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  1. qwertzy

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    I have the Samsung 128gb fit that I sometimes I get the “too slow” error after flickering on YouTube videos along with a white screen when it plays the next video in the playlist. I powered off the car and then did the hard reset which brought everything back to normal. Hard resets alone didn’t...
  2. qwertzy

    M3 AWD LR Non P Vbox run(S)

    Anyone know the 5-60 mph?
  3. qwertzy

    Auto Park Failed - Hit Another Car

    No dashcam recording?
  4. qwertzy

    Why doesn't the alarm trigger? Sentry useless?

    Try throwing a rubber ball at the window.
  5. qwertzy

    M3 AWD LR Non P Vbox run(S)

    Here's the power increased update 2019.8.2 included 5% power increase : teslamotors
  6. qwertzy

    App shows "Temporary maintenance: Please try again later"

    I got access just in time to melt some snow 15 minutes ago. Still have access now.
  7. qwertzy

    Back up camera guide lines shifted to the right of reality

    I also find that the left guide line is inside the tire while the right guide line is outside. Are all Model 3s like this?
  8. qwertzy

    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    It sounds louder in front, than if I sit in the back. I put the balance a bit back behind the circle with the volume at 60 - 70%. Sitting in the back I could hear it well enough with the bass being felt on the floor and insides. Listen to Ephixa - Dreamstate by Monstercat #np on #SoundCloud...
  9. qwertzy

    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    Thanks ,I followed everything including opening the door instead of the brake, and it appears the sound system is back to normal.
  10. qwertzy

    Sound system lost it's "punch" after latest update

    USB with flac files and bluetooth streaming, i noticed I don't have the lower end bass from the rear. I have bass from the front, but even with the bass set to 8 I'm missing that lower end thump. I even have the balance touching the rear seat.
  11. qwertzy

    Curb Rash

    I relied too much on the back up camera lines and curbed the rear aero wheel. Will stick more to the mirrors next time and leave way more space.
  12. qwertzy

    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    I took delivery today! I didn't find any issues , just a little dirty. Production date was August. I did the paper work at the Manhasset Store which took around 15 minutes, mostly waiting for the papers to be printed. We were the only ones at the store and it felt way more serene than last...
  13. qwertzy

    Best Tires/Wheels for Tracking Model 3

    https://www.motortrend.com/cars/alfa-romeo/giulia/2019/tesla-model-3-vs-jaguar-i-pace-vs-alfa-romeo-giulia/ Model 3 needs dedicated track tires for the best lap times. The stock ones offer good performance while being more durable and efficient.
  14. qwertzy

    NonP - AWD VINs is your 8th digit 2 or B?

    I think B is dualmotor for Model 3 and 2 is for S/X. My vin has B for Model 3.
  15. qwertzy

    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    It took the next day after I refused. My configuration is red dual motor/white interior/full self driving/aero wheels.
  16. qwertzy

    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    Sorry about the low quality pics, here's the higher quality versions. Can't edit the original post now. Can you see the defects now? The solution was repaint, and I didn't want to go down that route. I just got a new vin 97XXX leaving California with delivery probably on Sept 30 at Manhasset.
  17. qwertzy

    East Coast Waiting Room - AWD - Non-Performance

    I refused delivery at Manhasset due to bubbles and a more noticeable dark scratch in the front bumper. Vin was 56XXX, currently being rematched for a new one.
  18. qwertzy

    Another fatal autopilot crash - China

    What happened was that the wheel of truck went upwards and over the hood into the windshield and roofline, into the cabin.
  19. qwertzy

    Falcon Heavy to Launch Next Month, Musk Says He's Sending His Roadster to Mars

    Is midnight cherry a new color?
  20. qwertzy

    TRC P100D runs 10.4!

    In the latest MotorTrend Head 2 head episode P100D vs Rs7, the Tesla did 10.5 @ 125mph with ultra white seats. No glass roof and had the arachnid wheels.
  21. qwertzy

    Spaceship like controls... hint from Model 3 Design sketches?

    When the steering wheel is turning itself shouldn't the buttons stay in one place, so maybe in the middle portion will be the area with all the buttons and will stay permenetley centered.
  22. qwertzy

    TRC P100D runs 10.4!

    I think that GoPro is adding a bit of drag preventing 125 mph trap speed.
  23. qwertzy

    P100D Easter Egg ?

    What do you think the easteregg will be? Also I was wrong on the date for the drop, so I guess again Jan 4! Elon Musk Tweets: Validating P100D (Drag Race) Easter Egg, Hoping For Next Week
  24. qwertzy

    P100D Easter Egg ?

