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  1. LoL Rick

    Model 3 Performance 20" Silver Wheels

    Looks like $250. Or $200 if I remove the tires.
  2. LoL Rick

    Model 3 Performance 20" Silver Wheels

    I have a request for one of these. I there are 3 other buyers then I would be willing to sell them individually.
  3. LoL Rick

    Model 3 Performance 20" Silver Wheels

    Price drop to $800 obo.
  4. LoL Rick

    RECURRING EVENT: Cars & Coffee at duPont Registry in St. Petersburg

    Sorry for the late reply. duPont Cars and Coffee has been on pause due to Covid. The next one is going to be a special event at Tampa Armature Works on March 20th. I would paste a link, but it was sent to me in an email and none of the links work. Reeves BMW resumed their monthly gatherings...
  5. LoL Rick

    Tesla Tequila (No Joke)

    The base is chrome plated metal and non-magnetic. It has a Tesla logo etched on one side of it which is why I took the picture at an angle.
  6. LoL Rick

    Tesla Tequila (No Joke)

    Mine showed up on the doorstep this morning. No notification that it was coming and they didn't make me sign even though there is a notice on the box that says it contains alcohol and an ID check is required.
  7. LoL Rick

    The REAL answer for non-warranty battery repair options?

    You have a much closer option, in Hickory, NC. Here's the web site of the company, although it doesn't currently mention anything about pack replacements. HSR Motors And here is a long thread where he talks about selling replacement packs. Nearly brand new 90 kWh Non-Ludicrous battery pack...
  8. LoL Rick

    Model 3 Performance 20" Silver Wheels

    Pictures of 3 and 4.
  9. LoL Rick

    Model 3 Performance 20" Silver Wheels

    These wheels are from a Model 3 Performance delivered in September 2018 and have about 25,000 miles on them. The tires are at end of life and will be included if sold locally or removed if the wheels need to be shipped. TPMS sensors and center caps are included. I am willing to deliver these...
  10. LoL Rick

    Homelink Garage Door 'Flakey' at best!

    @Fab-fours this sounds like a positioning issue and not a signaling issue. Can you confirm whether the car is sending the signal to close the door and that signal is ignored, or is the car not sending the signal? I suspect that there is a problem with the GPS system that sometimes forgets...
  11. LoL Rick

    2020.20.12 Release Notes?

    Nothing new since the last version of 2020.20.x.
  12. LoL Rick

    OEM 19" Wheels on P3D PUP

    I have a Model 3 Performance with the performance upgrade package that includes the 20" wheels and the tires are nearing end of life. The car was delivered with a bent wheel, which Tesla replaced, and I've bent another one and had it repaired. At this point I would like to get a little more...
  13. LoL Rick

    Tesla Parade for Birthday 5/29

    Here is the description from the event page. Please register at the link below if you are planning to attend. We have a young gentleman in the Tampa Bay area celebrating his 15th Birthday. Chris is a huge Tesla fan and is celebrating his birthday Friday May 29th. His father, also Chris, would...
  14. LoL Rick

    You can now unplug the charger while the car is locked?

    This has been kind of a hit-or-miss thing with the Model 3 for months. Pressing the button on the charge cable is supposed to wake up the car, but that part doesn't always work. Once the car is awake, it is supposed to check for a key (or authorized phone) in close proximity If detected, it...
  15. LoL Rick

    $300 Hitch

    This section of the Model X owner's manual describes trailer mode. The Model Y should be similar. One of the things it does is disable the rear parking sensors. But in order to get trailer mode enabled on the car, you will probably have to get the official hitch from Tesla. I don't see them...
  16. LoL Rick

    Connected to Wifi but software update not downloading

    I had this exact same thing happen a few weeks ago. Connected to a working WiFi network, update available, but would not actually start and showed the same message. I scheduled the next available appointment in the app and the next day Tesla pushed an update and cleared the error.
  17. LoL Rick

    model 3 salvage car parts.

