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  1. Branzo90D

    Tesla now repairing MCU1 with a new Tegra card for less than $500

    Same situation here....Just had the work done last week..."Replaced Tegra Daughterboard Inside MCU" for a total cost of $345.30. Was also expecting the thousand plus replacement with a refurb unit, but was happily surprised. :-)
  2. Branzo90D

    2 year anniversary

    Had ours in about a month ago for our "two year maintenance visit." Maintenance consisted of checking brake fluid for boiling point (it was well over the spec), rotating the tires, changing the cabin filter, changing the wiper blades and adding wiper fluid. Total cost: $114 for two years of...
  3. Branzo90D

    2 PWs coming where should be mount them

    My two Powerwall2s are located on a concrete pad on the south side of my home outdoors. Tesla said that would be fine.
  4. Branzo90D

    How long does a Powerwall support a home during a power outage?

    If you have a Powerwall installed, codes require that the grid be switched off automatically by the system. That gateway switch, as Tesla calls it I think, is required as part of the install of the Powerwalls. It was in my locality anyway, for the exact reasons of safety as you describe. What...
  5. Branzo90D

    How long does a Powerwall support a home during a power outage?

    I can only give you my experience as follows: We have a 7.8 kW solar array connected with two Tesla Powerwall 2s. During the recent PG&E blackouts here in Sonoma County, and the Kincade fire, our system performed flawlessly. It covered everything we needed including some AC load, entire 1600...
  6. Branzo90D

    Today was our T-DAY

    18 months in on a February 2018 delivered Model 3...yes! one of the dreaded "poor build quality" series...can't find any significant build issues including body panel gap problems. Car has been absolutely great. No service or maintenance required thus far, other than tire rotation. Very...
  7. Branzo90D

    HW3 upgrade waiting room: All FSD Tesla’s

    Same here. Just requested a service appointment for FSD upgrade for my Model 3 delivered in February, 2018 for which FSD option was purchased. "Not doing those yet. We will reach out to you when the upgrade is available..."
  8. Branzo90D

    Tesla service invoice for in warranty diagnosis?

    This has been the typical way of doing business with my service center the last couple of times I went in. They ask you to sign, but I have never had an actual need for out-of-warranty service on either my 2015 Model S or my wife's 2018 Model 3. Your new Model 3 will not be charged for service...
  9. Branzo90D

    2015 Tesla Accelerated into a wall

    While I sympathize with your problems with the car, I don't see how this can be "Tesla's fault," given you have a repaired salvage car that was not recertified by Tesla. I am just not sure how you will ever figure out what really happened here. Good luck!
  10. Branzo90D

    What other car manufacturer on the planet does this?

    I have to wholeheartedly agree with the title of this thread! I had a similar recent experience to that of the OP. I got a "12V battery needs maintenance" warning on my IC. I called Tesla and they told me they did see the warning and would call me back within 24 to 72 hours to confirm a Tesla...
  11. Branzo90D

    Tesla posts FSD demo video of Model 3

    There are three forward facing cameras. One is a wideview. That is what's used to see all the cars at a four-way stop.
  12. Branzo90D

    12/18 M3P Got More Than I Paid For

    Have to agree here as well - NOT screwed by Tesla. Tesla certainly has had its share of problems. After all, it is the first automobile manufacturer to go public since Ford did so in 1956. So, start up issues, sure, I expected them. But, I have to say, after we received my wife's Model 3 in...
  13. Branzo90D

    Updated Info on 2020 Roadster

    Competition at 3 million pounds sterling? WoW!!! :eek:
  14. Branzo90D

    Superchargers pushed back to 2019

    While I understand your frustration, I do not necessarily believe that "...VW may beat Tesla with regards to Level 3 charging here..." It has taken Tesla many years to achieve what it has for the SuC network. It is, by far, the best in the world. Why would VW have ANY incentive to put large...
  15. Branzo90D

    Battery runs out with 16% indicated range remaining

    My experience with my 2015 Model S P90DL is also quite similar. Limited regen first thing in the morning with air temps at 50F or lowr.
  16. Branzo90D

    When did AP gain your trust?