    I guess... December 25!
  25. qwertzy

    P100D Easter Egg ?

    I believe if you got early access, you're under NDA.
  26. qwertzy

    P100D, 760HP and Performance Tests

    I think launch control is for those too weak to stomp the pedal.
  27. qwertzy

    Newer P90DL makes 662 hp at the battery!!!

    I heard the new P90D have ludicrous mode, just the version before the P100D. So no more insane mode.
  28. qwertzy

    New P100DL makes xxx HP at the battery!

    What do you think the 50-70 mph time is? The 2016 Rs7 is recorded at 1.52
  29. qwertzy

    car and driver P90D 11.1 @ 121 MPH

    Did they use the new launch mode? It doesn't really say.
  30. qwertzy

    Dragtimes P90D Ludicrous 0-60mph and 0-100mph video

    Thats actually Dragtimes blogpost on this post.
  31. qwertzy

    Stop the Press! Tesla announces REAL HP numbers for P85D and P90L

    Now we can brag that it does these performance metrics with less hp and more weight! Rs7 has 560 hp and does 0-60 in 3.2 but Tesla does it in 2.6 with 30 less hp and 400 lbs more weight.
  32. qwertzy

    Dragtimes P90D Ludicrous 0-60mph and 0-100mph video

    From what I read , Max Battery power with V7.0 isn't going to cut it. Motor Trend Review of P90D | Forums | Tesla Motors Ctrl F JC2
  33. qwertzy

    Dragtimes P90D Ludicrous 0-60mph and 0-100mph video

    I think owners need to retest Max Battery power on their ludicrous cars.
  34. qwertzy

    Dragtimes P90D Ludicrous 0-60mph and 0-100mph video

    2015 Tesla Model S P90D w/Ludicrous Upgrade First Test 1/4 mile is at 10.9 seconds at 122.7 mph with a 0-60 of 2.6 seconds.
  35. qwertzy

    Is Tesla selling on gimmicks?

    The door handles are for aerodynamics to get the drag coefficient down to .24 , so you can get more range.
  36. qwertzy

    "Hold Steering Wheel" - What's the purpose?

    Any outside variable that lessens the car's confidence just a bit.
  37. qwertzy

    [updated with *] P85D 691HP should have an asterisk * next to it.. "Up to 691HP"

    HP Numbers have been removed from the order page.
  38. qwertzy

    Tesla Autosteering Compared to Competitors. Is it Better?

    The different approach to Tesla's Autopilot that separate it from other Manufacturers @17:12 No other manufacturer has the same semi-autonomous capability that's safe and reliable.
  39. qwertzy

    Tesla Autosteering Compared to Competitors. Is it Better?

    From this video @ 5:00 It goes from stop to go in 36 seconds, without having any driver input. So it most likely couldn't see the lane markings.
  40. qwertzy

    Tesla Model S P90DL confuses Audi Sydney's dyno machine

  41. qwertzy

    Tesla Autosteering Compared to Competitors. Is it Better?

    Autopilot Showdown: Tesla P85D vs Mercedes E63S Wagon "Conclusion: Tesla’s Autopilot is not comparable to Mercedes Distronic Plus. It’s on a whole other level... I took a spin in a new 2016 Mercedes model with the latest revision of their system, and there is no tangible improvement." "The...
  42. qwertzy

    Will Autopilot force other manufacturers to accelerate truly "hands off" auto steer?

    Driver is still in the loop, and has full responsibility, so it isn't an issue of liability. @58m40s
  43. qwertzy

    New 21" Arachnid Wheel and Tire Package

    Reminds me of spiderman, especially with the red.
  44. qwertzy

    Dragtimes P90D Ludicrous 0-60mph and 0-100mph video

    Anyone get to the 10.9 1/4 mile yet? With v7.0 of course.
  45. qwertzy

    Tesla Autosteering Compared to Competitors. Is it Better?

    The s550 looks to be less accurate in its lane keeping during the corners and looks sluggish to correct. Also the display looks 10 years outdated. The Tesla looks so much better and more advanced.
  46. qwertzy

    Someone had to do it... (Autopilot stunt)

    So this is now possible?
  47. qwertzy

    Autopilot test on curvy road

    I bet in a future software update it will slow down for turns automatically. Hurray for borg Teslas!
  48. qwertzy

    Tesla Autosteering Compared to Competitors. Is it Better?

    For the q50 Infiniti Driving Straight Into the Future - Corporate Intelligence - WSJ The system requires fairly straight roads and works best with limited traffic. With adaptive cruise control turned on, combined with the car’s “lane-keeping” system, the car will keep itself in the middle of...

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