    I'm looking for a single lug nut and, if available, black plastic cover for it. Realize it is a nuisance so I'm willing to pay nuisance pricing to get it to Florida.
  18. LoL Rick

    referral code success?

    Yes it did. From the first deliveries in the summer of 2017 until about July of 2018, the Model 3 was not eligible for a referral bonus.
  19. LoL Rick

    Advice Needed: Convincing Husband to Go Tesla

    @ellienovember One of your posts mentioned ordering by the end of March. Here are a couple of points about the buying experience that you should be prepared for. Tesla is pretty strongly influenced by Wall Street's desire for quarterly results, and that affects when they deliver cars. For the...
  20. LoL Rick

    WTB: One Model 3 lug nut and black cover

    I have 5 friends with Model 3s. One of them is a 74 year old lady and I help her with car related issues. My Model 3 is a performance version with the 20" wheels so it wouldn't need the black cap. But thank you for the thread bump.
  21. LoL Rick

    WTB: One Model 3 lug nut and black cover

    This is really silly, but a friend of mine with a Model 3 and Aero wheels lost a single lug nut and the black plastic cap that goes on it when the Aero covers are removed. Of course Tesla's solution is to buy a complete set of each. Does anyone have just one that they are willing to part with?
  22. LoL Rick

    Taking wheel off Model 3 overnight for repair

    If you're talking about an enclosed garage, and it seems like you are, then I see nothing wrong with option 3. Just make sure there aren't any small children running around.
  23. LoL Rick

    FS: New Silver Arachnid Wheels

    I have the wheels now. These are staggered wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires, 245/35ZR21 front and 265/35ZR21 rear. TPMS sensors and center caps are included. To sweeten the deal, I would be willing to deliver them in the central Florida area before Christmas, and anywhere on the...
  24. LoL Rick

    FS: New Silver Arachnid Wheels

    This is a new set of 21" silver arachnids that have not been installed on a car. I have an appointment to pick them up on 12/18 but will update this thread if they become available earlier. Asking $2900 for local pickup in Tampa, FL. Willing to ship for actual cost.
  25. LoL Rick


    Note quite dead, but very close. See my post above with a dropbox link. That is the Windows version with a fix so that it works on high DPI monitors. But VisibleTesla has gotten a bit worse in the past few months. It used to render my Model S correctly but not the Model 3, but now it no...
  26. LoL Rick

    Thinking of buying a used performance Model S, and have some questions

    I have owned mine since new, in June of 2014. I've also driven a lot of Model S from that era including loaners and friends' cars. They are not all bad. I've driven a couple that were extraordinarily good. The thing that you will see the most from the early years is variability. Some cars...
  27. LoL Rick

    I "kneed" a new speaker grille

    According to the parts catalog, which is available to the general public at https://epc.teslamotors.com the grille is a separate part. You'll need to get in touch with a service center to order it.
  28. LoL Rick

    "Both pedals pressed" warning - but I wasn't

    A friend of mine just went through this on her late 2018 build mid-range. Both pedals pressed message when they were not. Service advisor told her that it was a known problem with some accelerator pedal assemblies and they replaced it without a fight. She's a little tech challenged so I...
  29. LoL Rick

    Juicebox vs included charger

    I'm going to focus on this part of the post. Correct, it is unlikely that you will need the mobile connector in the car. But what is likely is that you will need the J1772 adapter. Since the Juicebox needs that adapter, you are probably removing it every day and putting it in the car or, more...
  30. LoL Rick

    Cant remove old phones ( in locks) so I cant add new ones

    @kenmccann Your post says "tap phone key here" but that doesn't sound correct. You should be tapping a key card, not a phone. I'm assuming that is a mistake on transcribing the message, but it doesn't hut to check. Just for kicks, you might want to try doing this entire session with a key...
  31. LoL Rick