    About a week for me. And that was after I got the software on my AP1 Model S. Trust but verify, someone once said. :)
  17. Branzo90D

    Yet Another Road Trip Report (yawn)

    You usually do not have to charge to 100%. In my experience it is almost never required. Remember, arriving at a supercharger at a lower state of charge speeds up the charging process. The built-in nav system does an excellent job of accommodating this. if you don't want to arrive at the net...
  18. Branzo90D

    Owner Frustrated with Tesla Depreciation

    So you believe that some traditional automaker will make a vehicle that truly competes with Tesla including all its features and technology, its charging network, its software updates, overcome its lead in autonomous driving, make better batteries and better battery management systems, better...
  19. Branzo90D

    Auto steer Not ready for prime time

    I completely agree with this post. I have an AP1.0 Model S built in late 2015. Even though I do not have the latest hardware, autosteer has continued to improve and is now quite stable, in my opinion. I have not seen much of the behavior the OP posted, and, at this point, am thinking some...
  20. Branzo90D

    Tesla Energy Customer Service delays

    Yeah, that would run $1950 for my 7.8 kW system, so the contract at $499 would be a much better deal. Of course, I do need them to actually do it...
  21. Branzo90D

    Tesla Energy Customer Service delays

    Yep! It's in the contract for the lease at $499 to perform that service. Just need it to be done now...
  22. Branzo90D

    Tesla Energy Customer Service delays

    As the owner of a Model S and a Model 3 as well as a 7.8 kW Solar City PV array, I'd say I am one of Tesla Energy's best customers. In any case, I cannot get them to answer the telephone, return phone messages, or respond to my emails. I am now becoming increasingly upset and am not sure how...
  23. Branzo90D

    Can't use AP when wife is in car

    I have a Model S with AP 1.0 and my wife has a Model 3 with AP2.5. I thought I'd make a comment relative to AP in general, since my recent experience with the latest AutoPilot software update was in my Model S. I absolutely love driving my Teslas with or without AP engaged. We recently took a...
  24. Branzo90D

    Screen failure on a first hot day??

    Ugh. Just noticed you're in Maine. Great state, but not many folks around for a SvC. Good luck!
  25. Branzo90D

    Screen failure on a first hot day??

    Your nearest service center should replace that under warranty.
  26. Branzo90D

    Charging / Travel Information Requested

    Thanks to everyone for the information. It will greatly inform my planning for this route. Love these forums . . . :)
  27. Branzo90D

    Charging / Travel Information Requested

    I am interested in traveling between Boise, ID and Bend, OR in my Model S P90D. I notice two destination chargers listed at about the halfway point. One is in Prairie City, OR and the other in John Day, OR. Charging at one of these would be mandatory to make it to Bend from Boise along the...
  28. Branzo90D

    24 More Hours?!?! (Delivery Tomorrow)

    My experience with the door seals was the same as @Butrflyl8e and others who posted here. The seals are quite firm at first, but after a few weeks, they seat quite nicely. My car is now 18 months old and they are quite properly seated with no wind noise and less effort to close than when new...
  29. Branzo90D

    New California EV tax

    @dmode said, "Of course, roads above 6000 ft. are shot because of record snowfall. But that's nothing new and happens most years. In flat areas, roads are mostly fine IMO. Here's a street view of I-80 near Davis from Feb 2017. Perfect condition and lane striping." Have you checked the I-880...
  30. Branzo90D


    I have V8.1 (17.11.10) on my Model S as of yesterday. I am not noticing any new issues. The release notes didn't have much to say, so it wasn't clear to me what changed for the Model S.
  31. Branzo90D

    New California EV tax

    While I understand your frustration with the legislature collecting taxes to build and maintain roads and then not using them for that, I do not believe we should be privatizing infrastructure. I, too, do not wish to pay taxes to the "general fund" so that whatever politicians decide can be...
  32. Branzo90D

    car needs service power reduced (newbie)

