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  1. Made in CA

    Does upgrading to MCU2 have any affect on audio quality?

    Three weeks ago I had the MCU2 upgrade done on my 2015 P90D with the standard audio system. I think there is a significant improvement in the sound quality. I am not an audiophile but it sure sounds better to me. The EQ settings are the same as before the upgrade.
  2. Made in CA

    Instrument Cluster slow to load on startup

    Did you confirm that “Energy Saving” is still off? It is under the “Display” settings. I just had the MCU1 repaired with the new daughterboard replacement. All of the settings were reset due to the repair. Mine was doing the same thing until I turned off Energy Saving.
  3. Made in CA

    Supercharger - Leavenworth, WA

    My sister-in-law and her husband took their brand new Model 3 up to Leavenworth from Wenatchee to investigate (and drink some beer). The site construction is well underway already: 2018-06-07_17-09-24 by Made in CA posted Jun 7, 2018 at 5:32 PM 2018-06-07_17-12-34 by Made in CA posted Jun 7...
  4. Made in CA

    Supercharger - Tejon Ranch, CA (expanded to 24 V2 stalls)

    We drove up to Yosemite from Ventura County last week and were concerned to find this offline. The trip planner in our 85D routed us up I5 to charge at Kettleman City then up 41 all the way to Yosemite. I took the bait and tried it (not that I had much choice). It actually was much faster and...
  5. Made in CA

    How to replace your Tesla door handle

    Awesome video! Thanks
  6. Made in CA

    Phone Key on Model S

    It would most likely need a hardware change to add an exterior Bluetooth radio. The Bluetooth in the MS is intended for use from the interior and almost certainly would not be powerful enough to reach a phone that is 10-20 feet away.
  7. Made in CA

    Cup holders?

    The newset version of the center console have rear cup holders. But the price is kinda steep just to get rear cup holders. Model S Integrated Center Console
  8. Made in CA

    Supercharger - Mt. Shasta, CA - 134 Morgan Way (LIVE 04 Jan 2018)

    Amazing! I just charged there in mid-October and there was no sign of any construction.
  9. Made in CA

    New Service Center in Agoura, California!

    Wa-whooo! Tesla has apparently opened a Service Center in Agoura, California. This is awesome for those of us in the Ventura County void. We no longer will have to go all the way to Van Nuys or Santa Barbara for Service. However - I will miss the the Tesla people in Santa Barbara. They have...
  10. Made in CA

    Supercharger - Napa, CA (EXPANDED Jun 2018, 12 V2 stalls)

    There is now a very nice Circle K store adjacent to the Napa Supercharger. It just happened to open this morning - the first time I have stopped here. It is all new and shiny with lots of nice food and stuff to drink. There is a nice patio out back to hang out and wait. The people are very...
  11. Made in CA

    Finally! The new rear cupholders!

    Thanks for this information! Our May 2015 85D and Nov 2015 P90D have the same camera housing. The May 2015 car does not have the additional blacked-out area on the passenger side of the housing. I think they added that in summer 2015 as a place to mount a toll road transponder. The glass in...
  12. Made in CA

    GM continues to try to stifle competition

    This is so wrong! Is there any to get a copy of the email that Tesla sent to the Indiana Tesla owners?
  13. Made in CA

    Frunk Actuator?

    This is my experience, too. My Nov. 2015 P90D does not pull the frunk closed when I place the frunk down into the latch. That would be awesome, however. I am so paranoid of rippling the hood that I only used he frunk occasionally.
  14. Made in CA

    Q for the Lucky Folks who Own Two Teslas

    We have two Model S's and two HPWC's. They are each 40amp. We are on a Time of Use electricity plan so I have the cars set to charge overnight. We don't put on too many miles each day so I can even stagger the charge start times to keep the electric load low. if you are going to keep the cars...
  15. Made in CA

    All Discussion re: Tesla Motors Website & Forums

    @Haggy - In my car's profile the uploaded documents are listed under "All Documents" but do not show up under "Uploads". Who knows why. I believe the new "Operating Model S" guide is the one you are referring to that is no longer listed. I snagged a copy so if you need it let me know. But I bet...
  16. Made in CA

    Will a 2012 21" x 8.5 inch wheel work on a 2015?