    Tampa Location on North Florida Avenue

    No. Service is still in Brandon.
  32. LoL Rick

    Tampa Tire Repair Shop

    @Vulcan I'm sure you're aware of this, but it doesn't make any sense that a tire shop doesn't have the equipment to replace a Model X tire. There's nothing special about the wheel or the tire. The only special things are 1. making sure to use the lift points properly and 2. using the correct...
  33. LoL Rick

    Ideas For Showing The Model 3

    This addresses something I forgot to add to my list. Turn off the A/C when you arrive.
  34. LoL Rick

    Ideas For Showing The Model 3

    Universal Mobile Connector. As with many things Tesla, they have changed the name again and now call it "Mobile Connector." Gen 2 Mobile Connector Bundle
  35. LoL Rick

    Ideas For Showing The Model 3

    @McQ14 Here are a few ideas for display. I've done this at 60+ events with my Model S and Model 3 since 2014. Since this event is at night, you will want to be sure the interior lights stay on. Go through the settings for lighting, and set dome light to "on." If you want to leave the parking...
  36. LoL Rick

    Cars To Avoid On The Highway

    Love the description of VW drivers. Hubby had a 2000 Jetta TDI for 15 years and 260K miles. Both of us were absolute hell on wheels when driving that car.
  37. LoL Rick

    Diy Tire Rotation - Jack Stand Cradle

    The safety police are probably going to come after me in force for writing this, but I simply bought a second jack. For the purposes of the swapping the wheels front to back on a side this seems to be the easiest and most cost effective solution. Don't ever get under the car while it is up on...
  38. LoL Rick

    Under-seat vent

    The duct is inside the cabin, so definitely not necessary to drop the battery. It's hard to get a 3D sense from that 2D picture, but it looks like the 2 ducts probably join together and join to the HVAC system under the center console. If you really needed to get them out, you'd probably be...
  39. LoL Rick

    Under-seat vent

    The parts catalog shows the duct so you can get an idea from that. https://epc.teslamotors.com/#/systemGroups/47379
  40. LoL Rick

    Tampa Tire Repair Shop

    Well, this is 4 days later so you probably had it fixed already, but Glenn's Wheel Polishing knows the cars. They also repair Tesla wheels. Glenns Wheel Polishing and Repair – Your one stop shop for rims
  41. LoL Rick

    stupid noob question

    @Triplett It's actually a legitimate question as Tesla policies change frequently. For your car the carpet mats should be included. They will be enough to get you by while you evaluate options. On the other hand, the NEMA 14-50 plug adapter seems to be no longer included. So if you were...
  42. LoL Rick

    Down Payment with CC

    No. They only let you pay the initial $2500 by credit card. The bonus cash or miles that everyone is after come out of the percentage of the transaction that Tesla pays to the credit card processor. The company is well aware of this, so they limit the amount that you can pay by CC. The...
  43. LoL Rick

    Juicebox 40

  44. LoL Rick

    Juicebox 40

    Juicebox 40 amp EVSE by eMotorWerks.com. To be clear, this is the standard Juicebox, not the Pro version with WiFi. They apparently no longer sell this model new but the company has a long history of excellent support for their products. This unit was purchased in April of 2017 for $549 and used...
  45. LoL Rick

    Expected cost to split existing 50A garage line in 2 and install HPWCs?

    @Zaxxon I had a single HPWC replaced with a pair that are sharing a 100 amp line. The old one was just a couple feet from here so the run was very short. Here is a picture of the setup along with the relevant sections of the invoice. It seemed a little steep to me but I didn't argue since...
  46. LoL Rick

    Can't buy extended warranty for my 14 CPO

    CPOs were never eligible for the extended warranty. The CPO warranty to 100K miles takes its place. That button should not be on the account page for you.
  47. LoL Rick

    Stalls blocked by Tesla Owner

    Is this it? Rent a Tesla to drive for Uber/Lyft EVFleet
  48. LoL Rick

    Tesla Model 3 First Drive Reviews

    He didn't know how to do it properly. Press the button on the charging wand, grab the Tesla adapter with the other hand, and pull them both out together.

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