One tire, had some minor road rash, sand down and touched up though. If you want it perfect, would need to be sanded down and sprayed professionally. Would estimate 65% tread left on the tires. I had switched to the...
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    Tesla AutoPilot "Reduced Front Radar Visibility" ERROR / iPass?

    Well looks like I may have solved one problem and created another. Here is the history... 1) Illinois iPass wasn't reading well. I tried a bunch of different spots in the car 2) I used the magnet project to install the front plate holder. Love it btw! 3) Went to iPass office and got the plate...
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    Gray Rim Paint

    Anyone have a good source for Rim Paint for my 21"s? I have one wheel with just a tad of road rash. Would love to fix this. I could see sanding down the two inch area and spraying. Would welcome any advice on this as I haven't done that before. Dave
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    Both back door handles are broken....three weeks into owning the car.

    Have a March 2016 Model S 90D with two different door issues. Driver's Side rear: The door handle comes out. You pull on it and the door still does not open. This does not happen all of the time. Short term solution? Open window and open from the inside. I was living with this for about a...
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    Touchscreen locking up

    After the latest update (2019.x) my touchscreen is randomly locking up. Huge delays between selecting various menu options. I have a March 2016 90D. Any ideas? Is there such thing as "Cold Booting" a Tesla?
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    Magnaplate Out of Business? Need Front Plate Option...

    I have a March 2016 Model S that I need to put a front plate on. I did some searching on this website and was excited to find the Magnaplate option. To me it was the best of all worlds. I could pull it off when I wanted to AND pull it off for car washes, etc. "The Law" option seemed okay until I...

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