    The current P85D and P90D, when equipped with the 21" wheels, come with staggered wheels. My P90D, delivered last November, definitely has staggered wheels and tires. Look at page 169 of the current owner's manual. I am pretty certain the suspension is the same but is adjusted differently when...
  17. Made in CA

    Will a 2012 21" x 8.5 inch wheel work on a 2015?

    The old P85+ and the current PxxD(L), when ordered with the 21" wheels, come with staggered wheels and tires. On the current PxxD(L) the front wheels are 8.5" wide; the rears are 9.0" wide. Refer to the specs on page 169 of the current owner's manual for more info. I assume that those are same...
  18. Made in CA

    Harris Ranch to Dublin SC actual range needed and charging in Napa

    Charles Krug Winery just north of St. Helena gas an 80a HPWC (and a J1772). It is a great place to charge. The winery and tasting room are beautiful.
  19. Made in CA

    I work from home with zero commute, am I allowed to buy a Model S?

    +1 We bought a 2nd MS because it is the first car in 20 years that makes me smile every time I drive it. And I only drive 3 miles to work. My ICE would barely get warmed up. Now I don't need to worry about such nonsense.
  20. Made in CA

    Pothole took out two of my tires, what to expect next?

    I am no expert but, based on your picture, it looks like it is only cosmetic. It does not look bent. I have seen much worse. If you confirm this you might consider getting a bottle of the silver wheel touch up paint and see how it looks. Worse case is you are out $20 for the paint and get them...
  21. Made in CA

    Pothole took out two of my tires, what to expect next?

    Sorry you banged up your wheels. We have 21's also and are nervous about this happening. Fortunately here in SoCal the potholes are relatively small. If it is only cosmetic damage then you could consider leaving them as-is. There are also used 21's advertised. You could get one or two to use...
  22. Made in CA

    Upgrading a P90D to Ludicrous?

    Can you provide more details? Was this a one off upgrade? I just bought a P90D (Nov. 2015 build) without Ludicrous because I didn't think it was worth $10K. I assumed I would never upgrade but if it is software only for my car I might consider it at some point.
  23. Made in CA

    What smartphone are you all using?

    iPhone 6s+ I am a longtime IT guy and appreciate Apple's walled garden because it is much more secure and easier to manage. When you have 1,000's of devices to worry about that is huge. I love iMessage because I can also use it on my Mac and iPad for both standard SMS and iMessage messaging.
  24. Made in CA

    Sight Unseen Used 85D Step by Step

    Great info. Thanks for the details. Nice work with the UMC setup, too. I had HPWC's installed because I was concerned about the plug wiggling around but you seem to have addressed that. Congrats and enjoy the car. They are amazing!
  25. Made in CA

    Upgrading a P90D to Ludicrous?

    Tesla has not quoted a price for upgrading a P90D to a P90DL. There are mechanical differences. Ludicrous requires the upgraded super fuse.
  26. Made in CA

    P85D max battery mode took 30 minutes to get ready while driving...

    My one-week-old P90D also gave me a 35 minute estimate. Car had been sitting all day but it was about 70 out. So much for spontaneous launches. It would be helpful if they could give us the option on the app to start prepping while plugged in.
  27. Made in CA

    Tesla Upgrade - Trade-in VS Sell

    What is a "courtesy trade"?
  28. Made in CA

    Model S vs River

    LOL! Thanks
  29. Made in CA

    Not able to connect Tesla's Wifi to home network?

    Thanks! I just picked up my Model S and could not connect the wi-fi. I found your post and - sure enough - I was also using a single quote in my 802.11G Wi-Fi password. I removed it. I am not too concerned about wi-fi security. No one lives close by so I would notice someone trying to poach my...

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