    I've driven my 2015 Model S P90DL for 17,000 miles and 18 months (October 2015 build). Only service issue was front passenger door handle failed to present. One service visit to fix and have had zero other problems. Love the car! Driven the car for over 2,000 miles through the western...
  33. Branzo90D

    Tesla Factory: 3/29/2017 vs. 3/22/2016

    @schonelucht said, "Because sadly, it is the only company that seems to act with any sense of urgency on the upheaval that the car manufacturing business is experiencing. Believe me, if I could invest in a different company with that same urgency and a more straightforward leadership, I would."...
  34. Branzo90D

    A sign o Discontent: Elon: Please Dump Trump

    Elon needs to stay there to help protect things like federal tax credits for purchasing an EV, clean fuels, solar power, etc. I don't see the issue frankly. You can believe the Koch Brothers have their anti-renewables people speaking to him every chance they get. He is not backing up what the...
  35. Branzo90D

    $500 PG&E Clean Fuel Rebate

    Just received my $500 check yesterday. See picture of a card included with check giving some info about the reason why we get this rebate...
  36. PG&E Clean Fuel Rebate Program brochure

    PG&E Clean Fuel Rebate Program brochure

  37. Branzo90D

    When will we have a Basic Minimum Income?

    One usually gives credit to the original author when "cutting and pasting" something into a forum. Perhaps you might do so in the future as this might avoid plagiarism.
  38. Branzo90D

    Exclusive: Tesla factory will start pilot production model 3.

    Since OP is in Hong Kong, maybe Hong Kong press source? From a continent away, Fremont is in San Francisco. Just depends upon your resolution from that distance. ;)
  39. Branzo90D

    House Breaker Box Maxed Out

    That's exactly what I did. I have only 100 amp service in my home. As others have stated, you don't need 100A of electrical service just to charge your car. The rating is for continuous use for all needs in the home when used simultaneously. I use the UMC that came with the car to charge...
  40. Branzo90D

    Household solar storage increases emissions, study concludes

    The study seems to show an increase in emissions for local energy storage due to increased emissions as other customers use the electricity which would have, instead, been transferred to the grid by local renewable power generation. Of course, that emission is no different than if there were...
  41. Branzo90D

    $500 PG&E Clean Fuel Rebate

    @Randaddy OP: Thanks for the information! Just applied (January 29). Will update as my application progresses.
  42. Branzo90D

    Will the EPA revoke CA emissions waiver?

    @kort677 said, "the power of the executive branch is limited by the power of the congress, hence when a president overreaches the legislative branch reigns him in." Not exactly what the constitution says, but I'll leave it at that. And you thought Obama overreached. :confused: Hmm, I thought...
  43. Branzo90D

    Car slams in to gas pump (not Tesla, not Autopilot)

    Yeah, I don't think they can claim autopilot failure when DWI. Good luck with that one! :rolleyes:
  44. Branzo90D

    Am I unplugging the wrong way?

    Not sure why you are seeing it, but that sounds like the charge cable "Easter Egg." Normally this response only happens when you push the button on the charge cable 10 times in rapid succession. Not sure if this is what is happening, but the button on the charge cable might be...
  45. Branzo90D

    Faraday suv beats XP100D in quarter

    Exactly my point. By the time this thing hits the road, what will Tesla have available? Prototypes and concepts are interesting, but building a "one off" is not the same as producing hundreds of thousands of very fast electric cars as Tesla already does. I'll believe it when you can buy one...
  46. Branzo90D

    Faraday suv beats XP100D in quarter

    What Faraday SUV? ;)
  47. Branzo90D

    Model S - Auto Insurance

    @ greyguy said: "You got me so excited there about the 25% rebate at the end of the year, as I had just gotten off the phone with Amica and they were higher than my quotes from Ameriprise through Costco and Mercury Insurance. I just called them back to inquire about the rebate program, and they...
  48. Branzo90D

    Is Tesla Model S Heating/Cooling Effective like ICE cars?

    Living in northern California, I can't say much about problems driving in very cold conditions. However, I have never seen a problem where the Model S AC system is unable to keep up with high outside temperatures. Last summer, I drove mine on a 2,200 mile road trip through Nevada, Utah...

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